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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Demise of the Global Economy


Yes, My children, a stock market crash comes soon. With much severity it comes, wiping away the present economic system. The present system is founded on greed, greed of a kind that reaches in and devours a person's soul. There is no kindness or compassion in the present system. Look to Me, My children, for I have your answers.

Your money will be worthless. Your gold and silver will be scattered in the streets; it will not be able to save you. They will mark you as cattle, and take you as a possession, as a thing owned. Do you want human rights, human dignity? Then turn from your ways and accept Mine, for My ways have dignity; My ways give rights to all people, not just a few. You ask for dignity, but you must reach out and take it, for I freely offer it.


Do you think that you will find dignity when you have been marked as cattle? Do you think they will treat you with respect? Why are you so foolish? A storm comes, people of America, to wipe away your complacency, to take away your comfort. Everything will be dross to you in that day, as your stock market and your way of life collapse in a ruinous heap. It will fall on your head, and another people shall come to you to take what you have and force you into labor. Do you say "yes" to chain gangs in the desert heat? So shall another say "yes" to you and force you to do what you do not want to. Do you find your streets pleasant and lined with trees? Then they shall be streets of war and death.


For you have trodden on My law in every way, caring not to keep even a single precept or commandment. And you pay the price already, as you are so filled with rot and corruption, yet I keep you from falling in the hopes that you will come to repentance. I would not have you go through the fiery disaster, but you care not, going from worse to worse, following the evil of your heart. Must it come to destruction, enslavement, disease, war? Your end is bitter, filled with tears and screams which should not be. Over and over again I tell you to return to Me, keep My commandments, cling to Me, incline your ear to My voice that you might know in what direction to go. For I will always lead you in the right direction, to a place where you will find peace and love and joy. The mysteries of My mind I will declare to you, the love of My heart will I give to you, if you will acknowledge Me and fear Me and do My will.


And do you ask what My will is? It is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength; and to love your neighbor as yourself. These are not new to you, but you have never done them, and you must begin, otherwise you perish in the storm that comes. M


Dreams About Stock Market Crash


The collapse of the stock market will be a major event triggering the final world crisis. David Wilkerson and other men of God have been given warnings about this occurrence.[8] Here is what God gave me via dreams about this:

9th December 1998. Dream of The Stock Market.

Share values were plummeting. I was in the situation, as if I was trading. I was advising others to sell and if they took out contracts, to go ‘short’. The dream was given in such a way as if I was trading, and benefiting from the drop (which I would have done, if I had traded futures contracts by going ‘short’).

Meaning: The imminent collapse of share values and its knock-on effect in people’s lives. Perhaps one way we will ‘benefit’ is because people will be more receptive to truth when their financial situation is shaky.

28th January 1998. Dream of Financial Straitness to Come.

I was backing our trailer, with some hay on it, down our driveway, when a neighbour lady drove up alongside. Her driveway joined ours. To get to the main road, she had to use our drive. Not wanting to hold her up while I was manoeuvering the trailer, I pulled up and waved her on. She came past, then got out to come and have a chat. She was distraught. Usually a very confident woman, some of her self-assurance had departed. It was obvious she was worried. Her income was gone! Almost overnight, it would seem. As a result of whatever financial crisis had occurred, she was now virtually destitute and looked to us for help. I could only jest, "Join the club!" We had been virtually destitute for the past few years while doing this ministry work, so I could only regard her fears as being a bit silly.

Meaning. There is a financial collapse coming, and the 'posh' people who have lived off the fat of the land in city trading are in for a huge shock!

19th July 1999. Dream of Van.

I was asked if I wanted to buy this really old vintage van. I wasn’t much interested, but I thought, "Well, at least I could give £25 for it," so I did. Amazingly, the seller accepted my offer.

Meaning: How the value of things will become next to nothing soon when the stock market crashes. e



8.   David Wilkerson, God’s Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression, available from World Challenge, PO Box 260, Lindale, Texas 75771, USA.


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