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Dreams From God


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Midnight In America Dream Diary



House On Fire

September 17, 2004 

I was a student at school. We all (my class) were in the upper room.  There were many of us. Then a fire alarm sounded. We did not see any fire, but most of the students hastily left the room. Only a few students remained in the class room, including myself. I don’t know what kept the others, but I was looking for my books. I was going from desk to desk looking for my books and could not find them.

Suddenly a fire began coming through the ceiling. One of the male students started putting it out. I noticed another place where the fire began coming through the wall in front of me and ran to fight that fire. I began beating the tongues of fire with something I had in my hands.

Then I noticed that the tongues of flame I had been fighting were only forerunners of a very powerful ball of fire that was cutting through the wall. The same thing was happening at other places in the room. It was a very bright white flame resembling that of the welding rod. It could not be extinguished. So I stopped trying.

There was no fear, no feeling of danger. However, I cannot say that I or anyone else of those who remained in the room had any idea of what was going on.


 The school building represents the Church, and we are all students of the Word of God. The upper room and the fire coming through have such a strong parallel with the account in Acts 2. It symbolizes the work of ‘Elijah’ – the purifying fire of God’s Spirit. God has already been pouring out of His Spirit in many places. 

The fire alarm sounded. This symbolizes the alarm sounded by God’s true prophets: a warning that the Bride must get ready and put on all the garments of righteousness Jesus is presenting to her. Otherwise, judgment will fall and the Tribulation will engulf the ones who want to continue sleeping (Matt 25). This subject is well explained in the booklet The Ten Virgins from Midnight Ministries, UK.

 Most of the students hastily left the room. Sadly, the majority of the Church gets scared and runs away. They reject God’s prophets and the messages that contain God’s truths. They leave without a chance to receive His purification. Even among those who don’t reject the prophet’s ‘alarm’, there is lack of spiritual awareness. To my shame and reproach, I must say that not one of us who did not run away understood what was going on. I was depicted being too busy with looking for my books (intellectual knowledge?) This could be an allegory of anything that distracts us from following the lead of His Spirit. Others were also ‘doing their own thing’, and later, when the fire began coming through, we were trying to put it out! The dream is a wake-up call and a warning for all to stop being busy with what we are preoccupied with, but to listen to God, paying attention to His Spirit and His prophets (2 Chron 20:20).

White hot fire is the greatest, most intense purifying and miraculous power of God. We must not run away or try to extinguish it!    


Enemy Surrounding the City

October 2004

Enemy has surrounded the city we live in. We are getting ready to leave - to go 'underground' and continue fighting.  I have received my full armor.

 I am at home, packing, deciding what I should pack in the backsack to take along. I am carefully picking each thing, choosing only what I will really need on the march. For a moment, I consider a silk night slip – my favorite one. It takes very little room. However, I understand that I will have no opportunity to wear it at war. Therefore, it will be useless and must be thrown aside without regrets.

As we get ready, I don’t see my brother anywhere. I have no idea where he is. My dad says that my brother is in his office, downtown, on business. It surprises me. I realize that he knows nothing about the war, and that the city is about to be under siege. I cannot understand how in the world he could have missed the events of such great importance. Dad says that he will go to my brother’s office and warn him.

At that moment, I ask myself, “When is the time to take off my civilian clothes and put on the received armor?” Immediately comes ‘inner knowledge’ that I should do it right away and wear it all the time.


The dream symbolically describes the upcoming events of the Great Tribulation, when the Church will be under attack, and we all (the true believers) will have to go in hiding. The armor represents the spiritual armor of God (Ep.6:11-17), which we have been given by our Lord, and which we must wear NOW, without further delay. The dream also shows that we must leave without regret all things of this world, and start really getting ready for the trials of the “fires” of the Tribulation that are about to try us.

