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Dreams From God

For The Churches of God

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Copyright © Midnight Ministries

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The 'Churches of God' pride themselves on their heritage and beliefs. They think they are exceptional. But the truth is much different. They are not churches of God. They are churches of man, deceived and masquerading as God's.

There may be some people IN those churches who are children of God, but the form of worship, the structure of organisation, and the spiritual penury in all these groups are not of God.  Even some of their long cherished doctrines are in error, as unbelievable as that may sound to a CoG mind! They may keep the Sabbaths, but what value is that if your works cause you to become puffed up? Pride breeds deception, and leads to a fall.


This widespread pride, this misconception of 'specialness', has led to many CoG groups being exclusive – thinking they are God's 'one and only'. One form of pride leads to another. And because there is a tendency in carnal people to want to feel special, there is a definite appeal to certain types of people to belong to such a group. Once inside, strong bonds of 'belonging', laced with that pride, hold them there.


But Jesus wants His people to humble them- selves, not to be proud. In fact, they MUST humble themselves, or they won't be in the Kingdom of God (Matt 18:1-5).


The arrogant, monolithic, organised church structures that the Mother Harlot spawned by her example of hierarchic domination are far from God's ideal. That's why Jesus adjures His people to COME OUT (Rev 18:4, Is 52:11) and no longer give your allegiance to men, to be subservient to them. Your allegiance should be to God, and your subservience to your Husband-to-be, Jesus.


Some few have come out, when their minds have been woken up to what is outside that they have been missing. There is such a difference between the freedoms of true Spirit-led worship and the stultifying, tightly human-controlled environment inside CoGs. One man wrote to us, explaining well the difference. He said:


MM Much Different From UCG's 'Faith'


28th March 2004


        ...Well, as I wrote to you lastly I told you that U.C.G. is not a spiritual church because there is no moving of the Holy Spirit. As I read your books, publications, and even Newsletters, I noticed a difference in faith. U.C.G. doesn't believe in prophets even though they teach on Bible Prophecy.

        The way the fellowship is being conducted is totally carnal. One is not allowed to worship as the Spirit of God leads. Women's ministry is not in line with the truth in your book The Woman Question. Women are not allowed to teach in any fellowship. There are no miracles, no interpretation of dreams and many others [details to do with spiritual gifts]. The only area that your ministry is in line with U.C.G is the sabbath day and the festivals of God. But even there, I noticed that your festival dates differ from the ones of U.C.G. [Because UCG follow Jewish error to do with new moons. This is fully explained in God's Calendar Revealed To Man.]

        That is where U.C.G. and MM differ in faith.

        I was in the first place a Charismatic believer and when I came across your books I got the truth.

        I believe that God raised you to raise a new breed of Christians that will practice and live by the whole counsel of the Word of God (Bible).

        I found what I was lacking in the Charismatic movement – i.e. Sabbaths. You have as well a message to the Sabbatarians – they need the move of the Holy Spirit!

        Be blessed.    G O., Kenya


That appraisal was right down the line!


Of course, detractors won't like it. CoG sycophants will vehemently object. We get a lot of opposition. People refuse and rebel, just like Israel.


But the proof of reality is confirmation that comes from God, and He has spoken. Through the dreams I share in this volume, anyone willing to humble themselves and admit that they have believed lies and half truths, can acknowledge the hand of God – that He does not speak inside 'the church', but outside it. For He does not support the present arrangement of 'Churches of God'. He wants them dismantled, and a new order for His people, that they may enjoy true spiritual freedom.


This spiritual freedom is outlined in MM publications, including:


God's Church – Whose Authority?

An Introduction To The Spiritual Gifts

Listening To God

The Woman Question

Meetings With Jesus

Apostasy In God's Church

Testing The Spirits

Prophets and Prophesying,

And Understanding The Mind of God series.


The selection of dreams which follows are just some of the hundreds which we have received over the years in this prophetic ministry (Num 12:6). God promised to send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the Lord (Mal 4:4-6). That prophecy is being fulfilled. God is speaking through prophets to His people. But, true to the prophecy Isaiah recorded in Isaiah 52, the people are held in spiritual captivity and God's message through the prophets is hardly heard.


We have tried to include in this volume only dreams that do not appear in other MM publications. There are many other prophetic messages from God through dreams included in Dreams From God About The WCG and Dreams and Visions From God.




A Dream of an Apostate Church


On 23rd April 1997, God gave me (MBH) a dream that I was walking into a WCG meeting on a Feast day. The people were all sitting at tables covered with tablecloths and were engrossed in their physical rituals of eating and socialising. No one took any notice of me. They totally ignored me.


I met a deacon who knows me, but his demeanour was not pleasant or agreeable. In a friendly manner I asked him if we could resolve our differences. There is division between us and I said to him that this situation is not right. I want it resolved, but because he will not concede to any wrong on his part, reconciliation does not take place.


The dream conveyed all this and more. He continued to blame me for the division between us and wouldn't discuss anything objectively. He just argued.


The meaning of this dream was shown. This man's present implacable state of mind is symptomatic of those who refuse to stop worshipping at the high places of human organisations. They put their church organisations before God, and want nothing to do with those who have severed themselves from man worship in order to worship God more fully in Spirit and in truth.


