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Colin Urquhart

And His 'National Revival Centre'

When God sends a prophet to another man of God,

He expects him to listen, not ‘throw’ him out and slam the door!

Here are some of the dreams God has given us which ought to help,

rather than humiliate, Colin Urquhart

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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The correspondence which I have reproduced on the previous pages contains important aspects or principles which church leaders must heed if they want to be in God's favour.

It's time for men to step down and allow Jesus to have His way. That can only occur where there is true humility, and people really seek God's direct involvement in their lives. When that hunger is there, the Spirit can enter and baptise the person, spiritual gifts will manifest, and wonderful things can happen in their life.


They should also be able to move on into more of the truth of God.


All this is part of the work of the end-time Elijah – restoring truth that sets people free; filling people with God's Spirit; and healing rifts and relationships. The basis of all this is humility.


But we have a Church today in which leaders are lifted up, and have even surreptitiously lifted themselves up using the name of Christ. While the former often cannot be avoided where the power of God breaks through, the latter can, and should be condemned. Pride ruins God's work.


Spreading the Hot Coals!


The letters in the preceding pages were written to a minister who has subtly placed himself on a pedestal and shut out the lead of the Holy Spirit. He claims he seeks to do the will of God but he is blindly following his own way. He doesn't have the humility to accept correction, nor the courage to change direction. So, he covers his misdemeanours with a shroud of words.


But God is not fooled. He sees all – without and within. And one thing He hates more than anything...




God had us contest his hard-heartedness. The result was a confrontation and conflagration. Sparks began to fly! That was in the Spirit-dead sector of the Church. But there is equal obduracy and pride in the Spirit-led sector too – perhaps even more so, because of all the signs and wonders which God has performed there.


In the nineties I wrote to Colin Urquhart, a well-known name in Britain amongst Pentecostals, evangelicals and charismatics. He is the author of many books, some of which contain much useful material to help believers in their relationship with God. These attractive paperbacks have one major drawback, they begin to lead people back to God, but they stop short of going the whole way to holiness.


Perhaps as an indicator of what is amiss, is the author's name emblazoned across the top of each book, standing out proud in bold lettering. On most of his books it is larger than the title and is the first thing you see. You can't miss it! Is it a tell- tale sign of his arrogance or desire for prominence?


When his ministry grew (Kingdom Faith Ministries near Horsham, W Sussex), it expanded to larger premises where there are meeting facilities for several hundred people. He then adopted the name National Revival Centre. Does he think that HE is going to be the centre of the revival that God will bring to Britain?! It would seem so.


Some people will find my comments abrasive and out of place. After all, love covers a multitude of sins. Yes, and I have done that for many years, but I feel the Lord prompting me to hold back no more. It is His time for exposure and judgement.


Others will say I am being inconsistent in exposing Colin Urquhart here by name, while I have not named JR earlier. I will explain the reason for that later. (God gives everyone time to repent before exacting judgement. Colin Urquhart was approached many years ago, and rejected our input. But God is giving JR his allotted time.)


Don't be deceived when it comes to church leaders; there can be very strong unseen drives of ambition, of power-seeking and control. Paul adjured Timothy that when ministers had to be exposed, for the sake of the people who follow, they should be exposed publicly that all may take heed (1 Tim 5:20).


So, let the chips fall where they may.


Prophesying of

Things Not Right


In the early nineties, we attended one or two conferences put on by Colin Urquhart. At one of them (most of them were convened to encourage revival in this land) I received a prophetic word that revival would surely come, and it would pass through and overflow. Dan Chesney was with him in ministry at the time and was the convenor of that meeting. After I wrote down what God gave me during a time of quiet prayer in the meeting (I did not write my name), I handed it to Dan Chesney and he read it out. On that occasion, there was some openness. Not surprising really; it bolstered Colin Urquhart's position and what he was wanting to encourage.


But later after I had left the meeting God spoke again. He said something very cryptic:


When the scales fall off their eyes it will be as if they had never been.


The next day when we returned, I handed that word to him, but it didn't get read out. He probably dismissed it as being a false word. "After all, Colin Urquhart, the great man of God, could not be deceived, could he? He couldn't have scales on his eyes, preventing him seeing properly!" Well, that's what most would think, isn't it?


But it's good to be humbled, and that's why God allows such things.


Colin Urquhart has a number of errors in his teaching and up to now he has not been willing to face them. But he will.