This dream also shows my brother – a Charismatic Christian, and through him - all (or majority) of the Charismatic Christians, who are not ready and know nothing about these trials. Because of the false teachings they are fed, they remain unprepared. They think more about pursuing material success in this world (he was in his office about business).

In the dream, my dad says he will go and warn him. It may very well happen that my father will be more prepared for these events and will warn my brother about the Great Tribulation. It may also have another meaning, where the ‘father’ is a symbolic figure of a prophet, who cares for us like a good spiritual father. Prophets bring God’s messages to those unprepared in the Church, if they are willing to heed. Malcolm wrote a letter to my brother, who had not taken seriously my warnings (which I made after this and some other dreams God had given me for his benefit). Perhaps there will be other prophetic warnings coming my brother’s way.

 Note made on July 29, 2014: I think that  the “war” in this dream could also portray the situation that has been developing in Ukraine since the beginning of this year. We are at the break of war with Russia, who has been in fact invading our territories since February.

Dream of Preparation

October 9, 2004 

I was in a place that resembled a huge aerodrome, only I don’t remember if there were any planes there. There were many people in that place (perhaps waiting to be evacuated). We had received a warning (nobody told us, we just knew it) that something disastrous was going to happen soon, like a war or a nuclear attack. We were warned that in order to survive we had to “get prepared”. The knowledge of what it meant to get prepared was given to some of us. It was: “to live by faith and to be willing”[willing to accept correction and be purified]. A few others and I accepted it. The transformation happened wonderfully – in one moment. I did not see any visible changes in my appearance, but I knew that I was changed, because that very instant I knew in my spirit that I could fly [symbolic of living by the spirit].

Then we, those who had been changed, began to talk to others, persuading them to get prepared too. There were no meetings held, no loud speeches made. Our work was very ordinary - we simply spoke with individuals face to face, explaining to them things. Not many would believe what we had to say. But some did. The moment they would agree to undergo this preparation, it would have already happened.

Those who were changed were “clothed” in a special “garment”. Nothing extravagant - a simple pullover would appear over their clothing. The pullover, however, WAS special, it was by itself changing to different shades and colors on each individual, and it glowed. 

After that, we (the prepared ones) were “told” to begin storing water. There appeared to be bathtubs at different points on the field of the aerodrome, and we filled them with water. That water was also immediately transformed and turned pure. We knew it was precious. 


God continues to warn and prepare His people for the upcoming time of tribulations. He calls us to get prepared. The preparation happens in the spirit, when we humble ourselves and completely submit to the will of the Lord. We must live by faith, be willing to accept God’s corrections, learn new truths, and undergo the changes, which God considers needed for us.

When we become “prepared”, God’s Spirit fills and marks such a transformed believer. It is depicted in the image of a simple but beautiful, glowing pullover. I think the fact that the pullovers were changing colors, becoming different on each individual, shows that God works with us individually, taking into account our personal features. We are not a no-name crowd for Him, but He knows each of His own by the name.

It seems an important detail that the work to persuade others to be transformed was also an individual work, performed by speaking with others face to face. (Done in such a manner, there is less danger for a person to develop a self-elevated attitude).  It also shows that church organizations that attract many people do not do this job.  The dream portrays that not many people would listen to corrective messages. The majority of Christians are “comfy” the way they are and don’t like to be bothered about changes. 

The water is widely used in the Bible to symbolize the Holy Spirit. It is called “the living water”, “the life-giving water”, etc. There is also a parallel with the supply of oil for the lamps of the Ten Virgins in Mat. 25. Oil is another symbol for the Spirit of God.

In the parable of the Ten Virgins we find a warning, given for our time, about the lack of the Spirit in the lives of half of God’s Church. Similarly, in this dream the ones that have obeyed and been changed are told to store “water”.

Another parallel I was reminded of is the warning in the Book of Revelation about the time to come of great famine for the word of God, when people will thirst without the living water of God’s Truth. 

Third Warning!

