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A6 Size Literature

The Ten Virgins (10V)   $1.75
An explanation of what this mysterious parable means. It portrays the Church right at this late hour, drowsing before Jesus’ return for His bride. But do you know what drowsing represents? Will you be among the wise or foolish virgins?

The Answer To All Your Problems (Ans)   $1.75
An astonishing appearance of Jesus to a skeptic proved to her His existence. Read about it and how he solved all her problems. He can solve yours too!

The Ark Of The Covenant – Discovered! (Ark)   $1.75
This sacred object was central to Israelite worship. But what happened to it after Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians has remained a secret for nearly 2600 years. Ron Wyatt, a God-fearing archaeologist, was shown by God where to dig to find this treasure. This booklet explains about the ark and why its discovery is so important.

Why Britain Will Fall Soon! (B)   $1.75
Why Britain has so little time left before European take-over!

What Every Christian Should Consider (Chr)   $1.75
The Christian life is one of self-denial, but many believers come to Christ with wrong motives and priorities. For eternal life, you should consider what this booklet explains.

The Coming of Christ (Com)   $1.75
The second coming of Christ is a focal point of the New Testament.  It is what the Church awaits. However, besides this crucial event, these is another coming, less evident, but equally significant.  You need to know about this!

The Truth About Easter (Eas)   $1.75
Nowhere in the New Testament does God indicate that He wants the Church to keep Easter. In fact, there are definite commands which indicate it should NOT be observed. Read the truth about this idolatrous pagan festival.

What Should We Eat? (Eat)   $1.75
God tells us in His word what is fit for human consumption. Do you know?

The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints (FOD)   $1.75
This booklet explains succinctly what the faith was which the first believers inherited from Jesus. The Church has lost it and needs to return to its roots to retrieve it!

The Festivals of God (& New Moon Celebrations) (FoG)   $1.75
God wants His people to observe His festivals. But relatively few know what they are! This booklet explains about this little known truth of God’s Word, and why the woman in Revelation 12:1 has the moon under her feet.

Is God Relevant Today? (God)   $1.75
The theory of evolution has deceived many into thinking that God is not relevant. However, evolution is not proven and CANNOT be. But the existence of God CAN be proved to anyone who is willing to examine the evidence and believe.

The Secrets Underlying Happiness (Hap)   $1.75
Everyone wants to be happy, but very few people are. There are underlying reasons why. Here are some principles which can help shape this elusive attribute in your life.

How Soon Will Jesus Come? (How)   $1.75
Events transpiring recently indicate how close Jesus’ return actually is!

What The Bible Says About The Holy Spirit (HS)   $1.75
The majority of Christians hold a misconception about the nature of the Godhead. This booklet explains what God reveals about His Spirit.

The Identity of Britain and America (Id)   $1.75
Few realize that Britain and America contain the major portion of Israelite descendants. No wonder God has worked so much with the English-speaking peoples. This booklet gives an overview of the ethnic origin of these peoples.

The Kingdom of God (KG)   $1.75
What the Kingdom of God is, and how you can prepare to enter this unique Kingdom.

Life After Death (LAD)   $1.75
What the Bible says on this important subject.

Miraculous Manifestations (Mir)   $1.75
This booklet contains an account of some of the most remarkable happenings in our ministry. Angelic visitations; Jesus appearing in two meetings; other miraculous things. Entertaining and humorous in places.

The Mark of a True Christian (Mrk)   $1.75
There are millions of Christians in the world, but not all of those who profess Christ are true Christians. What is it that separates the true from the false?

Passover & Pentecost:

        Answers To Basic Questions (Pas)   $1.75
Tricky questions about computing the right dates for Passover and Pentecost answered.

The Rapture Theory: Is It True? (Rap)   $1.75
This booklet explains about the erroneous theory that all the Church will be whisked away and protected from the Great Tribulation coming VERY SOON!

The Sabbath: Answers to Some Questions (SA)   $1.75
This booklet answers some basic questions about how to honor God by keeping His Sabbath holy.

The Tithe of God (T)   $1.75
Tithing was not abolished when Jesus came, despite the claims of some false teachers. This booklet outlines the truth on this subject from the Bible.

The Timing of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection (Tim)   $1.75
Tradition claims that Jesus died on a Friday and rose on a Sunday, about 39 hours later. However, this does not square with scripture. Jesus Himself said that He would be dead for 3 days and 3 nights (Matt 12:40), 72 hours! Read the little known truth in this publication about when He died and when He arose.

Why Keep Christmas? (X)   $1.75
Christmas is NOT a Christian festival and God does not want it observed! Read all about it in this booklet.


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