For those still in human dominated systems of worship, the human set-up becomes their messiah, their god, their idol. They have compromised true worship, compromised truth, and substituted the true Messiah for one who is false. They rely on their church instead of relying upon God. The transfer of loyalties is subtle, but deeply rooted. Those who fall prey to this trap of Satan have adopted the mark of the Beast without knowing. They have accepted the mark and number of MAN, not that of God.


People in churches are generally reluctant to come out of such illicit systems of worship. (This is not just peculiar to the WCG. It is a problem in all human dominated ecclesiastical organisations.) The dream conveyed the blindness and physicality of WCG worship. God sends prophets to warn them of their blindness, but they take no notice of prophets, and so don't benefit from the words they bring to spiritually help them.


Another Dream About The Church


On 24th April 1997, Helena was given a dream about a fat, ugly, spoiled baby. Instead of being capable of feeding on solids, this large baby was still on milk! It was sitting on the floor, waiting to be fed by mother. When feeding, it slobbered all over the place, and made a real mess!


This repulsive child was twice the size of a normal baby its own age, twice as fat, and incredibly indolent. It would not bother to go anywhere by itself. It expected mother to carry it!


This is a figurative representation of the church in its present state. Doctrinally, it slobbers everywhere. Most members are still very immature. They expect to be carried, rather than carry the gospel to the world themselves. In this highly immature state, they are useless to God's purposes.


Unseen Flaws in the Church


On 13th July, I was given a dream of alterations going on in a large house. Part of this work was to take up a carpet. It had been fixed with gripper rods around the perimeter, as most are. In lifting this carpet, we caused a water leak in a pipe in the floor. When the gripper rods had been nailed down, a nail had penetrated the pipe, but it had not leaked until it was disturbed when the carpet was removed. I had to cut out a hole in the concrete floor by hand so that the pipe could be accessed for repair.

Meaning. In the Church, there is much underneath that needs repairing but it is covered up. Only when things are disturbed does the faulty workmanship become noticed, which is why God causes upheavals, so damage can be noticed and rectified. Much of our work is unnoticed, doing the preparation for the repairs that must follow.

With Us 'In Spirit'


On 23rd July 1997, God gave me a dream about a former acquaintance in the WCG. He was at our place in our shed. He is a mechanic and in this dream he was working all day doing motor mechanics, but he didn't come and see us in our house. I was involved in doing ministry work all day in the house, and it wasn't until the end of the day that I was free to go and talk to him. I wanted to. I wanted to befriend him. It was getting dark, and I went to say 'Hello' and have a chat, but by that time he had gone.


Meaning. Although I want there to be physical contact and an active friendship with brothers we formerly knew, such is not feasible. Circumstances make it impossible to meet. The dream also shows that certain ones are in agreement with us – with us in spirit.


The Supertrain


On 24th July 1997 Helena had a dream of what she could only describe as a supertrain. It was like a great big centipede! It burst down from the sky, powered its way like a bullet through our house coming through the white gable end at the front and bursting out at the back. It left a huge hole through the house and, coming out at the back, zoomed up again into the sky. It went on its way taking its influence far afield.


Meaning: The spiritual power which God will pour out through our ministry and the terrific impact it will have on many people.


Global Church of God Restrictive


On 15th August 1997 I was given a dream of Roderick Meredith, leader of the Global Church of God, a pro-Armstrong splinter group from WCG. In this dream, I wanted to go and see him at his home. It was as if we were going to his place after being in a meeting or somewhere together. It was a very average home in less than average claustrophobic surroundings. [Not his actual home, which is luxurious; the home in the dream depicts the group, his church].


The road was so narrow that there was barely room for another car to pass the parked cars in the narrow lane. We couldn't drive at any speed for fear of causing an accident. We had to push the car, not drive it. When we arrived at his front door, I hoped he would invite me in and we could talk, but he made a few cursory remarks and went inside and shut the door in my face.


Then, in another scene, I wanted to approach him to ask him a specific question about Matthew 10:8, to challenge him concerning its relevance today. This time, I went by bicycle (perhaps an allusion to the 'magic bicycle' in an earlier dream.) When I finally got to him, his answer was 'know-it-all', but useless. He waffled on about it, saying irrelevant things, missing the whole point that Jesus raises the dead today. He didn't acknowledge the fact that God raises people from the dead for a witness. Yet his reply was the usual swan song, from a man who thought he has nothing more to learn, yet is totally out of touch with the reality of the power of God.


In the next scene there were two stacks of bricks, some dark coloured which looked very nice, and another stack of light-coloured, insipid-looking bricks. There was great demand for the dark bricks. People wanted them. They went very quickly. But the insipid coloured ones hardly moved. No one seemed to want them.


Meaning: The building blocks of teaching that Global and similar churches of God are still perpetuating from their past. They are not moving on, but are merely perpetuating the past insipid ritualism. Teaching which encourages the miraculous, which is highly appealing to many, is downplayed by them. Consequently, there is little response to their work.

At the end of this dream, I left him behind and went away. I tried to leave by going round the block and along the next lane. That was even more narrow. Cars were parked nose to tail and no one could move.


Meaning: The people around him are hemmed in spiritually and aren't going anywhere.


Alterations to the Church


August 29th 1997. Malcolm. Dream of alterations to a building going on. I was called upon to do some really tricky work high up, installing some roof timbers. I didn't want to do it because of the awkward nature of the task. It involved considerable risk and seemed to involve balancing precariously on top of a fork-lift's forks high up at full stretch. I certainly didn't fancy the job! But it had fallen my lot. The dream ended.


