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Selections From

Midnight In America Dream Diary



Washing a vase

Dream of January 6, 2005

I saw hands (I am not sure if they were mine or not) washing a vase under a stream of clean water.  The vase was white and had four flat sides.  It had many black spots on the side that was being washed.  After that side was clean, the hands turned the vase bringing the next side up.  I noticed that the black spots which were on the first side were not washed away, but moved to the second side.  As this second side was being washed, the spots were disappearing, but then again they turned out on the third side.   And so it went on and on. The spots were not going away and the vase could not be washed clean.


I had this dream after I prayed for a friend who had visited me earlier that evening.  It was an answer to my prayer. 

A vase (a vessel) depicts a physical body in which a God-given spirit dwells during this life.  Black spots symbolize demonic influences on this person.  They are quite a few.  Four flat sides of the vase may reflect the fact that this person is in the habit of changing her life quite drastically in search for happiness.  However, whatever the changes, her goal remains the same: she seeks to satisfy her own self. That is why no matter what she does, the demons do not leave her.  She cannot get rid of them, because she does not seek God. 

God is in control of everything.  But as all-powerful as He is, He does not push or force us into salvation.  It has to be our decision, our free will commitment.  Jesus said that we must not worry about the things of this world but seek His Kingdom, and the rest will be given to us in addition.  My friend does not understand it.  She says she believes in God, but her mind and heart are on the worldly things.  

An Evil Establishment

January 14, 2005  Mila

I went to some unidentified important establishment.  There I read information about a training program they were offering, and asked a receptionist about the career opportunities.  She described some wonderful benefits and prospects.  I really liked what I had heard and requested an info package with an Enrollment Application Form.  The receptionist gave me a pen and a blank Form (a small sheet of paper, about 4” x 6”). I was wondering how anyone could write an application on such a small form.  In addition, it turned out to be laminated. 

The receptionist said it had to be written in form of a letter, addressed to President.  She began to dictate the letter rather quickly, paying no attention to whether I could follow her.  Having finished she lifted her eyes at me.  I was still struggling to write the first word.  It was impossible to write on the laminated surface.  She apologized to me for having dictated too quickly (as if she did not understand what was taking me so long). Then she repeated it all from the beginning just as swiftly. 

After she had finished dictating for the second time, she looked at me with and expression of politely concealed astonishment because I had made no progress.  I finally got a chance to show her that the pen was not writing on the laminated surface of the Form.  Again she apologized and gave me another pen.  Then the receptionist repeated the whole procedure of dictating for the third time.   I felt irritated and angry.  Yet, having a feeling she was doing it on purpose to make me loose control and burst out in a fit of rage, I suppressed my anger.  I took the info package and the Form and said I would do it myself.

I went to the restroom.  It was a very strange one.  First of, it had a glass door.  Secondly, the door did not have a lock from the inside; and finally, it didn’t even close.  However, one of the walls of the restroom was built at an obtuse angle to the door, and the toilet itself was behind that wall, unseen from the outside.  There were people sitting in the waiting room who saw me entering the restroom.  So I hoped that no one would try to come inside while I was there.  Vain hope.  The moment I decided to take a risk of using the facility, a fat man opened the door and looked at me.  At first I thought it was an honest mistake on his part.  I expected him to be just as embarrassed as I was.  But he was not.  As a matter of fact, he was enjoying my embarrassment and humiliation and was teasing and mocking me.  I felt angry and tried to push him out.  He kept teasing and mocking me.  I felt a wave of anger rising inside of me and rushed at him.  I think I was ready to hit him. 

Then two men in grey suits, both looking like FBI agents or gangsters approached us asking me what had happened.  I explained.  The fat man immediately left me alone, but the two guys politely offered their protection.  I thought they truly meant it and thanked them.  What happened next seemed completely crazy. They entered the restroom with me.  There was a small table and two chairs on the other side of the restroom. They sat down in those chairs and began smoking.  Since I could not use the restroom with them inside, I decided to just sit there and read the info package handed to me by the receptionist.  I thought the ‘agents’ would finally leave me alone. 

A few minutes passed and suddenly the ‘agents’ became mean and violent.  They came up to me, pushed and pressed me down to the floor, and were going to burn my arms with their cigarette butts.  For a moment I felt helpless and afraid.  Then I began to talk.  I said that if they wouldn’t let me go immediately, I would tell my father, and he would punish them severely.  To my surprise (because I myself did not understand what I was saying) they stopped and let me go. 


This dream seems to be an allegory of the soon-to-come New World Order.  It will have an appearance of good, attracting many by the promises of great benefits.  However, it will be a deception.  Its very heart will be evil and violent.  The people will be deprived of their privacy and freedom.  By trickery and violence, the system will be raising and bringing up the worst in people.  The dream seems to show that our only protection will be in our faith.  My words about the Father in the dream came without full realization what they meant.  I was saying things given to me at that moment, just as Jesus taught us.

 A woman committing adultery

January 20, 2005

This dream was given to me the night before I sent a letter to Pastor Alexandre (PA) of SDA church in Ukraine.

I was in a large barrack with many other people.  It was like a refugee camp, we all seemed to live together in that barrack.  Each had but a bunk.  A married couple had their bunk separated from the general area by a curtain.  The married woman was committing adultery behind the curtain.  I and others were trying to warn her that her husband was coming, but she didn’t listen.  Finally, right when her husband entered the barrack, she came out wearing nothing but a negligee.  She looked at him as if surprised and told him she was about to go to bed.  She was behaving shamelessly.  It was clear that her husband was not fooled by her lies.  You could tell by the expression of indignation on his face that he knew what was going on.  He lay down on a bunk next to the entrance door and sarcastically told her to go ahead and do what she had been going to do.  She did not blink an eye.  She turned around to go inside, behind their curtain.  Suddenly, the curtain disappeared and everybody could see a dark-haired, mean-looking guy lying on her bed.  Her shame was exposed.


True believers are like refugees in this world of evil rule, waiting in hope to get to the place of our final destination – the kingdom of Heaven.  The wife of a married couple represents SDA church members.  They commit adultery with “Seducer”- the human leaders of SDA and betray the One to whom their faithfulness belongs (our Lord Jesus).  This is a symbolic representation of men-leaders usurping Jesus’ place in the church.  The SDA church members worship their leaders instead of the Lord, whether knowingly or not.  It is compared and referred to in the book of Revelation as adultery and sexual immorality. (Rev 2:18-29; 14:8; 17:2, 4; 18:3, 9).

God, through His prophets and other spirit-led believers, has warned the churches with hierarchic structure that this is abomination to Him (well explained in God’s Church Whose Authority, Meeting with Jesus from MM).  However, they choose not to heed.  (This was also one of the issues of my letter to PA.)  In this dream God has likened the SDA leaders to a shameless adulteress who knows that she is committing a sin.  So do they, but because they crave power they ignore the warnings and sin against God.

Notice a parallel with the scriptures in the Gospel of John where Jesus tells Judas to do quickly what he is about to do, and Judas immediately goes out to betray the Lord (Jon 13:27,30).  This parallel is given to once again stress out that any hierarchy in the Church is a betrayal of our Lord.

Riding a huge bike

(Dream received around mid-March, 2005)

I was riding a bike going somewhere.  In the beginning the bike was usual, but as I rode, it was growing bigger and bigger.  Very soon I found myself so high above the ground that I could hardly see people down on the road.  Also, because the wheels of my bicycle became huge, it was very difficult to steer it.  I was very concerned about the others on the road.  To make sure that I would not hurt or harm anyone (there were people walking on the side of the road, plus the usual traffic), I moved to the shoulder.  The shoulder was unpaved, very uneven, and I realized that I would not be able to keep the balance on that bike much longer.  I was pondering on what I should do.  Then I noticed that a river was flowing along the road and pretty close to it.  I decided that when the falling becomes inevitable, I would jump off the bike into the river, as it was safer than to try and land on the ground. 

