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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Longsuffering Love of God


I see you every moment of your life. your rising in the morning and your laying down at night. I know your thoughts from afar, and I know the sighing and groaning that takes place within your heart. For the world is far from My Divine Order; the world is under human order which cannot bring peace or harmony because human order is based on greed and lust, not love. You kill for copper coins; you kill for even less than that. Others trample over you all the day long. Constantly and consistently they trample you down, for their ways are not My ways; My ways are higher.

Do you not understand your government, and why things go from bad to worse? Do you not understand the sadness in your own heart, and why it is there? But you resist and reject Me, spurning all the love I have to give. You choose your sadness over Me; you choose the ways of death over Me. Every good and perfect thing comes from Me. Yes, it does.


Your ways come to nothing. When you die you are forgotten, and even your grave is soon lost. The only lasting thing is Me and My Word. Come to Me, children, for eternal life is a free gift. You cannot earn it, but I give it freely through belief in Jesus Christ. Come to Me that you might not be forgotten, come to Me that we might have eternity together. Surely your ways are death, and surely My ways are life. I have everything to give you, to bring you from sadness into joy, from death into life. I wait for you to commit to Me that you be in darkness no longer. M

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