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Is Midnight Ministries'

Literature Inspired By God?

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Copyright © Midnight Ministries 2005

Copyright of Midnight Ministries may be waived and this publication duplicated without asking

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Likewise, publications of Midnight Ministries may be translated into any other language

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The distribution of God's truth should not be restricted by copyright..


There is a widespread misunderstanding about the inspiration of 'holy' writings. Christians believe – and rightly so – that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. But many of them think that no other writings exist that have been given by divine inspiration. Either they think that no other inspired writings exist, full stop. Or that there are no other writings that have been inspired by God to the same extent as the Bible's books.


This conclusion stems from a misunderstanding about HOW God inspired the Bible to be written. When you properly comprehend that, you will see that He moves people similarly today, and indeed He has done so continually throughout history.


God is constantly speaking to – and through – His people, as the need arises, to accomplish His purposes. God is not silent, nor inactive.


He inspires and moves today, just as He inspired and moved His holy prophets in times past.


The Inspiration of God's Word


It is demonstrable, to anyone who is willing to study into it, that the Bible is not like other books written by man. It is inspired by God. The contents testify to this fact, and also the way the text follows an ingenious and unique numeric pattern throughout. This phenomenon is the subject of our booklet God's Great Genius.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God... (2 Tim 3:16).


Also, you read in Peter's second letter his testimony that Scripture is not of human origin, nor is it understood by humans without divine guidance, as other biblical writers attest (1 Cor 2:10-14; Is 55:8; Dan 12:4,10). Peter emphasised the divine origin of Scripture we hold in our hands today called the Holy Bible:


No prophecy of Scripture is of any private origin, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke [or wrote] as they were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:20,21).


The words underlined above could be rendered alternatively as:


men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.


What is not so widely appreciated today, especially in church circles that do not accept the supernatural spiritual gifts of God, is that God moves today just as He moved the writers of holy writ.


If there is a need to inspire further writings to complement those of the Bible (NOT to contradict them, but to complement them and expound upon them), then He does so to those who are open to His guidance.


God has never ceased to move among His people. Jesus asserts that He continually walks amidst the candlesticks of His churches (Rev 2:1). This moving of His Spirit is like the waves of the ocean, constantly ebbing and flowing. He comes and goes. He helps His people wherever they need Him, and according to their faith He can guide and inspire them.


Carried Along By The Spirit


In early 1998, God gave me a vivid dream. It was one of the most striking out of the hundreds I have received over the years. In this vision I was flying, like the fictitious superman, with my fists clenched and arms stretched out in front of me. I could go here and there by the Spirit's power and direction. The source of this amazing ability I knew subliminally was God, but HOW He enabled me to do it wasn't shown – because we would not understand it, nor do we need to know how God does these amazing things. It just happened. I was depicted as 'flying'! (A symbolic meaning.)


The dream was fulfilled in the weeks that followed. Thoughts came that I should start writing some articles. I followed the lead of God's Spirit. First, I was given the title of an article. I wrote it down at my PC. More thoughts then followed, about what I was to write beneath it. First one sentence formed in my mind, then another. I expressed the thoughts as best as I could, in the words I have in my vocabulary. As I finished typing one sentence, so the next one came. And the articles which God had me write, flowed out like water.


Eventually about 50 articles were written under the 'anointing' which God supplied. They were a prophetic witness against the Worldwide Church of God (WCG), a church which has much to answer for to God!


I didn't feel anything of this moving of the Spirit. I didn't hear a voice telling me anything. I just followed an unfelt, unseen, unheard flow or 'drift' of thoughts. As these coherent thoughts were written down, a logical theme formed. They conveyed definite and very meaningful information, concepts, and exhortation. Much of this was correction and admonition for the WCG which had apostatised.


Of course, people who are the 'target' of those articles would say that it was merely me having 'a bash' at the WCG, working out my anger or inner bitterness against them for past misdemeanours they perpetrated against me. That's completely untrue. I am not bitter or resentful against anyone personally who did me any wrong in the past. But they do have a score to settle with God, who still holds unrepented sin to their account.


