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The Imminent Fall of America

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"Don't Deny My Spirit"


The word of the Lord, to His children and Church:

Deny not My Spirit, for I come in power. You are My hands and feet, you are My eyes and ears. You are My mouth and through you do I speak. My children, let not there be divisions among you. Why must you quarrel so? Over such things as tongues?[3] I have given you tongues for your edification and faith-building. I have given you spiritual gifts3 for communication with Me, that you might know My mind and thoughts, that we might have fellowship.

I have told you in My Word, that every sin shall be forgiven, but the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which includes denying and rejecting My Spirit, shall not be forgiven. My children, do not err! I desire not to see you perish in the fire, but if you refuse Me, if you deny that I am there – if you go so far as to say that My Spirit is from Satan – that the miracles and healings I do are Satanic – then you shall have no part of Me. How can darkness commune with light?


Do not be stubborn, My children, for the time of restitution is here, and all things shall be restored. Do not be self-willed, and if the Spirit corrects you, then you must accept correction, for you are not perfect; only I am perfect.


I send My prophets and messengers to you, to give you My word. I advise strongly, not to reject them. I speak through them; they listen to My voice and say the words of My heart. If you were not so stubborn, I would not need prophets, for you all would hear My voice clearly. As it is, you disobey and incline your ear to your own thoughts, thinking that you are serving Me when you serve your own desires.


I will not turn aside forever. Come, My children, let us reach an agreement, that you might hear My voice, for I seek you to come to Me. Know that I am not a God of anger, but if you continue to provoke Me, to blaspheme My Spirit and deny My presence and My coming, then you are as kindling for the fire, and it grieves and saddens Me that you refuse Me when I am here to give you all things. Listen to My words, children, and be not stubborn in your hearts, so that the day does not come and overtake you by surprise.


I do not add up all your little mistakes. Was not Jesus Christ crucified for such a thing? Do not go back and make it void, as if it never happened. But what I count against you is when you declare My presence evil. How dare you call My coming of the devil?! Why would you attribute more honor to him than to Me? Who is it that you worship? Are you that immature that you cannot distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong? How long will you continue in your ignorance, your self-will, your self-righteousness? which are filthy rags in My sight.


I state it again, over and over to you, My children, that NOW is the time of prophecy, NOW is the time of tongues, NOW is the time of Acts 2:17-18.


My Spirit is moving across the earth and many are being turned to Me, but you who have known Me for years, do not let this move frighten you, for it is from Me. My Spirit is new and fresh and if you despise My Spirit, then you despise Me, and we do not have a future together.


Consider well My words, children, and turn your hearts to Me that we may be as one. Amen. M



7.   ‘Tongues’ and other spiritual gifts are supernatural manifestations promised to believers in Jesus. This subject is fully explained in An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts (£2.00) from Midnight Ministries.


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