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Some Publications of

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A5 Size Publications

Apostasy in God’s Church! (Apo)   $3.50
Apostasy engulfs the Church! In this booklet we outline major areas of deception, as well as the antidote, and how you can identify false ministers. You need to know!

The Story of the Ark of the Covenant (ArkS)   $3.50
An account of how Ron Wyatt was led by God to unearth this major archaeological find. It also relates a personal visitation of Jesus at this ‘dig’. Spellbinding reading! (See also the companion booklet, The Ark of the Covenant Discovered! ($1.75)

God’s Calendar Revealed To Man (Cal)   $3.50
The solar calendar most of us use did not come to us from God. He has another calendar which is more meaningful to Christians. Read about it in this publication.

Daniel’s Prophecies For Our Time! (Dan)   $3.50
Jesus mentioned the prophet Daniel. Where Matthew recorded His words, he also said ‘let the reader understand’ what Daniel forewarned. It is imperative to understand! Yet so few do, for understanding comes from God, and is predicated upon your approach to Him. The greater part of the Church does NOT understand what is to come upon it. Never before has the revelation in Daniel’s book been more sorely needed than today!

Casting Out Demons (Dem)   $3.50
Casting out demons was part of the ministry of Jesus’ disciples (Mark 6:13), and it still is today (Mark 16:17, Jn 14:12). There is no mystery to it.  It’s simple in principle, but hard in practice. Here are some tips to help you resist evil forces.

Dreams From God About the WCG & Its Offshoots (DrW)   $3.50
Dreams which God has given to Midnight Ministries, and their meanings, for the WCG.

Dreams and Visions From God (DV)   $9.00
God speaks today to prophets, just as He has done in the past. But how many really care to hear what they have to say? This publication contains some of the hundreds of dreams and visions God has given to Midnight Ministries and why God gave them.

Who Is the End-Time Elijah? (E)   $3.50
God promised to send us Elijah, before the "Day of the Lord". Who is he? Is he a man or more than a man? This booklet gives an overview of what God is doing today through ‘Elijah’. An eye-opening publication for many!

Faith – Raising Our Level Of Expectation (F)   $3.50
Without faith it is impossible to please God or appreciate His miracles. Raise your level of expectation so the impossible becomes possible!

Faith and Healing (FH)   $5.25
This book outlines the biblical basis for you to receive God’s healing. Healing is a promise of God, as is salvation. I know many who have received. If you need healing, you can too, if you are willing to accept God’s terms.

God’s Church – Whose Authority? (GC)   $5.25
This book explains the spiritual nature of God's Church. It also contains a comprehensive survey of the crucial matter of church government and about the abuse of true authority by many church leaders. Did you know that hierarchic rule in the Church is illicit? Read of what God really says on this subject!  VITAL information!

Gems From Genesis (Gem)   $3.50
Genesis conceals some amazing facts and information. But, like all precious gems, they need digging out.

God’s Great Genius (GGG)   $3.50
The Bible's divine inspiration can be demonstrated! This booklet gives the amazing numeric evidence for God’s inspiration of the Bible.

Giving and Receiving (GR)   $3.50
What does the Bible REALLY say about wealth? This booklet explains.

Chapters include: The right approach to wealth; Principles of receiving; Why some go without; What is true prosperity? Putting God first; The grace of giving; The importance of relationship; Surrendering self.

God Speaks to the WCG (GSW)   $5.25
God spoke on several occasions to the WCG (Worldwide Church of God), warning of impending apostasy. Here is the story of what occurred. It’s a warning to every other church organization to heed the input of prophets!

The Mystery of the Invisible (Inv)   $10.50
A new look at the supernatural dimension from more of a scientific viewpoint, and how we interact with it as humans. Some of the subjects addressed: the energy body of man; the spirit which fills the universe; ESP; healing; dreams and visions; dowsing; ley lines; UFOs; ghosts; fairies; telluric radiation; near death experiences, necromancy, etc.

An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts (ISG)   $3.50
God’s supernatural power is available to you. This booklet explains about the Holy Spirit’s supernatural gifts, how you can receive and utilize them.

The Controversy Concerning Law & Grace (LG)   $3.50
This publication contains a complete biblical exegesis on the important matter of law and grace. Read what Paul meant about law in his various letters. This booklet contains truth which very few understand!

Listening To God (Lis)   $3.50
Ever heard the audible voice of God? Probably not. But that doesn't mean that He has never spoken to you. Hearing from God is not as esoteric as most people think. This publication explains the ways God speaks and how you can learn to hear from Him.

Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To ‘Worldwiders’ & Churches of God (MG1)   $3.50
Members of the Worldwide Church of God accepted exclusivist philosophy which limited their spiritual vision. This pride let the devil inside, where he still is, causing mayhem. Blurred spiritual vision prevents believers seeing how Christ works in many other Christian groups. WCG members are not alone! Similar restrictive psychology grips the minds of adherents in other cults too. "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches" (Rev 2:29).

Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To ‘Law Keepers’ (MG2)   $3.50
Building upon the foundation laid in A Message To Worldwiders, this publication explores the miraculous power available to us. Incomplete truth in the minds of many legalistic Christians has caused them to ignore or reject miracle-working believers. This booklet outlines several miraculous phenomena of the Holy Spirit about which Sabbatarian groups have been mostly unaware.

Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To ‘Philadelphians’ (MG3)   $3.50
Offshoot of the Worldwide Church of God, the Philadelphia Church of God arrogantly claims to be the sole true body of 'the Elect'. In what other ways has it been grossly deceived and deluded? This booklet details comprehensively the wrong governmental philosophy upon which the organisation is founded and because of which it will ultimately fall.

Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To ‘Sabbatarians’ (MG4)   $3.50
Are you a bigot? Or do you respect other devout Christians whose beliefs differ from yours? This publication contains stirring accounts of the lives of some contemporary Christian martyrs in China.

Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To ‘Sacred Names’ Proponents (MG5)   $3.50
A subtle but crippling philosophy grips the minds of those who feel they must use Hebrew names for God or Christ. The Almighty God of the universe revealed in a dream that such a philosophy constrains Him within humanly devised parameters. Why is the 'names' movement such a trap? This booklet explains.

Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To The ‘Charismatic Church’ (MG6)   $3.50
The 'Charismatic Church' has got much wrong in its theology, despite the moving of the power of God. This 80 page publication exposes 17 major areas of wrong doctrine, explaining what the Bible really says on important matters as the Holy Spirit, Holy Days, the Faith Once Delivered To The Saints, Church Authority, Witnessing For Christ, etc. It also addresses widespread fallacies which most 'charismatics' believe.
I am 'charismatic'. This is not a 'bash' against such believers or against charismata. Far from it! It is a compilation of what God has revealed over recent years, and contains pertinent dreams and visions straight from God's Throne to help the 'Charismatic Church' prepare for the hard times just ahead.

Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To The ‘Catholics’ (MG6)   $3.50
The biggest church in the world is not a church, but a cult. She is mentioned in Scripture, but in the most distasteful terms! My wife grew up Catholic, but God called her out. If you are a Catholic, here are some things you need to know about to whom you are giving your loyalties, and where you are headed.

The Missing Dimension in Christian Living (Mis)   $3.50
One characteristic – or rather its lack – prevents most Christians from a close walk with God. The booklet also contains an insight into Spirit-directed living.

Meetings With Jesus (MWJ)   $3.50
You don’t need to meet in a building designated as a ‘church’. Jesus will come to you wherever you are, IF you worship in Spirit and truth. This publication explains.

Prophets and Prophesying (PP)   $3.50
It’s what the title says! Prophets are around today. They receive relevant messages from God. You need to know about them!

Raising The Dead: Testimonies in Our Time (Rai)   $3.50
Testimonies of some who have been brought back to life in recent years. Also contains an article about how to raise the dead! (God will use those who make themselves available through faith and commitment to Him.)

Understanding The Book of Revelation (Rev)   $12.33
Revelation means unveiling, yet to most people this book's message is still hidden! This 196 page work explains its mysterious prophetic symbolism.

Our Sabbath Rest (S)   $5.25
This subject is perhaps the most emotive in the Christian Church. When I wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury about it, he responded “Let’s pray about it.” You don’t need to pray about it; just obey it! This pivotal book contains the truth about the most neglected commandment, its history, and its application today.

Spirit, Soul? and Body (SSB)   $2.00
Many Christians believe man is composed of spirit, soul and body. But just what is the 'soul'? Understanding this matter correctly will help you to grasp other important biblical truths, such as life after death, immortality, and hell.

The Bible Speaks Series

The Bible Speaks is a selection of 145 short essays on Bible topics, to prepare the Bride of Christ.  The essays are presented in 5 volumes:

The Bible Speaks, Volume 1 (TBS1)   $3.50
Samples: Evil in The Heart of Man; Prison and Punishment; Giving Up Self-Will; The Sin of Independence; Money and Greed; and 32 more!

The Bible Speaks, Volume 2 (TBS2)   $3.50
Samples: When God Speaks Clearly; Pictures of Jesus; Fear or Faith?; Substitution is Antichrist; Kings of North and South; and 22 more!

The Bible Speaks, Volume 3 (TBS3)   $3.50
Samples: The End of The World; Women In The Church; The Presence of God; The Unforgivable Sin; How often Should You Fast?; and 24 more!

The Bible Speaks, Volume 4 (TBS4)   $3.50
Samples: What God Hates; Seeking Fulfillment; God’s Government; The Holiness of God; Life In The Spirit; Talking To Demons; and 23 more!

The Bible Speaks, Volume 5 (TBS5)   $3.50
Samples: Considering Poverty; “Feed My Sheep”; Unique Anointings; Breaking Habits; Not Forgiving Sin; The Discipline of God; and 19 more!


Testing The Spirits (TTS)   $10.50
You are commanded to test the spirits (1 Jn 4:1), but do you know how? This book explains. It also goes into areas of miraculous activity experienced in the charismatic church to give guidelines about what is of God and what is from deceiving spirits.

The Imminent Fall of America! (USA)   9.00
Contemporary prophets have received much about America’s imminent collapse. This book contains a number of these prophetic pronouncements and explains why the USA faces destruction within a very short space of time!

The Woman Question (W)   $3.50
Women’s place in the Church has been undervalued for centuries! Is a woman permitted to preach or teach? Read what the apostle Paul really meant when he advised that women should be silent in the Church! It’s not what the majority think!

Witnessing For Christ (Wit)   $3.50
You need to know how to follow God’s lead in this. Many fail to appreciate God's plan on earth, and so take a wrong approach in witnessing for Him. This publication also explains how to trust Him to provide finance for your ministry outreach.


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