If I were bitter or resentful in a wrong way, as detractors claim, then God would not be able to use me in writing spiritually enriching material to help mature the body of Christ. Perhaps for that reason He gave the dream BEFORE this wave of articles flowed forth. It testifies to the fact that God was behind them, not me. I have written loads of other articles, booklets and books with spiritually meaningful contents over the past 14 years, so what occurred in early 1998 was no exception. I was used to working like this, 'under the anointing'.


How The Bible Was Written


In the same way, the 'holy men of God' wrote the Bible (1 Pet 1:21). The term 'holy men' does not signify people with any more intrinsic 'holiness' than you or I, or any other believer in Jesus. It signifies the PURPOSE for which they wrote or spoke. It is a holy purpose.


'Holy' means 'sanctified' or set apart for God's purpose. A holy man or woman is not a person who is any more special than any other human. It is their PURPOSE or function which is special, not them.


So, a prophet, or anyone whom God uses to write or speak forth a message from Him, is no more holy than any other disciple of Jesus. But the purpose or function he performs is highly important, and because that purpose is holy, his function should be recognised and honoured. Insofar as he fulfils that purpose, he should likewise be recognised and honoured (as we do the biblical characters such as Peter and Paul), not for himself, but for his function.


I hope you appreciate now what 'holy men' refers to in Peter's letter, and how to properly view such individuals. They are not to be venerated, like Catholics worship their 'saints'.


It is the Word and purpose of God which are important, not the person whose job is to promote these divine things.


When the Holy Spirit 'descended' upon the biblical writers, they didn't go into trance and get controlled by the Spirit of God, unaware of what was going on, like an automaton or robot. They were in full control of their mental faculties. They received thoughts like I did, as I explained, and they wrote down in words that they chose, what they were receiving.


At the time it is probable that some of them didn't even know they were fulfilling a divine purpose, other than writing to a particular church or group of believers to help them along their spiritual path. They certainly wouldn't have known that what they wrote would be preserved for many other believers for thousands of years afterwards! In that sense, the Bible is unique.


We don't need more revelation, really, than what is in the Bible, to attain eternal life. There is sufficient in those books to explain to us the purposes of God in forming earth, creating human life, giving us an outline history of God's dealings with Israel and some godly men and women, and of the life, teachings and saving work of Jesus. All that is enough to enable you to come to know God in order to receive the salvation that He offers you.


But that's not where revelation from God stops.


Revelation From God Continues


In the Bible God reveals through Paul that you should desire the gift of prophecy (1 Cor 14:1-5). Through this gift, God speaks to believers who are open to hearing from Him for edification, exhortation and comfort.


Can you imagine how comforting it is when you receive a dream, or vision, or prophetic statement that comes from the Spirit of grace, to warn you of warfare breaking out in your country before it occurs, so that you can be prepared and make necessary arrangements to secure the safety of other faithful believers who know that God speaks to you?


You bet it's comforting! And that situation exists today where prophets hear from God through dreams or in other ways. Kassahun Ayele, a prophet in Ethiopia, is just one modern example. God has spoken to him about warfare which will engulf his region. That's not to 'glorify' him, but to work out God's purposes with His people. Whatever God does, He does for HIS purposes, not for ours, and through that He glorifies Himself.


Jesus described the Spirit of prophecy as His testimony in the Church (Rev 19:10). In other words, Jesus demonstrates that He is alive and working continually amidst His Church through prophetic revelation that He gives. Such things did not cease when the Bible writers stopped writing. In fact, those writers wrote many other documents besides what we have in the canon of holy writ. Paul wrote a number of other letters. The one we have as "First Corinthians" is not the first one he wrote to that body of believers (1 Cor 5:9). And likewise Peter, James and John would undoubtedly have written many more epistles, too. What is preserved for us in the Bible are not the only inspired letters of such apostles. God would have equally inspired all their other letters to the churches.


Before Paul's letters were included in the Bible, Peter described them on a par with the Bible. He equated Paul's writings as... "also the rest of the Scriptures" (2 Pet 3:16) – as equally inspired by God.


