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Elisabeth 'Elijah' Nikomia

False Prophetess

A mighty wind is an impressive title for her ministry's web page.
It's meant to impress. Sensationalism and appeal are the window dressing of a false prophet. She is out to win you over by stealth, deceit, cunning and guile. But are you up to the devil's machinations? Are you spiritually discerning, or asleep?

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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Jeremiah lamented about the false prophets who prophesied for their own ends back then (Jer 2:8). God called it an appalling and horrible thing! (Jer 5:30.)


The prophets prophesy falsely... and My people love to have it so (Jer 5:31). And the prophets become wind, for the word is not in them (Jer 5:13).


Things haven't changed much! False 'prophets' abound today. 'The Church' is full of them. People won't listen much to true prophets. Their message is not appealing because it is a call to radical repentance and reform. It's the false prophets who get more acclaim – and they pander to it. They try to impress.


They have an ulterior motive, a hidden agenda – one based on pride and self-seeking, but it's hard to see without discerning revelation.


Many would-be 'prophets' aspire to the office. Most of them have 'learned' to prophesy. It is a gift that can be sought (1 Cor 14:1.5.31). And God is willing to confer it to many, even 'rejects' (Matt 7:21-23).


But when people seek to prophesy for the wrong reasons – which are usually rooted in an unconquered ego – all sorts of problems arise. The first is spiritual contamination. False or lying spirits start to give the eager receptacle all sorts of revelations which occlude the Holy Spirit's. So, you end up with a mixture, and that leads to confusion.


There are various aspects to the ego – the resident pride in the spirit of man, which John called the pride of life (1 Jn 2:16). Here are some:


1. Wanting to be noticed.

2. Wanting to be famous.

3. Wanting to be elevated or lifted up.

4. Wanting to be considered important or have influence.

5. Wanting to have power and control.

6. Seeking attention.

7. Showing off, 'posing'.

8. Thinking a lot of oneself.

9. Being self-willed.


All these are aspects of the character of Satan, whose very nature opposes God. They must be rooted out of your character.




Because those whose lives are energised by such motives cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. It's the meek, the poor in spirit, the humble who will be there – those who don't think much of themselves, but who think the world of God and His purity (Matt 5).


The false prophets who are eager to prophesy for their own acclaim are permissive. Some, even many of these, may prophesy, cast out demons and do many wonders in Jesus name (see Matt 7:22), but Jesus rejects them on the Final Day because they "practice lawlessness" (Matt 7:23).


You can see this lawlessness whenever a true prophet confronts ones who are false. The false ones refuse to move forward. They are not humble and won't accept the new truth presented to them. They resent the true prophet and his message. They come up with all sorts of false allegations against him, to run him down, to neutralise his message or to denigrate his character. This polarises minds 'belonging' to the false prophet, thus ensuring the false prophet can retain his influence. It shuts Jesus outside the door of that church or group where the false prophet exerts his influence. The false prophet's reactions are motivated by his desire to retain his own psychological control over his 'followers', thus retaining his cherished self-importance and income.[1]


In short, arrogance is the false prophet's trademark. A false prophet or prophetess won't receive correction, and is too arrogant to think they have need of anything other than what they have got. They want to be 'top dog', and will not learn anything from you because the suggestion is tantamount to admission that they are not as high and mighty as they like to think of themselves.


We have come across many of such people. They may prophesy profusely. They have web pages full of prophetic words – mostly a mixture of truth and error. But when it comes to the crunch test, they fail. The crunch is that they are unwilling, and don't have the humility, to admit to and repent of error. They carry on headlong to perdition.


Jude described them:

These are spots in your love feasts, while they feast with you without fear, serving only themselves. They are clouds without water, carried about [along] by the winds; late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots; raging waves of the sea, foaming up their own shame; wandering stars... (Jude 12,13).


Their arrogance rises up to the ultimate height when they substitute their words for the Word of God. So proud are they of what they have received in copious prophetic revelations (you can see this on web pages where reams of prophetic words are uploaded, but which are a very mixed bag, and which have limited value to Christian growth), that they expect you to ascribe scriptural status to what they have received (which would be valid if it is equally inspired by the Spirit of God as is holy writ), so much so that their words actually REPLACE the Word of God!


Can you imagine the insolence of it!? Some of these people claim that you don't even need the Word of God! You only need their 'words'.