Unless The Lord Builds It...


Sept 1st 1997. Malcolm  Dream of 7 pillars being erected in the church, at either end of the building. These were stone pillars, erected in segments one on top of another. We left it up to the builders to install these, and also left it up to them to get hold of the materials from the suppliers. I didn't see any problem with this. The correct procedure was to consult the Designer before each pillar was erected, which those involved in putting them up, did. All went well – for a time.


After a while, however, those entrusted with this work began to think that there was no point in consulting the Designer. After all, they had put the pillars up and thought they could continue to do so. They forgot that they had been given guidance from above on how to place each piece, and assumed that they had done it all by themselves. When it came to putting up the next pillar, they didn't bother getting in touch with the Designer. They just went ahead themselves and did what they thought they could just as easily do by themselves.


However, they had got part way through this operation, when God spoke to someone else about what they were doing. This prophet contacted them immediately and told them what God had said. They were dumbfounded. "How did he know what we were doing?" they wondered to themselves. They were speechless. The dream ended.


Meaning: Those who start out relying upon God as they erect the doctrinal support for the Church, can easily become complacent. Whenever they assume they can continue on alone, leaving God's guidance out of it, they veer away from what God intends. They can't see it, and when God sends a prophet to correct them they are so unbelieving, not aware of His continual awareness of them, that they are astonished that God should do such a thing. In fact, they don't attribute it to God at all. They just languish in astonishment. Oh, how blind we all are by ourselves!


Psalm 127. Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.


Corrupt Churches!


9th January 1998. M. Dream of Women Stripping.

This dream featured three women. One was in her forties. The other two were younger, in their twenties. It seemed they were following the example of the older woman's behaviour. They were not good looking, just plain and ordinary. But they had no shame. They stripped completely before an audience. It was pre-planned, the event listed beforehand in the TV Guide. I was horrified! I could not believe that people could be so depraved! (Jer 7:28 to 8:13, esp 8:12. Jer 13:25-27).

10th January 1998. M. Same dream again as yesterday.


Meaning. The depraved morality of the churches who have thrown out God's requirements for salvation.


Isaiah 3:16-26. The daughters of Zion are haughty and arrogant. They do seductive things. Therefore God will strike them with a scab and deprivation. They will be brought down in desolation. They will mourn and lament.


The dream is a symbolic representation of the spiritual condition in the WCG who have thrown out truth to live by. However, the churches of God are no better either because they have dispensed with spiritual gifts and thrown off the covering of the power of the Spirit.


To whom much is given much is required, and the spiritual response of these churches is as vile to God as the strippers' behaviour was to me in this dream. It also portrays all humanly led churches which do not obey God's truths.


Total Economic Collapse Coming!


28th January 1998. Malcolm.

Dream of Financial Straitness to Come.

I was backing our trailer, with some hay on it, down our driveway, when a neighbour lady drove up alongside. Her driveway joined ours. To get to the main road, she had to use our drive. Not wanting to hold her up while I was manoeuvring the trailer, I pulled up and waved her on. She came past, then got out to come and have a chat. She was distraught. Usually a very confident woman, some of her self-assurance had departed. It was obvious she was worried. Her income was gone! Almost overnight, it would seem. As a result of whatever financial crisis had occurred, she was now virtually destitute and looked to us for help. I could only jest, "Join the club!" We had been virtually destitute for the past few years while doing this ministry work, so I could only regard her fears as being a bit silly.


Meaning. There is a financial collapse coming, and the 'posh' people who have lived off the fat of the land in city trading are in for a mighty rude awakening!


'Ministerial' Critics


2nd February 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Critics.

Several well-dressed, respectable-looking people were sitting at their desks. They were watching me with a disparaging look, although they said nothing. Their body language gave away what they were thinking. They clearly didn't think much of me at all! But they had learned the clever politician's response of not saying anything when cornered – of staying cool and calm.


Their lack of response was a hypocritical sham, so I ribbed them by saying something that was penetrating and which they would take as insulting.


After that, their 'chief' one – a bigger man than all the others – started badmouthing me, and accusing me falsely.


Meaning: The leaders of the split Sabbatarians who will not communicate with me. They eye me with a combination of suspicion and belittlement. (Dart, Rector, and ALL the others!) When God moves me to rib them, it provokes a response which reveals the evil that is their heart. That's how God works with prophets — He offends the mind to reveal the heart.

God Reveals People's Hearts


On 15th March 1998 I was given 4 dreams about various people, revealing God's thoughts. One of them was this:


Two women on the shore. The tide was in and flowing away from me. These two were walking away from me, following the direction of the tide's ebb and flow.


Meaning. Two women we have tried to reach but who are stuck in the PCG and will not listen to outsiders. They have walked away from every attempt to converse with them! They are by no means the only ones walking away! This is the approach of most. They drift with the 'tide'.


WCG Produces Delinquent Daughter


9th October 1998. M. Dream of delinquent girl.

I was berating a delinquent girl in this dream. She was dirty and terribly badly behaved. In fact, she was so unruly, obnoxious and repulsive that I tried to get hold of her and spank her. But her mother intervened and prevented me doing so.