Revelation and inspired testimony is not peculiar to the Bible. God inspires all that He needs to, for the sake of His people. Remember, it's His PURPOSE that is vitally important, not the document, thing, or person.


In apostate churches such as the Catholic and Orthodox churches, tragically this is either not understood or is not emphasised. The end result is that God is not glorified. The glory goes to ecclesiastics, or to objects such as relics, ancient documents (copies of old Bibles), or structures built and venerated by men.


They have fulfilled what Paul wrote in this inspired text:


...who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature [the created] rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever (Rom 1:25).


On 18th January 2005, Kassahun received this dream from God:


I went to a large library to read a book [symbolic of God's library in heaven]. I wanted so much to read it. I asked the librarian to lend me the book to read. He took me to another room and left me there to search for the book. When I began searching the shelves, I saw three large books by Midnight Ministries entitled Dead Men Raised, Power Strikes, and God's New Army. [God is predicting future MM publications.] Surprised, I begged the librarian to lend me these new books, and he gave them to me.


This symbolic dream depicts several things:


1) Kassahun's intense hunger and desire for spiritual truth.

2) That God knows beforehand the Midnight Ministries publications which will be written.

3) And that these books are in another room (underlined words).


That portrays symbolically that the truths of God that He is giving us and which we write about in our publications are either not recognised or wanted by most others (the librarian was disinterested in those books which Kassahun wanted), or that they are not available to most others.


When Paul expounded completely new concepts in his remarkable New Testament letters, to explain the way of salvation that Jesus brought, he was in another room too. When God has a new Move of His Spirit underway, He opens up this new room to those who truly hunger and thirst for Him and His truths. Like Jesus said, it is a 'department' that is not accessible to the majority (Matt 13:11) – not yet, but it will be, later.


In a previous dream, Kassahun received this:


12th October 2004. K. Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time! Prophesied.

A new booklet arrived from Malcolm. The cover is a rosy colour and written on it in black letters was, 'When the Prophecy of Daniel 11 is repeated.' I was eager to know the new truth. [This account was received from K on 19th Oct 2004.]


Comment: Kassahun's dream came after it had been on my mind for some weeks to write about Daniel's prophecies, but I hadn't been able to start writing it then. His dream prompted me to begin without further delay.


The rosy colour depicts the warmth and comfort it can bring to people, as they are strengthened spiritually. They need to know about the prophesied events of Daniel 11:32-39 which shall be repeated. (From Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time!)


And so the dream was fulfilled, as God moved me to write that book. I included that dream and the dreams below in Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time! (pp 78-79). I have a question for you, as you read these dreams: "do they indicate that God has inspired MM publications, or not?"


7th October 2004. K. MM Publications Contain The Fire Of God.

We were studying the truths in our fellowship. When I opened one of the publications to share the truths, a flame of fire appeared inside the page. Amazed, I turned to the next page. There again appeared that flame of fire. The fire did not burn the pages. With much excitement, I showed this miracle to those who were in the fellowship. All were amazed.


Meaning: When the truth is shared with new people, God performs miracles to demonstrate His love and presence. MM publications, although written by man, were guided in their compilation by God. They contain the Fire of God! And those who are true, recognise it!


10th August 2004. K. MM Literature Likened To The Ark of God.

All the families of MM were gathered together in a large auditorium. We were seated at a rectangular form. In the centre there was a large golden box heated by a flame of fire inside it. We were warming ourselves from it. While we were watching and warming, Helena stood and said that the heat is coming from The Ark of God. Someone asked her, "Are you telling us that the iron box is The Ark of God?" Helena answered "Certainly!"


Comment: The Ark of The Covenant symbolised the Presence of God. MM literature is written so that people can yield to God and know His Presence by faith. They have been written by the Spirit of God moving upon the human writer.

6th February 2004. MM Is Helping To Build The Living Temple.

Many people were working on a huge building on level ground. I went to find out who the man was who owned this building. Suddenly Malcolm appears out of the blue, with a smile on his face. There was a hard hat on his head like builders wear on building sites. He said to me that the building is ‘The Living Temple’. I didn’t understand what he meant. [You do, but that was how God conveyed it in the dream, because He put you in the place of new people coming to inquire.]


