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The Imminent Fall of America

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More on Abortion, and Fearing God


I have given you free moral choice, in the hopes that you will choose rightly, yet you do not. You choose that which might be termed fascism and Nazism; you choose genocide of the helpless and innocent and defenceless. You choose to murder and have glee in it, until the blood flows in your streets. I will not suffer your ignorance and wickedness much longer. I will come and do to you what you have done to My little ones.

Their cries and screams have reached My ears and your inhumanity has reached a level of barbarism equal to Moloch and child sacrifices. I will wipe you from the face of the earth as if you had never been.


You cry and weep over the clubbing of baby seals; you lament the death of a spotted owl; you chain yourselves to trees that they might not be cut down, but when it comes to the slaughter and genocide of the unborn – the most innocent and defenceless in all of society – you proclaim it as your fundamental right as a human being.


Some of you would not even dare to eat a fish or chicken because you think it is wrong, that it is the murder of another being, but when it comes to My unborn children, you chomp at the bit that you might murder them on demand and without question. You are the biggest liars and hypocrites on the face of the earth. How ignorant are you? Is not a human life worth more than a tree? an owl? a chicken? Be not surprised when the same is done to you – when your life is aborted – for you have made yourselves ready to be slaughtered.


You mock and ridicule all that is holy, and I will burn your cities and towns and make you a derision throughout the earth unless you turn from your evil and cling to Me. You have been taught wrongly that your individualism is more important than another individual, that you have the right to kill, and you justify it by every means that you might kill even more.


Even now I see you destroying the elderly, giving them no hope, saying they are useless eaters and that out of kindness they should be murdered, just as Hitler did. As you sow so shall you reap. If you sow murder, you will get murder back one hundred fold. Repent of this, or I will bring it upon you, and your screams shall be as the screams of all those you have murdered. I have spoken, and none shall turn back My word.


Fearing God

The name and gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached and published throughout the world as a witness and testimony, says the Lord. If you were wise you would listen and devote yourselves to Me. If you were wise you would check the history records of your own nation and find that in times of trouble they turned to Me for help. They were not a wholly obedient people, and much truth was lost from them, but they feared Me and revered Me. They knew that their blessings came from Me, as all good things come from Me. I had pity and compassion on them, giving them all that they needed, for they feared Me and loved Me. But their children would not listen to their voice, their children would not listen to My voice, and as each generation passed they drifted further from Me. Now, My children, you curse My name in the streets and abhor Me. Do not lie to yourself, as your works attest to the fact that there is no fear of Me in your heart. You say, "The Lord is not there. He will not see. All these years He has done nothing. We will do as we desire, even offering our children to the fire."

I do see! And I will come to you in anger, devouring your homes and all that you hold dear. You say I am not there, but I am. I have sent My messengers to you, but you reject them. You are vile and taken up with the filth that has polluted your heart. I will not stand by much longer; I will not hold My anger forever. I have given you time in the hopes that you would repent, but you have not. You prefer to murder the defenceless; you prefer the lust of your heart. I see your filth and stupidity as you stagger through the streets, filled with wine and cursing all that is good and pure. Everyone of you has turned to murder and adultery, leaving behind the love of your youth, preferring a stranger's embrace, an embrace that leaves you cold and lonely, as you pant in one another's ears and tell each other lies. You are the refuse and dung of the earth and I will burn you off of it. I will not wait much longer. Heed My words and repent, mourn for your wickedness, and I shall have mercy and heal your hurts. M

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