Soon, because of the obstacles which were becoming more and more frequent, I lost control of my bicycle and jumped.  However, I neither landed on the ground, nor did I dive into the river.  I seemed to have been suspended in the air.  No harm came to me.  Then the dream ended.

When I prayed for the interpretation of this dream, all I received was: “Ask Malcolm”.  So I emailed him with this dream and my request to help.  Below is his reply.

“Dear Mila,

It is an allegory of your ministry. God lifts us up (makes us prominent) through His miraculous power. A little bit of that has already happened in association with people receiving literature, such as Laura has mentioned, etc., but there will be much more.

The size of the wheels represents the confrontational aspect of the ministry. The truth we bring (when I say 'we', I mean you, as well as us) threatens others, as you know. Judgment follows in the wake of people's resistance to it. Jesus will crush those who resist Him. And His 'wheels' are very big!!

So the symbolism embodies an increasing spirituality and power of the Spirit with you, as God uses you for His purposes. The prophetic 'bicycle' is not easy to ride!

The river is the River of Life, representing all that flows from God through His Spirit. There is safety there, and so we throw ourselves onto His mercy. I suspect that the last part of the dream is how your ministry will 'pan out' in about two years' time, when the Tribulation begins to engulf America. But it reminds us that we don't have anything to fear because we are in His very capable hands, despite all the difficulties that we face, as Ps 91 so beautifully conveys.

The River of Life is also what we look forward to for eternity in God's heavenly Kingdom. We are not permitted to be there... yet. That's why the dream ended that way.


A job to prepare the dead

March 20, 2005

I was looking for a job in the city of Chernovtsy in the western region of Ukraine.  There were no jobs available but one.  A family business – a private funeral home were short-handed.  I knew the owner, the head of the family.  He was shown in the dream as a real old-time Jewish friend of mine.

In the dream I somehow learned that this man had a position, which he had kept for his daughter for a long time.  The job was to prepare the dead bodies.  However, the daughter did not care for this business or the job, because it was not prestigious.  Because the position remained unfilled, all who worked there had extra loads of work to do on a regular basis.  It exhausted everybody.

It was not a job one would choose for a career or boast about.  But it was a job, and I needed one.  I knew that I could do it.  I even thought how I would organize my work, and that some things could be done on the computer (???).  I went to that man and offered myself for the job.  I told him that if his daughter would ever decide to come and work for him, I would not create any problems.  So he hired me.  The dream continued and I actually had to work and prepare a dead person, but I do not remember much of this part of the dream.


This dream shows that Jesus has 'hired' me (He is the Head of the heavenly family) to do the work of His daughter (Church) in Ukraine who has failed to do it.  The Church does not want to accept the truths we hold dear, or to promote them.   It's not a pleasant or easy job (as the dream clearly indicates), nor is it glamorous, but those who promote these truths will be involved in raising people from the dead (double meaning, physical and spiritual).

Jesus was confirming His calling upon my life to minister to others by translating MM literature into Russian to make it available for the Russian speaking readers, to prepare them for the Kingdom of God.  Some of this work (perhaps most of it) will be done on the computer. 

Later note: This dream was also preparing me for my return to Ukraine for the purpose of doing this work God had assigned to me. Having realized I was 'stuck' in Ukraine, I prayed to do His will, and He provided (at no cost to me, for we had no money for it) a computer and everything else needed for the work of translation. Later He showed both me and Steve, - almost simultaneously, - that we needed to create a website. That part of the work fell to Steve. 


Dream about my Beloved Jew

End of March, 2005

I [any Spirit-led child of God or ministry] had an appointment with my Beloved Jew [our Lord Jesus].  I came to His office, but there were many people around [church leaders and prominent ministers].  These people (men and women, all dressed very formally) were His “aids” [men represent leaders of organized churches with hierarchic structure; women symbolize churches].  They thought they were serving and helping Him.  However, in fact they were interfering.  We could not talk because of them.  We wanted to be left alone and talk our hearts out.  We did not need any help.  These ‘aids’ were a nuisance and a hindrance to us.  But they were so full of self-importance they could not see it. 


Many ministers and church leaders misunderstand their calling.  They think they help by standing as intermediaries between children of God and their Lord, while in reality they become a hindrance to Christians’ further closeness with the Lord.  Pride and ambition prevent them from hearing what the Spirit wants them to do. 

The work God wants them to do is NOT being intermediaries!  It is proclaiming the Gospel and helping spiritually young to learn to listen to the voice of God.  It is to teach Christians the fullness of God’s truth (including obedience to His Holy Commandments), and to provide encouragement and support.  Instead, many church leaders and ministers put themselves in place of God, controlling and directing believers’ spiritual life. 

A true child of God may need advice and guidance from a more spiritually mature brother or sister.  However, we do not need anyone to stand between us and our Lord and teach us instead of the Spirit. As the Apostle John wrote: “Christ has blessed you with the Holy Spirit.  Now the Spirit stays in you, and you don't need any teachers. The Spirit is truthful and teaches you everything” (1Jo 2:27, CEV).


Dream of April 10, 2005

I saw myself  as a young teacher in a classroom with some young girls as my students.  I didn’t know what to say or do. Then His voice said to me: “Teach them about My Sabbath and to keep the Sabbath’.  After these words I woke up and the dream ended.


Girls in the classroom represent spiritually younger children of God, who are sensitive to His guidance in the spirit.  We are all students in God’s school.  Our Lord Himself teaches us the fullness of His Truth.  One of the ways He teaches us is through the revelations He gives to His prophets.  Our ministry is called to promote MM’s literature which restores the truths that have been lost by the Church.  One of these truths, which are of great importance to Him, is the truth about God’s Sabbath. 

God blessed the seventh day and made it holy from the creation (Gen 2:2-3).  Only God can make something or someone holy.  No man can do it!  Also, what God has sanctified no man can undo!  Those who say that it does not matter which day to keep as the Sabbath are blinded by the adversary and become Satan’s tools in deceiving others.

Talking Files

Dream of April 13, 2005

I am looking for my son Victor who is shown as a 2-3 years old boy.  He was left in care of my brother’s x-wife (L).  I am told that she has gone to visit a certain “Artist”.  I know that this “Artist” is not what he pretends to be.  I am told about some young women who befriended and frequented to visit him and now are missing.  I am worried about L and my son. 

I go to that “Artist’s” house accompanied by someone.  He is not at home.  The house is unlocked and, in search of Victor and L, we let ourselves in.  In one of the rooms we find filing cabinets.  I open one of them and take out a file at random.  Suddenly, the file begins to speak with a voice of a woman.  The voice says that they all are the souls of the victims of this evil man who disguises himself as an artist. I remember thinking that we need to tell everyone about these victims to warn about this dangerous murderer who pretends to be an artist and attracts young women.  I am very much worried about L and my son. 

As we leave the place, I find Victor’s father (my x-husband) sitting in an armchair, relaxing and reading something.  He tells me that L and Victor are safe.  She went to get a pack of cigarettes, and Victor is with her.


Women represent Spirit-led Christians (individuals and congregations).  The murderer that pretends to be an “Artist” represents a false teacher (or a false apostle) who is the devil’s instrument.  He deceives undiscerning immature Christians and congregations (shown as naïve young women).  This deceit results in their spiritual death.  The dream was given for the benefit of my son and my brother, who are members of a Charismatic church in Ukraine. So this false ‘Artist’ is a minister (or a ministry) that is spreading in the Eastern Europe the so-called ‘prosperity gospel’, which distorts God’s truths.  The Lord is showing him as a murderer. And many believers and congregations of the Charismatic sector of the Church are shown as quite undiscerning and careless. (This happens because of their desire to receive God’s power gifts.  They are seeking demonstration of His power above all, more than God’s truth).  Because they often seek emotional hype instead of God, they can become an easy prey to the Destroyer without even knowing it.  The devil presents himself as the angel of light. 

