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Is Benny Hinn


'False Apostle'?

Many people find fault with Benny Hinn –

with his teachings, his practices and his performance.

But they fail to see him as God does.

They need spiritual discernment.

Here is more of God’s mind on this subject.

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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In 1993, we took part in Mission To London, an evangelistic outreach at Earls Court, London, conducted by Morris Cerullo. He had invited various high profile evangelists to speak. Benny Hinn was one given the platform.

On that occasion Benny Hinn spoke to an audience of thousands as if he was having a heart-to-heart with his own family in the living room. The anointing of God was upon him!


His discourse was a stirring message about the need for self-denial and sacrifice if you want to live with Jesus. Critics would say it was a 'Benny Hinn performance' – something he contrived by himself. It was not! What he said came from the Spirit. And so did what followed.


When he gave the 'altar call' after his message, many responded and the power of God fell. 800 people were healed that evening! How do I know? God spoke to us via a prophetic word, and told us the number whom Jesus had healed that night.


The previous night, when Morris Cerullo spoke, God healed 500. That was not a human count. It was one from heaven, and which God told us through His Spirit.


Both these men have been given POWER to work miracles. It's what brings the crowds, and has brought them acclaim. Paul listed miracle-workers among the gifts which God has given to the Church (1 Cor 12:10). They are a ministry gift, given to edify the body. God uses such individuals in His first 'thrust' of evangelism. It is a very effective means to reach many with an initial exposure to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I know many critics who find fault with such performances and claim the miracles are all of the devil. I will address that point in a minute.


First, I want to tell you of my firsthand experience with Benny Hinn.


In 1993 I was there. I heard him speak. I saw many of the miracles. I heard the account from one woman who received an awe-inspiring vision of Jesus as Benny spoke. The anointing of God was all over her. I heard Benny's message. I perceived the moving of the Spirit upon him and upon others in that meeting. I met him after- wards, as he walked off stage. (I was back stage at the time, and was the first person he met as he came off the platform. God set that up!) The anointing of God was all over him. You could tell. It was like the Israelites said of Moses after he met with God. His face shone so much that they had to cover it.


I am not saying Benny Hinn's face was exactly like that, but I could discern something amazing, glowing, radiating from him in that brief encounter. That something was Jesus' Spirit! It was not a physical 'glow' as it was with Moses. But it was very definitely discernible!


Now that's not how you tell a true 'prophet' from one who is false. I am not saying that. Nor am I saying that all Benny Hinn's appearances on stage are anointed, or all that he says is from God. But on that occasion, it very definitely was a unique and unusual experience.


The power of God had been at work. Many were healed. Some were delivered from AIDS. Some had been set free from drugs. Others were helped in various other ways. The fruits of that meeting were good. God had been very much present!

I realise it was ten years ago, and a lot can happen in 10 years. When men get elevated, the devil gets in and destroys what God has begun.


Discerning Correctly


I don't have to remind you of Paul's warnings against false teachers (2 Cor 11:13-15). They are liberally spaced throughout the New Testament, along with similar caveats from other writers. [See Apostasy in God's Church!] The danger of false teachers, false 'apostles' and false prophets is a big problem. False church leaders are there throughout – false believers, too – many of them!


Peter forewarned of their destructive heresies (2 Pet 2:1) which appeal to the majority (2 Pet 2:2). But what many shallow Christians fail to understand is that what makes a man false is not what he teaches, per se. It is why. What motivates him? That's what makes him either true or false.


Balaam prophesied correctly (Numbers 24:15-19), which is why some of his prophecies are in the Bible. But he was a false prophet. His heart was false. By that, it is meant that he was not true to God. He had an ulterior motive. He lived for self. He 'ministered' for selfish reasons. He didn't care for what God cared about. What motivated him actually opposed God's will.


With Benny Hinn it is different – very different. What motivates him is the Kingdom of God, the gospel of Christ, and the will of God.


That's not to say that all his teaching is correct. It isn't. But a man who teaches heresy unwittingly – because he does not know the whole truth on the subject – is not the same as one who deliberately preaches it out of a wrong motive.

God looks on the heart, not on the head.


He acknowledges as His, those whose hearts are sold out on Him; not those who might have their doctrine pretty much 'correct', but who have a wrong motive.


Peter's condemnation against false teachers which I have alluded to above, was not purely on the basis of heresy alone. I know that is bad. Heresy causes massive problems in the Church! But these false teachers were appropriating heretical ideas for their own devious purposes.


Covetousness and exploitation were in their motives (2 Pet 2:3). They utilised false teachings to achieve personal acclaim and selfish advantage – whether knowingly or unknowingly, is immaterial, really.


"But that's just what Benny Hinn has done! He teaches heresy. And look at the acclaim he has got and the wealth he has accumulated!"