Meaning: The Living Temple is comprised of those in whom the Spirit of God lives and moves. The children of God are those who are led by His Spirit. Where God's Spirit dwells is His Temple. So, it is a living Temple.

MM publications are not written to try and gain a following for us. They are written to help people accept the Spirit of God and be led by Him. God is no respecter of persons. He loves all who humble themselves to allow Him to live within them.


9th August 2004. K. Dream From God About The Bible Speaks

In this dream I was sharing the messages from The Bible Speaks 2, in a large congregation. I realized that most of them were not prepared to accept what I was telling them. They wanted to see some miracles occur to believe what I was sharing from the booklet. Suddenly there came a flash of light from that booklet which gradually began to fill the house. The white light was so bright that we couldn't see each other. I heard praises and many 'hallelujahs' from those who were doubtful a moment before.


When that light disappeared, all were bowed on the ground. It was a great scene. When I awoke from my sleep, I knelt down there and thanked God. Yes, your pen has been moved by God...


The above are some of the dreams which Kassahun received about Midnight Ministries and MM publications. Others who have sought God, hungry for truth, have also received similar confirmations. Some of these are published in What God Said About MM and Revelations From God About MM (two small MM leaflets).


They illustrate that God does indeed still inspire prophets just as He did the holy prophets of old. That should not surprise us, because:


Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8).


Levels Of Inspiration


One other matter needs explanation. It is also the outcome of a misunderstanding about how God inspired writers of the biblical books. Many people mistakenly think that when God inspires someone, He takes them into a different level of consciousness.


That is not so. It is rare for God to take someone into a trance-like state in order to speak to him or her. While it happened to Peter, when he received the short vision of the unclean animals and the sheet (Acts 10:9-16; 11:5-10), it didn't happen to Cornelius (Acts 10:3), nor Ananias (Acts 9:10), nor Saul on his Damascus road experience meeting Jesus (Acts 9:3,4). In most of these visions, the recipient's mental state was not altered except momentarily so that they could receive the glimpse of the meaningful picture God wanted to convey.


Receiving from God is not like shamans who receive from demons by going into a trance, and voluntarily relinquishing their will or consciousness to the spirits that take over their minds.


You can be completely conscious, in full control of your mental faculties, with an alert intellect, and in complete emotional control, when God transmits His thoughts to you. Indeed, you SHOULD BE! Also as you go about your normal everyday activities, it is possible to be receptive to God's Spirit and receive thoughts and impulses from Him to guide you.


When I write, naturally, I like to be alone, and without any other distractions. That way I can concentrate my mind and use it like a receiver to 'tune in' to the thoughts which God conveys. They come as a stream or flow, like water in a river, while I keep my mind on the subject God has moved me to explain. It's nothing 'spooky'. It's very ordinary, but very wonderful.


That's how the biblical writers put pen to paper, expounding on God's mind for our benefit today.


Of course, there are different levels of inspiration. In saying that MM publications are inspired by God does not mean that they are faultless. We have found spelling mistakes, poor phraseology, even some little mistakes in explanation from time to time.


Likewise, some fault-finders point to discrepancies in the Bible accounts to try and claim that the Bible is not divinely inspired. For example, there are some minor discrepancies in the length of reigns of some kings, between one OT book and another; or in the numbers of some things recorded, between different biblical books. Or there are small differences of detail in the accounts of one Gospel writer compared with another. But all those aspects concern physical details in the account, and represent the person's view or knowledge of events and facts.


God doesn't over-ride your mind when He inspires you, nor replace the facts in your head even when some of those facts may be wrong. He inspires a spiritual concept or feature, and allows you to express it using the physical facts at your disposal. If some of those details are wrong – such as, for example, is often the case with people's concept of hell – He does not correct their inaccurate concept. His main intent is in revealing more spiritual truth to help you avoid that fate. Remember His purpose.