October 21, 2004 Mila

In this dream I am with my son, who is in the age between 16 and 18 years old. I give him five dollars and say that this is all we have till the end of month. It is the money to live on. He says “OK” and leaves home.

The next scene, he is in the room with me again, sitting on a bed or a couch wearing a pair of new pants, which I have never seen before. I like neither the style of the pants, nor the quality of the fabric. A thin, cheap material wrinkles easily and wears out very quickly. As my son gets off the couch, I see that the pants look awfully wrinkled. I mention to him that they need ironing. He looks in the mirror and goes to another room. He returns shortly, wearing a different pair of pants, which are also new. These are very baggy, and look odd. Having realized that he must have just bought both of these new pants, I ask him how much money he has left. He shows me a few coins in the palm of his hand. I feel very disappointed.


In this dream there are two symbolic images: Mother and her son. First of all, this is NOT a dream about my own son! I know it without a doubt for two reasons:

A) The symbolism of dreams depicts the facts of spiritual realm, not physical. The Lord gave me a dream about my son less than a month ago, in which he was shown as a little child of 2-3 years old, who was being washed clean, laughing happily. This is who he truly is spiritually. So, he could not have been shown as a teenager just a few weeks later.

B) Because the Lord has given me the interpretation of the dream in a prayer.

Mother: I was shown a parallel with the symbol of the Woman in Revelation 12:1, the Woman who bore a male child, and whose offspring the enraged Dragon proceeded to attack later on (Rev 12:14-17). As well explained in Chapter 15 of Understanding the Book of Revelation from Midnight Ministries, UK (pp. 107 – 114), this Woman is a symbol of God’s Truth, given and preserved for the mankind through the faithful ones among His chosen people. Mother is also a way to express and make known to me God’s own parental feelings. (God has used this way of making His emotions known to me in dreams before).

Son: The image of son represents any child of God or any ministry that is part of the true God’s Church and has the Spirit of God. (This subject is well explained in God’s Church Whose Authority, from MM, UK.)

 As any mother, I know exactly the way my son used to be in the age of 16 through18. He was foolish in his judgments and decisions, stubborn, rebellious, arrogant and self-assured. He ignored my opinions, never asked for advice, only came begging for help when he had gotten in trouble. He did love me and was a kind-hearted boy, but because of these bad traits, he made many mistakes and broke my heart many times. Church, we must not behave in this way towards our Father!

Five dollars till the end of month: Firstly, consider the significance of number 5, which means preparation, grace and humility. Secondly, there is a parallel with the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. In verse 15 we read that Master entrusted five talents to the first servant till the time of his return. The end of month in my dream has the same meaning as the time of that man’s return in the Parable.

It is worth noting that the five dollars, being a parallel to the five talents, signify not a small amount of money it is today, but the largest asset, which was entrusted by the leaving Master to the first servant. It is written: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more “(Luke 12:48).

Five dollars given to live on till the end of month were spent unwisely and selfishly on foolish items of bad quality and no use for the family: God has imparted in all His children His Holy Spirit and has given us His gifts to use to serve Him and to do His work, according to His will and plan. We need to ask Him how He wants these assets to be used, and to do what He tells us. Instead, we oftentimes ignore the prompting of the Spirit, especially when the job seems unpleasant. Our mind can easily find explanations and reasons why we should not do what the Spirit moves us to do, persuading ourselves that it is not from God, while it actually IS! Satan is a very skillful subtle deceiver. It is wrong to waste God-given gifts!

 In a prayer, God recently taught me a way to recognize which prompting comes from Him: "The more you humanly dread what you are prompted to do, the stronger your reason and mind oppose the very idea, having all kinds of arguments and explanations why it makes no sense doing this, the more you should know that it comes from God!"

