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The Imminent Fall of America

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In the Garden of Eden it was the serpent, Satan, who instigated the fall of mankind. Sin entered into the world, bringing death. Animals had not been killed, blood had not been shed, until after sin entered in. Sin brought with it death and bloodshed, as it always does. Sin is the thing in you that rots your bones; sin is the violence in your heart, for once violence is in the heart, it springs forth bringing death. Look at the slain in your streets, it first started in the heart. Sin begets more sin, violence begets more violence; each after its own kind.


I would not place the blame for sin; I would simply have you stop, cease from your sin and turn to Me, for I can heal you of the pain. For certainly a time comes when I will take Satan away from the world, and he will no longer be able to influence it. But I would have you cease from sin before then; I have made that way clear by My sacrifice. Cease from the pain and the sickness now rather than later. I did not create you to live in pain and sickness, but I created you for joy and peace and love, for worshiping Me rather than anything else. For all of you are worshipers of one thing or another. You cannot help but be worshipers, for that is how I have made you. But you will only ever find peace when you worship Me.


Do not fear, My little ones, but only come to Me that you might find all that is lost and missing from your lives. Do not fear, for I love you and have died for you; but I am risen again forever, sitting at the Father's right hand. Your sins are washed away by My blood, making you clean and acceptable, able to come to the throne of grace boldly with no fear. You are able to look the Father in the eye and make your requests known.


Come, My children, cast aside fear and doubt and unbelief, for I have all to give you, and you have nothing to lose but pain and sorrow and suffering. M

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