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The Imminent Fall of America

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God's Spirit is Moving Across the Earth


To the Church:

Know that these are the last days, the end of the age. I am going to shake everything that can be shaken. All that is not founded on Me shall fall.

This is your time to come to Me; to give up your worldly desires. I tell you now that worldly desires shall come to nought. This is the time to turn many to righteousness and to shine like the stars forever and ever.


This is the time of trouble that shall bring your nation to an end; I tell America to turn to Me, but they do not. Now is your time, My people, to shine.


The gospel is going out throughout the world, and everyone has their part to play. I am asking you to do your part that others might come into eternal life.


Not everyone will listen to My words, but those that you lead to Me will be your friends eternally. Give them My words, My children, hold nothing back. I tell you to go into all the world and bring them to Me.


Fear not, for I am with you always. I do not ever leave your side. I am there to protect you, to back you up in all situations. Not a hair on your head shall perish.


It is not by might or power, but by My Spirit, that these things shall be accomplished. You need not attempt to turn others through argument and excessive persuasion, but it is the manifestation of My Spirit through signs and wonders and miracles; it is the power of My Spirit which works in a person's heart to change them. But you must allow Me to work through you. You must believe that I do miracles today, that I come in power beyond human understanding. You must be a vessel that I can flow through.


I have likened My Spirit unto water. Do not dam up My Spirit inside you; you must let My Spirit out; it must flow through you like a river. As you let it flow I will pour more of My Spirit into you. But if you dam it up, I will not be able to pour more into you, as you will be full and stopped up and unusable.


But as you let it flow through you, many will turn as they see the power of My Spirit, the healing and joy in My Spirit; and you will experience the joy of the living water flowing through you, the joy of passing it on to others.


Be an unstoppable river, flowing strong, rushing over everyone around you. The more that you let go, the more joy you will experience as others turn to Me.


If you do not take up the task, others will, and they will leave you behind.


Move forward, for I am not a stagnant God, but a living God that is active and moving on to new and fresh things. I will not stay behind and breathe your stale air, but will move on to greener pastures.


My advice is that you come with Me. Break the dam that is in you and let My Spirit flow, for I am Love and would not have other people to be left out. M


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