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Midnight Ministries

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A5 Size Leaflets

The Alpha Course (AC)   $1.00

The Early Church Kept Israel’s Commanded Assemblies (Ass)   $1.00

Wielding The Axe (Axe)   $1.00

Blessing Or Curse? (Ble)   $1.25

God’s Work Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest (Can)   $1.00

Carried along By The Spirit (Car)   $1.00

Are You Resistant To Change? (Cha)   $1.00

The Deadness Of The Churches of God (Dea)   $1.00

You Should Defy, Not Deify Church Authority (Def)   $1.25

Dismantling Churches (Dis)   $1.00

Diana: Flowers In Every City (Di)   $1.00

Diana Queen Of Hearts (DQH)   $1.00

Dreams From God About The Charismatic Church (DrC)   $1.00

Will Elijah Come Again? (El)   $1.00

The Festivals of God (Fes)   $1.00

Consider The Significance of God’s Appointed Times (GAT)   $1.00

More About The Gifts Of The Spirit (Gif)   $1.25

Guidelines for Evangelists (Gui)   $1.25

He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease (Inc)   $1.00

Is Midnight Ministries Literature Inspired By God? (Ins)   $1.00

Dreams From God About The Fall Of Britain (Jud)   $1.25

Testimony About Angels In Kenya (Ken)   $1.00

The Last Outpouring Of The Spirit (Las)   $1.00

It’s Later Than You Think (Lat)   $1.00

More About The Gifts Of The Spirit (Mor)   $1.00

Opposition Against The Power Of God (Opp)   $1.00

Prophets In The Church (P)   $1.00

Fierce Persecution (Per)   $1.00

Some Pitfalls of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry (Pit)   $1.00

Was The Pope Saved? (Pop)   $1.00

Praying For The Nations (Pra)   $1.00

Resisting a Prophet (Pro)   $1.00

Questions About The Prophetic (Que)   $1.00

Rebellion Is As The Sin Of Witchcraft (Reb)   $1.00

He Saw The Great Tribulation (Saw)   $1.00

The Charismatic Shrine (Shr)   $1.00

Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus (Shu)   $1.00

Preparing A Flock For Slaughter (Sla)   $1.00

Why Keep Sunday? (Sun)   $1.00

To Whom Should You Give Your Tithe? (Tth)   $1.00

Principles of True Worship (Wor)                                        $1.00

For the Holy Spirit to have complete latitude in meetings, the format must allow for every person to hear from God and express what they receive. Here are some tips.

Zechariah’s Amazing Prophecy (Zec)                                  $1.00


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