Thus, they commit the blasphemy which we described in The Bible Speaks, Volume 2 (page 41), where Substitution is Antichrist.


So the false prophet in his presumptuous, permissive arrogance:


...opposes [truth and those who are true] and exalts himself above all... so that he sits as God in the temple of God... (2 Thes 2:4).


This is part of "the mystery of lawlessness" as Paul called it (v 7). Mystery means something hidden from the eyes of most.

You don't perceive most false prophets for what they are. Most people are fooled – deluded by them – carried away by their charisma and prophetic giftings. They don't see that these highly seductive people (in a spiritual sense) have received "strong delusion that they should believe the lie" (2 Thes 2:11).


[They] perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved (2 Thes 2:10).


There's no substitute for the fear of God!

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil (Prov 3:7).


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction (Prov 1:7).


No, they won't receive correction. They just won't be instructed! They think they've got it all – or near enough all. And they certainly don't think they need what the true prophet presents to them – further truth, and a corrective word about their arrogance and wrong traits. They definitely won't receive that! It's a shame.


Only those with humility will hear from Him truly:


The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant (Ps 24:14).


I wrote the above under the title Prophetic Permissiveness in The Bible Speaks, Vol 3. I include it here because it provides the basis for you under- standing what is behind the prophesyings of Elisabeth ‘Elijah’ Nikomia.

She Was Approached

Steve Thompson wrote to Elisabeth in 2004, but she failed to reply. Here is his kind letter:


Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia

05013 P.O. Box 190

Jefferson, Oregon 97352

November 2, 2004

Dear Elisabeth,

My name is Steve Thompson. My wife and I have a small home ministry here in Warner Robins, Georgia. We were led to your website some time ago by one of the people associated with our ministry.

Your website has many interesting pieces of information, and some very good articles. The materials about Linda Newkirk were of particular help and value to me. I too have been involved in exposing this woman. You are right, she is a false prophet, and she has been leading many people astray. God will deal with her in His own time and way. My hope is to prevent others from falling into the pit with her.

I do believe that you have some prophetic gifts, and you have a desire to serve God. However, I believe that there are other influences affecting the things you write. This is not an uncommon thing to happen to a prophet. Satan hates God’s true prophets and often attacks them by using their human imperfection as a trap. Satan is very wise, and he knows that he cannot attack a prophet with the obvious so he uses much more subtle means. Once we begin to think we are not vulnerable we have just made a dangerous mistake and given him a door.

In your prophecy 75 it says that you are the “Elijah of new”. This is a profound statement. I know that you yourself do not claim to be the end-time Elijah, but you do claim that God has told you that you are. [A blatant contradiction.] There are some very distinct problems with this statement that I would like to point out to you.

As you know, the Elijah that comes prior to the end-time is not a reincarnation or a resurrected Elijah of the Old Testament. However, there are many people out there who claim to be the end-time Elijah. They all make some pretty bold claims. They also make threats of condemnation to those who do not believe their claim or those who would attack them because of their proclaimed position. So, how are we to know which of them is the true one? Almighty God, in His infinite wisdom, knew this would happen. He also knew that if He sent a physical man or woman with the power of Elijah, the world would begin looking to him instead of seeking God who sent him. This is the nature of man.

Jesus told us that the end-time Elijah will restore all things (Matt 17:11). We are also told that he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers (Mal 4:6). Now, if you, or anyone else, are the end-time Elijah, how will these prophecies be fulfilled through one person? How will that person reach the remote parts of the world? How will those people who do not have the internet, television, or radio be reached by this one person? The simple answer is they cannot!!

The first real clue to the identity of the end-time Elijah is in Malachi 3:1 which says:

Behold, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple…

Notice the verse says that He “will suddenly come to His temple”. This prophecy was fulfilled when Jesus came the first time. John the Baptist, as we know, was the Elijah who prepared His way that time (Mat 11:14). However, this is a dual prophecy. He will come to His temple once again; and we know that in the end-time His temple is His Church containing all of the believers who have the Holy Spirit. His first coming was physical, and his second coming will be spiritual. John the Baptist cleared the way for the physical coming. Who will clear the way for the spiritual? Obviously, it will be the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Holy Spirit is the end-time Elijah!

The second clue to the identity of the end-time Elijah is found in Malachi 4:6 where it speaks of the turning of hearts. Only God, through His Holy Spirit, can change the heart of man, and He will, as told in Ezekiel 11:19; 35:26.