Some while after the above event, I wrote to him about his erroneous assumption that the Holy Spirit is the third Person of a Trinity. His teaching on the Holy Spirit has big holes in it. It doesn't make much sense. So I sent him a thesis I had written, showing that the Holy Spirit is not a Third Person, but is the agency of God's working with humans; an aspect of the Spirit of Jesus or the Father. This was later published in articles and now forms the booklet What The Bible Says About The Holy Spirit. About the same time, I also asked him for his permission to reproduce a useful booklet he had written entitled Meeting With God. His response was arrogant and hostile.


With deliberately vituperative comment, he declined permission to reproduce his small publication [that's OK, I have plenty of equal material of my own, but I thought he would agree to co-operate with other ministries, and be willing to share, as we are usually willing to do with our materials – we waive copyright on ours]. Not only that, but his hostility and bigotry was so marked that he made a point of distancing himself from me. He said he did not want to be connected in any way with Midnight Ministries, nor should Midnight Ministries imply that it was in any way connected with his ministry.


I wasn't seeking association with his ministry. I don't need that. I was merely showing my brotherly willingness to share materials that could build up the body of Christ and correct some doctrinal errors. But he refused to even review what I had sent to him! From his response it seemed that he thought he was so right and I was dead wrong in my claim regarding the Holy Spirit.


I was astonished! This was supposed to be a man of God. But then, David was a man of God, and he sinned dreadfully by making some gross errors of judgement through arrogant self-will, too. God recorded those sins as a reminder to all of us that none of us is above scrutiny. Those in a position of power can easily fall.


Some years later, God gave me these two dreams about this man of God:


        3rd May 2000. M. Colin Urquhart.

        Colin had moved home. It was an old property, run down, but with a large garden around it. There was a wall separating the front garden from the back and he had started to knock this wall down which separated the two gardens. He had demolished it to half its height, but it was an unfinished job.

        He was moving some furniture into the house, and I saw him lifting an armchair all on his own. I went over to offer to help him, because it was heavy, but he declined my help.

        Meaning: The dream depicts how Colin U's teaching is still in need of further alterations. Nor has he finished knocking down the barriers that divide brothers in the faith. When it comes to 'furniture' [doctrine], he doesn't want anybody else's input or help to sort out some of these difficult issues. He considers himself able to do it all by himself.


        4th December 2002. M. Dream of a church founded by Colin Urquhart in Australia. It had become big. Many people were drawn to it, probably because of the miracles God had performed. That attracted people to it.

        But there was a big problem. It was fast becoming a church of Colin Urquhart, not a church of Jesus Christ. Through what had happened, Colin was drawing attention to himself. And people felt they needed to belong to his church, which is wrong. This imbalance can only be corrected through proper teaching. [This is provided in our book God's Church – Whose Authority?]


As I have explained earlier, church leaders must move out of the way, to let the full light of Jesus shine through. As they stand up front, between believers and Jesus, they are blocking some of His light reaching the people whom leaders are meant to be serving.


Through what is coming (raising the dead in connection with the truths this ministry will promote) I believe that Colin will be humbled and accept more truth, as the following dreams portray. I wish him no ill will.


Some years ago, when Richard was receiving many prophetic things from the Lord, he was given this dream of Colin U:

12th November 1993. Richard gave Colin Urquhart a list of names of people and said, "Do you think you could put these people up for a conference? Can you take it to the Lord and see how He feels about it?"


Colin replied, "What do you think about it?"


Richard responded, "I feel God is saying you should put them up."


Then Colin said, "Yes, OK." Colin accepted Richard as a person whom he could trust to receive accurately from God.


One of the problems in churches, however, is that where there is a prominent leader, the people are afraid to counter any of his views even though they may see some things better them- selves. Church leaders have not got everything right, and some of the members of their congregations know it, but they don't challenge them, as this dream revealed:


        27th January 1994. R. Colin Urquhart's church. We were in CU's church [meaning, our input will reach him eventually]. There were quite a few who agreed with us. And there were others who didn't agree with him either.


Church leaders with a big 'set-up' often give the impression that they are very spiritual, but appearances can betray reality:


        17th October 1994. E. Colin Urquhart's family were on a stage in front of a huge audience performing acrobatics and magic arts [symbols of his preaching which can be a performance, with demonic influence]. He was entertaining the audience. He was on one side [showing that he is not at the centre of God's plan for this land], laughing with the audience, enjoying the entertainment, watching their reaction. There was also the impression that he was spiritually very dead and dry.


