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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Darkness of America


God says to the people of America:

I will bring an end to all things. I will bring an end to your corruption in high places, your corrupt and lying government. A government that is not for the people, but a government that lies to the people. A government that seeks to dominate the people. If once you had light, America, now you walk in darkness. You blind the people that they walk in darkness also.

The people refuse and reject Me, choosing rather to love the lies, choosing to walk in their own destruction. The people are blind and ignorant and stupid in all their ways. They prefer the base and the wicked, they prefer death over life.

They say, "Let us choose, for we know what is right! We are the masters of our end and nothing can harm us." All the while your disease breeds and crawls over your flesh, and you rejoice in your filth. You call good evil and evil good. How can I tolerate you in my sight?

Do you expect Me to turn away forever? When you give only to steal twice as much back, am I not going to smite you for all your ways?

You oppress children and send them to slavery. You say that the death of children is good. You call their murder a choice. You would have no choice if it were not for Me. I am the one that has given you choice in the hopes that you would choose rightly. But in all things you go astray. You prefer the death of My little ones that you may have the lusts of your flesh. You care not even to prevent their conception, but revel in their slaughter, calling it your inalienable right.

I shall come to you in the night, when you are secure and comfortable, and take away your comfort and reveal your nakedness to all.



2.   This was written in 1996, during the years of the Clinton presidency, when scandal hit the headlines.


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