I have enclosed a book titled Who Is The End-Time Elijah? for your edification. It is written by Malcolm Heap, a prophet living in Great Britain. He and his family have a home ministry called “Midnight Ministries”, and we are an outreach of that ministry. I believe this book will help you tremendously to see why the word about you being the “Elijah of new” could not have come from God. I also included a list of literature that we distribute in the event you are interested in further reading on this or any other subject.

The last point I would like to address is your being called the “ring maiden”. From what I have read on your website, you already have the spiritual wedding band from Christ and are thus married to him already. This is totally unbiblical and suggests that some prophecies you have received are polluted by another source. The Bible clearly tells us that the Church is the Bride of Christ. There are no indications whatsoever that anyone would be special and singled out to receive such honor before Christ comes for His one and only true Bride. Surely Christ would have told us of this if it were true. Otherwise, confusion and doubt are bred, and Christ is not the author of confusion. Also, statements such as these elevate the person, and not God. It gives the impression that the person is dearer to the Lord than all the rest of His church. None of the prophets in the Bible received such exclusive treatment. While God’s prophets are dear to Him, they are still His servants and He calls them to be humble.

These points I have brought up are not to attack you, nor are they to shoot down any of the good things in your ministry. There are and will be people doing His work, moved by the Holy Spirit – the end-time Elijah. You may well be one of these. However, you must first allow God to make some changes within you and your ministry.

This letter comes to you not in anger or condemnation, but rather in correction and love. We are all commanded by Christ to love one another. So important was this that Christ repeated it three times (John 13:34-35, 15:12,17). God sends correction to those He loves, but He will not continue to try and correct someone with a hardened heart. Are you open to correction? Are you really, or have you already dismissed my letter as folly without even a prayer to God to inquire of Him if what I write is the truth? Consider the fact that there were great men in the Bible that needed correction from time to time as well. Moses, David, and Peter, just to name a few, all humbly accepted correction. Many men in the Bible did not accept correction. Yes, [there are] the humble and the proud. Which of these are you? Pride comes in many forms and degrees, from the subtle to the arrogant.

I myself was corrected by God just recently. Afterwards, when I was feeling low about it all, He showed His mercy by giving the following words:

"Beware the power of Satan. There are times in your life when you know you are being attacked and / or being tempted. You concentrate on this to overcome, which is good. However, an obvious attack may be a distraction to his primary attack. Much like the allies in WWII who attacked the port of Calais to distract the Germans from their primary target of Normandy, so does Satan. He distracts you with the obvious while he is attacking you with the obscure, or the part that you think least vulnerable".

So you see Elisabeth, it can happen to anyone, even to you.

May the Spirit of God guide you and bring you peace.

Sincerely in Christ’s Name,

Steve Thompson


Steve bent over backwards in his letter to be fair and reasonable to her. But her failure to reply is a reflection of the false prophet’s arrogance, and total unwillingness to acknowledge any need for personal introspection or repentance.


The Deadly Mixture


The problem with Nikomia’s ‘prophecies’ is that they are a mixture. They are a mix of truth and error. The mix is clever (not that she is aware of it at all – she is one of the devil’s vassals while motivated by her pride and feelings of self-importance).


By taking bits of truth and blending them with falsity which appeals to pride through sensationalism and ‘esoteric knowledge’, deception insidiously creeps up on the unwary. It gives rise to exclusivism.


Followers are drawn away after her (remember Paul’s warning against this in Acts 20:30). They adopt similar exclusivist philosophy that sets them apart from other believers, as special, above others. The truth is actually the reverse!


Disharmony and division result from accepting her compromised theology – one which surreptitious- ly sets her up on a pedestal, head and shoulders above every ‘competitor’. That is how she looks on others in the Body of Christ from whom she ought to learn. Instead of that, she regards herself as the unique, one and only prophetic vessel of God.


I hope you can see the devious falsity in it all!

Salient Comments


What follows is some e-mail correspondence about Elisabeth Nikomia. It contains some useful insight which will help deliver anyone, who is willing, from her psychological clutches.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

To: Steve & Mila

Subject: Great HORRORS Are Coming Upon Earth Prophecy!

Dear Steve:

Thought you may like to read this about the pope. I am going to read it more thoroughly tomorrow. I am anxious to see what type of prophecy that Elisabeth will come out with this time. I have been praying that it would be directly from God in all ways.