I burst out in anger against this woman's natural reaction. I told her she was a silly fool not to discipline her child, as that lack of direction was making her the evil way she was.


Meaning: The WCG leadership could be likened to the woman who refuses to give proper guidance to those in their care. The result is to be seen in a spiritually unruly, spiritually dirty, spiritually repulsive daughter.


A Friend and The Churches of God


31st October 1998. M. Dream of me and another man.

In this dream, we were doing a number of different things, going places, seeing people, etc. [This depicts the interaction with others concerning spiritual things – either over the web or in personal contact, etc.]


After visiting a number of different houses where we talked to people, and after doing some shopping together, we (the young man in the dream and I) went to a church meeting together. I got the impression from the dream that the person who was with me was very supportive, and that we had a really strong bond of friendship, perhaps even a bit like David and Jonathan's. We supported one another.


Anyway, we went to this church meeting. We just arrived moments before the service was to start. Everyone was seated. All the people were sitting quietly, passively, waiting for the meeting to begin (like a typical Church of God group meeting). So, when we walked in, everyone would have noticed us, although that didn't bother us. We walked to a side wall to find some seats on the side. The place was full and nearly all the seats were taken.


There were a few vacant ones, but on closer inspection it turned out that they were broken. Eventually we found two seats and sat down for the meeting to begin. The dream ended there.


Meaning: What God is saying is that this person and I have a job to do together. It is not a literal physical visit to the Church of God, but via electronic or other means. The people will all get to know we have 'walked in' and that we are involving ourselves in their spiritual 'meeting'.


The few broken chairs indicates the wrecked lives in that part of the church which have not been put right, or the problems that are not dealt with, but just left.


Preparing For The Great Tribulation


3rd November 1998. H. Dream of a missile launcher.

It was revving up and getting ready for an attack. The scene was in the open, like in the middle of a field. A little girl was vulnerable and exposed to danger. Helena got hold of the girl's hand and took her to a safe place, away from the vicious machine which was about to attack. They ran and hid behind a big oak tree.


Meaning: The enemy is planning a vicious attack on the Church, and us. The Church needs help to run to a place where God can protect people. The truth sets people free. Christians need further truth to run to God and save them from the spiritual enemy.


Former Friend Begins To Wake Up


25th December 1998. M. Dream about former WCG person. He had been out of WCG for some time and spent time with UCG. But now he was coming to see what we were saying was right. It wasn't possible for him to appreciate it before. Time had to pass and he had to experience various things before he could accept what we are putting forward.


Huge Damage The WCG Caused


20th January 1999. M. Dream of J.

She was in a kitchen, waiting for us. It didn't seem to be our kitchen. When we woke up [symbolic of a new beginning – when the miraculous anointing arrives] she came to see us and we met together in this kitchen.


Meaning: This person was a former friend before WCG hierarchy destroyed our relationship through their psychology. But relationships will be restored after God shows by miraculous power who is for Him and who is not.


29th January 1999. M. Dream of Tkach's farce.

This dream portrayed us attending a festival meeting of the WCG. A bucket of water got kicked over and created confusion all over the place. Tkach took this as a sign from God, a good omen, when in fact it was the opposite. He encouraged the confusion by his total lack of spiritual discernment!


Hostility of WCG


30th January 1999. H. 2 Dreams:

1) Of H (WCG man) not wanting to speak to us. The WCG is governed by demons. As Jesus said of false ministers, you know them by their (spiritual) fruits (see Matt 7:15-23). One fruit is their hostility to us and rejection of the truth we hold.


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


1st February 1999. M. 2 Dreams:

1) Of JH in Australia. I was visiting him. His car was a sofa. It needed some bodywork repairs. At the base of the sofa there was a trim with tassels hanging around it (like our sofa at home). Above this trim, the surface was pitted and needed repair. I said that it should have the imperfections filled and then sanded smooth before being over-sprayed. But J didn't want to bother. He was happy to leave it as it was.


Meaning: J is content where he is, spiritually speaking. A car is supposed to take you places, so you can take what you have to others. It can take you to see new scenery and broaden your horizons. 'Our religion' is not meant to be treated like a comfortable sofa. To do the works of God you have got to get out of your comfort zone.


UCG, a Poky House


2) Of Cxxxxx in the UCG.

In this dream, C was living in a very poky house. There was no 'room to swing a cat around'. He was married to this woman and his wife was the boss. He was very subservient to her. They needed to extend the place, but because of lack of space, I inquired how C would achieve this. I asked whether he would build it out of blocks, but he said "No". It would be a temporary structure, of some lightweight fabrication. Thus, it could be put up and then taken down shortly afterwards. It sounded a very strange proposition to me! They didn't have the space for a permanent structure. Apparently, they didn't think of moving! [Allegoric of their need to totally change.]


Meaning: The spiritually restrictive environment of the church C now belongs to (UCG). He has surrendered himself to that church, Consequently, he forfeits the latitude of real spirituality and freedom because of the 'woman' (church) whom he allows to dominate him. The 'growth' of the UCG is temporary. The church will be dismantled. It is not permanent. True freedom and spiritual scope lies outside the restrictive confines of a humanly dominated church structure.


WCG Thieves


1st April 1999. M. Dream of an official-looking person, a 'solicitor', whom I could not trust. This person had stolen what was owing to me.


