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Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To The 'Charismatic Church'

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Kenneth Copeland is a false minister. This is not just my appraisal; God has confirmed it in a dream. Three relevant dreams from Malcolm Heap’s dream diary are below. (True prophets receive dreams from God regularly.)


Some reasons why Kenneth Copeland is not a true minister of Jesus Christ are these:

1) He has prophesied falsely.

2) He elevates himself.

3) He preaches what people want to hear – an appealing, but false gospel – the ‘prosperity gospel’.


More about what is so deceptive and wrong with that is explained in A Message To ‘The Charismatic Church’ which follows.


28th June 2006. Dream given to Malcolm Heap. Kenneth Copeland and other ‘charismatics’.

People were having a hard time believing what we were saying about the fact that Kenneth Copeland is a false minister and has deceived many people. There are other charismatic ministers who are false, too, because of their pride and self-elevation. The charismatic movement has been misled wholesale by a wrong, very subtle message.

Comment: More is explained in A Message To The Charismatic Church which follows.


27th November 2005. Dreams given to Malcolm Heap.


1) Kenneth Copeland’s ministry in trouble.

Kenneth Copeland’s ministry was in serious trouble. Either it was about to collapse financially, or fold up for some other reason. He sent out a letter to all his supporters or mailing list. It was very short. He asked people to FAST and PRAY for his ministry – notice the word ‘HIS’! This was the selfish focus of his letter.

Underneath each part I wrote a prophetic rebuff from Isaiah 59: Behold the Lord’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you so that He will not hear.


2) A column of further rebukes.

Then there was another column of rebukes.

Meaning: Many other ministries are going to come under the hammer of God’s judgement. They don’t listen to God’s prophets because they are self-willed. The men or women who founded those ministries have become the centrepiece instead of Jesus and that self-orientation will bring about their ministries’ collapse or closure.

The Tribulation is coming to try all who dwell on the earth including all God’s people. The wayward will be brought into punishment and those who are lifted up will be humbled.


Brett Bigg also exposed facts which show why Kenneth Copeland is a charlatan in an article “Unmasked: Kenneth Copeland” in Contending Earnestly For The Faith magazine Issue 30, Sept 2004. Brett Bigg and his wife came out of the Word-Faith movement (brett@bvov.net, and www.bvov.net).


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