I know things will become more extreme as time moves on towards the end of times. The FATHER tells us to be prepared. Take care and please tell me what you think of all of this. You and Malcolm are better at interpreting all this stuff because of your knowledge on the subject matter. Take care, L


Original Message From: Aleph & Tav Almightywind Ruach Ha Kodesh Ministry

Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia

Apr 6, 2005

Great HORRORS Are Coming Upon The Earth!


The next Pope will herald the beginning of HORRORS to come upon the world unlike any that have ever been seen throughout history. Shortly the newest prophecy (78) to be spoken from Father YAHVEH through Elisabeth will come forth. It will not just contain a message for the Holy but also for the Heathen. This is all we know at the moment, although we are certain that this is the MOST IMPORTANT prophecy to ever come forth from this ministry. The so-called SHOCK and AWE of September 11, 2001 is NOTHING compared to what is just around the corner.

John Paul II's funeral is to be held on April 8th. It is no coincidence that on this day, the world will witness an Annular Total Eclipse. Run a search on this event through your favorite search engine to learn more. It will occur with the fiery edges of the sun visible. Occultists, who worship the sun, moon, and stars, will positively be in awe. Since a circle always represents "spiritual matter", the occultist will consider this eclipse to be highly significant in the spiritual realm.

But, since the Pontiff Sun-God (John Paul II) will be buried during an Annular Eclipse, occultists throughout the world will easily recognize the symbolism. The Roman Catholic representative of Zarathustra is being buried on a day sacred to Sun God worshippers! This eclipse will symbolize that Pope John Paul II -- the Sun God for the past 26 years -- has died. Now can you see the pagan significance of those many article headlines which reported that the "light was dying"?

When Antichrist arises, supported by his False Prophet Pontiff, the results will be the most evil mankind has ever seen. All the judgments recorded in the books of Revelation, Daniel, in the Major and Minor Prophets, will erupt over the earth. Timing the Pope's burial on a New Moon is fully consistent with the approaching prophetic reality!

This Pontiff is to be buried in Sun God tradition on a Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse occurred on May 18, 1920, the very day he was born! Did someone in the supernatural realm pick Karol Jozef Wojtyla (John Paul II) out before he was even born?

Is it now any wonder that this Pope displayed the Luciferian - Illuminist Twisted Cross Crucifix all the days of his Papacy? Is it any wonder John Paul II accomplished more in uniting all the world's religions than any pope in church history? Is it any wonder that this Pope was the only Pontiff to publicly declare his support for a "New World Order"? He even said that George Bush was supposed to be the antichrist!

On April 1, 2005, Fox News began reporting that Pope John Paul II had died. But about 20 minutes later, Reuters reported that the Pope was still recording brain waves and a heartbeat. The actual death announcement was not forthcoming from the Vatican until 21:37 on Saturday, April 2. Did the Pope actually die on April 1? Did the Vatican rush to judgment on April 1, in announcing the Pope's death when he really had not yet died? Is there any reason that someone in authority did not want John Paul II's death to be recorded until the next day -- April 2?

The exact timing of this death was very important, to the very day! Pope John Paul II simply could not be allowed to occur one day early, for then the number of total days would not equal "26". While this type of calculation might seem trivial to you, it is exactly the type calculations an occultist of the caliber of the Illuminati would do.

They worship the creature rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25) , which is why they worship the Sun, Moon, and heavenly bodies.


The Pope's Twisted Crucifix

The Pope's "silver sceptre" is the Satanic Crucifix he has been carrying the entire period of his Papacy, and is pictured here. This Twisted Crucifix has been the symbol of the final Antichrist since Black Magick Satanists created it in 666 A.D. [Roman Catholic author, Piers Compton, writing in his book, "The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In the Vatican", Channel Islands, Neville Spearman, 1981, p. 72]

This Bent Crucifix is "... a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term 'Mark of the Beast'. Yet, not only Paul VI, but his successors, the two John-Pauls, carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest idea that it stood for anti-Christ." [Ibid.]

Photos of Pope and description of twisted crucifix courtesy www.cuttingedge.org

If you do not have access to the web, you can use these addresses to unsubscribe or subscribe:

Unsubscribe: almightywind-unsubscribe@MyInJesus.com

Subscribe: almightywind-subscribe@MyInJesus.com

(Article sent in e-mail by correspondent.)



Subject: Great HORRORS Are Coming Upon Earth Prophecy!

