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The Imminent Fall of America

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The End of All That is Modern


To the Church:

I am doing a work in My Church, restoring lost truth, pouring out My Spirit. I desire the Church to be unified and not splintered, but unified in truth, worshiping Me in truth and spirit. And know that there is one intercessor between God and mankind, and that is the Messiah Jesus Christ. No minister or pastor or friend can do that for you, only Jesus Christ. For Jesus suffered all things, even the loss of His life, for your sake. You cannot look to a man for salvation, but only to Christ. If you have problems you will not find the answer in your minister, for he is not God, but you must take your problems to the Lord. Lay your problems, your worries, your cares and burdens down at My feet so that I might carry them for you. My yoke is easy and light, but all others are there to put chains around you, to be a snare to you, even to your death.

I have given you My Spirit, but would you look to others? They can do nothing for you. Come to Me with your heart in your hands, and I can heal all those hurts. As you have submitted to everything else, bowing down to that which is not God, so must you come to My feet and worship, and from there I shall be able to lift you and give you strength and joy. A broken and contrite heart I will not despise.


I speak of darkness, My children, for that is where the world is heading. But you, My children, you must be light in that darkness. The nations will rage, but they will come to nothing; just as they have come to nothing down through the centuries and millennia. Not a single kingdom has lasted, for none have been founded on Me. And if they have started off well, doing what is right in My sight, they soon left off and went their own way, bringing destruction and an end to their kingdom. As it has been throughout the centuries, so it is now.


You are not modern in My eyes. You are all little children playing infantile games, but your games are filled with cruelty, and mercy is a thing not known. You look back over the centuries and call others "primitive." So are you in My eyes. You are no more because of your computers and cars and planes; in fact, you are less. Do not trust in all that you see, for it will vanish before your very eyes. Do you call other societies in the past primitive? You will be brought to that level. Yes, even below that level. It is the seed that you have sown coming to bloom; how bitter is the fruit! I cannot save a people that do not want to be saved, and the people shall have all that they clamor for.


Do you desire world government? Then you shall have it. You will find that it is slavery. Do you desire a world leader? He comes by the working of Satan, but you would have it so, for you prefer evil over that which is good. You say that you will have peace, but you will have nothing but war. I leave you to this that you might learn, for you will listen no other way.


Come, My children, those of you who have ears to hear and eyes to see, come away to Me that the fate of the wicked not befall you. For you will hear My words, you will hear My voice, and you will know and understand, and I shall lead you by the hand, every step of the way, to safety and on into eternal life. Leave the world behind, for the world dies, and all that is in it shall melt and blow away, and all that shall remain is Me. M

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