My son is shown as a 3-year-old, according to his “spiritual age”.  He is part of a Charismatic church my brother belongs to.  The Lord showed me my brother’s church (the congregation) in another dream about a year earlier as his x-wife L – a woman of much enthusiasm, but lacking maturity, knowledge and discernment. The Lord used the same symbolism again in this dream. It seems significant to me, that in this dream she turns out to be safe, but it is not because of being cautious or knowing the truth.  She is simply lucky this time. The fact that she is gone to get a pack of cigarettes shows the worldly cares and interests of the believers of this sector. They go to the church to ‘get blessed’ by God for making money and getting rich, not to seek the Kingdom of God.

My son’s father symbolized the human leader of this church, who is not concerned about the flock, though he is supposed to care for them. He simply does not care, even though he should be concerned for the believers as if for his own children.


Dream of April 23, 2005

In this dream I had three coats which I wanted to wash.  I was looking for a suitable washtub or basin, but all the vessels I could find were useless.  They would not contain even one coat, let alone three.  All of them were plastic containers.  One of them was wide but way too shallow; anothers was deeper but too narrow, while yet another was both narrow and shallow.  Finally I gave up trying to wash my coats the usual way.  Instead, I chose one coat and put it on.  Then I went outside and stood in the rain to have it washed by it.  The dream ended at that.


The containers in the dream represent doctrinal limitations of different denominations and churches.  My intention to wash my three coats symbolizes the necessity for every child of God to be cleansed and purified in preparation for His coming.  Number “3” signifies completeness and finality, hence the meaning that we must be made completely pure, “without a spot or wrinkle, or any such thing” (Eph 5:27). 

None of the found containers could be used for the job.  It reflects the fact that the doctrines of all the numerous Christian denominations are lacking.  Their limitations make it impossible for a believer to learn God’s truth in its fullness and purity.  Some teachings are too shallow (liberal, lacking the depth of a true biblical foundation).  Others are too narrow while rather deep (legalistic, ritualistic, void of the Holy Spirit).  Finally, some are found both too shallow and too narrow (have neither the true biblical foundation, nor the Spirit). 

The way out I found in the dream is the prompting from the Lord to trust Him for our renewal and preparation. Rain symbolizes the outpouring of God’s Spirit – the work of “Elijah” to purify and prepare His Church in the last days. 


Dream of May 1, 2005

I was giving someone (unidentified) a tour of my Grandmother’s house and flower garden (in a western region of Ukraine).  First I took them to the field behind the house.  The estate seemed to be located on top of a hill.  Some distance away, at the bottom of the hill, there was an idyllic place, which attracted me very much by its beauty and tranquility.  There was a pond there, and a group of old weeping willows surrounding it.  

Then I took them to the flower garden in front of the house.  Gladioli, planted on one flower bed, were just blooming.  The blooms were huge.  The flowers were planted very close to each other forming a confluent thick multicolor wall.  Some of the blooms were just opening up, others were already fading.  The view was magnificent.  

Then we went to a room in the house which was turned into a greenhouse.  There were many plants in pots and planters there.  We went to the very back of the room.  There we saw two amazing things.

  1. I noticed a window looking out into the area behind the house.  Through this window we could see that idyllic scenery I loved so much.  Only now it was not far away, but right outside the window!
  2. Next to the window we saw a swing made in the form of a bathtub. Or was it a bathtub in the form of a swing?  Anyway, it was divided into sections, which had been used as planters.  Then we saw some onions which had been grown in the planters of that swing-tub.  They were huge, bigger than any onion I have ever seen in my life.  Anyone could tell they were good!


First of all, I think that the idyllic place we saw represents the coming kingdom of God.  The fact that it suddenly appeared right behind the window may mean that the time of Jesus’ advent is very close now, although most of the Christians do not realize it. 

The onions may symbolize spiritual food we have been receiving, which is good and very nutritious.  But if the swing-tub planter has any significance, it has not been revealed to me yet.

The wall of beautiful huge gladioli may symbolize the harvest time and an abundant good fruit of the work of the Spirit.  I think that each flower represents spiritual beauty of a true believer. This place being my Grandma’s house and flower garden means that these are the good fruits I will see in Ukraine, serving the Lord according to His plan there

Later note: This was an encouragement from the Lord, intended to prepare and strengthen me, and to confirm that everything that happened in that year was His will for me for the purposes of doing His work. 

Jeremiah's Prophecy

Dream of May 7, 2005

I was given the Book of Jeremiah to read.  I was taught about sin in the land and the punishment, as well as how repentance is necessary to be saved. 

[The following day during our Sabbath meeting we read our Bibles as they opened by the will of the Lord.  Steve got to read Jeremiah’s prophecy about the fall of Jerusalem, while my Bible opened in the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, chapters 5 and 6 – identical prophecy, pertaining to the same time and events in the history of Judah.]

Meaning:  The time of the Great Tribulation and of the wrath of God is fast approaching.  The Spirit of the Lord is preparing His people (the Church) for these events.  The nation of the USA needs to be purified of all willful sin and to live by faith, doing the will of the Lord.  God has promised His children that if they sincerely repent and turn to Him, He will save them out of trouble and disaster.  But the stubborn and proud will have to suffer together with the rest of the world.  

Dream about people shown as plants

(Dream of June 23, 2005)

It was about people, who were shown as plants – bushes and such.  They seemed to be sick and dying.  Someone very evil was causing them to die.


This dream shows that many believers in the Church are not fed with the pure truth of God.  This is the work of Satan, even though it is done by ‘Christian’ ministers and pastors.  If we are not given the full and pure truth of God’s word, which causes us to grow in faith and in the Spirit of God, we will be doomed to destruction.  MM’s literature contains the nourishment all true Christians need.  Through it the restoration work of Elijah is being done in this late hour.  The ones who reject the publications will not be ready for the trials of the Tribulation.  Many will suffer and die to be purified.

This dream was given the day after I received a letter from my brother S in Ukraine and was pondering over my answer.  S is a Charismatic Christian.  It was revealed to me that the dream was given for his benefit, so that he might accept the book I am translating for them.  

A Fishing Trip

Dream 2 (July 1, 2005)

This is a sequel of the previous dream.  I decide to take the boy out of town for a ‘fishing trip’ –  to a beautiful and tranquil place on the River in the mountains.  We must take a boat to get there. 

At the river boat station we are looking for a boat.  There seems to be only one boat that plies to our destination.  It is a small vessel of a ‘no-name’ company. Two men own and operate it.  The tickets are laughably cheap: 45 cents for a round trip!  I buy two tickets. 

Having asked about the departure time, I am told that there are two trips. (I was not allowed to remember the exact departure times. The first one was either between 9 and 10, or after 10.  The second was between 11 and 12.) 

As time goes by, the first departure time is past, but we do not take off, because no one else has bought tickets.  The two boatmen sit and patiently wait for the passengers.  They are ready to take off any time, but no one except me and my boy has bought a trip. 

I see some people I know at the station and try to talk them into going on this boat.  I say something to the effect that these people (the boatmen) are good and the boat is good.  I try to persuade them, but they have doubts.  Their doubts are not based on serious reasons (they are doubtful because the company does not have a well-known name and because the boat looks small and simple.  Also, they are suspicious, because the fare is so low – only 45 cents for a round trip.  I try to reason with them. The dream ended here. 