Dear L,

I read through this, and in my opinion, it's pretty much useless. First, it has no real spiritual value and it contains her usual blather about the Illuminati. Second, the comments about the next Pope being the one who will herald the beginning of horrors should be no revelation to anyone. We know that we are in the end times, the signs are all around us. Therefore, if the current Pope dies at this time in history and a new one takes over, it does not take rocket science

Nikomia’s sort of sensationalism and speculative prognostication is of no value to believers. It just draws attention to Nikomia!

to figure out that this new Pope will likely be the one that the Bible speaks of.

As far as all this junk about the eclipse goes, it is just that, junk. Yes, there will be an annular eclipse today, but it will not be one that will cause occultists to "positively be in awe", as she states. The eclipse will be total for only a very short period of time in very limited parts of the world, and for the most part, will go entirely unnoticed by the vast majority of the world. All of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia will see no part of it whatsoever.

The area where all the hoopla is going on in Rome right now will not see a thing. Only one third of the US, limited to the southern parts, will see a portion of it. Here in Georgia we will see a 20% eclipse, hardly noticeable to the naked eye. Extreme south Florida will see a 40% eclipse for just a few minutes. The path of the eclipse will be from

New Zealand across a vast expanse of the open ocean up through northern South America and Southern North America, but even then only a very small portion of this area will see a total eclipse for just a few minutes prior to sundown.

So you see, it is not really the event she makes it out to be. Sure, some occultists may make something out of it, but so what? They make a big deal out of a cow laying down in a pasture during a full moon. This is hardly an event that could be classified as signs and wonders in the heavens as the Bible predicts.

False prophets may start out well-meaning and true. But they change.

The bit about the staff is nothing new. There are dozens of artefacts that the Pope uses that people associate with the mark of the beast. Just watching a Catholic mass is like watching an ancient pagan ritual. So, is this any news to us? Hardly. Does it provide anything spiritual? No. I could have come up with something just as good, and probably better, with just an hour or so research on the internet. 

Finally, in regards to her upcoming "Prophecy 78", I would not put too much weight on it. She is a false prophet, as I have shown in the past. She may well have started off as a true prophet, but that has long since changed.

False prophets may not deliberately spread false prophecies. Some [most, if not all] truly believe what they are saying came from God. They can be deceived, and spread that deception. Or, some can have vile motives and make up junk for their own gain. Either way, what they are spreading is false, and should not be taken seriously.

Jesus tells us to judge – discern, or evaluate prophets.

We are told to use discernment, and to look at the fruits to know who is true and who is not (Mt 7:15-20; 1 Jn 4:1).

Is what she says in her prophecies pointing to Christ, or to herself? [This is the most vital first test.] In reading her past prophecies it is very obvious that they point to her. There is no reason to believe that anything has changed.

You say you have been praying that this prophecy 78 would be directly from God in all ways.

There is nothing to indicate that it will be. First, she would have to repent and acknowledge

that her past prophecies were wrong and not from God or at least influenced in part from Satan (which they were). Unless that happens, I wouldn't put any credence on anything she writes...

Hope this helps. God bless,

Steve T

Comment: False prophets’ favourite subjects are doom and destruction. Engaging in these themes instils fear and foreboding, not faith in God.


While God warns about upcoming destruction and disaster, He does it in a way that offers hope to those who are faithful to Him. Also He gives equal prophecy about positive aspects of deliverance.


For instance, read the dreams given to Kassahun Ayele, in Ethiopia. (One is on the back page.)


Conversely, satanic prophecy does not give hope – except vague, false hope. It generally ‘excites’ fears, foreboding, negativism – ‘gloom and doom’. Satan wants you to fear him, hence his emphasis. From it, he gets worship, through the exertion of his powers. Many disasters will be brought about by him – with God’s permission, of course.


Dear Steve:

...I did meet a former military individual that told me about the Illuminati and how they were trying to kill him because he knew too much stuff within the government. My dad had a cassette tape a long time ago, maybe 20 years ago, that said when this pope died, that the next one would not be a good one...

[See dream about the pope that follows.]

False prophets often use fear to influence others. That’s why they engage in so much ‘doom- saying’.


Fear is a chief weapon of Satan.

