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The Imminent Fall of America

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Seek God's Way First and Foremost


For the Church:

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin. Solomon in all his greatness was not arrayed as one of these. Neither are your rich and famous of today; the Rockefellers and those in power, they and all their riches are but nothing. Why do you go after these things, My people? Have I not told you that I shall supply all your needs according to My riches in glory? Yet I have also told you to seek first My kingdom and righteousness, and then all these other needs shall be added unto you.

If you do not seek My Kingdom first, then you are as anyone else in the world. If you do not seek My Kingdom first, there is no distinction between you and others, for you are motivated just as they are. And so you receive as they do, haphazardly guessing in the darkness. But as you seek My Kingdom first, My will for your life, stepping into your gifts and callings, all of your needs and desires are met. And they are met beyond your expectations.


Worry not over jobs and money, love relationships; will I not give all these things to you as you go My Way? Are you thwarted in life? Seek Me and I can make the crooked paths straight. It is not your financial life, your love life, that you should be so much concerned and taken up with, as you should be taken up with Me, My ways and will for you. For when you come to Me, and go My Way in all ways, you are able to receive all that I have for you. Money, love, all your cares are provided for. I have made you; do you think that I do not know what you require? Do you think I want My people destitute? But I would have your spiritual house in order before all the worldly blessings come to you, otherwise you will ignore your spiritual house, choosing to wallow in your physical comforts.


Seek Me out when you rise, seek Me out all the day long, seek Me out when you lay down at night, and I will make My will known; I will give you direction, a path clear and straight that you might walk it. And as you walk that path you will find riches and treasures of all kinds, overflowing from heaven, for it is My will to give you every good thing.


You are My people, and I would have you to be the most satisfied on the earth, overflowing with joy and happiness and riches, so that unbelievers will look in on you and desire what you have. I would have them look at you and know that your joy comes from Me, then they would desire Me also. Everything will be added to you when you first seek My Kingdom. Every other way is the way of the unbeliever, and you will be likened as an unbeliever because you do not apply My law in that area of your life. If you cannot give, how do you ever expect to receive? And I have said in My Word that it is better to give than to receive – I have not said they are equal – but I have said it is better to give. [9]


My children, in Me is all riches, in Me is all love, in Me is all satisfaction and joy. As you seek Me and come to Me you will find those things – pure and untainted from the world's pollution – give yourself to Me wholly that you might come into all those things that I have for you. Otherwise you seek the world, and in the world is uncertainty and confusion. Would you not rather be certain of your finances and your life? Come to Me, children, seek Me and My Kingdom, and you will not be able to contain all the blessings that I have for you. M



9.   It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)


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