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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Result of Turning From God


This is the result of your ways; blood in your streets and homes through murder and violence. Your women are raped continually, and yet you turn a blind eye, sanctioning it in your courts. And in your prisons men rape men as you give them no hope, no mercy, no forgiveness, no love. They come out of your prisons worse than when they went in. You have turned from Me and My ways, and thus everything you do is doomed to failure. You have rejected My law – which is a law of love towards Me and towards others – in favor of fulfilling every possible evil and wicked thought that enters into your mind.

Not only do the adults rape each other, but they also rape little children, destroying their lives from the very beginning. You take a child and rape it, you take a child and abuse it and torture it for the lust of your flesh and you say that I do not see? I will come to you and do to you as you have done to the children. I will come to you and wipe your filth from the face of the earth, for you are the filth, if you do not repent of this and turn to Me in mourning. I will not suffer the stench of you in My nostrils much longer. I will not let these things continue. I have suffered long with you, but you do worse and worse. You do not even attempt to try.


Have I not already turned your wealth aside? Has not peace departed from your hearts? And the anxiety and the frustration and the confusion have replaced it. Has not a fear taken hold of you and you do not know whence it comes or why you fear in the first place? I have set them there for you to know of your iniquity, for you to turn back to Me, for I give you the peace and the wealth and all that is good and pleasant to your hearts. I have given you these warnings, surely your heart knows they are from Me. Must you be stubborn and resist? For far worse things shall befall you. A foreign army shall occupy your land and make you slaves. How far must you push Me? Is it only the gun to your head that will make you turn? It is not I that place the gun to your head, but others will. And they will have no mercy and no thought for you, just as you are merciless and thoughtless. They shall tread you down in the streets, and you shall be the refuse of the earth, says the Lord.


You bring this on yourselves!! Return to Me and I will not allow this thing to happen; return to Me and we can reach an agreement. My hand of protection shall turn away all who seek to harm you. I will forgive and forget your sins as if they never happened. Do not place yourself in the hands of men, for they will have no mercy. Place yourself in My hands, for I am merciful and forgiving and show lovingkindness unto all those who call on My name.


Be like the man who founded his house on the rock, not the man who founded his house on sand. For the storm is coming to blow everything away, and only those founded on Me shall be able to withstand that storm.


Spiritual Poverty Leads To

Physical Poverty


Do you not know that your economic might comes from Me? I have given you blessings overflowing, and yet you turn from Me, and as you do, so have your blessings vanished. This generation has turned away even more than their fathers, and their father's fathers. In their self-seeking they have lost everything, becoming foolish and ignorant. They accept anything their leaders do, even the murder of My little ones. If you had any backbone, you would stand up and show their wickedness for what it is. You would not allow them to remain in office as murderers, thieves, and adulterers. Yet you love it this way.

How do you expect to continue when your very leaders sell you to the highest bidder? Do you not know that you are slaves already? You are in bondage to sin, and you are in bondage to men. These men grind the face of the poor for another copper coin. And you, citizens of America, you agree with the grinding of the poor, you agree with their merciless treatment. Do you not know that the same is coming to you? Do you not know what the men in power have in store? But you are blind and foolish and ignorant, preferring to dwell on the lust of your flesh rather than on pursuing righteousness and mercy. You would see the poor worked to death and exterminated rather than show mercy and love to your brother.


Every decision made further strips your country of its power, sends it further into destitution. You believe in lies. You prefer to listen to the soothing, honey-coated words that drip from the mouths of wolves rather than awaken to your poverty. Do you not know that everything they tell you is a lie? Your economy is in ruins and collapses further every day.


I am God,, but the system that you are on is wholly from Satan. It is his economic system that you are on. It is grinding you into the ground and enslaving you. Do not defend that which is evil. But take up good and pursue peace, for then shall you be able to prosper.


You read your newspapers and watch your televisions and assume everything to be true. You are filled with propaganda and brainwashing; you are filled and overflowing with the lies you have been fed. When they say black is white, and white black, you agree with all your heart, and will defend it with your life. You are a fool, and how can I help you if you prefer lies over truth? You are filled with the social doctrine of Satan; you are filled with his economic doctrine; you are filled with him. And he laughs at your misery. Stop and consider your madness, for you are bringing yourself to a bitter end. You are always free to choose to reject Satan's ways and join with Me, freeing yourself from bitterness and strife. You are free to employ the right methods of economic and social doctrine, the methods that will bring you peace and prosperity. For My methods do not fail, but they stand for eternity.


But if you do not choose My ways, then know that it is not only the poor whose face shall be ground, but it is your face that shall be ground down by the boot of another above you that you do not know. He will make you scream and cry and curse your existence, and he will grind your face until there is nothing left of it, and you are blind and stumble and die in your own blood. Come to Me and avoid this, for surely I have not called you to this, but would keep you from your oppressors and protect you and lift you high above all else on the earth. Amen. M

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