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The Imminent Fall of America

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All God's Law Is Still in Effect


To the Church:

I did not come to do away with the law. I came to magnify and fulfil it. It is your sin that was nailed to the cross along with Me, not the law. Some of you say that I have done everything for you and you need not do a thing, but it is not the hearers of the law that are justified, it is the doers.[6] You make doctrines up for yourselves that you might satisfy your evil desires. You read My law and say that it is fulfilled, and that there is no need to keep it; and yet you profess My name. It is the breaking of the law, it is your sin, that put Me on the cross in the first place. Would you crucify Me again and again to satisfy your desires?

My law is not done away. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not My words, not My law. Will you speak My name with your lips but deny Me with your actions? My children, you say you love Me, but you tread on My commandments, disregarding the fourth commandment altogether. The roots of Christianity are in Judaism. Do not divorce them, for they are eternally connected. My sabbath is still important; my festival days in Leviticus 23 are still important; they should be kept properly. Sunday is not my sabbath. Christmas, Easter, and Halloween I have not commanded you. These holidays of yours are the worship of other gods.


What? You would forsake My commandments and laws for the sake of your own traditions?! You would actually put My name on holidays that are devoted to other gods, thus taking My name in vain and profaning it?! My children, you must exalt My name above all. With your traditions you transgress My laws and turn to evil.[7]


This is a time of restoration. Among My people I am restoring all things. I do not desire you to go after what is false. Christmas is the worship of the Roman god Mithra, the unconquered sun. Easter is the worship of the Mesopotamian fertility goddess, Ishtar. Halloween is the devil's night, and yet you rejoice on this night. Sunday is not My day, but the worship of the sun.


My sabbath is holy and precious to Me, and I have given it to you as a memorial forever. Disregard these things no longer; I have not called you to be bound up in worship that is to other gods.


Come to Me, My children, I can overlook mistakes and ignorance. My mercy endures forever, but when you knowingly go against Me to worship other gods, then you are in sin; and sin brings forth death. My sabbath and festivals are important; they are given to you in love. They are not simply Jewish, but they are for all people. If you would believe in Me and confess My name, then you would do all that I command you, not following after the traditions of men, but going My way in truth and joy into everlasting life.

Do Not Play With My Word


For the Church:

As you quarrel over petty things you dishonor Me. Have you no heart, no thought for one another? Where is My love in your dissension and strife? How can you be built up when you tear each other down? You are to be built up for every good work. And how are you to reach the lost, the unbelievers, when they look in on you and see nothing but strife, contention, innumerable doctrines in error? How are the unbelieving to believe when you yourself do not even know what My Word says, when your doctrine is completely in error from My Word? How are the unbelieving to respect My Word when you trample over it that you might have your own way, to satisfy your own fleshly, worldly desires?

My Word and My Way are not things to play with, but are the foundations of your life. If you do not found your life on My Word, then why do you expect anyone else to? Do not lament over the wickedness of the world, but lament over your own wickedness. Does not My Word say to take the beam out of your own eye so that you might see rightly to help your brother with the speck in his eye? I have not called you so that you might be satisfied at church services and social events, but I have called you that you might be living sacrifices, holy vessels that I can use to spread the Gospel. You will find your purpose and satisfaction in Me. I come to bring life, the abundant life, and no life will be more satisfied and complete than a life spent in Me.


You were each created by Me and given gifts and callings – each person unique and individual with no person being more, or less, important – and you must fully step into those gifts and callings, otherwise you shall remain at a standstill, as your purposes will not be in the same direction as Mine. And whose purpose will stand? Will your purpose and plan stand against Mine? No, your purpose will not stand. Your human ambitions are nothing but vapor. But as you step into your calling you will find that your ambitions and purposes become eternal and that the impression you make will be forever. Why struggle and fight to end up at defeat? That is what the unsaved do. But you have the power of God within you, and as you flow with it you will find great satisfaction the likes of which you have never known. For My work is the work that will last, and all other work shall perish and be consumed.


My children, be not caught up in struggle and strife. Your arguments show your immaturity. I am calling you to grow up; I am calling you to be perfect, a living sacrifice. But I am not calling you to unhappiness, but great joy, the likes of which can only be found in Me, as you go My Way and step into your gifts and callings, for 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 is not done away, but is for now. Do not deny this, because if you do, then you deny Me. My Word stands forever and you cannot pick and choose what suits your tastes, but you must take all of My Word into you that you might be whole and complete and fit for service.


Be on fire for Me, and do not think that a simple comfortable life will be yours. For the world is coming into a time of great trouble, the likes of which has never been known before. Your jobs, your money, your houses, your comfort – these will all be gone – so you must learn to come to Me now for everything; because that time comes, and all of your arguments and strife will wash away, and you will be left with nothing to hold onto but Me. And I am all you need, now or ever. Let the world go, and come unto Me, children, for the times become darker everyday. M



6.   For not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the doers of the law will be justified (Romans 2:13).
7.   The holidays of society today which are commonly regarded as Christian did not appear until the third and fourth centuries AD, when the forerunner of the Catholic church appeased the pagan religions by syncretising pagan beliefs with Christian truth. Christmas and Easter were derived this way. The same applies for Sunday, which God has not commanded. God has commanded that the Sabbath be kept. For more information, see publications listed at the end of this book.



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