So the presence of a mistake does not necessarily mean that God did not inspire the writer. If, however, there is a blatant error that negates the subject of God's inspiration, then obviously the piece is not inspired. But you must be careful not to dismiss something as 'uninspired' because you don't agree with it, or because you see an erroneous detail in the writer's knowledge – if that detail does not affect the spiritual thrust of what God is conveying.


It is the SPIRITUAL message that God is conveying which is of over-riding importance, not the intellectual detail or minor facts and figures that are merely a secondary part of the account.


If God needs a totally flawless account for the sake of what He needs to convey, then He will inspire the writer accordingly, ensuring that no human error detracts from what God is conveying. Thus, the 'level' of inspiration is determined by God, according to His purposes.


Jesus needed to strike Paul with a 'level' of spiritual power on the road to Damascus that He did not need to use when He talked to Peter about accepting Gentile believers (Acts 10). So it is with the moving of the Spirit in conveying spiritual truth, whether on paper or verbally.


When God inspires, He does not dictate word for word – just as an interpretation of tongues is not a word for word translation of what is said.


God inspires according to the purpose He is working out. In my case, in writing a complete doctrinal foundation for the Church, explaining the fundamental biblical doctrines and where most Christians misunderstand these, if I had major errors in my understanding, God could not inspire me to write for that purpose. He would have to use another.


I am well aware that I have a few gaps in some areas of biblical knowledge. There are many passages in the Bible that I don't remember. I'm sure there are many people with a much bigger IQ and memory than I. Their factual knowledge, or memory of where things are in the Bible, or the quantity of biblical information they have retained in their brains, may be vastly greater than mine. But my lacks on that score do not affect my spiritual grasp of what God is conveying in His Word, and of how it should be applied in the Christian life. So, He has been able to use me for the purpose He laid out in my life. And He has confirmed that HE has achieved what He set out to achieve by inspiring what I have written. Some people will take great exception to that, but I make no apologies for it. They need to apologise to God for their presumption on that account.


Further Confirmations


For those who doubt that MM literature has been inspired by God, here are more confirmations from God. The account that follows is from The Bible Speaks, Vol 4. The dream was given to someone who knows of me, but who has never met me, and who lives thousands of miles distant, on another continent. I believe he shares my aspirations to worship God in spirit and truth. God gave him this revelation to confirm to him his need – and yours – to take seriously what I have written – which is not for my benefit any more than yours, and which is not for my 'glory', but for God's.


In 2004, I received a letter from an 'unknown' Kenyan evangelist, Nicholas Ochieng Odero, about a dream God gave him on 26th June 2004. God will often speak to the 'nobodies' of this world. He cares for the downtrodden, the needy, the unrecognised, the despised. His love is such that He lifts up such God-fearing folks and puts down the lofty. There is a time for the 'big name' evangelists to fall, but the little people He raises up. This was the dream God gave Nicholas:


I saw Somebody in a white garment (robe) holding Malcolm's hand. He took Malcolm into a High Mountain. When Malcolm returned from the mountain his face was shining like a star. Helena and Zenya welcomed him with joy and we got together and praised God for what happened.


I replied to him about his dream:


"Your dream shows Jesus holding my hand, taking me into a high mountain, which symbolises the Throne Room of God, from where I have received inspiration to write all MM's publications. You saw me shining like a star. Moses' face shone after he came down the mountain after being with God (Ex 34:29-35).


"The dream is to confirm to you that anointing upon me, not for my sake, but for the sake of the truth that God is conveying through us, most especially in the writings. Righteousness is being restored!"


The beautiful song Days of Elijah contains those very words. Not only are these days of Elijah, but they are days of Moses and Ezekiel, too. Moses passed on teaching from God to restore righteousness to His people, and Ezekiel reminded them to obey what Moses had conveyed. God is now, again, restoring correct standards of righteousness.


The imagery in the above dream draws a parallel between what God gave Moses – divine teaching for the entire nation of God so they could remain in God's favour – and the teaching God has given through the pen of Midnight Ministries for the entire Church, for the same reason. But a large segment of the Church does not want more truth. It is Laodicean and has shut the door on receiving more from Jesus.