Meaning: The legalistic, 'respectable'-looking WCG leader- ship have stolen the credit I should have received from all my writings, some of which they have utilised for their benefit in making various changes, to appear good before their members. When the dream was given, an old College friend, still trapped by WCG, got in touch at this time. He could not see the duplicity and deceit of the WCG leadership. I brought up with him the subject of WCG prejudice against Christians in other churches, which our booklet A Message To Worldwiders challenged head on in 1992, three years before the WCG made their changes to accept Christians from outside their church. But this former friend casually dismissed any guilt on the part of WCG mentors, overlooked this terrible prejudice, and equally casually made dismissive remarks as if WCG mentors knew all along what we revealed for their education. They are not willing to give one ounce of credit to the truth we revealed to deliver their trapped minds! Like an arrogant solicitor, who knows it all, they sat in their unchallenged position of lordship and control.


Like the Pharisees in Jesus' time, what they do is done to be seen of men, to look good in the eyes of others. They are robbers and good-for-nothings at heart.


The Charity Shop

And The Great Tribulation


2nd April 1999. H. Dream of Charity Shop.

In this dream I was picking up a couple of items of clothing. I heard someone say that the leader of this charity shop was going to burn the shop down. I was horrified and advised her to get out. She was going to leave with me, but as she began to come out, others heard about it, and the leader suppressed her decision. The people in the shop were all assured that everything would be fine. The people all believed the lie that there was no need to panic and so they all stayed behind.


Meaning: Churches are led by their human leadership, who persuade the people about what to do, etc. Church leaders control people's thinking in those churches. When there is an alarm, that alarm is hindered or suppressed by leadership controls, and the people, like sheep, ignore it.


The charity shop provides all the things you may want, but they are 2nd hand items. Likewise, churches provide 2nd hand and unbiblical traditions which have been passed on down from others. People in these churches are content to buy these erroneous beliefs and practices.


There is an alarm going out at this time, to warn the Church to prepare for what is ahead. People need to get out of these old 'charity shops' and leave 2nd-hand clothing (passed-on, hand-me-down, traditions) behind. True prophets are warning about the coming tribulation, but their words are not passed on to the people in the churches. The leaders stop it reaching them, or talk them out of believing it and responding properly.


The trouble is, 'ordinary' people are prepared to put up with 2nd best passed-down traditions with their errors, rather than put on the new robes of righteousness which God is now offering the Bride at this late hour.


Further Reading: He Saw The Tribulation [Visions.]


The CoG In A Coffin


8th April 1999. Helena. Woman in a Coffin (The CoG)

Friends of this woman were standing around the coffin, doing nothing. It seemed like this woman was their mother (the 'Church of God').


Helena was agitated in the dream and wanted them to deal with this coffin, as it was their responsibility. But they were slow to face up to their duties in that regard.


Meaning: Death means the end of one phase and the beginning of another. God is starting a new movement. People now have to come out of the old dead mother Church and breakaway churches. It's hard to make the transition, but it must be done to follow the lead of the Spirit.


The call is to the Bride – to individuals – not to corporate churches as a whole. These individuals must come out and be separate for God to work with them as He wants.


But the breakaway groups from the WCG are standing around doing very little. Too many are not looking forward, and following God's lead, but are looking back, restricted by former dogmas, traditions, beliefs and practices.


CoG folks don't realise that their Church is DEAD! When I wrote Awake! Awake! of Spring 1999, about WAKING UP THE CHURCHES OF GOD, that was no joke! But most sleepily meander along, fretting over petty issues, ignoring the greatest single malaise in the Church – its spiritual DEATH!!


They have shut out the Spirit of God, and are trying to organise things humanly. Hence all the infighting, squabbling, lack of consensus, bickering, and poor outreach to the world, the almost complete absence of miraculous power, etc., etc..


Miraculous power is the only language the world recognises! But CoGs are not willing to learn from charismatics about how to receive it. They need to 'buy' the power of the Spirit from God. (Explained in the booklet The Ten Virgins.)


Further Reading: Awake! Awake! 7-3 – WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE UP THE CHURCHES OF GOD?


Perverse CoG Pastor


9th April 1999. H. Dream of a Perverse Man.

Helena had a dream last night about a man who was sexually perverse. It was as if he was homosexual in his leanings. I don't believe the dream is meant to be taken literally. She sensed it refers to Jim Rector and his 'spirituality'. He comes across as harsh, 'masculine', without tenderness, humility or compassion. He is not responsive to the Spirit, and certainly he has been dead against the 'feminine' spiritual traits displayed by the charismatics.


Meaning: Sexually perverse people are self-willed. That is the root of JR's problem. He is self-willed spiritually, and refuses to change his views or to learn from me or anyone else who tries to teach him about the need to soften up to the Spirit.


This self-will also stems from the fact that he wants the pre-eminence, and has the mistaken view that our input, WHICH GOD HAS GIVEN US FOR THE CHURCHES OF GOD, would detract from his supremacy. He treats his mailing list as HIS, not as God's children whom he is temporarily feeding or nurturing. If he had the latter approach, he would not have been averse to mentioning about our publications and recommending them to his mailing list, as we suggested. But no, he wouldn't do that!


He falsely accuses me of wanting a following, when it is he who is guilty of that, and he is cleverly trying to protect the status he has gained in the eyes of the people. [The motive behind that is to get their support – and money!]


