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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Remedy


The Lord is great and high, above all things. Who can know the treasures of His mind, the mysteries of His deep understanding? O man! Do you not know that He orders the footsteps of the righteous, keeping the righteous in all His ways, giving unto them great blessings, peace of mind, prosperity and long life? Why would you reject these things? Why would you reject all that the Lord has to give?

All the day long your backbiting and backstabbing are a blemish to the land, causing misery untold, heaviness of heart that is hard to bear. Must you continue in ways that grieve your own hearts? You go for the wrong in everything, even when you know it is wrong, when you know it shall further weigh on your heart, making you to sink further into the cesspool, the mire of oblivion where you are chased by demons, and your screams are answered by the screams of others. It makes no sense. Return to Me and your screams will cease. Your darkness shall lift, and a new day shall dawn the likes of which you have not even imagined.


As much as I cannot bear wickedness and cruelty, just as much I cannot bear your sadness and tears when the answer out of your sadness and tears lies before you in front of your face, and you refuse out of a proud heart, preferring to drink your bitter, poison tears. I would release you from the chains that are choking your heart. I would release you and give you freedom and love, peace and joy overflowing, but you must allow Me, you must accept Me, otherwise we shall remain enemies and there is nothing I can do but watch you suffer and cry. And it grieves My heart that you suffer and cry, so terribly alone, dying inside yourself, a flower withering on the vine as the sun scorches and burns it into nothing. Turn and give yourself to Me and there shall be a balm that heals everything that hurts you.


I would have you whole and free, the chains around your heart destroyed, because I do not offer you chains, I offer you hope and freedom and liberty the likes of which you have never imagined. Come to Me and let My Light warm the cruel cold that has frozen your bones, even your very soul crying out for all the love that I have to give.

Jesus Returns

But First The Darkness


My Spirit comes to restore all things. My Spirit comes to heal all the hurts of your life. I am a God of kindness and empathy. I understand your pain and wish to heal you of it. For as you have been grieved in your life, so have I. Therefore, turn your mourning to gladness and your tears to joy, as I come to wipe those things away. Messiah shall return to save all humanity.

You have heard of turning swords into ploughshares. That time comes for you and your groaning planet. A time of safety unknown before comes to you, as I, Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, shall return to rule the earth from Jerusalem. I shall put down all resistance to Me; who can stand before the power of God? I shall put down all resistance, and My people shall cleave to Me. None shall be afraid. I shall greatly bless Jerusalem and Israel and all the nations shall come there to learn of My ways.[4]


Do not despair, My people, for you are My children, and I shall protect you in the days prior to My return. I speak to you of the time to come, of one thousand years of peace, of Satan bound and removed from the earth where he will no longer cause harm; I speak to you of the time when every man shall sit in his garden, and none shall make him afraid. But that time is not yet.


My return is very soon, but the darkness comes first, blacker than any known. I would have you prepared for this, My children! Come to Me and worship Me; come to Me and listen to My words; take My words to others that they might be saved from the darkness also. Not everyone will listen, but do not be discouraged. Take heart, My children, for now, never as before, I want you to shine like bright lights in the darkness. Your lives will be an example to the world of your love and devotion to Me; it will turn many as they see that you are unwilling to be swayed by man, but cling to Me totally. They will be moved by your love, and so seek Me out, wondering what it is you have that they do not. When they seek Me, they will find Me. I am here for everyone.


But do not be deceived, My children! Take heart in My return, for surely I return soon, but devote yourselves all that much more to Me and the spreading of My word. It is not right that even one individual perish through lack of knowledge. They must at least have the choice presented to them. You are My mouth, My hands and feet. Submit yourselves to Me for I am calling you to do My work. Lead others to Me that they also might know of My coming and the peace that passes understanding. I bless you this day and command you to go forth – do not let one slip through your grasp! – for as surely as I come, the darkness and chaos must come before My coming, and only I shall be able to lead you through the darkness. M



4.   This Millennial fulfilment of Israel’s destiny is prophesied in Micah 4 and Isaiah 2, and in many other Old Testament prophecies.


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