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The Imminent Fall of America

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There is an enemy of you all. An enemy you cannot deny; an enemy that everyone of you must inevitably face. I did not intend you to die, but when sin entered the world, so did death. By My blood, death is vanquished. Death will be the last enemy to be put under My feet. I tell you all to come to Me and worship Me, just as you worship all that is in the world, so must you come – giving up all those things in the world – to worship Me, for in Me is all Life.

Do not be swayed by all that glitters and gleams, for inside is the rottenness of death. The world would take you from Me, strip you and leave you bare, shivering, leaving you to die in misery. I would have you dancing and rejoicing before Me, walking into eternal life hand in hand with Me. I am pleased to give you all; I am pleased to make death as no consequence. I am pleased to heal you of fear and doubt, unbelief and uncertainty. I would not have you in confusion or frustration; I would not have you in ignorance. Come to Me, My children, and find all that you think you have lost, find answers that you thought were unanswerable. There is no good thing I will withhold from those who earnestly seek Me out. Death could not hold Me, nor will it hold you if you believe in Me. I am coming to take death away; I am coming to bury death. By My shed blood have I released the chains of death and made Life available to all.


So be wise and not foolish, My children. Seek Me, come to Me, desire Me, for I am not far from you, but am near and willing to save all those who call on My name.

The Poison Flower Blooms


Stamp your foot in a rage. Scream and curse and cry, for the seeds you have sown now are coming to bloom. Poison, poison, poison! – the nectar of your blooms. Cursed is the man who does not look to Me, for the land is filled with poison; and I am the only antidote. Howl and cry and say, "How could this happen to us? We were the strong, and now we are the enslaved." And yet I would save you from destruction, but for the wickedness of your hearts. Surely I will let the poison consume you, and the land shall have rest from your murderous ways.

You trust in men and the things of the flesh. You mock all that is holy and spiritual, for you are blind and drunk, staggering into a ditch to wallow in your vomit. I have not placed you in the ditch, but you go there and the jaws of death wait to spring.


An army shall encamp against you and take all that you have. How America the mighty has fallen into dotage, her iron beams rusting through, her kindness turning to cruelty, her strength that of a heroin addict, nodding off, drool coming down from her parched lips, she breathes her last gasp and dies. Would you turn to Me now? Will you? To save yourself and your country from the fate of slavery? Have you not heard how all empires must fall? And yet you need not be crushed, you need not fall, if you will but return to Me with your whole heart. Even now the war drums beat against you in many nations, and the fires are kindled to burn your houses, your cities, your countryside; but oblivious you wander from Me even further.


You say you have no need of Me? I will show you what need is, as everything you hold dear is taken from you and destroyed. Only then will you turn to Me, and in weeping and mourning I shall heal you.


Destruction or Salvation?


Though your hearts and souls be black as coal, I can make them white as snow; I can make them new. Is it the weight of misery that you are under? Come to Me, for My burden is easy and light. I am the One who loves you more than you will ever know. I am the One who watches over you, always desiring the best for you. Do you not know My love? Then you must open your heart to Me, for I stand at the door of your heart and knock. I only wait for you to let Me in. I am the healer of diseases and hurts, the lifter of sorrows. How I wish that all of you were able to accept My love.

In Me is joy and happiness and laughter. As you sing and dance and shout praise to Me, there you will find the same joy and happiness and laughter. In the world is death, but in Me is Life. My children, it is really that simple. I cannot and do not force Myself on you, but you must take Me into your hearts.


Be aware that the world is changing. It is changing quickly and all will not remain the same. It is not changing for good, but for evil. By the working of Satan another world order arises to enslave the earth. I come to you now before the onslaught occurs, to give you the choice and the chance, to make it plain before your eyes and in your mind the nature of the times to come. For they will be brutal beyond your imagination, and I would have you close to Me to be able to understand and to be able to make the right decisions, for I will lead you to make the right decisions, if you will but listen to My voice.


I plead with America to turn to Me, yet you are self willed, choosing your own ways over Mine. What can I do for you if you will not listen? How can I help you if you do not want My help? I tell you beforehand that your country will be destroyed, with others ruling over you, if you do not repent and turn with your whole heart to Me. What do you choose? Do not be deceived by your romantic, foolish notions that there will be peace and that a world government can bring this about. Do you not see the destruction of Bosnia, the genocide of a people? I declare to you, that this will happen to America if the people do not turn back to Me. I tell you, America, turn, turn before it is too late and your blood fills the streets. Do not let this happen to you. Do not be fools, but learn from ancient Israel.[11] For I protected and prospered them when they worshipped Me, but when they turned away, all manner of destruction came upon them. Defeat in war, diseases and plagues, enslavement. Do not choose this. I plead with you, I warn you, I tell you ahead of time; and if you do not listen to Me now, then the time comes for your destruction, and when it occurs you will know that I am God, and that I have warned you and that you disregarded that warning.


Let My blessings and graces be poured upon you, instead of wrath and war and death. It is your choice, choose rightly. M




Israel’s example is detailed in the Old Testament. Despite all that God did for her, she rebelled against God, and broke the Covenant. That disobedience resulted in national demise and captivity. America is repeating that history!


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