Tragically, of those, Jesus says He will spit them out of His mouth! (Rev 3:16.) Can you imagine how awful that fate will be!? It's like He says to the foolish virgins: "I don't know you!" (Matt 25:12.) "You are not Mine while you are in that cool frame of mind." Conversely, those who want further truth – like Moses – will shine:


Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you (Is 60:1).


There is nothing more important to God at this time than the restoration of His truth to His people. For, it is the acceptance of truth that will bring full deliverance to His chosen (Jn 8:32). Partial truth isn't good enough. You need all available truth to understand Him more. God confirms this restoration with supernatural signs, so people can know something very special is taking place. When Moses came down the Mount of God, his face shining, the people knew that he had been in God's presence and that he brought truth from Him.


The same sign was performed on the Mount of Transfiguration for Jesus (Matt 17:2). The disciples were to take heed! This was no ordinary Man. This was the Son of God. He had been in God's presence. He was His main Prophet. He spoke for God and brought fulness of truth.


That was the true Light which gives light to every man... (Jn 1:9).


I am only a mere mortal, and not worthy to be compared with the Son of God. But I make no apologies for the revelations given to others about what my task is. It is to restore a correct doctrinal foundation for the entire Church at this end time, and lay it out in writing. That's why, in the dream above, Jesus represented Himself holding my hand, and taking me up into a High Mountain to receive from Him. "...you do well to take heed as a light that shines in a dark place..." (2 Pet 1:19).


You are reading some of the heavenly light that He has caused to shine 'from my countenance'. It is all because of Him; not because of me. But the world and the Church needs what He gave me to write down:


For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you (Is 60:2).


We are shortly going to enter the time Jesus referred to as the Great Tribulation. The follows the Millennium. The way is being prepared!


An evangelist in Kenya, recently called by Jesus to 'go' with the gospel and truths of God, wrote to me about what God had given to him in a dream. I have related this also in Guidelines For Evangelists. It was this:


In my dream last night we were in a hall with all your representatives from all countries. In that hall there was some water with sugar cane. And some more sugar cane was there.


I, you, and some brothers were at the door with water in our hands and we were giving a piece of sugar cane to everybody who came into the hall. After an hour the hall was full with people singing and dancing with joy. After that, I saw you Malcolm with two loaves of bread. You were giving this bread to people.


I heard a voice telling me "Nicholas, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" I didn't answer that question.


Again I heard the voice asking me the same question "Nicholas, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" That time I answered "yes I know." And at that time you were in white clothes shining like the stars.


As I awoke I praised God for what happened and what I saw.


This was my reply to him: About your dream of 17th April 2004. The probable interpretation follows each part.


In my dream last night we were in a hall with all your representatives from all countries.

This shows that God has called you to be a part of the outreach of Midnight Ministries, in your own area. You are included in the worldwide outreach. There are many others whom God is using in various quarters of the world.


...in that hall there was some water with sugar cane.

The water represents the Holy Spirit and the sugar cane the sweet things of God (His truths and instruction which are an exhibit of His love for all people).


-233And some more sugar cane was there.

Perhaps you mean a lot of sugar cane. If so, that is an allegory of just how much wonderful truth God has given this ministry to share with others.


I, you, and some brothers were at the door with water in our hands and we were giving a piece of sugarcane to everybody who came into the hall.

A pictorial likeness of what God is doing through us, and you, in the spirit. He wants to share His truths (in 'our' publications) with others. [This also depicts how he has treated MM publications initially, as sweet pleasant things, but there is much more food value in them than he initially appreciates. He will see that later.]


After an hour the hall was full with people singing and dancing with joy.

Many people will come to know God, and experience that joy of being accepted by Him, through 'our' literature being distributed by you and others.


...after that I saw you Malcolm with two loaves of bread. You were giving this bread to people.

Sugar cane does not have much food value. In fact, if you eat a lot of it, it is harmful. A lot is actually a poison to the body. It will damage teeth, and deplete the body of energy, as well as needed vitamins and minerals. Sugar is sweet, but it reduces calcium levels in the blood, and can lead to sickness, for the reasons already stated.


