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The Imminent Fall of America

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Satan Has Lost


For the Church:

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I would have you understand that I do not condemn you. I have come once and for all as the ultimate sacrifice, the propitiation for your sins. You have salvation and forgiveness of sins by your belief in Me. No condemnation need assail you. This does not give you free rein to do as you please, but if you make a mistake through weakness or ignorance, you need not feel that you have lost out.

It is Satan that is the accuser of My people. He comes before the throne of God day and night to accuse My people, but Jesus Christ stands in his way, making intercession for My people, and Satan's words are meaningless. The blood of Jesus Christ has been shed once and for all, washing away all sin forever; the blood of Jesus Christ is always on the altar, covering your mistakes and weaknesses and blemishes. The case is closed; Satan is the loser, and there is nothing he can say against My people. There is nothing he can accuse you of.


Jesus Christ did not suffer all things, all manner of abuse and denial, beating and murder, for His people to walk around in their lives feeling condemned and rejected. He was rejected for you; he took the beating for you; he died for you; he paid every price that you had to pay. The bill has been cleared and you are free. Do not bring yourself into bondage and slavery by believing the voice of Satan, for he is a liar; he speaks nothing but lies. Even unto himself does Satan speak lies, deluding himself that he will escape judgment. Satan will not stand; he will be cast into the fire.


I say again, My people, do not listen to Satan's accusing voice, for you are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. The blood is on the altar, and it will stay there forgiving every sin, washing away every blemish, and there's nothing that Satan can do, for he is the loser. He has lost, and he knows it; the victory is to Jesus, and through Him everyone might have the victory, for His love is total and complete and perfect.


Do not listen to the voice of the accuser. He is doomed and he knows it. Jesus is Lord of all the universe, and everything is in subjection to Him. He has conquered for you; blessed be His name throughout all the universe. Amen. M

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