On a large scale for the Church in general, God has shown that He is very disappointed with the way His children use the gifts He has entrusted to them. Many have been using God’s gifts selfishly for their own egotistic interests: to become successful, famous or rich, to build up big human organizations and gain followers for themselves. Pride and arrogance, stubbornness and self-reliance make many fall into the traps of Satan. The precious gifts are wasted, while the work of God is NOT being done the way He wants it done.

If we compare the result shown me in the dream with the ending of the Parable, we have to acknowledge that the ones who will have wasted “the entrusted property” will have committed a greater sin than the worthless servant who had hidden and not put to use the talent given to him. Remember that his Master ordered everything to be taken from him, and he was to be thrown outside “where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (v.30). But he did not lose a piece! He returned the full amount of one talent to his Master. Yet, consider the judgment he fell under.

Some of us think that since we are “not slaves, but the sons of God”, it gives us the right to do as we please with the entrusted assets. Such believers claim “their right of sonship”, forgetting that we have the obligation as well. It is foolishness and arrogance to think and act this way!

A phrase from one dear Spirit-led sister’s testimony has been embossed on my mind. God spoke to her saying: “NOT the way you like it, but the way it pleases ME will you worship ME”.

Church! We have been wasting what does not belong to us! We have an obligation before our Master and will have to give a full account of what it has been spent on! Let us all double and triple check our deeds, the motivation behind our actions, and ask Him to show us where we have slipped. Let us repent and try to do His will! “The end of month” is coming! It is close, and we are “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked” before the Lord! Let us buy from Him “gold refined in the fire” so we can become rich (Rev 3:17-18)!

This has been the third dream of warning to the Church I have received in a month’s period since the Day of Atonement. Number 3 signifies finality!

 “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near!”

A Neglected Baby

Dream of December 11, 2004.

I and two other lady-friends of mine are sitting in a coffee shop having coffee.  Then a well-built, strong and handsome man comes into the shop with a baby in a baby carriage.  He sits down at a table next to us.  The baby has not stopped crying loudly since the moment he entered the shop, but he pays no attention to it, as if he didn’t hear.  It is annoying to see a ‘parent’ paying no attention to a screaming baby.  Finally we get tired of this noise, get up and approach the carriage to see what is wrong with the baby.

I see a baby the size of a Subway’s foot-long sandwich.  The carriage seems too big for such a small child.  It is so tightly wrapped in a wrapping cloth that it cannot move.  The instance I lower my head looking inside the carriage, the baby stops screaming and smiles at me.  Tiny as it is, its eyes are very intelligent.  Now the child’s expression is hopeful.  It is happy to have someone’s attention.

Feeling sorry for the poor thing, I loosen the cloth and try to set the baby in a sitting position so that it can observe things around.  The baby seems very happy with the change, but cannot hold the sitting position and falls on its side.  While it falls to the side, it still maintains the sitting body posture, like a doll.  I think that perhaps its limbs are temporarily numbed because of the bad blood circulation caused by the long period of being tightly wrapped.  I cover the baby with the wrapping cloth as it continues to smile at me with relief.


The man in this dream symbolizes man dominating leadership in the Church.  The leaders of the churches do not care for the children of God, who are placed in their care.  They do not teach them God’s pure truths, feed them with the Word of God, nor give them freedom to grow under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This man is shown being very strong and handsome, a type that will attract many and is likely to win people’s hearts.  These are the features peculiar of the successful ministers, popular pastors and tele- or radio-evangelists.  They have natural talents and charisma.  People like them, and trust them.  However, God is showing in this dream that such leaders are cold and selfish by nature.  Even though the baby [a believer] is obviously placed in this man’s care, he does not pay any attention to its needs.  Moreover, he wrapped the baby so tightly in the cloth that it has been suffering [full control and domination of the leaders in churches].  The child’s tiny size symbolizes that such ‘handling’ is harmful to spiritual development and growth of God’s children.  A believer has no chance to grow normally as a spiritual being in these churches.  There is neither spiritual freedom to listen to God and follow His guidance nor proper spiritual nourishment there.