Perverse sexual behaviour is abusive. JR is abusing God's people by controlling their thinking and not permitting them to hear from the full quota of apostles, prophets, and evangelists in the Church – the other 'pastures' which Jesus leads them to. He shuts the door to keep them in his fold only.


CoG folks have fallen asleep, playing church. They are not following the lead of the Spirit. They don't hear God's voice. Most don't care to hear from Him because they are content to follow their favourite church leader, whether Ron Dart, Rod Meredith, David Hulme, Jim Rector, Ray Wooten, Dave Havir, or whoever.... Personalities have become more important than the Person of Jesus Christ through the witness of His Spirit.


Accepting The Spirit, Finally


27th May 1999. H. Dream of CS (a former friend who was in the WCG). It was a big meeting and CS stood at the side of the hall. Towards the end of the service she started expressing prayer in tongues. It seemed new and different for her.


Meaning: Some from WCG will receive tongues and will be blessed through the exercise of that spiritual gift. This, after being 'churched' against the experience for decades! How wonderful that it's never too late!


WCG's Impoverished People


25th July 1999. M. Three dreams.

1. Of CM (WCG member) and his family. They were living in a small one bed townhouse and were very hard up. They were sitting in bed, doing nothing. The children were well behaved, however. C asked me if we could help him financially because of their difficult situation. I didn't reply (because I can't do that).


Meaning: The WCG has left a legacy behind of impoverished people. CM represents these. He is poor, both materially and spiritually and will look to us to support him. But even that is a wrong approach! He needs faith in God, not in us!


The Dead Churches of God


2nd August 1999. H. Dream of Three Men Doing Nothing of Much Use.

Helena saw a dead man inside a room. Nearby there were two old men sitting around, doing very little. Next, she saw three men spread out, lying on the floor. Each one had a large round stone on his belly. They were waiting for something to happen.


Meaning: Many church folks hang on to their old doctrines and their denomination. They're not willing to learn new things outside their former experience. They would rather lie down beside their dead mentor, and cling to what they have been used to. Yet what they do is useless. They need to learn what new thing God has in store, and what He would have them do now that their former church system has ceased. (This dream is particularly pertinent to the Church of God groups which have broken away from the WCG and represents the influence of leaders upon the members.)


CoG, Archaic


17th August, 1999 H. Dream of Old Mansion.

There were items of really old furniture there. Through a hole in the floor, Helena noticed some items of valuable jewellery under the floor. Andrew J was there and she was glad to see him.


Meaning: The CoG, with its archaic old pieces of doctrinal furniture. Things of real value are hidden away under the floor. They could see them if they wanted to, but they don't care to look. They only continue down the one road of their tradition.


Leaders Block Move Of The Spirit


23rd August, 1999. H.

Dream of Leaders Blocking Next Move of the Spirit.

A friend who was on holiday in this country phoned for a chat. I felt in the spirit that there was a gulf between us. We had nothing in common and I puzzled over it. We shared so much truth and yet there was division. We weren't in unity. God gave me a dream to clarify the situation. In this dream, there was a group of cousins or relatives finding out about each other for the first time, and having great conversation, sharing the joy of discovering each other.


Meaning: This applies to different Christian groups, with similar beliefs. The overall feeling was of a family coming together again. On the sideline were elders. One was a religious leader of standing. He showed great displeasure at what was going on, and told the others that he was not going to back this get-together, and he certainly was not going to commit his money to it. Great sadness fell on the little group because of the decision of the elders. What was developing through the Spirit was destroyed by the human leadership.


Church Likened To A Rubbish Tip


9th Sept 1999. H. Dream of Rubbish Tip.

I was walking through this rubbish tip and trying to bring some order to it. [Our ministry task.] It was an impossible job and nothing could be done with it. As I was walking through it, I came to a timber house [depicts Chris B's ministry which we contacted] on the edge of the tip site. As I walked past the house, I noticed that the corner was rounded instead of being true. The house was well constructed and looked quite well organised, except for the corner. I was puzzled why this would be just left the way it was.


Meaning: God showed me that the tip site was the Church in chaos and confusion in its teachings. Satan has dumped all his rubbish into the Church, causing people to accept it.


The house on the side represents the group who think they have it all and have no need to modify any of their teaching. (Laodicean attitude.)


God is giving up-to-date revelation and preparing the Church to be His bride. She must accept all aspects He is revealing, to be considered in this number, and make the necessary changes. But few want to. Very few!


We Are Ignored & Not Remunerated


12th Sept 1999. Feast of Trumpets. M.

One of four dreams.

In this dream I sat next to Colin. He said he owed me some money. He had a bowl of money beside him, but I didn't accept any money from him. Then a girl came and sat on my lap. She didn't take any notice of me and only wanted to talk to Colin.


Meaning: Colin is a fictitious character, representing church leaders to whom we have ministered via our publications. We are not after their money; that is not our motive. We only want to promote the truth which God has given. The girl represents the Church in its immaturity (children sit on your lap). But she ignores our input, does not recognise our prophetic office and is only interested in listening to church leaders.


12th Sept 1999. H. People Ignore and Reject Correction.

Malcolm was cutting the hedge with a hedge trimmer and all that was being cut off was blowing in his face. He had to wear a face guard to protect himself.


Meaning: Using different symbols, this dream confirms the previous one. People don't want to be corrected when they are shown they are in error, so they throw things back at you when you correct them, trying to justify themselves.