There are a number of people who claim the Illuminati are trying to kill them. The woman I wrote about in one of my newsletters, Linda Newkirk, has been claiming this for years. The poor soul whom I was trying to save from her clutches now makes this claim too. However, if you stop to think about it for a moment, if there were such an organization within our government and they did want to kill these people, then they WOULD kill these people. Nothing would be able to stop them and it could / would be completely covered up. There are a slew of people running around claiming to be targets of the Illuminati. And yet this vast, evil, all-powerful, organization is unable to whack a single one of them?

I actually find it quite amusing.

You asked why or what happens when these prophets start out so good and end up in  a mess.

Well, that depends on their heart, which Jesus will judge. Many of them will, in fact, lose their salvation because deep down they know better. Some are honestly deceived, and may well end up being saved in the long run, after being greatly humbled.

False prophets perform a dual function for Satan:

1) First, they lead people astray.

2) Second, they discredit the true prophets of God. Sincere Christians see these false prophets and mistakenly assume that all prophets today are false. Others, who are not Christians, see these whacko false prophets and make the same assumption.

I was once in the group of Christians who saw the ridiculous false prophets and assumed that anyone claiming to be a prophet today is false. Praise God that He opened my eyes to the truth, and showed me how to discern between the true and the false.

Steve T 


Dear Steve

I have a question about Prophetess Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah Nikomia of www.almightywind.com or www.amightywind.com. Is she a genuine prophet? I believe she is American.

Thanks for your reply.

Best wishes, M



Dear M

It is interesting that you should stumble upon Elizabeth. I know of her, have seen her website, read her prophecies, and I have written to her.

Yes, she is an American, and lives in the state of Oregon. She was also once associated with Linda Newkirk, but fortunately she saw the truth about Linda and cut all ties with her.

The question about her being a genuine prophet... It is my belief that she once was, but is now influenced by demons. I say this because of the slow, yet steady, progression of her prophecies into areas that are definitely not inspired by God.

Also, you may recall the guideline list I sent you recently that helps discern between true and false prophets [see p 7]. There are some of these that show that she is either false, or at least is now being influenced by demons. People can receive from both God and demons [if they have divided loyalties]. Malcolm has written on this in some publications.

Steve T


Dear M

Just a quickie, because Steve has answered your query about Elisabeth Nikomia. Yes, she is a genuine prophet. A genuine false prophet! Because the undergirding of her ministry is pride.

Like King Saul, she started out anointed by God, but lost the anointing when she became lifted up by what she was being given.

God may give a person what he or she seeks, to test them.

It's interesting to see how God works. He will often give a person what they seek, knowing they will be lifted up and thrown down by it. Judas was chosen to be a disciple, even though Jesus knew from the outset that He had chosen a betrayer who would put himself before God.

So it is with many prophets. They were called, sent, and started out receiving from God, but when they became lifted up by what they saw God doing with them, pride took over and they became defiled in their spirit.

Elizabeth lifts herself up and draws people's attention to her (not for the sake of a commission from God, because she has no commission. she has lost that), nor for the sake of the restoration of truth (because she is not restoring truth), but for her own sake, merely to elevate herself.

Pride was the greatest evil fruit in the spirit world which caused the 'death' of Lucifer. Jesus

said we would know false prophets by their fruits. Pride is one of them, and is often the chief culprit in their spiritual makeup.

I don't advise you to read all Elizabeth's prophecies. What is chaff to wheat?

God bless, Malcolm


Dear Malcolm & Steve

Thanks for your replies...

I have already read quite a bit of her work. Some of it seemed biblical, while some things seem way off track.

A sister of mine commented that their eyes looked evil, or not quite right.

I had a very disturbing dream sometime ago. In it was a young man and woman in a shop. They both followed me outside, and the man tried to attack me. He did not succeed, but one or both of them followed me for some distance. They didn't look quite human, they were "strange". [A warning dream from God.]

I also felt very uneasy about something that she wrote, about Jesus not responding to Christians in desperate circumstance, unless they address him as Yahshua.[2] [That is an exhibit of her exclusivism.]

Thanks for the confirmation of what I felt in my spirit. There really is no comparison between wheat and chaff!

God bless, M

How To Discern Is Explained Much More Fully In:

Apostasy In God’s Church (Apo). Testing The Spirits (TTS)

Judgement To Fall On All Falsity and False Ministers (Jdg).

Light Versus Darkness in Newsletter 26 (NL26).

Dreams About The Pope


God has given us several dreams about the pope. These are reproduced, with explanations, in the booklet Was The Pope Saved? More recently, and not included in that publication, God revealed this:


29th November 2006. H. Death of Pope Benedict.