Steve seems to be portrayed as the boy

The beautiful tranquil place on the River in the mountains symbolizes the beauty of the coming Kingdom of God, and the beauty of His Truth.  The River of God’s Spirit takes us there.  We can only perceive spiritual matters by the power of His Spirit. The boat and two boatmen represent MM – operated by Malcolm and Helena Heap.  Their ministry is not physically big or showy, nor does it have a big name, but they navigate in the flow of the Spirit.  Their ministry work (the publications) can take others to see the beauty of God’s Truth.  God’s Truth is beautiful, and anyone who accepts what the Spirit inspired Malcolm to write will see this beauty.  However, it is our free will choice to stay in the place of peace and beauty or to go back to what we have left behind; hence the symbolism of a round trip. 

MM do not seek to gain anything for themselves in the work they have been doing, hence one meaning of the low fare ($ 0.45 for a round trip!)  There is also a numeric meaning, which confirms God’s assignment of their job:

45 = 3 x 3 x 5 (where 3 is God’s completeness or finality; 5 means preparation, grace or humility).

Hence the numeric meaning of the ticket price is as follows: “God’s complete and final preparation of the Bride before the coming of Jesus”. This preparation is also God’s grace to us, for His people today are as stubborn and self-willed as Israel of old was.  They do not listen to what God says to them.  They continue to reject His true prophets, as they have done so many times in the past.  Humility is the missing dimension in modern Christianity (which is the subject of the book The Missing Dimension in Christian Living by MM).  One other meaning of the 45 is 9 x 5, where 9 can symbolize either

1. those who accept more of the Spirit and move in the gifts, or

2. those who reject the message and are judged for it.

The dream shows the job Steve and I have accepted as a family ministry – to promote the truths contained in the MM publications.  It also shows that most people do not wish to listen, don’t even show interest to read the literature we promote, although they do not have a good reason for such distrust and rejection.  They follow the physical signs of human success, and by that they make a great mistake.  The first departure time has past.  The second and last departure time was between 11 and 12.  Number 11 means inspired writing or disintegration (for those who reject God’s truth).  Number 12 signifies God’s government.  This is a warning for all of us to take heed that the time of God’s  punishment of the evil and His rule on earth is very, very close.  

July 21, 2005 (three dreams)

1.  Flying away

I am at some unidentified place.  An old friend and classmate of mine P (in Ukraine) is there too.  He does not speak much, just is around there.  I begin speaking to a young girl about the power of God.  She seems to be interested. 

Then, I am not sure why, we decide to fly away.  First my friend P takes off.  Then I ask the girl to stand close behind me and hold on to my neck. Carrying her on my back, I take off too.  We fly with ease, going up high in the sky.  We land at some place that looks like a huge deserted plant on a small island in the middle of the ocean.


Flying is a symbolism of living by the spirit or doing things by the power of the Spirit of God. My friend P stopped being in touch with me about 7 months ago.  He is from a family of Baptist believers.  At the time of our last contact he had issues to resolve.  He could not forgive himself for doing things under pressure in younger years that went against his faith.  He was drinking himself to a stupor, perhaps wanted to die… I wrote him a few letters, and then he stopped responding.  I was worried.  The dream was promising that he would be saved and that I would know about it. (That’s what happened in 2011. A later note.)

The girl that was shown flying on my back - I don’t know who that may be.  If it is an individual, the future will reveal the identity.  (Today – July 28, 2014, - I believe it to portray my dad, who also came to believe in Christ and was saved in 2012. Moreover, he became my strong supporter in ministry.)

In the Bible, the peoples and nations are compared to the sea.  I have no idea what the plant represents. (This deserted plant on a small island was showing Ukraine in its today’s disastrous state - the war on its eastern borders, promoted and supported by Putin’s government, and being very close to a complete economic collapse. Note added on July 28, 2014.)

2.  Watering a Lawn

I was shown standing in the middle of a lawn or yard, watering the grass.  The place was surrounded by a fence – not very high.  The grass looked very bright green and healthy, well grown.


It seems to me that the woman in the dream is not I, but rather symbolizes God’s Truth.  The Truth fills the believers with the Holy Spirit (the water), which makes them grow spiritually.  The fence may represent God’s protection, or that they are separated from the rest of the world (God’s chosen people).

Malcolm’s comments: Yes, and the lush healthy grass symbolizes the results of your labours, taking the truths of God to these people abroad so that they can grow spiritually healthy and be pleasing to God.

4.  Dream about A.C.

I joined a group of women and went to visit one of them at her place.  Her place seemed to be located in the attic of a shabby wooden barrack.  The entrance was a rather narrow hole cut in the wall.  I had a hard time getting inside.  Once inside, I found myself in a crowded room with no windows.  The ceiling was so low that we could not stand on our feet but had to crawl about. 

The women were intellectuals.  They proceeded to have empty talks about nothing, showing off their great learning.  I wanted to talk about Jesus and His works today, but felt very ill at ease.  At some point of time I found an opportunity to introduce the topic.  They ‘politely’ mocked me and actually shut me down.  They were not interested in the subject of God and His will for His servants.


This dream is about A.C., a missionary in Africa whose email to Malcolm I read the day before.  The women represent ministers and ministries, which put a lot of trust in intellectual knowledge of Theology (A.C. is one of them).  They go to seminaries and universities, study what the generations of other people have written or understood in the living Word of God, and are very proud of their achievements, learnedness, degrees and diplomas.  They do not realize a very simple truth that it takes the Spirit of God, as well as our humble submission to learn His Truths.  These are not found in any formal educational institutions. 

The ‘place in the attic’ shows their proud attitude.  They think high of themselves and their own kind.  They seek approval and praise of men.  In their loftiness they do not see that there is NO LIGHT in their life.  (There were no windows in the room, all the light was artificial).  Their understanding is limited (the low ceiling and little space) by their arrogance.  God showed in the dream that such people are not interested in the input of others who receive from the Spirit of God.  Unless a person is one of their own kind, they will mock their words.  Their talks were shown as shallow, empty and having NOTHING to do with God and His will for this late hour.  Jesus said: “He who is not with Me is against Me” (Mat 12:30).

This dream has been fulfilled.  I was moved to write Alan a letter to show the error of his reasoning and the root of his problem, and, just as the dream shows, he mocked me and rejected the message.

Three Dreams of July 23, 2005

1.  Envelope arrives

I saw a midsize white envelope and thought that my visa interview package had arrived.  I did not actually open the envelope to see what was inside.


Perhaps, judging from Malcolm’s dream a couple of days earlier, this will be my interview invitation.  Then I will have to be going to Ukraine very soon.  I have been preparing for the trip for a while now.  (Fulfilled in a day)

Malcolm’s remark: All I can add is that the imagery of the white envelope is given to also portray the divine (white) commission that God is appointing you to. It comes from Him, and is the reason for your trip to the Ukraine, which the visa is part of.

2.  Grains

I saw a lot of large rice grains (or maybe it was not rice, maybe it was wheat). 


Perhaps fruitfulness of my trip to Ukraine. 

Malcolm’s remark: Yes. Fruitfulness, but first the purpose is to 'scatter' or sow the large grains of MM lit containing God's truths. The fruit comes later.

3.  The Terrible Condition of the Church in Ukraine

I am in a building which resembles a hostel or a hospital: rooms have many simple beds and no other furniture.  Each of us has a bed to sleep.  Three men are flirting with me, all three at the same time trying to seduce me.  I laugh, for I can see them through, and do not take them serious. 

Then I go looking for a place to take a shower.  I seem to remember that there were some shower cabins somewhere, but I cannot find them.  I walk up and down some staircases, pass some rooms, but no showers!  Then I see some public restrooms, filthy dirty, with excrement all over the floor.  I think I had to pass through one of them and was trying to do it without getting my feet dirty.


