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All About the Prophetic

Literature about prophets, prophesying, and those containing prophecies.

Articles with black titles are available by order only. 

All others can be viewed online by clicking on the title.


An Unusual Burden (Bur)

God has often called prophets to perform unusual things,

to depict the sinfulness of the people to whom they are to witness.
Here is what God had me endure for the sake of one person who needed to heed His words.

Answering Objections About The Imminent Fall of America (Imm)

A correspondent who clearly doesn't accept modern-day prophets,

found fault with the book The Imminent Fall of America.  Nothing new in his approach!

But perhaps there will be something new for you in this reply.

Are You Resistant to Change? (Cha)

When Jesus moves His prophets to instruct and correct, how do you respond?

Do you listen? Do you even recognize when He does so?

Half the Church does not, and half will pay dearly for their resistance to change!

The Danger Zone (Zon)

Prophecy is powerful. When a person utters a prophecy, and people believe it is from God

rather than from the devil, naturally the God-fearing will heed the words as if it was God Himself speaking.

Diana Flowers in Every City (Dia)

In May 1997 God spoke to a lady in Sheffield, England about a day of mourning

when the whole nation would put flowers in the cities.

That 'word' was fulfilled by the events surrounding the funeral of Diana.


Diana Queen of Hearts (DQH)

A Woman loved by her nation and the world.  She will yet be used by God.


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