I saw the present pope, Benedict, pushed into a death tunnel. At the bottom there were demons waiting for him.


Comment: In the spirit realm he will have to fight these evil powers and choose Jesus as his Saviour.

I saw someone’s head as if in the cross-hairs of a gun’s telescopic sight. It seemed someone wanted to kill him.


Comment: Al Qaeda has threatened the pope’s life, and Muslims hate him for his remarks about their religion.

Tips On Discernment


Midnight Ministries publishes a comprehensive exposition on testing the spirits, in a book by that title. It shows how to discern between true and false ministers and true and false in spiritual things.


Here are some more tips from Steve Thompson. If you see these traits they will set bells ringing:


How do we determine that which is true and that which is false? This is a subject that... has already been thoroughly covered in MM publications...


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Testing The Spirits


There are some basic guidelines that you can use that may help you to easily discern between the true and the false. These are traits that are common to most false ministers and false prophets. Of course, there is nothing comparable to sincere prayer to our Lord to help us. However, these will help you weed out the obvious, and God may well use these clues to help you see the things which are not so obvious. I have them listed below:

  • Self Elevation.

Many false ministers and prophets will say things to elevate themselves. These things may be claimed to have come from God. This is unlikely since God does not want anyone to look upon the man (or woman) but rather to look to Him.

A true prophet will be a prophet and no more, and will not seek any glorifying recognition, acclaim, or special rank or position. The same holds true for a minister. This self elevation often progresses.

In the case of one prophetess I have come into contact with she started out as a prophet, then became God’s “special anointed”, then His “hand maiden”, and is now His “ring maiden”. The latter title is interesting because she claims to already have a “spiritual wedding ring” and is thus the first Bride married to Christ. Of course, we know that the Bride is the Church as we are taught in the Bible.

She has many followers who have been with her since she was “only” a prophet. They have blindly followed her on her quest of self elevation. Beware of those who are preeminent and seek or claim to have rank, dignity, or special importance.

  • Failed Prophecies

This actually speaks for itself. However, we must be careful when determining whether or not a prophecy is a failed one. If a specific date has been assigned to the prophecy, and that date has passed without fulfillment, then it’s pretty safe to say it is a false prophecy.

Other clues as to the validity of the prophecy may not be so obvious. Sometimes what we perceive to be a failed prophecy may be wrong. God often uses symbols in His prophecies, and the symbol may be misinterpreted. The books I mentioned earlier will help in the matter of prophecies.

  • Secrets and Mysteries

Many false prophets claim to have received messages and / or visions from God that are to be kept secret from other people, sometimes until a specified time.

Beware of this as it actually elevates the prophet since it makes him / her special, with privy to “secret” information. This is not the way of God.

I can think of only one place in the Bible where something like this occurred. In Revelation 10:1-4 John is told by an angel to not reveal that which the seven peals of thunder had spoken. It is obvious from the scriptures that this was done not to elevate John, but for purposes that only God knows. In addition, this account occurs in the Bible, which we know to be the inspired Word of God.

In addition to secrets, there are those who include mysteries in their prophecies. These take the form of mysterious words, phrases, connotations, numerical puzzles, and riddles that leave the reader either mystified or confused.

Again, this brings elevation to the prophet since he supposedly received these things and it implies that he is the one to whom God has chosen to know the mystery. The words “mystery” and “mysteries” appear 26 times in the New Testament (New American Standard Version). In all cases the mystery is revealed to the believers. Only the unbelievers are left mystified, and it is no wonder, since they are unable to see the truth that is in Christ. Satan is the author of mysteries that are given to men for elevation.

  • Conspiracy Theories

This may seem similar to the “Secrets and Mysteries” above, but it involves a different manner of deceit and causes distraction.

An example of this is the so called Illuminati conspiracy which is a supposed secret society that secretly controls the world and is set on establishing a “New World Order”. Believers of this claim that its members include many of the world leaders, including President Bush, his father, former President Clinton, and Queen Elizabeth. This is the group that Linda Newkirk claims abducted her once and is trying to kill her. Our friend Joe is also very much obsessed with this. It is very seductive, and it is easy to see how someone could become wrapped up in it.

Again, it elevates the person and anyone who goes along with the thing, since they are the few who are “in the know” and must do all they can to save the world.