Malcolm’s interpretation: The building represents the Church in the Ukraine (and Russia too) where God is taking you (all the churches, house churches, etc).

The three men represent pastors or church leaders with their wrong spiritual approach. You can see through them. God will give you spiritual discernment to enable you to fulfill His prophetic call. You won't be intimidated by them, although others would find such leaders intimidating.

The lack of showers depicts the lack of truth, so people can't get cleaned up spiritually. David Hathaway's ministry is purely evangelistic. He doesn't have any teaching materials to feed the sheep, except for a few tiny bits and pieces in his magazine which is really a marketing tool.  People need the washing of the water of the Word to get cleaned up (Eph 5:26) and ready for Jesus' coming.

The filthy toilets, with excrement all over the floor, depict the state of the Church in the Ukraine and Russia. The wrong teachings, errors, heresies and misunderstandings have not given people the Way upon which to put their feet (see Who Is The End-Time Elijah? chapter 4, and the leaflet Wielding The Divine Axe, The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints, etc.).

God Prunes All Dead branches

Dream of August 4, 2005

I am in a large room (in the spirit).  I look up and see myself (my body) hanging in the air, holding on to the ceiling fan.  The fan is not working, and it is swinging dangerously.  There is a crack in the ceiling all the way around the fan.  As the fan keeps swinging, the crack is becoming deeper.  I know I have to get down from that dangerous place before the fixture falls crashing down. 

I also see a tree growing right under the fan.  It is an old tree, not very tall, but with spreading branches reaching out wide.  All its branches are dead and empty – neither fruit nor foliage.  I am worried that if I jump down, I can get caught in its limbs and injured.  Yet, I do not have much time left before the whole segment of the ceiling together with the fan falls down and crushes me. 

Suddenly, without actually jumping, I find myself standing on the floor (body and spirit back together).  Then I look and notice that the tree has no branches left, as if some invisible hand has cut them all off.  All that remains is the trunk.  The next moment I see many new branches grow, bud and begin blooming vigorously.  It is a wonderful view!


Jesus said that God is the Gardener, and He cuts down every branch which does not bare fruit.  Also, in the Scriptures, Israel is compared to an olive tree.  Paul said that the Church is spiritual Israel.  So, I think that this tree represents the Church in general.  Its branches are shown as dead – having no fruit or leaves.  Jesus warned his disciples that to bare fruit we have to remain in Him.  This image of the tree with dead branches that are cut off may symbolize God’s plan of destroying everything in His Church that is not of Him, does not have His Spirit.  Any humanly made or humanly established structures and organizations that claim to be God’s Church, but are spiritually dead will be cut off.  God will raise new branches for Himself on this tree.  They will be filled with His Holy Spirit and will produce abundant fruit.  This is also a symbolic picture of the Revival. 

Also, the large room with the cracking ceiling is another representation of a humanly built church structure that is about to fall.  Its destruction begins from the ceiling – symbolic of God destroying the human leadership of His Church.  We also think it to be an important detail that the fan in the dream was not working.  Say church leaders try to substitute the ‘wind of the Spirit’ with a wind, made by a man-made appliance, but it fails to work.

It remains unclear to me why I was hanging from the ceiling holding on to the fan.  Obviously, I did not want to be there, because I wanted to get down as soon as possible, and God miraculously did it for me.  It is also obvious that the dead branches were presenting danger or threat to me. 

Malcolm's interpretation:

Dear Mila,

The first thing that came during reading your dream was "Ukraine". When I read it to Helena, she got "Russia". So, I believe that the part of the Church in question is over there, and the dream portrays what God has in mind for you to do over there. It will look impossible humanly, but He will enable you through the Spirit and work things out.

Like you say, "the large room with the cracking ceiling is another representation of a humanly built church structure that is about to fall.  Its destruction begins from the ceiling – symbolic of God destroying the human leadership of His Church.  We also think it to be an important detail that the fan in the dream was not working.  Say church leaders try to substitute the ‘wind of the Spirit’ with a wind, made by a man-made appliance, but it fails to work." This confirms what I sent you in the post about David Hathaway and what God has in mind for you to do to cut off the dead branches that aren't bearing fruit.

They can't bear fruit because they need the sap of the Spirit to nourish them, and it's truth that allows the sap to flow and produce the proper fruit. They aren't nourished because Hathaway rejected MM writings which were meant for him to accept and use to feed the people. That man's arrogant and lifted up, like the ceiling fan. But it's not working properly, and God will allow him to fall because he rejected truth.

When the truths which we are privileged to convey are given to the people you "see many new branches grow, bud and begin blooming vigorously.  It is a wonderful view!"

It's not easy, but God makes a way where there seems to be no way! Hallelujah! Praise His name!


A root vegetable and a black disc

(Dream of August 15, 2005)

At first I had a dream of which I was only allowed to remember that in it I was taught about purification through suffering. 

Then I saw an unusually large root vegetable.  It looked like a huge carrot with multiple roots growing out of one stem base.  It was shown with its roots up and its stem down. 

A few meters in front of it, between me and the root vegetable, suspended in the air was an object, which looked like a black button. It was about one inch in diameter, completely black, and had no button holes in the center.  It had several concentric circles (rims).  Each rim began a new, more protruded and thus thicker segment of this disc.  The closer to the center the thicker it was.  

This black ‘button’ or disc and the root vegetable behind it remained steadily in my view throughout the rest of the dream and were the only things I was allowed to clearly remember of the rest of the dream.


When I prayed about the meaning, the teaching of the first part of the dream was connected to it in my mind.  From this perspective, I understood the symbolism to have the following meaning.

The huge vegetable is the good spiritual fruit, which God is growing in us, His Church.  It was shown roots-up for me to be able to see how good God’s harvest will be.  However, for this good ‘fruit’ to grow, each one of us (maybe I personally, or our family ministry) has to go through certain circles of suffering, which will eventually produce it.  The black ‘button’ symbolizes the suffering.  The black color may signify the dark forces of the evil opposing God, which inflict the suffering.  It may or may not signify the Great Tribulation. 

I see two things as very important in this image: the closer to the center, the thicker the disc would become.  Similarly, the closer to the time of our Lord’s coming, the more intense our sufferings will be.  The second is this:  The more intense the suffering, the shorter its duration.  This shows the mercy of God.  He promised that no one of His own will suffer beyond the measure of what we can take.    


Dream of 9/24/05

In this dream a widow is living in the ruins of her house.  The house used to be big, but all that’s left is bricks from the destroyed building and a few pieces of broken furniture.  Also, in the dream she is a slave.  Anyone can use and abuse her, and she feels she has no rights and no protection. 

Then a man comes and uses her for sex.  He does it without love, or affection, or even real desire.  He does it as he would do any other bodily function.  She is in such a position that any man can abuse her.  It is terrible and very humiliating, but she feels she has no choice but to silently obey.  She is  desperate.

When that man leaves, a friendly woman comes and urges her to go and search for a treasure in the ruins.  She begins searching through some drawers and boxes.


I think the dream depicts the state of the Charismatic Church (the believers) in Ukraine.  They have been used and abused without love or care by their human leaders and false teachers who promote false doctrines for the sake of their own interests.  Because of them the Charismatic Church in Ukraine is now like a desolate woman of the Scripture.  The Apostle Paul wrote that we are slaves to whom we obey, so are the Charismatic believers, who obey human leaders in place of God. 

Through the graphic picture of that man using the woman for sex, God shows that in His eyes these false servants are adulterers, slave-masters and rapists.  While the members of the church are shown as enslaved and abused, the leaders bear the guilt of leading them into sin.

The friendly woman that urged her to search for a treasure in the ruins: the treasure is God’s pure Truth, and the woman is a spirit-led ministry of God (MM) who is calling the Church to seek it.

