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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Seventh Day


Today is the last day of unleavened bread, the seventh day of unleavened bread.[10] This seventh day is representative of My coming millennial reign. I have a seven thousand year plan for mankind, represented by the seven days of the week, each day equal to one thousand years. The first six days, the first six thousand years, have been given over to man, to do with as you will. This time is almost up. The final years of mankind's six thousand years are described in the book of Revelation. It is the end of all your striving and struggling, your utter enslavement to Satan.

But know that just as the first six days of the week have been given over to mankind; the seventh day is a sabbath of rest. That seventh day is coming which is to be My one thousand year reign. A time of peace and rest for the earth. I will put down all of your human rule, as your human rule and government lead to nothing but misery, slavery, and death. My reign shall be a rest for My people and for the earth.


I have given you the first six thousand years, and you have proven yourselves wicked and incompetent, unable to achieve even the smallest amount of peace. The final years of your rule you shall see how absolutely wicked your ways are. You shall cry out for Me and My ways. At the end I shall come and save you, just before you would completely annihilate all life on earth. I shall intervene, and My government shall be established, and truth, mercy, and righteousness shall be the order of the day, rather than the confusion and evil that you call your government.


This is the seventh day of unleavened bread. It is a feast to be remembered for all time. In the time that comes, in My reign, it shall be a time of great rejoicing. You have despised My feasts and holidays, choosing your own feasts and holidays which worship other gods. These feasts and holidays of yours shall no longer stand, but My days shall stand forever. There is none that can turn back what I have spoken.


To My children I say on this day: Come away from sin and worldly ways; come out of them, My children, come away from Babylon, which has never perished but only grown throughout the world. Come away and eat the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth, putting away all malice and strife and pursuing peace with a pure heart.


And to those in the world I say prepare yourselves, turn to Me before it is too late, because destruction comes upon you quickly and surely. The ways of the world are totally evil, and those ways are coming to catch you and snare you and enslave you. I am the only way out of the coming conflagration. If you do not believe My Word now, you will believe it later, when the destruction rains on your head and all that you know is taken from you, and the blood fills your streets and you perish alone.


I am coming, and My reign shall last forever. M




The writer here refers to the days of unleavened bread because he was observing them.


The days of unleavened bread are a biblical feast of seven days, which God gave Israel to depict the first part of His plan of redemption. They were also given to the Church via Israel’s heritage. They are part of the "oracles of God" (Romans 3:2) which the early Church observed, both Israelite and Gentile. In 1 Corinthians 5:7,8, Paul mentions the Passover festival, (which preceded the days of unleavened bread), followed by a reference to "the Feast" – the feast of unleavened bread. For more information on the Festivals of God and how they depict the plan of salvation, please refer to the publication by that title from Midnight Ministries.


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