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The Imminent Fall of America

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God Has Created All That Is


Yes, I have made the universe. Billions of years ago, a time span beyond your reasoning, did I make the universe with My hands. With My deep understanding did I hang the earth and all the planets on nothing. You who cannot hang a mirror or picture on a wall without the assistance of a nail would dare to doubt Me who hung the earth on nothing.

You take to yourselves doctrines and philosophies that suit your desires, whether they are true or false you care not. You say that you are evolved from apes, and yet even Darwin repented of this on his deathbed. You would lower yourselves to suit your intellectual vanity. The creation of the universe was simply a circumstance? You are foolish in everything you think. I planned it and thought to place each star and planet, each solar system, each galaxy exactly where they are. When a sun dies or a comet shoots across the heavens, do not think it merely an accident, but it is in My Divine Order that these things occur. Those among you who consider themselves intelligent and educated are some of the dullest and ignorant ever, for they refuse whole realities, entire spectras of existence, that they might prove their ill-founded, ill-conceived notions. They are lost, and death will overtake them, unless they turn to Me.


You would make yourselves independent of Me; and you would go to your graves utterly lost and ignorant, wasting your lives in useless words and arguments that prove fruitless. The existence of life and the universe? I made it all, and you cannot change that fact no matter how much you talk or how many books you write, because the core of your argument cannot stand; you are grounded on nothing. I made it all, and with a swipe of My hand I can take it away.


I have made all living beings after their own kind. Humans I have created in My image, after Me. I have made you above the other creatures, and given you a ‘heart’ and emotions and thoughts, which the animals do not have at your level. No amount of time will change this, as you and the animals are not evolving. You are made after My image whether you like it or not, and inside you – in your ‘heart’ and spirit – I am creating another being such as Myself. Your destiny is unspeakable, and yet even now you would deny it. But My purpose will stand over every other purpose, including yours. In the end you will die, and your purpose with you. But I do not die, and My purpose shall stand.


I do not ask you to be at one with the universe; I do not ask you to worship that which is created. You are to be at one with the Creator of the universe; you are to worship Me your Creator. I have made the universe; I have made the earth and all therein; your intellectual gibberish will take you nowhere but to your grave; where you will know nothing and rot and return to the dust from which I made you. You may delve into science all you like, for I have created science and all the natural laws. There is nothing that is that I have not created; and I approve of a pursuit of science, for you to understand how I have set everything in place. And yet a pursuit of physical science is void without an equal and greater pursuit of the spiritual side; a delving into My Spirit. No other spirit is acceptable, for all other spirits are lying spirits.


I have made all there is, and I have made you; and a time comes when you will be forced to acknowledge this. My advice is that you humble yourselves now and seek Me out, for I am there for all those who truly seek Me. For those interested in furthering their knowledge, they should come to the seat of knowledge, for I know everything and am pleased to answer your questions. Ask and you shall receive.


Put aside your vanity, for it will only lead you to death. Come to Me and ask what you will for I am able to answer all your questions. Come to Me, My children, and ask that which you cannot know by any other way. M

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