Malcolm’s Comment:

Perhaps the imagery of the woman being destitute and physically ruined shows the disaster that must happen to these believers who have run after the Prosperity Gospel preachers in order to bring them to repentance. They have to see the falsity of what they have believed in, by experiencing it in the flesh. Then they will believe that we brought truth, and be willing to look into it. 

It seems to be part of the course, that we all have to believe error first, before God can give us the fullness of His truth. It's part of the humbling process.


Dream of 10.05.05

I saw a lot of huge, very showy dahlias in the flowerbeds around the house.  However, when I later went to cut some flowers for a bouquet, I could not find any of them.  There were no big blooms left, but there were lots of new buds forming and growing.  A few of them were about to open up, but the majority of them were still very small.  I cut several, which were ready to open.  I was wondering what happened to the big blooms I had seen earlier.


A new generation of God’s servants in Ukraine is coming.  I may not see them at the moment, because they are being grown not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit.  Most of them are just being formed. 

As for the old ‘blooms’ (the older generation of evangelists and ministers), their time is over, whatever it means.  As they have mysteriously disappeared in the dream, so will they disappear from the Church scene by His will.  Their ministries must be taken from them, because they stopped doing His will.

The dream was given to me for encouragement, that His work in Ukraine is being done, despite the human limitations of His servants whom He uses.  


Dream of 10.21.05

A had a dog on the leash.  The dog was black with a few white spots.  It was a simple street dog, rather small in size. It was very friendly, full of energy and ‘goofy’, - happily jumping around me and wiggling its tail.  I was going to go for a walk with it and thinking if I should let the dog off the leash. I decided not to, because I thought that it might get out of control.  I did not want it to either cause or get in trouble. 

The leash itself was very unusual.  It looked like a hose (or a tube), ~ ¾ inch in diameter, and made of coiled steel - very strong, yet very flexible, long enough, yet not too long. 

Locked in another room (or maybe it was a cage), there was another dog – huge, of a very expensive and popular breed.  It had a massive head, and long hair of rusty color.  I had a feeling that the animal was very dangerous.  


Malcolm and Helena were given the following interpretation of the dream:

“Good morning!

Last night Helena got more on the dream. The main meaning is this:

The little street dog mainly depicts L (a dear friend and sister in the USA). The black depicts the spiritual in her life that still needs changing. The white depicts the aspects of God, which are already in her life.

The person holding (guiding) the dog on the leash was you. Of course Jesus has been guiding you and Steve in your dealings with L, so it doesn't exclude Jesus, but you are the one with the lead in the dream. If you hadn't had this contact with L, she would not make it. You have been feeding her and giving her the lifeline she needs. The dog's manner around you depicts the friendship you have, and the way she likes you and responds to you. You wondered about whether she could go it alone, but she can't, hence you couldn't let her off your leash.

The little street dog depicts her in contrast to her husband. She thinks nothing of herself, whereas he doesn't have that humility. He is the other big dog who thinks a lot of himself – i.e. the massive head (yet he has nothing much to be proud of). Hence, he has treated her as the skivvy, and has lorded it over her (as much as he can get away with).

I didn't know what the mane of rusty red hair portrayed until last night. Then God put in my mind the words "hot-headed". I suppose he's a firebrand, hot-tempered or something like that. He doesn't listen to advice and won't change. He has given his soul to Satan. You "had a feeling that the animal was very dangerous." And so he IS, spiritually! Hence the dream. It is to warn L about what she can't see. She doesn't see the spiritual danger he poses to her. As she suspects, and as has been confirmed through ALL involved with the dream, he is only doing 'good things' as moved by demons, to try to hold onto L and prevent her departure. The demons' object is to keep her trapped in her current situation until they have killed her spiritually.

If you hadn't come into the situation and helped her, she would have been lost. Hence the imagery of the pipe, etc. You can send water (Holy Spirit and the Word of God) down it, as well as air (Spirit), or liquid food. You have kept her alive.

Now she needs to follow the guidance God has given and GET OUT before it's too late.

God bless.


Dream about my x-marriage


I went to sleep praying and asking God for guidance regarding L’s situation.  Then in a dream, I was shown a situation from my past abusive marriage to IL. I was shown being constantly afraid that he would lose self-control and burst into one of his fits of rage. He was not physically abusive in the situation, but he was using my fears and desire to make our marriage work to manipulate me into doing something I knew to be totally wrong and sinful.  I was trying to reason with him, but in vain.


This dream is a parallel for me to understand and explain to L that she is being manipulated by her husband and affected by his demons to prevent her from doing what had been clearly shown by God (in the previous dreams) as His will not only for her, but also for him.

Dream of 10/28/05

Steve and I were doing something.  Then I saw some words that were appearing in the air: Instruction, Interpretation, Action, Result.  Then there appeared a set of new words:

Correction, Accepting, Growing.


I understood the message of these two phrases as follows: 

The instruction comes from the Above. It is always flawless and perfect. However, interpretation and the following action are done by men. Either one of them or both can contain mistakes, due to the limitations of our understanding, or because of the impurity of the motives of the human heart. Thus, the result may be a failure, or something different from what God originally intended. Yet, we needn’t despair. We must seek God’s correction, accept it, and act accordingly. Thus we will grow in our faith and in the image of God. 

Two Dreams of November 11, 2005

Dream 1. 

In this dream a graduation party was held.  I was one of the graduates.  When I came to the party, there were many young women, dressed in gorgeous, very expensive gowns.  They were each escorted by at least one young man.  Only I did not have an escort.  My apparel was also rather modest, not like all the others.  I didn’t even have shoes and was wearing slippers.  I did not know anyone at the party and did not feel welcome or even noticed.  The only company I had sitting at table was a young, but heavy man.  I do not remember who he was and why he was sitting at my table, for he was not interested in me. 

Then I felt like dancing and asked this man to dance with me.  Perhaps he didn’t want to be rude, but he did not decline my invitation.  As we got on the dancing floor, they started to play a rock’n’roll.  I took off my slippers and began to dance with unexpected energy and skill.  I danced so well and with such ease that I myself was surprised.  When the dance was over, my partner said or did something expressing excitement or physical desire.  I thought to myself, “Hmm, so I can do it!’

Dream 2. 

I was trying to get into the attic of a house ( I am not sure why, but it seems there had to be a room there I wanted to get into).  The small entrance leading there was on the outside of the building.  I had to climb an old wooden ladder, roughly knocked together.  As I climbed up, the last two wooden planks turned out to be rotten and broke at a touch.  I could not get to the attic. 

When I got down I noticed that the entire façade of the house looked half demolished. There was a pharmacy inside of the building, on the ground floor to the right of the ladder.  It had very large shopping windows.  I looked closer and saw that the walls between those shopping windows were almost completely destroyed.  As a matter of fact, I wondered how the window frames still stood in place.  However, the people inside did not seem to care that their building was falling apart.  They were busy with their usual duties as if nothing was happening.  The pharmacy was filled with some kind of mist - fog or dust.   There were some customers inside too.  They seemed to be just as oblivious to the danger as the store associates.   I was astonished by everybody’s blindness.  I do not remember what happened beyond this point in the dream.

Meaning and Commentaries: 

Through these two dreams ( and the third one given on November 26) God showed me a complete picture of what would happen on November 27. That Sunday I went to visit a couple of Charismatic churches to hand out copies of the Russian translation of the book  A Message To The Charismatic Church

Dream 1 pictured my encounter in the first of the two churches I visited on that day - the group called “Logos”. 

The part of the dream that shows me being the only one rather modestly dressed and without an escort at the party symbolizes that we do not belong to or represent any church organization, have no human following or leadership.  We do have spiritual guidance, which comes as we stay tuned to the Spirit, also from our friends – the Heap family, and through their  Spirit-inspired lit; and there are brothers and sisters who choose to stay in touch with us.  But there is no human being who could be considered either our leader or follower. 