Arrogance And Pride Of WCG Men


13th Sept 1999. M. Dream of 2 WCG Ministers.

Axxxxx Sxxxxx and another WCG minister were driving along in their car. Helena and I suddenly appeared in their back seat. When they saw us behind them they were taken aback at first. Xxxxxxx looked scared and I said "Hello Fxxxxxx", wanting to find a real spirit of camaraderie between us but it was all rather hollow. I could tell that there wasn't any reciprocative feeling there. He didn't respond.


For his colleague, driving, however, the response was different. [He is a false minister; an evil man.] He turned round and very condescendingly in an arrogant, smooth, smarmy, pompous manner, said: "If at any time we can be of help, by all means get in touch."


I put my hand on his shoulder and calmly responded: "Can I say something to you?" He replied, "Yes."


I said bluntly: "You know, you always talk down to people. With such arrogance, you are the last person I would ever come to if I needed help!"


Meaning: Two literal WCG ministers (being fulfilled as of writing) and also representing the WCG mindset: arrogant and aloof, but wanting to appear caring and good. These men not only think they are superior to others, but so does the WCG have similar arrogance and pride.


Proud UCG Minister


5th November 1999. M. Dream of a Minister in United Church of God. I was working at my desk in the office when Xxx crept past along the landing corridor, hoping I wouldn't notice him. He was going to the bathroom to get washed, but it was locked and he couldn't get in.


Meaning: He is seeking some of the aspects of truth which we tried to pass on to him some years ago, but he was too proud to accept them from us. He wants to get washed [acquire these truths] without me noticing. But why hide? Why not be transparent and be willing to converse with us?


If he's intent on salvaging his self-esteem or pride, it won't work. He won't be able to access the things of God.


We all need washing by the water of God's Word, but humility is the greatest key that unlocks God's water to us.


The Huge Tree Of The Church


27th Nov 1999. H. Dream of Huge Tree.

This tree was like a massive Cedar. It was not a living tree, but was put together humanly, with lots of branches fixed to one another tenuously, assembled for the sake of looks.


Meaning: A picture of the Church at this time, with its many churches and different denominations. They don't fit together as a living organism. There is no life flowing through them as a coherent whole. Things are mostly done for show, for the sake of appearance.


In the dream there was no light getting to the tree. Light depicts truth. God wants the churches to have more truth but they are not getting it. They don't want it. Leaders shut it out.


WCG Thief


27th February 2000. H. Next I dreamt of Dxxxx Sxxxx (name withheld, minister in the WCG) coming to see us. We had many items that were unusual [allegory of MM booklets], and he was determined to get one particular item. He went to great trouble to get what he wanted.


Meaning: The WCG have stolen many things from our literature, and have not given us any credit. Instead they have vilified us, opposed us, and slandered our names.


Further Reading: The Notorious Open Letter To The WCG.


Oppressive WCG Authority


27th May 2000. H. Authority in the WCG is oppressive.

In this dream I was staying with a few others at a camp run by guards. At the gate sat a German guard watching every- thing that went on. Those at the camp had to be careful and watch every step they made, submitting to his surveillance. There was a lack of communication and self-expression.


Meaning: This is the state of the WCG, the Churches of God, and most churches run by human authority.


Church Is Old And Empty Of Truth


31st March 2001 H. Allegory of the Church.

I was staying with some people in a big mansion. There were many rooms which were empty. The people were happy for others to move in. But I was not allowed to see the building on the outside, and the interior was old.


Meaning: The mansion pictures the Church. People are waiting for new things to happen. Some will be glad to receive us, but church leaders don't want us to look at it because of what we would say about it. They don't accept prophets.


The WCG And CoGs Are Unspiritual


3rd April 2001 H. Spiritually dead church.

I was staying with some people I knew from our previous church. There was someone among them who had a nervous breakdown in the past and had demonic influences in his life. He was a worldly character with many personal sins and was involved in drugs. [Allegory of the sinful state of some of these people. CoG people are not being delivered from demons.]

The people wanted to study about the Roman Empire, which is a very unspiritual subject. I wanted them to have some of our literature but was unable to get it to them.


I had a very old bike for travelling [allegory of MM's lack of funds] and I had to use the bus to get along part of the way.


Meaning: The Churches of God are unspiritual and preach mere intellectual knowledge. What MM has, needs to reach these dead Christians, but it is very hard to get our literature to them because of the restrictions imposed by their churches.


Moreover, our funding is not adequate for the job that has to be accomplished, and we need back-up and help.


The Church – Old-Fashioned, Divided


23rd Feb 2001. M. The Church Is Divided.

It was as if we were in a new home. I looked at the rooms. One had dark oak wall panelling. Another was decorated in a 1930s style. The rooms were all different and reflected different eras and personal tastes.


I wondered what to do about this, when I hit upon the right idea. We wanted to use the place for meetings, so that everyone could get into the same room and share fellowship.


So, I considered knocking down all the internal walls and supporting what was above with steel beams. Then, we could turn four rooms into one big room, where everyone could meet. That would be ideal.


Meaning: A figure of the Church in the whole world (the world is numerically represented by 4) with all its different denominations. Unity will only come when the differing doctrinal walls that separate each group are demolished and people willingly come together to fellowship with brothers and sisters from other groups and denominations.