Yes, but did he set out to do that? No. He didn't. It came along with what God called him to do. It was the outcome, the result, of taking the gospel to others and using the power of God which Jesus gave him for Jesus' glorification.


The lamentable fact that people have glorified Benny Hinn, instead of Jesus, is not all Benny Hinn's fault. It's what people tend to do. They look to the physical. They admire success. They like personable leaders. They stand in awe of miraculous power and esteem the one who wields it.


The fact that Benny Hinn is given miraculous power for the gospel's sake – so that Jesus is preached – does not mean Benny has got all his doctrine right. Some take this erroneous view.


Conversely, just because he has got much error in his teaching does not mean that all the miracles 'he' performs are not from God and must be from the devil. The shallow religious leaders in Jesus' time reasoned like that. Many of them blasphemed the Holy Spirit (Matt 12:24-33) because their pride refused to acknowledge Jesus and His love.


Those who continually seek to find fault with Benny Hinn, because of the miraculous outpouring that has accompanied his ministry, are jealous, proud and lacking the love of God. Like former untameable religious Pharisees, they are not objective, and do not want to see the truth. They have an evil heart. Despite a list of faults which you may justifiably be able to compile, Benny Hinn does not have an evil heart.


How do I know? Because God has revealed to us what is in his heart. He did this through several dreams, which I will now detail.


Dreams About Benny Hinn


  • On 31st December 1994, a person involved in our ministry here had this dream:

Paragraph 1. There was a surgery with Benny Hinn, Jacob Prasch and some Elim ministers, who were all doctors at this surgery. Malcolm and Helena turned up, and in turn, spoke to the receptionist. Malcolm demanded to see Jacob Prasch. [Illustrates Malcolm Heap's uncompromising approach to evil and those who perpetrate it in the Church.] After a big row with the receptionist, who was antagonistic, Jacob Prasch eventually came out. He argued with Malcolm, who was shouting at him, full of the Spirit and very zealous for truth.


Paragraph 2. After a while Jacob Prasch decided to leave the reception area and went back into his office. Then Helena came forward and demanded to see Benny Hinn and the same situation happened again and Benny left to return to his office. [This depicts their exposure to the truth which we are called to promote. Initially, he will reject what we say. This has already occurred.]


Paragraph 3. Next E [who received this dream] was sitting on a chair in what seemed to be a hallway of a huge office building. He was on the phone to Benny Hinn, who was in an office with Jacob Prasch, a couple of coloured ministers, and about six or seven Elim ministers also.


Paragraph 4. Benny Hinn was relating how he now understands about all that we have been saying. But Jacob Prasch was in the office acting like a demon-possessed madman. He was screaming, swearing his face off, and pulling his hair out.


Paragraph 5. Benny then assured E that he would "take care of" him and look after the situation. Suddenly a group of about 20 press photographers and camera crew appeared from all angles taking shots of E. Then he told Benny that a lot of press had come, and joked about it with him. (E noticed that Benny was very down-to-earth, friendly and supportive.)

What the symbolism in this dream from God depicts is this:

  1. Evil spirits are behind the work of Jacob Prasch (para 4). (Explained in a separate article about him in Newsletter 20.)

  2. Benny Hinn has been associated with false ministers like J Prasch who vigorously oppose what God is doing here (paras 1 & 3). [They were in the same doctor's surgery. And we 'demanded' to see them, to contest their false teachings (para 2).]

  3. But Benny Hinn finally contests with Jacob Prasch, the false minister, and goes to 'sort him out' (para 5).

  4. God made a specific point of conveying how friendly and down-to-earth Benny Hinn was towards us (para 5). This conveys what is in his heart. He means well. He wants to do God's will. And, when he understands the truth fully, he will see eye to eye with us (para 4).

  5. The press photographers depict the publicity which will surround us when the dead are raised for a witness, as God has promised to us. He will use this means to publicise the truths which we promote, which are alien to the majority of believers, including Benny Hinn.

As I said earlier, God looks on the heart, not on the head. He condemns no one for misunderstandings or misconceptions. Everyone holds those, to some degree. And Benny Hinn is no exception. He has many errors in his teaching but he is not a deliberate deceiver. What God condemns is deliberate misappropriation! Benny does not do that. Any error he has taught has been done in ignorance, or folly, or out of human weakness. God does not condemn a person for those. He extends His grace to cover them until such time as they come into fuller appreciation of His truth, and then they can turn from their error.


Only God can see into a person's heart, and only He can reveal it. Being called to perform the duties of prophets, He has revealed this to us, so that others who condemn Benny Hinn may realise their mistake and repent.

  • On 6th November 1992, Helena had a dream of Benny Hinn and that we came into contact with him. We met.


  • Over a month later, on 22nd December, God gave me a dream that Benny Hinn needed more information on the truth about the true Sabbath.

That, he certainly does, as does every major evangelist! They have all been duped into believing lies concerning this aspect of God's truth! But they won't listen to us until God pours out His power in a wave that will astound even them!


