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The Imminent Fall of America

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Revival Before Chaos


Now is the end of the age. The time of Jacob's trouble[1] has arrived for all the earth, and none can escape this terrible thing. All the prophecies for the end times, the latter days, shall come to their fruition. The words of the book of Revelation are true and pure, and none can thwart them or turn them back. Never before has a time like it come to the earth and great is the trouble therein. Do not scoff and say that all shall remain the same, for all will surely change. As the autumn goes into winter, so shall your world turn to bitter cold.

Yet there is a pouring out of My Spirit on the earth; My Spirit is being poured out as a heavy rain and many are turning to Me that have never known or heard of Me. For it is not by might or power, but by My Spirit. I am calling you not to let these times pass by, before the disaster strikes, before the calamity. While you have time you must let Me in, for I stand at the door of your heart and knock.


My Spirit is sweeping the earth, bringing with it life and joy; a hope that many people have never known. America, do not be left outside, for the world is rapidly changing; the world is rapidly overtaking you, and it is not for good, but for evil. Do not let My Spirit pass by! Reach out with your heart and take a hold. Do not miss out! For the times change and your country is being sold to the devil.


I would have a people awake and prepared and ready to do battle for My name. Awake from your slumber, shake off the effects of wine, and catch a hold of My Spirit. This is a time of revival and restoration, and My Spirit will do it.


Come to Me with all your heart, and I will restore the lost things of your life. I will turn your mourning to laughter. But act quickly. You have but a short time; and those in power and those behind the scenes will do things and shape things to cause your country to disintegrate. And there shall be chaos unknown in your country, for you have turned away from Me, your God and King, and accepted other gods in My place; gods that are dead; gods that never had life, and they shall not be able to save you.


Therefore, return to Me with all your heart and receive My Spirit. Deny Me not and all the good things shall be yours, but if you deny Me then there shall be none to save you. For this is the end of the age and all things that can be shaken will be shaken, and all that is not founded on Me shall fall into utter ruin.


Trust not in yourselves nor in your strength, for they are but a lie and shall be trodden under with none to save. But put your trust in Me, and I shall take you above the ruin, to a place where none can hurt, and save you from the fate of the wicked. M



 1.   The time of Jacob’s trouble is a biblical term for the national crisis to happen to the descendants of Jacob (Israel) at the very end of this age. It is mentioned in Jeremiah 30:7


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