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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Word of God for Islam


For Islam I long, and yet even they shall turn to Me. They are of the seed of Abraham, and I have not forgotten them, and they shall be gathered to Me.

Every knee shall bow and every mouth confess that I am the Lord. For My Spirit shall touch their hearts, and they shall weep and wail and mourn. How they have persecuted Me! But did not My servant, Paul, persecute Me also? And as I forgave Paul so shall I forgive Islam, moving in to heal all the hurts of their hearts, all the pain that they have endured.

Know, oh Islam, that the book of Obadiah is about you and for you; and that it is for now, not some past or far away future time, but it is for now and the very near future. For the day of the Lord is close at hand, and judgment and wrath shall be rendered unto all nations, and as you have done, so shall it be done to you, your deeds returning on your own head.


I shall not accept just anything before Me, but your beliefs shall be changed and your hearts shall be turned to Me. And in that day there shall be rejoicing as has never been known, for you shall enter into My presence and find peace and love and joy.


All who reject My Spirit shall be without and shall fall and none shall save them.


Oh Islam! Your children have endured abuses. Come unto Me that I might heal those abuses. In the time coming you shall come to Me.


And I shall be your Lord and Saviour, and you shall be a people holy unto Me, and you shall praise Me and rejoice forever more. Amen. M

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