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Questions About

Midnight Ministries Answered

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Copyright © Midnight Ministries 2006

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Q. Why are you called Midnight Ministries?

A. Midnight is used in the Bible as a symbol of the late hour in God’s plan for mankind. The age of man’s misrule is close to its end, and Jesus will soon return in all power and glory to rule the world. ‘Midnight’ depicts this late ‘hour’ in some biblical allegories – for example, the parable of the ten virgins (Matt 25).

There, at midnight, a ‘cry’ goes out (Matt 25:6). A prophet is traditionally the ‘crier’ – one whom God appoints to sound an alarm, to pronounce a warning, and to call errant people to repentance (Is 58:1). That is one of our functions.


The Bride is being prepared for the Bridegroom’s coming, but all the virgins have fallen asleep (Matt 25:5). Sleep depicts spiritual unawareness and deception. For the Bride to be ready for her Groom (Jesus), she needs to be woken up and to put on all the garments (teachings of righteousness) that she has been unaware of before the ‘cry’ went out (Rev 19:7,8), so she can be without spot and wrinkle (Eph 5:27). As Malachi prophesied (Mal 4:4-6) restoration of ‘lost’ truth is now taking place.


Q. Do you have a church backing you?

A. No. This is a family operated ministry. I write articles and publications as God directs me. Helena (my wife) intercedes and provides other necessary back-up, and our three grown up ‘children’ have assisted in various ways from time to time.


Q. How are you financed?

A. By faith in God.


When this publishing work began in 1992, we had no human support except our own. We looked to God to make a way to accomplish the task He gave us. I used up all our savings in duplicating and distributing the literature we compiled. Through a prophetic word, God spoke and said that we had to be prepared to go into debt by at least £XX thousands. That occurred, just as God forewarned. We went heavily into debt as we awaited God’s deliverance.


We had literally a mere handful of supporters. Their contributions didn’t offset a tenth of our expenditure!


Our debts mounted up menacingly on my credit cards! Tonya (our elder daughter) held down a full time outside job, and she was willing to forfeit most of her wages to service the debt. Her monthly salary was just enough to pay the interest on the debt!


The situation became so bad that we had red bills which we couldn’t pay, and only a few days to pay them or be taken to court. There was nothing more we could do humanly, and it was at that point that God intervened. (That’s how God will work with you, too, if you put your complete trust in Him.) At that desperate time, I received a phone call from someone who had been kept awake at night, anxious about us. The lady insisted that I should send her all our outstanding bills, and she would pay them. This she did, not just once – twice!


In later years, the debts again grew as before, only bigger! But God was true to His word. He moved another person to pay off all our huge debts. And on other occasions, when we faced financial crises, He moved other people similarly.


The generosity of these people was SACRIFICE. It was not easy for them, because they were giving most of what they had. That is how God’s Work is done and financed – by sacrifice. It’s the example Jesus set us by His life.


Q. What is the response like to ‘your’ message?

A. On the whole, it is lamentable. Most people ignore it or reject it.


Few accept the truth. Generally, they are the poor, the less educated, the underprivileged in life (see 1 Cor 1:27).


Many respond very negatively! It has often been that way for prophets. Romans 8:7 tells you why. Matthew 24:34-37 is a prophecy of Jesus about it.


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Q. What is the core of ‘your’ message?

A. It is this: there exists in organised Churchianity an element which Jesus labeled the synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9; 3:9). These are false ministers, deceitful workmen, masquerading as Jesus’ servants, deceiving the people with false concepts and heresies, and holding them captive to their authority, which is not Jesus’ authority. They have usurped Jesus’ place in the assemblies, and have taken Jesus’ prerogatives to themselves, blaspheming His name (Is 52:5). Part of the Midnight Cry is to come out of this false system and reject its heresies and renounce its false ministers (Is 52:1-3).


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Q. Can we use the name Midnight Ministries for our ministry or church?

A. No. God has not called you to perform the function to which he has called me – which is to lay out a complete doctrinal foundation for the Church, restoring the faith once delivered to the saints.


He may well have called you to fulfil a role for Him, but each calling in God’s service is individual. I can no more fulfil your role than you can fulfil mine. So, it is inappropriate for you to call your ministry by the name which God designates ours.

Some devious people, with an ulterior selfish motive, try to ‘tag along’ with us, naming themselves Midnight Ministries. They are often ‘slimy’ and fawning, dishing out flattery upon me. They do this, hopeful to get what they want from me, which can be attention, but is also nearly always money.


Q. Can we affiliate with you?

A. Not if you mean by ‘affiliation’, to join a church. We have no church for you to join. You don’t become a member of ‘our organisation’ or church. The Holy Spirit in you makes you a member of the body of Christ (Rom 8:14; 1 Cor 12:13, 27), not a member of a physical organisation. The only purpose for the physical organisation (Midnight Ministries) is to get the task accomplished which God has assigned to us.


You can join with us in prayer, in moral and financial support, but you cannot join MM, for there is no human ‘club’ to join.


Q. Why do we display an Eagle on MM literature?

A. Click here to read the online booklet with the answer.



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