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The Imminent Fall of America

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America Will Fall!


I come to bring peace to all men, yet you prefer war. I come to bring abundance, yet you would steal what little others have, so that you may hoard it in your greed. I give you My love and protection and blessings overflowing, yet you fall down and worship other gods.

I will not stand by forever, but I will give you into the hands of your enemies and into the hands of those who hate you. Surely they will slaughter you in your streets and in your houses and have no pity on your little ones, your beloved children, just as you have had no pity on My little ones, exalting in every abortion and calling it a human right. It is the genocide of My beloved children. The enemy I bring against you will just as surely slay the old and infirm, cutting them down mercilessly, just as you approve and are consenting to their deaths, caring more about your fiscal policy. You are merciless and so shall I be.


You take what I have given and turn it into a curse. No longer will America be called the land of the free, but it shall be a ‘Nazi’ America, a police state, and you who have never known war or oppression and have feasted on the fat of the land, you shall be slaves and under the yoke of a people who hate you. For surely you have gone astray in all areas. There is not one thing that you do with a pure heart, and all live in darkness. Each passing generation strays further from Me until the fear of Me and the knowledge of Me has vanished completely.


My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge. Surely there is a dim remembrance of Me in your hearts. I am a loving God, kind and forgiving, and have given you time to return, but you have not. Your time quickly runs out and the clock ticks down to your demise. But any who return, shall be saved out of the trouble, for I will protect him under My wings and nourish him while all around the wicked and the evil fall from the sword and the famine and the pestilence. M

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