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Understanding The Mind of God:

A Message To The 'Charismatic Church'

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Discerning The Charlatans


From the foregoing, you will realise the subtle idolatrous dangers inherent in placing a ministry or a man on a pedestal. It is Jesus and His Word which should be there. Having said that, there are many believers who just don’t care. They want to elevate a man or a ministry, because it is an extension of themselves. They worship self, and that comes first, not Jesus.


Any who do not repent of this, will be discarded on the final day. They are false Christians and false ministers.


Characteristics of False Ministers


The main characteristics of false ministers are covered in more detail in Apostasy in God’s Church! and Testing The Spirits so I will only briefly summarise those points here:

  1. They want approbation, elevation, ‘glory’ for themselves.

  2. They seek control and influence. They like to dominate or be ‘top dog’. Like Diotrephes (3 Jn 9) they want pre-eminence.  Aspects of this evil spirit of control, and methods of achieving it are: manipulation, intimidation, and finally domination.

  3. False ministers will not receive correction. They do not want to change. They prefer to uphold their established traditions in the face of restoring the Faith Once Delivered To The Saints.

  4. Selfish motivation.

  5. Fund-raising is a motive behind much that transpires.

  6. Hypocrisy. Charlatans will use cleverness, intellectuality and deceit to try to cover themselves and hide their true motives. Subtlety is a feature of their working.

The Subtlety of Charismatic Deception


Some charismatic ministers will manipulate others using supernatural power. They get people into a heightened state of suggestibility, in which condition they are easily swayed and deceived. These gullible people then open up to receive the spirit. Only trouble is, most times it’s not the Holy Spirit, but demon spirits.


There’s counterfeit slaying in the spirit; there are all sorts of counterfeit spiritual manifestations; gold dust, flakes, gold teeth and fillings (that revert back again the next day or soon after).


Charismatic churches have been breeding grounds for false manifestations. Where people are looking for spiritual manifest- ations and are self-seeking, the demons are only too happy to oblige! People receive manifestations and infestations!


I have mentioned earlier (p 62) how one notable Pentecostal evangelist has been led astray. God revealed to us that he is drunk on the power. If he is drunk (and God does not lie!), then how many other charismatic leaders are too?! MANY!!


As an example of the above and what most charismatic ministers are like, I single out Steve Shultz who is moderator of the Elijah List on the web. As explained in Resisting A Prophet,[25] he has resisted us and the truth from God which we presented to him.


I will not tell you what God showed me will happen to him and many others like him who refuse to submit themselves to the will of God at this time. But it’s not a welcome picture!





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