        30th December 1994. R. Richard went to Colin Urquhart's new church [that's what has developed since as the National Revival Centre]. Colin was very excited about it. But the whole building was rickety and kept moving about. It was very difficult to walk in a straight line in the building.

        Richard was in the meeting and God told him that He was going to raise someone from the dead very soon. Richard was waiting to see if Colin was going to accept it.


He doesn't accept it now, before the event, because he doesn't accept what Midnight Ministries teaches. But he will accept it later.


In May 1994 God gave me this dream of him:


        I was in a big room [this imagery may be a combination depicting the whole Church with the publicity that is coming our way] with Colin Urquhart, and he was arguing with us.


What the dream implies is that unlearning error is a far from easy process. People whose concepts are very deeply rooted don't give them up without a real struggle. The first thing they do is argue with the 'new' truth. But, as God said in the prophetic word earlier, the scales WILL fall off his eyes and when he sees the purity of the truth, it will be as if he had always known it. The past can be forgotten.


The first dream we were given about Colin Urquhart was in July 1992. God is amazing in how He reveals things. Although it was the first revelation, it will be the last about him to be fulfilled:   


        July 1992. H. Colin Urquhart and a group of men with him were looking at a display of books with an eagle on all the covers. [This is a figure of our ministry and was a prophecy of lots of publications before they were written.] The eagle was large and vivid. Next to the bookstall there were large potatoes stacked up which they were admiring first. The potatoes were massive, the size of buckets! [This portrays the huge and wonderful fruit that our publications will be able to produce in people's lives when they accept these truths of God.]


        8th March 1999. H. We were invited for a meal at Colin Urquhart's house. We were delayed and were late in coming. [This depicts the lapse of intervening years. God had other things in mind that we had to do first. He had us write all 'our' literature which lays a more pure doctrinal foundation for the Church.] When we arrived, they made room for us and welcomed us.


It is encouraging to know that the outcome of what we are doing here, and of our former contact with Kingdom Faith Ministries, will finally be positive. Nothing God does is wasted. He had us go to Colin a decade ago, but it looked like it was all wasted effort. It wasn't, but there had to be a delay before the completion of God's plan.


Delay figures prominently in most of what God does with people, because it takes time for people to change. The story of Joseph and his brothers is an apt illustration (Gen chapters 37 and 39-46). It is a type of how God is waiting for the different sectors of the Church – 'brothers' – to put their pride, their self-will and their independence behind them, and heed the input which God gives to the prophet He appoints, who is often either younger or less respected and whose office is not acknowledged (until God's plan nears completion).


God gave Helena this very significant dream in this regard:


        24th March 2000. H. Jesus Waits For His Bride!

        I was busy cleaning toilets [symbol of the spiritual clean up taking place in the Church] and doing house duties [there is a lot of mundane work to be done to get the Bride ready]. There was someone outside, like a fiancé, waiting [Jesus, waiting for His Bride]. I would go and show Him love occasionally. [Helena was put in the place of God's people.] He was worn out by waiting, but He was totally loyal and faithful to the woman (Church).

        Meaning: The Church is busy doing its own thing. Jesus is tired of waiting!

        The dream portrayed Him exhausted or exasperated by the way He was made to wait. Jesus says to the Church: "WAKE UP! MY LOVE!" The woman wakes up slowly, smiling as she does so, with demons leaving.


The above dream emphasises the fact that the Church is asleep at this time. Sleep is a metaphor which can mean different things. In the context of the Matthew 25 parable of the virgins, it represents her blindness or lack of awareness of spiritual realities (which includes deception to false teachings). [See our booklet The Ten Virgins.]


Isaiah was commissioned by God to cry out to the people of God then:


AWAKE! AWAKE! Put on your strength, O Zion; put on your beautiful garments O Jeru- salem ...  captive daughter of Zion (Is 52:1,2).


He was prophesying of the state of the Church (Zion) today. She is held captive by demons to false teachings, to ministers who rule instead of the Holy Spirit, and to a system of illicit autocracy which has been derived from Babylon. Jesus condemns it and is crying out for her to deliver herself (Is 52:2). You are commanded to come out (Rev 18:4; Is 52:2). So, come out!!


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