The party in the dream represents their Sunday worship meeting.  I came without invitation, nobody knew or expected me.  I came as one of the family in Christ comes to her/his own.  So, I had the right to be there, but did not receive a warm welcome.

 I introduced myself to an usher (because they had just started when I came), and requested a couple of minutes at any time during the meeting to say a few words to introduce myself and explain the purpose of my visit.  I was denied the opportunity, because, as I was told, they had ‘a very busy schedule’.  Also, I was warned not to try and distribute anything without their pastor’s approval.  The young man was polite, but it was clear that had I dismissed the warning, they would have ‘ushered me out’ of the meeting in a heartbeat.

Once again  I prayed for the Lord’s guidance and waited.  A few times during the ‘praise and worship’ part I felt the presence of the Spirit.  It encouraged me.  The Lord had worked it out that a guest pastor from another region of Ukraine was present, and he was invited to preach that day.  He spoke on the Lord’s Harvest.  It was a good sermon.  In his teaching, he even shared his past worries and doubts about being able to endure if the time comes to suffer for Christ, and how the Lord encouraged him by the word that all he needed to do was to say as He had said: “Yet may Your will, not mine be done”.

Later on, the hosting pastor suggested that a collection be made in gratitude to their guest for his teaching.  As the donations were being collected, I was moved to give the young boy who came up to me a copy of the translation and ask him to give it to that pastor as my gift.  It was obvious that the boy was completely baffled and did not know what to do.  Instead, he gave the copy to his pastor’s wife, and she, in turn, called for the usher, who brought the copy back to me.  He said, “I told you not to distribute anything without our pastor’s permission”.  To this I responded, “And I did not.  This is my gift to your guest pastor.  He is not one of your congregation.  Also, don’t you think he is spiritually mature enough to discern what is good and what is bad? ”  The usher could not say anything to counter it.  However, I knew they would not do what I had asked.

I made another attempt to speak to the congregation when the pastor asked if anybody would like to give a testimony about a miraculous healing.  I raised my hand and asked if I could testify about a miraculous salvation, but was denied again.  The pastor said it was outside the ‘topic’ and they did not have time for it.  Instead, he began a ‘birthday congratulations’ ritual for some of the members.  It seemed of more importance to him, than a testimony about a miracle of God!

I realized I would not get a chance to introduce myself and the book there.  So I left the hall and positioned myself on the stairs leading down to the exit.   As the members were leaving the meeting they inevitably had to pass by me.  I simply asked them if they were interested to read a prophetic message to the Charismatic Church, and many said they would.  That way I distributed about 18 copies before the pastor saw me.  He came to me and I finally had a chance to introduce myself and explain what I was giving out.  He was polite outwardly.  He took a copy, even though his comment was wrong.  He said ‘if it agrees with their teaching’, they would contact me to request more copies or make them from the one he was taking.  To this I replied that, as he certainly knows, God uses His prophets to correct what is wrong in the Church.  So he should not be expecting everything in the book to agree with what they teach, otherwise it would not be a prophetic message.  I made him promise that he would read it attentively and pray over it.  In his turn, he ‘asked’ me to stop distributing the copies until he had a chance to read it.  I had no choice. 

I did not leave the place, however.  I was moved to wait and meet the guest pastor in person.  So I did.  I thanked him for a good sermon and asked if he had received my gift.  He said, “I am afraid I have not…”  At this the host pastor felt very uncomfortable and made a weak attempt to draw the guest away from me.  When it did not work, because I obviously had aroused the guest’s curiosity, the local pastor said, “We will be waiting for you downstairs” and retreated quickly.  Then I introduced myself using an MA card I had with me, explained what my gift was, and why I had been moved by the Spirit to translate the book.  I told him that there was some information about MM and Malcolm in the introduction From Translator.  (I also gave him a copy of the translation of Why Keep Christmas ?)  The man thanked me very sincerely and meekly.

This guest pastor is the one shown in my dream as the man who accepted my invitation to a dance.  The Lord may choose to use him to promote His truths, contained in MM publications, and make them available to many Christians in Ukraine. 

Dream 2  predicted my encounter with the second Charismatic church “New Life” (the one my brother belongs to).  [There was another dream, given on November 26, a day before the visit, which also forewarned me about a blow I would experience there. ]

The attic I was trying to get to symbolizes my attempt to reach the leader of this church Igor Kosovan. False leaders believe (and try to persuade believers) that they have the Spirit of God, and that they have power over the congregation which is vested in them by God Himself.  But this is not a spiritual power; it is human domination and control, and the spirit behind it is demonic. Prior to this encounter, I had been to their meeting once, and did not feel presence of the Spirit for a moment throughout the entire meeting. 

The entrance was small:  the leader is not open and welcoming those who are considered ‘outsiders’.

The two top planks were shown to be rotten and break the moment I touched them.  This symbolism pictured what actually happened – I was denied a chance to talk to the man [explained in detail in my report below].  This is a rotten practice, not of God.

The pharmacy on the ground floor level (together with the employees and customers) shows their organization as a business, established to make money.  The appointed helpers of the leader (employees) and the customers (‘ordinary’ members) trust their pastor to the extent they have actually made him their idol.

The dust or mist in that pharmacy shows the demonic influences in the church, which cloud the vision and understanding of the members.  These evil influences entered through the false teachings and the wrong, selfish motivation of the false minister.  (The Lord had given me a few other dreams where this minister was shown as false.) None of them can see the tragic circumstances of their position.  They are all ignorant of it, just as the dream shows. 

The entire building of the organized church is falling apart.  This is what the Lord has been telling the Church through His prophets (beginning from the OT prophets, through the first Apostles’ warnings and in our day).  This is what they do not recognize and refuse to see.

My encounter with the Church “New Life ” and their founder and pastor Igor Kosovan.

The Church “New Life ” meets for their Sunday worship at 3 p.m.  I was there well in advance, about 2:30.  I found out that the pastor was not there yet, so I sat down in the hall to wait.  Then a thought came to my mind that perhaps there was another room where he and his helps could be meeting before the service.  I asked a young lady who watched the praise group’s rehearsal about it.  According to her, there was no such place.  However, she suggested that if I wanted to talk to the pastor before the meeting, I would have a better chance if I waited for him outside the hall, on the stairs.  I followed her advice.

 I waited and waited.  The members were gathering for the service, but the pastor was not coming.  As I watched the members, I did not feel moved to hand out a single translation.  They just did not seem to be interested.  Finally one lady, passing by, asked me what I was holding in my hand.  I told her it was a prophetic message from God to the Charismatic Church.  I asked her if she cared to take one.  She said she did not.  She said she had everything she needed, and didn’t even have time to read what she had.  Then she mentioned K. Copeland, as a prophet they were encouraged to read, saying something to the effect that if God had anything to say to them, surely He would have given it to that man of God.  I asked her if she believed there exist any God’s prophets outside K. Copeland (I personally do not think he is a prophet, but did not argue with the woman).  She said she was completely content with what she had - the health, the money, and the church teaching, - and didn’t need anything from some unknown person who could be a false prophet.  So, I just wished her well.  As I was trying to talk to another young woman, that same lady turned to me and asked what the message was about.  I said, “I cannot retell you the whole book.  It talks about mistakes that need correction and wrong teachings which mislead believers.  Why not read it yourself?”  So she agreed to take a copy. 

It was 2:58 p.m., and the pastor had not shown up yet.  I prayed, “Lord, if You want me to give a copy to this pastor as a witness, make him appear NOW, or at least within the next 5 minutes.  This will be a sign to me”.  The next moment I saw him coming up the stairs.  I approached him and asked to talk for a moment, but he didn’t even stop. Walking on, he just commanded: “After the service!”  I said: “I need just two minutes!  It will not work to wait till after the service!”  But he didn’t stop.  He only said, “well, then it’ll have to be some other time”. 