The Illuminati is but one example of this. There are many and we must be careful not to become engrossed in this evil. Its purpose is to both elevate and to distract us from what our eyes should be upon, which is Jesus Christ.

Malcolm and I were recently engaged in trying to help a Christian group who had gotten themselves involved with this sort of thing. One day I was preparing to read my Bible and I had the urge to simply open it at random and begin reading. I was shocked at what the Lord had guided me to read.

The verses I read are below:


For thus the LORD spoke to me with mighty power and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people, saying,

“You are not to say, 'It is a conspiracy!' In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy, and you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it.

“It is the LORD of hosts whom you should regard as holy. And He shall be your fear, and He shall be your dread. Then He shall become a sanctuary; But to both the houses of Israel, a stone to strike and a rock to stumble over, And a snare and a trap for the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Many will stumble over them, Then they will fall and be broken; They will even be snared and caught.” (Isa 8:11-15).

I presented the group Malcolm and I were trying to help with the above verses. They rejected the message, preferring the intrigue of a man-made theory over the Word of God

  • The One And Only

There are those who claim to be “the one” from God, or claim that their church is “The Church”. This too is self elevation among many other things. It is cultic, and represents a very clever trap from which many never recover...

  • Touch Not God’s Anointed

This comes from Psalm 105:15 where God says: Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm (KJV). Many prophets, ministers, and evangelists love this verse and will frequently use it to assert their authority and to condemn anyone who may oppose them. Anytime a prophet or minister threatens anyone who questions them or does not “follow” them, then this should sound a big alarm!

This is not to say that God did not mean what He said in this verse. It is quite true, but it is God who does the anointing, it is God who gives the warning, and it is God who will deliver the consequences if a truly anointed one is persecuted.

A true prophet, minister, or evangelist does not worry about such things and does not use this quote in scripture to achieve anything or condemn anybody. His faith and reliance is on the Lord. He expects to be persecuted, and yet he prays for his persecutors as we all are commanded to do: But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Mat 5:44).




Unfortunately, there are far more false ministers, evangelists, and prophets than there are true ones, so we must always be cautious. They (the false ones) have their following, and they are numerous. This should be no wonder since we are told in the Bible that the majority of those in the world will perish. So, pray to God, and prove all things as we are shown by example to do in the Bible (Acts 17:11). Also, remember that the church in Ephesus was commended for putting to the test those who called themselves apostles (Rev 2-3).


You recall the dream of the snake at the beginning of this newsletter. As I mentioned, this dream would prove to have a dual meaning. First, it was to bring to our attention that we were becoming too involved with Chuck Swindoll and his ministry. God later revealed to Mila that this dream represents not only Chuck Swindoll, but the many false ministers, false evangelists, and false prophets that we face in the churches as well as TV, radio, printed media, and the Internet. This dream is the reason for the subject of this edition of the newsletter.


We should never disregard or label anyone as “false” based on doctrine alone. God has not yet revealed all truths to all people. Many are true followers of Christ, but are deceived on issues of doctrine. We are all deceived in one way or another (Rev 12:9), and will be humbled one day as to the things we hold to be true which are not.


Hopefully these guidelines I have laid out will help you to discern between the false and the true. However, as I said previously, nothing is better than turning to God and asking His guidance. If you are sincere, and willing to accept whatever He leads you to, then He will guide you to the truth. Be patient, and follow His lead. (From Midnight In America Newsletter No 2, Nov 2004.)


If you would like to peruse the revelations from God to true prophets through dreams and visions, Helena and I place most of our dreams on the web (when we have time), and Kassahun Ayele's Dream Diary is serialised in Midnight Ministries' Newsletter. Here is just one of Kassahun's dreams, in closing:


MM Literature Like Ark of God


10th Aug 2004. MM literature likened to the Ark of God.

All the families of MM were gathered together in a large auditorium. We were seated at a rectangular form. In the centre there was a large golden box heated by a flame of fire inside it. We were warming ourselves from it.

While we were watching and warming, Helena stood and said that the heat is coming from The Ark of God. Someone asked her, "Are you telling us that the iron box is The Ark of God?" Helena answered "Certainly!"

Comment: The Ark of the Covenant symbolised the Presence of God. MM literature is written so that people can yield to God and know His Presence by faith. 

Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries, October 2007





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Why this idea is false is explained in Understanding The Mind of God, A Message to Those Who Use The ‘Sacred Names’ (£2.00).



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