That is why God will raise more than 50 people from the dead.

  • Four days later, on 26th December 1992, God gave me another a dream. I saw myself with Benny Hinn and he was talking to me. This confirms that God will arrange this meeting, and we will be able to pass on to Benny all that God has revealed to us. The dream portrayed him talking to me, showing that he will be receptive. Up to now, we have gone to him, but there has been no response. Later it will be different, as God has shown.


  • Then on 30th September 1994, Richard received a vision. Jesus was standing with Morris Cerullo, Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn. Morris was on one side, Benny was on the other, and Reinhard was in front of Jesus. Richard was in front of Reinhard.

There were three ropes attached to Richard, which went to each of the evangelists, symbolising that what God does in Richard's life will impact these three men, who have things to learn from him. The meaning of this vision will become fully apparent when the dead are raised.


Although God has used these three a lot, God will do something completely new, involving us, which will be somewhat different from anything that anyone else has done. When God moves us, He'll move in these evangelists' lives as well.

  • On 2nd April 1998, I recorded this dream:

Condemned! Someone was behaving pompously (as if they thought of themselves as an official, or a traffic warden – but the person was not a traffic warden, they were just throwing their weight around) booked me for attending to a lorry that was stationary outside our house. He "did" me for speeding, yet I wasn't even driving the lorry. It was a false accusation. I was quite upset by the penalty imposed and protested that I had been fined unfairly before!



How this ministry is condemned by church leaders – who think they are the authority. We are "speeding" in their eyes. Yet I am not the One driving the lorry. God is. People condemn and criticise us for all sorts of reasons, depending upon their background and experience. They cannot hack what we say or do. But what we do is according to God's instructions, irrespective of what the 'authorities' think.


Many have condemned us for being supportive of other ministries (like, for example, Benny Hinn's, which comes under intense fire because of the power displayed). The charges against us are ridiculous, but those who accuse don't see that. They are moved by wrong spirits; resentment is one of them; jealousy another.

The Claims Are Libellous


Critics accuse Benny Hinn of being a false minister for five reasons – because of his:

  1. Approach,

  2. False teachings,

  3. Manifestations,

  4. False claims, and

  5. His accumulated wealth and fame.

Listen to what Jesus has to say to these fault-finders.


1) Approach


To every accuser He says:


Do not judge according to appearance, but judge righteous judgement (Jn 7:24, NKJV).


That means you look to the internal motives, not to externals. Appearances are often deceptive.


Similar accusations were thrown at Jesus. Religious people – and religious folks can be very opinionated, can't they? – found fault with Him for dining with blatant sinners. But Jesus was not seeking to sin. He was seeking the sinner, to bring him to the Truth, so he could find repentance. That is what Benny Hinn is doing, too.


Just because the way he does things does not meet with your approval, is no cause to accuse him of being a fraud. You are not his Judge.


Who are you to judge Another's servant? To his own Master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand (Rom 14:4, NKJV).


More pertinent is whether you will stand on the Final Day!? That's what should concern you.


2) False teachings


A man of God can have misunderstandings and misconceptions, but that does not make him evil. What makes a man false is not what he believes, of and by itself, but what is in his heart. And that you can only discern with the spiritual help of God by seeing his spiritual fruits:


Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but INWARDLY they are ferocious wolves. BY THEIR FRUIT YOU WILL RECOGNISE THEM (Matt 7:15,16, NIV).


Jesus didn't say that you would recognise a false minister by his doctrine. Yet, hordes of critics hurl vicious epithets and accusations at Benny Hinn, purely on account of the weird doctrines he has espoused over the years. I would be the first to contest with him over much of what he teaches, but I know from what God has shown me that Benny Hinn is not what his critics claim! The spiritual fruits of his life are good, not evil!


3) Manifestations


Wherever God's people come to present themselves before God, Satan is there also, to try and ruin what God is doing (Job 1:6). Satan is the originator of false accusations (Rev 12:10).


He is also the counterfeiter. Whatever God does, he tries to counterfeit. That causes great confusion amongst believers who can't tell the difference between true and false. The result?


[False believers] speak abusively against what they do not understand (Jude 10).


Miraculous activity is just such a difficult area where the unconverted fail to discern! Space does not permit a full explanation here. I explain more in Testing The Spirits and A Message To Law-Keepers.


4) False claims


Fault-finders assert that Benny Hinn has made false claims about his past, etc. But they are unable to look into his heart and say whether they were deliberate lies or lapses of memory. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone (Jn 8:7).


5) Wealth and fame


Solomon didn't seek wealth or fame, yet God found no fault with him over that. So it is with Benny. He did not seek it. Wealth and fame are an outgrowth of his work for God. It's a pity that so many of his enemies seem to want that more than the love of God! Who has the greater sin?

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