I don’t know if he had been forewarned by the first pastor about me.  I only felt he did not want to give me a chance to speak to him period!  I felt angry.  It was not my fault – I had waited for him for half an hour; it was he who was late!  I began to walk downstairs leaving the place when a thought came that I had asked for a sign from God, and He gave me the sign!  I could not leave without giving that man a copy for a witness. 

I saw a young man who had seen me back in the hall.  He saw that I was upset and I guess he felt sorry for me.  He asked me what had happened and then said, “Do not be upset.  He gets like that at times”.  Then I asked him if he would give a copy of the book to the pastor after the service and tell him that was the message from the woman with whom he had refused to speak.  I told the young man to take it serious, because it was a message from God he would be forwarding.  He got interested, and I said I could give him a copy if he would like to read it.  He said he would. That day I handed out 23 copies of The Message To The Charismatic Church in Russian, 20 copies at the first church and 3 at the second. 

I was about to leave when the blow, described in the dream of Nov. 26 came.  I saw my brother and his wife coming to the meeting.  They stopped to say hello.  I told them what had happened, and my brother said: “What did you expect?  You cannot come to another’s house and try telling them how to keep their house in order!”  I replied: “You are very wrong, brother.  If I am in Christ and you are in Christ, if I have the Spirit and you have it, then we belong to the same house of God, we are a family in Christ, His own body!  I did not come to another’s house!” I also said something about the mission of a prophet.  But he said, “if our pastor is wrong about something, don’t you think the Lord is able to show him?”  My reply: “That is exactly why a prophet of God was moved to write this book, why I was moved to translate it, and why I am standing here now!”  Then he said: “ Don’t you think that an apostle is a prophet at the same time?”  I said: “Yes, apostles receive prophetic messages, but what makes you think that your pastor is an apostle?  What is the sign of his apostleship?”  He answered: “Because he has organized a number of churches in Ukraine!”  I was shocked by such a misconception.  As an example of how wrong he is to think that a number of followers and churches is a sign of a true apostle I told him about Herbert W. Armstrong and his worldwide organization, the membership of which had numbered millions.  However, I did not have much time to go deeply into the subject and give him other examples and arguments. 

Then my brother said another thing that broke my heart.  He said: “Let your Malcolm find (make) his own following and then let him teach them ”.  Immediately Paul’s warning about the wolves in the sheep’s clothing who seek a following for themselves came to my mind, but there was no time for our further discussion.  I only asked him if he himself had accepted what I had given him to read (the same translation).  He said he did not.  He had not admitted to it before that moment, and I think this is because he had nothing to say to prove it wrong through the Scripture.  But he said that the spirit inside of him tells him that it is wrong.  I know this is NOT the Holy Spirit!  But he will not believe me if I tell him!

On my way home I was deeply saddened and crying.  The feeling did not go away all that evening and the next morning.  It hurt me terribly to see my brother rejecting me as a family in the Lord, just because I am trying to do God’s will.  But it hurts even worse to know how blinded he and the others in that congregation are, led astray by that pastor.  No wonder the Lord showed me that pastor in one dream as a murderer pretending to be an artist.

My brother did not offend me on a human level.  He did not say anything personally rude or disrespectful.  We used to have much more heated arguments, but they did not affect me so deeply.  I think it is a kind of ‘sadness in the spirit’. 

Hit in the eye

Dream of 11.26.05

I was going somewhere on a bus, standing not far from the exit.  When the bus made a stop, a man who was standing close to me (I knew the man) turned to me and unexpectedly punched me straight in the right eye. The hit was absolutely unwarranted, and I was shocked, while the man turned around and got off the bus. It hurt, but then I realized that after such a strong direct punch I should have lost my eye. Yet I didn’t!  My eye was OK!  I understood that the Lord had protected me.


The meaning became clear next day, when I visited two Charismatic churches in Chernovtsy.  It portrayed the blow I was to receive from my own brother, who openly rejected me as a sister in Christ. He did not reject just me, but also a message from God I had brought him in a translated publication (MG6) and in two personal letters from Malcolm. In my person, he also rejected Malcolm - the prophet of God and other Christians who believe that we must obey all God’s commandments and keep His Sabbath holy (perhaps this is the meaning of the right eye targeted). He said that we did not belong to the same house (spiritually). [More details are described in my report about a visit to the Church “New Life”.]

My brother was not provoked to react in such a way. I came to them in love, to share the treasures of God’s Truth, not to criticize.  His reaction and words were compared by God in the dream to a violent attack. The bus must be a representation of our spiritual trip. 

He Is Coming!

Dream of 12.16.05

I was somewhere in the field.  The ground was ploughed, black and bare.  There was nothing but an outhouse standing there.  I got inside and found that it was overfilled, filthy dirty and falling apart.  However, I had no other choice, so I decided to use it anyway.  I was very careful.  I realized that any moment I could fall through the thin veneer floor into the mess of human waste matter.  Thank God I didn’t.  Then I got outside to look for something to clean myself.  There was nothing but a ‘bundle’ of cloth to use.  The cloth too was very dirty and messy.  I looked for a clean piece, tore it out and used it to clean myself. 

Then there were some vague images, which I do not recall, and the words were heard declaring: “He is coming.  Yes, He is coming!  And His faithful servant with Him!”  I was immediately translating these words into Russian.  In my spirit I was rejoicing.


The imagery of the dream depicts a period of late fall or winter, when nothing grows in the fields. This is symbolic of the “famine” for the Word of God and His Truth (the soon to come Great Tribulation, when true faith will be outlawed). The outhouse, filthy and falling apart, depicts the officially established false “Church” of that time (which will worship the image of the Beast, being branded with his mark). Any spiritual cleansing is impossible in it. Rather, one can be defiled or entirely destroyed, sinking in the abomination of its heresies and apostasy.

I was put in the position of those believers who will be deceived into trying to continue worshiping God through an official church at that time. This will be impossible and abhorrent to God! This is why we must get prepared for becoming an underground church. For this purpose small house ‘churches’ (groups) must be formed. (More about it can be found in MM publication Meetings With Jesus.)

Our strength and comfort are in the Lord, who is announcing that He is on His way and coming soon. He is also promising to all His faithful followers who will remain faithful to Him to the end that they will be united with Him on that wonderful day of His Coming. 

Loss of Contact                    


I lost contact with my Beloved.  My cell phone was not working, and I could not get in touch with him. The place I was in was like a dorm, and it was under reconstruction, or something of the kind.  I was afraid to miss my date with him. I asked if there had been any messages for me and was told that there had been two. I do not remember the messages, but I do remember that I was frantically trying to fix the situation and find my Beloved.


I think the dream is about the Tribulation coming and how the Church is unprepared for it.  I am put in the place of any true believer, missing my Beloved (Jesus). Song of Solomon has allusions to this. The Church is shown as a hostel, which is undergoing reconstruction. Instead of getting prepared for the upcoming trials, most of the Christian organizations are busy trying to slightly fix and change the ‘old structure’ in order to look better, so they can attract more followers. 

Because the Church is unprepared, her connection with Jesus is lost. Many true believers feel this and it makes them very disturbed, afraid to miss the meeting. They try to fix this situation.

Malcolm’s comment:

“The messages represent the two prophetic warnings the Church is given. If she rejects the two witnesses God sends (not the final two in Rev 11) she will find herself engulfed in this trouble as Proverbs 1 (towards the end of the chapter) relates in principle.

The dream confirms that most of the Church will not listen to the prophetic witness Jesus sends, so He will withdraw Himself from her.”



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