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Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To The 'Charismatic Church'

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A Dream Given to Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia

The Faith Movement Resists God’s Sabbath


25th May 2001

An elderly man wants to talk with me about the matter of faith. Immediately I went to meet him. We sat together in his home. There are others also with him. The man began to speak and accuse me that I don’t believe in conversion. In return I asked him why. Immediately I began to tell him that I believe all the words of the Bible. I asked him why he doesn’t believe that Saturday is God’s Sabbath. He couldn’t answer my question. The discussion ended there.

Comment: This dream depicts the Faith Movement (some call it the ‘Name it and Claim it Movement’), founded by Kenneth Hagin in America (see also on page 14). It has spawned many churches, ministries and fellowships in America and throughout the world. But, when you discuss the Sabbath with these people, they don’t care to know. They think you are not converted if you keep the Sabbath, because they have been deceived into thinking that only legalists keep the Sabbath as we do on the 7th day. They are wrong, of course, because we can demonstrate by clear biblical exegesis that the Sabbath is still binding upon Christians today. They can’t refute our proof, but it doesn’t change their approach. They still refuse to obey God in that respect.

There are many Christians who will not accept the truth of the Sabbath. They deny the Spirit in that respect, and just follow the crowd with the prevalent wrong concepts.


Why The Tribulation Will Claim Many Believers


When God reveals further truth, new to the believer, if he or she rejects it, they begin to lose the spirituality they already have (Matt 13:12). The Holy Spirit departs, and wisdom, knowledge, and understanding also go little by little.


The messages to the churches in Revelation portray the weaknesses of believers. Some will compromise with the truth; some prefer false teachings for various reasons. Their heart or motives are not right with God, and He must purify them. They fall from His grace, because they will not trust and obey Him. Daniel predicted this fall, and why it occurs:


Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time (Dan 11:35).


A prophetic word to Timothy Sheaff (Jan 21, 1975):


“Be not soon shaken or confused, but be strong and stable. I try all of mine to see if they shall endure. I break all of mine that they can be vessels from which my Spirit can flow. All of mine I chasten that they may be conformed to my image. In all things get wisdom and understanding. I say again, be not soon shaken. I am not the author of confusion. If you stand upon my word you shall not fall. If you do not partake of my word, you are not mine. It is necessary that you do this and walk in my Spirit that you won’t fulfil the lusts of the flesh. Look up for your redemption draws near, and the time for the end of sorrows for you is at hand.


“While in a Baptist church building in the state of Georgia, I looked out from a second story window onto the streets below. Then, with my eyes open, I saw a future event on the same streets in a vision of the Lord:


“I saw soldiers with uniforms I did not recognize walking down the street with weapons in their hands. They were killing people who were too afraid to even run to save their lives. The people were frozen in shock at what was happening. It was as if they couldn’t believe that what they were seeing was real. There were people dead in the streets, sliced open, and disemboweled in front of their own homes.” (Visions of America, p 47).[26]



The Ministry of Kenneth E Hagin


Many believers know of Kenneth Hagin Snr. Jesus began a healing ministry through him from a young age. His ministry from Tulsa, Oklahoma also majored on the power of faith, with resultant gifts of the Spirit, miracles, healings, visions and dreams, etc.


His teaching spawned a movement that has been dubbed the Faith Movement, or more derogatorily as the Faith Cult or the Name-It-And-Claim-It People. While there has been much value in his teaching in helping ritualists and legalists to move into a new sphere of faith, it is not complete, and it contains some serious errors.


A few years ago God gave me a clear dream about Kenneth Hagin. I wrote to him about it, and I give him credit for replying! But when I told him what the dream meant, that Jesus was pointing out that some of his teaching was in need of revision because of the error it contained, he didn’t want to know. Here is that dream from God:


23rd June 1998. Dream of Kenneth Hagin and HWA.

In this dream something caught my eye in one of Kenneth Hagin's publications. I noticed he claimed that he was told by God to visit Herbert W Armstrong on his deathbed (at age 98) and that HWA repented.

Purpose: HWA died at 93, not 98, and he did not repent. He was a false minister. So K Hagin's publication misrepresented the facts. The dream is figurative to convey that K Hagin has made some claims that are not true. One claim is that he has never been sick or had a headache since believing God for healing. Others have pointed out that this is untrue. He has had a heart bypass operation, so it is said. Faith in God does not automatically guarantee healing at all times.[27] There are other factors which need emphasis, so his teachings are unbalanced. They can give people a false impression, and can lead to disillusionment when people fail to receive healing in times of great distress.


[1]  Visions of America by T Sheaff is NOT available from Midnight Ministries. See footnote p 71.

[2]  Faith and Healing (£3.00) from Midnight Ministries explains God’s promises regarding healing.






isions of America by T Sheaff is NOT available from Midnight Ministries. See footnote p 71.



Faith and Healing (£3.00) from Midnight Ministries explains God’s promises regarding healing.



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