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Some Publications of

Midnight Ministries

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A4 Size Publications

Articles of Faith, 1 (F1)   $9.00
Articles of Faith is a compilation of articles to prepare the Bride of Christ.

Articles included  in Volume 1: Rider on a White Horse; Are You Ready?; A Vision of the Future; Miracles and Martyrdom; Where Are We Now In Prophecy?; A Prophecy Concerning Revival; Will You Step Back?; How Our Thoughts Register Our Lives In Heaven; Are You Living In Him?; The Least Desired Fruit of the Spirit; Why Most People Fail To Discover God; The Answer To Defeat; Weapons of the Devil's Deception; Jesus Speaks to 24 Mullahs; A Warning About False Teachers; God Gives and God Takes Away; A Fresh Anointing; Preparing For Revival; Praise and Worship; How Long?; A Prophecy Fulfilled; Are You Guilty of Compromise?; What Is True Conversion?; Jesus Raises The Dead!; Law and Grace; The Midnight Cry; Prophets In The Church!; Leaving The Bubble; Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?

Articles of Faith, 2 (F2)   $9.00
Articles of Faith, 3 (F3)   $9.00
Articles of Faith, 4 (F4)   $9.00
Articles of Faith, 5 (F5)   $9.00

Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis (SS)   $9.00
This publication is a compilation of many articles challenging the subjective ‘theology’ of Sunday observance, Easter, etc. The true Sabbath has been a test command for many throughout the ages. It will soon be a fundamental issue in the end-time crisis when the mark of the Beast is finally instituted. Also contains a number of relevant contemporary prophecies about what God is doing.

 A4 Size Articles & Publications

Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy Revealed! (70W)   $1.00

Selected Back Issues of the Journal Awake! Awake!

AA 3-7 Holy Fire!   $1.75
Containing articles on:  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Manifest the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Why Speak in Tongues?

AA 8-2  The Fire of God   $1.75
Are You Thirsty? by the late John R Rice. Do You Welcome the Holy Spirit? Being Baptised by the Holy Spirit. My Experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Other Experiences of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Stanley Frodsham’s 1965 Vision of Coming Deception. Some Dreams and Visions From God.

AA 8-1 Christ or Antichrist?   $1.75
Containing articles on: 666 and the Dreaded Mark. Antichrist and 666. The Stone Which the Builders Rejected. When the Mark is Enforced. The Mark of a Real Christian. The Abomination of Desolation. Those Who Withstood The Abomination. The Coming Economic Crash! Time Is Short! A Dying General In The Lord's Army Tells of a Visitation From Jesus.

AA 8-3 Europe 2000   $1.75
(Includes The Last Outpouring of The Spirit)

A Prophecy from Smith Wigglesworth being fulfilled. The Last Outpouring of the Spirit. Getting to Know God. “God, I Want to See Your Face.” (God appears to a pastor!) Warnings for the Church (dreams and visions). The Acid Test. The Forever Thorny Problem of Suffering. Enduring Through Pain and Suffering. Healing: Some Points to Consider. Keep Yourself in the Love of God.


Should a Christian Drink Alcohol? (Alc)   $1.00
Did you know that the Bible sanctions the drinking of alcohol? God actually approves of it... in measure. He is not a kill-joy. In fact, the first recorded miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine at a party!

Beware of False Prophets (Bew)   $1.00
This article explains the tell-tale signs of false prophets (and of false ministers in general) and their psychology. A very useful addition to what has been presented on the same subject in
Apostasy in God’s Church! [Article also in Testing The Spirits.]

The Church of God Debacle (CoG1)   $1.25

Dreams From God For The Churches of God (CoG2)   $1.25

Coming Out Of The Churches of God (CoG3)   $1.25

Contemporary Revelations

These contain various prophetic revelations and visions a number of individuals have received about end time events and life after death. They exhort the Church to prepare for what is to come – by living holy and upright lives now.

Contemporary Revelations, Part 1 (Con1)   $1.75

Contemporary Revelations, Part 2 (Con2)   $1.75

Contemporary Revelations, Part 3 (Con3)   $1.75

How to Become More Like God And Develop His Courage (Cou)   1.00

Combating The Strongholds of Satan (Cmb)   $1.25
An example of spiritual confrontation in the Church. God uses prophets to confront believers over error and evil, to combat Satan’s strongholds.

Divination & Dowsing: What the Bible Really Says (DD)   $1.00

‘God Digital’ and the False Revival (Dig)   $1.75

God Gives and God Takes Away (Ggi)   $1.00
Why does disaster sometimes strike both those in the world and God’s people? Is it correction? What is its purpose? [Also included in Articles of Faith, 1.]

Help In Trials (HIT)   $1.75
All believers can expect trials and suffering in their spiritual development. It’s important to understand why, and how to cope.

How Long Revival? (HLR)   $1.00
Revival has long been anticipated by the Church in this land. When is it coming and how? Will it fulfil expectations? You may be shocked by what God will do! He will raise up people from the grave to verify His witness through this prophetic ministry. Includes the article Diana, Flowers In Every City.

Homosexuality: Is it a Sin? (Hom)   $1.00

Are You Living In Him? (InH)   $1.00

Israel & Jerusalem:
        The Seriousness of These Times
(Isr)   $1.00

Judgment to Fall on Falsity & False Ministers (Jdg)   $1.75

There is much falsity in the Church. God's time for judgement has come against the pride and hypocrisy of false ministers! Comprehend the depth of evil in these men.

Benny Hinn’s Dream of Jezebel  & The Last Outpouring (Jez)   $1.75

The Midnight Cry (MC)   $1.00
This article explains the symbolism of Midnight in the scriptures.

Dreams From God About Morris Cerullo (Mor)   $1.75

Muslim Fundamentalism and the New York WTC Disaster (Mus)   $1.00

Near Death Experience (NDE)   $1.75
Experiences of many who have died and come back to relate what they went through. These reveal some of what lies beyond death for the spirit of man.

Necromancy: A Demonic Deception! (Nec)   $1.00
Necromancy is the prediction of the future by the supposed communication with the dead. It is witchcraft. Did you know that those who contact ‘the spirits of the dead’ are actually contacting evil, deceiving spirits?

The Subtly of Pride (Prd)   $1.00

Stop Confronting Us! (SCU)   $1.75
Many 'charismatic' ministries have got elevated by 'their' gifts and are resisting the Last Move Of The Spirit.

Revelations From God About 7th Day Adventists (SDA)   $1.25

God Is Not Pleased With Tele-Evangelism (TE)   $1.00

Midnight Ministries Price Tag (Tag)   $1.75
An explanation of the cost of doing this ministry and how we survive.

United Church of God – Good News or Bad? (UCG)   $1.25

Where Are We Now In Prophecy? (Whe)   $1.00
Prophecy 'buffs' assiduously try to correlate Bible prophecy with world events, but they need the more important revelation from God Himself... right now! Read and learn where you should be in God’s prophetic plan for you.

The Work Ethic (Wrk)   $1.00


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