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The Imminent Fall of America

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Look to God, Not to Yourself


For the Church:

This day I ask you to submit to Me. This world is passing away quickly My children, very quickly. Changes are coming for evil in the world. I would have you give up the world. All that is pleasant and alluring is passing away and will melt before your eyes. Do not think that I do not know your reliance on your own power, your own intellect, your own ways. You must rely on Me!!


All that you hold secure and dear shall vanish if it is not founded on Me. Do not trust in your church organizations, do not look to your church leaders, for they are not God. I AM! If you would worship Me, then leave off looking to men, leave off relying on them. Ask Me your questions, come to Me with your cares and burdens. Must you always run off to a man? A man is but flesh, just as you, but I am the Lord your God, and you must look to Me. I desire to do My works through you, but you are concerned with your selves and your comforts. I have set you free from bondage to serve not yourself, but others. There is a time to be ministered to, and this is well and good. But there is also a time to minister to others so that they too might benefit.


And the time that comes – a time of great darkness and confusion – is a time for you to shine as never before. For many will be turned to Me in the days just ahead.


It is My Spirit that shall work through you, My people. But do not hinder it, do not hold back. Let go of yourselves, let go so that My Spirit shall pour over and through and out of you, like a river of water that cannot be contained, rushing over others and immersing them that they might come to know of My love. Once you let go of yourself, you will know great freedom.


I do not ask you to do anything that is harmful to yourself. What I ask of you is always beneficial. What I ask of you is for your own good and the good of others around you, that the whole world might come to peace and harmony, rather than confusion and frustration and war.


I am the only true revolutionary, all others shall perish and be forgotten as time swallows them up.


Come, My children, join to Me wholly, and there is nothing I cannot do through you. I am your God and am with you always. Fear not, but only look to Me.


Cling To God


There is a famine coming, a famine of the Word of God. Ground yourselves in Me NOW! Do not let the precious time fly by, but devote yourselves to Me before it is too late. The beast powers of Revelation shall come to their full, making war on all that is holy. Stand My people! Stand in the gap, shore up the breach, for you are the light in this world. You must let Me do My work through you.

There are many false prophets in the world, and the greatest one is to arise yet. With signs and wonders he will lead the whole world astray. He will pull all religions unto himself, denying Me and saying that he is God. He shall not last, nor shall the government that is arising. Take heed lest you be led astray. The false prophet shall cause the world to worship the image of the beast. A new world order is arising, and a dictator who comes by the working of Satan. [5]


Satan will make war against you, My people, and he will have many avenues to get at you, for it will be his system of government in entirety. Do not fear what they can do to your body, but fear Me who has the power over your eternal life. Do not forsake Me, but cling to Me. I shall see you through these things. Listen with your spiritual ears to all that I have to say.


If they put you in the spotlight, and bring the police and military against you, know that it is your time of testimony. A time to declare your love for Me, your obedience to Me and not to man. By your obedience to Me, many shall be turned. Remember that this life is but a passing moment. A blink of the eye and years have gone by. Remember that this life is but vapor and that I have eternity waiting for you. Eternity in peace and love and joy beyond your human comprehension. They can do nothing to you; they cannot take away what I have already given. They are carnal men, wandering, lost in the darkness, just as you were once lost also. All shall have their chance to get to know Me. But you who know Me now, cling to Me, hold to Me, do not let go of My hand and you shall not be lost.


Ask Me for direction in your life and I shall give it. Seek My will for your life and you shall have it. I am the Lord your God, maker of heaven and earth and all the universe. Do not be blinded by the world, but hold to Me and all that I have given you.


America – You Have Rejected Me


America, your land is filled with many gods, and you place them before Me. Have I not told you that disaster will surely befall you if you do this? Yes, I have told you, and you choose to bow down and worship other gods. You choose gross idolatry as ancient Israel. Your country is filled with the gods of other lands. Many were not here when you came, but you welcomed them from other lands and turned from Me, choosing that which is dead over that which is alive.

Your rejection of Me will not serve you well. It will destroy you.


You even choose to worship other men over Me. You will blindly and ignorantly follow a fool to death, rather than choose Me, your God and King, giver of all life. You would choose the wickedness of your own heart, the evil you so love, over anything that is pure and good. If you choose to wallow in filth and pollution I will let you.


But I give you the choice, the chance, now: You can leave the filth and pollution behind and come to Me, and I can wash all the dirt away. I can make all crooked paths straight. I can show you the way to a blooming garden in the middle of the harshest of deserts. Give up the things of death, give them up and turn yourselves over to Me. I am easy and loving and kind, whereas all else that you follow results in pain and sadness and death. Why would you choose these things? Leave them behind and come into My arms for in them you will find all that you long for, all that is missing, the desires of your heart. In My arms is peace that you have never known; a peace that can be found nowhere else. M




5.   This is explained in Understanding the Book of Revelation (Rev) from Midnight Ministries.


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