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Questions About

Midnight In America Answered

By Steve Thompson, Midnight In America

Copyright © Midnight In America 2007


Q. What is the relationship between you and Midnight Ministries?

A.  We are an outreach ministry of Midnight Ministries.  We distribute all literature published by Midnight Ministries in the US, Canada, Central and South America, the Far East, and to the Russian speaking people of the world.

We also share in common beliefs and truths as given by our Lord.  These beliefs and truths that we share can be found in the literature presented and promoted on this website.  We have a common commission in restoring God's truth to the Church, and in preparing the Church for the second coming of Jesus Christ.  To sum it up, restore the faith once delivered to the saints

While we share common beliefs and commissions, we are still two separate ministries with different tasks and gifts from God.  We do not "follow" Midnight Ministries, nor do they "follow" us.  We follow our Lord Jesus as He directs; and very often it is along the same path as that of Midnight Ministries.  God brought us together, and He guides us both.

Further Reading:  A fuller understanding of our relationship can be found in our first Newsletter, which gives a history of Midnight In America.

Q. Why are you called Midnight In America?

A.  There are actually two reasons why we are so named:

1.  Since we are an outreach of Midnight Ministries (and NOT part of the physical organization itself) and are located in the United States, then we are naturally "Midnight" in America.

2.  The name "Midnight In America" is a metaphor of the present state of the United States.  Time has run out, and it is indeed midnight in America on God's clock.

Q. Are you affiliated with any other church, group, or organization?

A. No we are not.  We are a small, family operated ministry just as is Midnight Ministries.  I distribute literature to those whom God directs, and I provide council and help to those who are in need.  My wife, Mila, is a prophetess, and translates Midnight Ministries literature into Russian.  We are basically a "helps" ministry (I Cor 12:28).

Q. How are you supported?

A. We are supported the same way that Midnight Ministries is supported: by God.  Our faith is totally in Him, and He provides that which we need to fulfill His purpose.  This is usually in the form of donations by people whom God has moved to help us.

Q. Exactly what are you beliefs?  Why do you not have a "What We Believe" page like so many other ministries?

A. Well, first of all we are not like "other ministries".  We do not have a standard checklist of doctrinal beliefs that we follow like you find on many websites.  We are not a congregation, church, or other "organization" created by man.  A list of what we personally believe is not pertinent.  What is pertinent is that others come to know God's truth for themselves, not based on our beliefs, but on what God reveals to them personally.

However, it should be obvious that our beliefs follow the literature that we present here on this website.  We certainly would not promote and distribute something that we did not believe, or knew to be spiritually harmful to others!

Have a question that did not appear here?  Then contact us!

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