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The Imminent Fall of America

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The True Revolutionary


There is but one revolutionary – past, present, and future, for all eternity – and the name of that revolutionary is Jesus Christ. All others are nothing; all others are but vapor; whatever they have accomplished, whatever they build, all crumbles to nothing and will be forgotten in the seas of time.

But one name shall stand above all. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. He is the only one capable of revolution, of real and lasting change. He is the only one capable of bringing peace. Manmade peace is a peace that will not last; it is a peace that ends up in war and misery.


The revolution of Christ is not on the outside with guns, not on the outside forcing in, but it is from the inside of an individual. Christ's revolution is in the ‘heart’, the human ‘heart’. By His Spirit He comes and changes the warlike person into an innocent child. By His Spirit He turns the sword into a ploughshare.


Oh! that the revolutionaries of the world knew the revolution of Christ, for then they too would become real and lasting revolutionaries. They would know what it is like to taste victory. A victory that cannot be taken away, but is secured eternally by His blood. The revolution is in your heart; the revolution changes the way you think and act; instead of killing others and forcing them your way – you must die to yourself and your sinful desires. The revolution is in your death and the resurrection power of Christ.


Doubt it not! Christ is risen, sitting at the right hand of the Father as High Priest to all the saints.


Would you be a true revolutionary or would you choose to go the way of the world, grasping after the things that cannot and will not last? For the revolution is Life, and all other movements are death. There is no Life outside of Christ's revolution. You may struggle and strain on your own power, and you might gain an inch, but in the end, even that inch will be taken from you and you will be left naked and dying. Or you can choose to submit to Christ's revolution, being at one with Him, listening to His voice, and you will find the victory that many have sought in vain for through their own human power. To join with Christ is to become a revolutionary, and a revolutionary that has victory over all things, even death will not be able to touch you, for death is an enemy to be put under Christ's feet.


I put before you the choice, of Life or death, victory or defeat, sweetness or bitterness; therefore, choose Life: the revolution of Christ. Let Him into your ‘heart’ that He might begin His work in you, and He will see it through to completion and perfection. M

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