The woman in the dream represents the true God’s Church filled with the Holy Spirit [may be a spirit-led ministry].  She wants to take care of God’s children and set them free.  Only His truth can set us free (Jon 8:32), nourish us properly, so we can grow spiritually strong and healthy.

Granite Sphere

December 31, 2004  

Note: This is a dream about Pastor Alexandre (P A) from an SDA church in Ukraine

In this dream PA was shown as a young retired Soviet military officer.   [Symbolism of the hierarchic structure of SDA, which is very similar to a military structure.]

He proposes to me because our marriage would be financially beneficial for him.  I agree, but for a different reason – because I care for him.  [Through this allegory, the Spirit showed the true motivations underlying our association.  W established this contact, seeking ways to help our brothers in Christ in Ukraine (my motherland), while he was seeking sponsors to finance their church projects.]

In the next scene we are already married, going somewhere together.  [Our spiritual journey].  We come to a hill.  There is a contest going on, and he decides to enter it.  PA is full of hope to win the prize.  [The prize that awaits us in God’s kingdom after the second coming of the Christ.  PA is shown as trying to “win” the reward by having performed some works, according to the terms set by men.  This depicts in symbolism physical and intellectual “works” of the SDA church, which are void of the Spirit].

According to the terms of the contest, PA is given a very heavy solid granite sphere, about a foot in diameter, placed in a small, shallow cart on tiny wheels with a long handle.  The action begins at the top of the hill, which is rather steep.  PA pushes this cart down to the bottom of the hill.  He must be very careful not to let the sphere run out of the cart.  He manages to do it, and then begins to push it back up to the hill top.  After PA reaches the hill top he is given a bigger and heavier granite sphere and must repeat the whole procedure.  There is no telling when this is going to end or how many stones he will have to push down and up the hill.  [This shows how vain and senseless all human attempts are to earn God’s reward by fleshly works without the Holy Spirit.  It is written: “Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. (Ps 127:1).  And also: “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the LORD of hosts.” (Zec 4:6)]

While he is doing these things, I am standing and watching him.  I see that his hopes are vain, that he is wasting time and effort.  It simply makes no sense, and I know that it will not bring him what he wants.  I feel sad, lonely, and most importantly - sorry for him.  But I know he will not listen to me if I try to reason with him.  [About a year earlier I was moved to translate and send PA 7 prophecies from the book The Imminent Fall of America.  He rejected them all.  Two months prior to this dream the Lord moved me to translate and send him three dreams I had received, which contain words of warning to the Church (to wake up from spiritual somnolence; to listen to the words of God’s prophets who have been forewarning about the upcoming time of trials and persecution of His people (Mat 24); to open up and receive the purifying fire of God’s Spirit; to turn our eyes to the Lord, worshipping and obeying Him only rather than denominational leaders.  PA politely rejected all of this.  It made me very sad and sorry for him.  Thus, the dream has been fulfilled.]

Human attempts to make yourself happy by your own efforts, without God, are vain and worthless. They are also stupid. This man does not believe in God. At least he was an atheist when I knew him. He was very self-reliant.

Another thought that comes to mind is how deceitful are the 'opportunities' provided and advertised in this world. They take all your time, but the result is emptiness and disillusionment. Many people waste their whole life pursuing a career, or seeking a chance to get rich quickly, only to find themselves a nervous wreck with broken families, ruined health and nothing of true value accomplished in the end.

Comment By Malcolm Heap:

I would say the dream is a parody of what most folks seek after in this world, showing how pointless (in spiritual terms - which is reality) such pursuit is. The man's motive is revealed as selfish, materialistic, fleshly, whereas yours is contrasted as caring (motivated by the love of God). He is seeking after wealth and what this world offers in the physical, but that pursuit is likened to the vain exercise in the dream. And life only gets harder as one gets older and as time goes on.  It shows how pointless all the physical seeking in life is, without God.

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