By contrast, bread is the staff of life. It has more food value. People need feeding properly, and very much so in the spiritual area. God is portraying 'our' teaching materials as this bread that can give people something proper to eat spiritually.


At first, the benefit you are receiving through 'our' publications is likened to sugar cane. It has immediate appeal. As you get further into devouring what is written, it will be more like bread to you and others.


I heard a voice telling me "Nicholas, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?"

If you read Prophets and Prophesying and other leaflets or articles in which the purpose of prophets is explained, you will see why God was pointing this out to you. It's not to glorify me. I am nothing. By contrast, God is everything. But the function or calling of a prophet is to deliver what God has given to him for the benefit of others. As they accept him and his message from God, they accept the One who sent him (Matt 10:39-41), and they benefit proportionately.


Where people have spurned me (my office as a prophet of God) they actually spurn God, because He has appointed me as a prophet. They fail to benefit from the message God has given through us. They are not benefited by the revelations which God has provided in His great love for you and all people.


I didn't answer that question.

This depicts your relative ignorance at that stage. You didn't know what to say, because you didn't understand why He was saying that. But...


Again I heard the voice asking me the same question "Nicholas, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" That time I answer "yes I know."


God is showing His complete foreknowledge of how you will respond positively to what you read. Because you will accept me as a prophet of God, you accept Him and His truths that He has given us.


...and that time you were in white clothes shining like the stars.


That symbolises the wonderful righteous reward God has awaiting, not just me, but you and all who will accept Him – because of what Jesus has done for us all.


What Was The Dream For?


The dream above portrays, in outline, several facts to the recipient:


1) The man's calling from God to evangelise;

2) My appointment from God as a prophet (so that he can realise that what MM teaches is not ours as such, but inspired by God);

3) The spiritual value of our ministry's materials;


...besides all the other specific points mentioned in the explanation.


Where God gives dreams and other prophetic revelations, it is to highlight what is being overlooked, or to emphasise aspects that are not given sufficient emphasis, or to reveal what would not otherwise be grasped, or to convey knowledge and understanding that you need to take note of, to confirm and consolidate God's truth and purpose.


Humanity is consigned to spiritual ignorance until God gives His revelation. God-given dreams are a vital aspect of the prophetic work on earth which God is doing today. These are the days of 'Elijah'. Just as Elijah stood before the people as His mouthpiece for righteousness, God is restoring His righteousness among His people. Likewise, He also uses prophets today who are commissioned by Him and who speak for Him.


The dream above highlighted his need to recognise and take note of what God has given me in this ministry. That's not for my benefit, but for his, and for the good of all the people to whom God will now take him.


Need I say that it is also in your interests to heed the same admonition?


God has been preparing him through several years of learning and growth so that he can 'graduate' and reach out to others, sharing the truth of God with them. Then they can come to Christ and know God's love. The dream was confirmation of his appointment, and encouragement before 'setting out'.


When you are sufficiently committed to God, and prepared, you can 'go'. So, don't be surprised if you receive a dream or other revelation confirming what He wants to do with your life to benefit others.


The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few! (Matt 9:37, NIV).


One other dream which Nicholas had has been included in Guidelines For Evangelists. I don't have space to include it here. It was given three times, indicating just how much he (and others) should take note of what God was pointing out in the dream. It was yet another confirmation that what is in MM publications is heaven-sent and can benefit many people. They contain truth from God. Jesus emphasised:


If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:31,32).


Out of the plethora of dreams which God has given us, here is just one given to Helena:


3rd January 2002. H. Two new editions of the Bible arrived in the post.


I was very excited and eager to receive them and read them, as I felt they would be used for evangelism. They provided further enlightenment / revelation.


Meaning: The Bible will be given more exposure and new life through:


1) exposition (done through MM publications) and, 2) through evangelism. The Bible will be made more alive and meaningful to ordinary people. The truth of God is going to 1) the Church and 2) the nation (symbolised by the two new Bibles).



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