Unity is created by a complete willingness to change and get in line with pure biblical truth. Partial truth is not enough. The function of MM is to bring that pure truth to believers.


The Spirit is behind this move, but it involves confrontation which people don't like. The resistant ones fail to move on in the Spirit and accept new truth, so division remains.


This process of confrontation, acceptance and change is only accomplished through the Spirit.


Preparing For MM Literature


3rd March 2001. M. Dream of preparing for literature.

A lady asked me to make her some bookshelves, and I set about to make them for her. We discussed what wood to use, and I was thinking of using ¾ inch board, as I have done previously. However, it was suggested that this was not substantial enough for the loading, and that 1¼ inch thick board would be required. I agreed. So, I set off to find the timber. (We don't have helpers. I have to do all these things – reminiscent of the earlier dream about our "do-it-yourself" ministry – Helena's dream of 16th July 2000.)


I went off on my motorbike to find this wood (I don't have a motorbike; this was in the dream). On the way, there was another rider on his bike in front of me on the road. He was a real nuisance because he kept meandering in and out in my path. I wanted to get a move on, but he was holding me up. I was exasperated and shouted to him to either speed up and get out of the way or to slow down and let me pass. Every time I tried to pass, he would speed up and prevent me overtaking. [This depicts how this individual wants to be in front; how he aspires to pre-eminence and wants to be in control. It also shows how he is uncooperative, and doesn't want to really help us in the work we have to do for God.]


Finally, I did manage to pass him. At this point the road became treacherous because it was packed snow and slippery. I slowed down, took the bends carefully, and maintained my position ahead of him. [Spiritual as well as physical meaning.]


When I got to the place where they sold this timber, there was no timber to be seen. It was like a built-up area, a housing estate. I wondered how they could have timber here, but they assured me they did. They told me that the wood I needed was in another place nearby and offered to take me there to show it to me. I agreed to go and see it. Before setting off there, I saw Peter Nathan (a false minister). He was standing there, with a smug, condescending manner. Patronisingly, he said something to me as if he was the Mr Know-It-All. (God is showing Peter Nathan's arrogance. There are many other CoG ministers who are equally corrupt in their spirit.) I ignored him and went off to see the timber I had come for. The dream ended there.


Meaning: The present stage of our ministry, in preparing for the influx of massive amounts of literature. God is saying that we need to prepare to produce and handle far more than what we have thought!


The WCG Finally Folds Up


27th June 2001. M. 2 dreams about the WCG.

1) The WCG finally folded up and Gxxxx Xxx Xxx Xxxxx (a former associate in that church) was looking for a new fellowship arrangement. He contacted me and was enquiring about meeting together. I asked him if he wanted to fellowship with us, but he was not happy about that arrangement. Instead, he expected us to come and fellowship with him.


Meaning: This man was a side-kick of WCG ministers and was appointed by their hierarchy to preach sermonettes. But the appointment to positions of human authority in the church bred attitudes of pride, arrogance, aloofness and spiritual superiority. The dream illustrated this.


The guy considered that we should be subservient to him in some sort of hierarchic pecking order, and that he is superior to us. To condescend to join in with our fellowship was out of the question. He considers that he has little to learn from us. This is typical of the vile attitude and approach in arrogant WCG overlords who always want to be pre-eminent. They don't look on fellowship meetings as opportunities to meet with God, but to exercise their own dominion over others!


The WCG's Lack Of Spirituality


2) In this dream I was planning to sing a song for special music during a church meeting. This was again as if I was associating with the WCG. (The dream was given to show their spiritual attitude and approach, not that I will actually associate with them.) The song I had chosen was particularly poignant.


It contained some words about a knife doing its work (implying that it would cut out the wickedness of man's heart, or kill evil, or something like that). It had a deep spiritual meaning. But Tonya said to me that it wouldn't be a good idea to sing that song because they would take it the wrong way.


Being so unspiritual, narrow-minded, and prejudiced against me, they would think it was provocative, coercive, aggressive, or something like that. They would fail to realise its spirituality and would be offended by it.


Meaning: The WCG's unspirituality and hostility towards me causes them to fail to accept our corrective message.


When The Power Comes


1st July 2001. M. Three dreams.

1) Waiting for the electricity to come.

In this dream I was on the sea shore and I was waiting for the electricity supply to be installed. While I was waiting, I put my bank paying-in book down on the ground [depicts our lack of finance to do this Work] and got on with something else.

Then the sea came in suddenly and 6 inches or a foot of water washed over the book and I lost sight of it. I looked and looked but couldn't see it.


I prayed to God to help me find it and it was supernaturally given back to me. (In the dream I didn't see how I got it back.)


Meaning: The electricity supply is the anointing from God bringing supernatural power to perform wonders. In this case, there will be many healings and a number of people raised from the dead.


Some people who don't understand, criticise and say that God's power is always here to heal and perform wonders. That is true up to a point, but there are special times in God's plan, appointed in His timetable to pour out unusual 'amounts' of His power. We can see this from Luke 5:17, where it says that power from God was present to heal the sick, etc. That strongly implies that such power is not always present.


Barbara Jackson


4th September 2001. H. Miss Jackson returns.

We were at a meeting, a church gathering. Suddenly Miss Jackson turned up and we were glad to see her and introduce her to the Church. [She died in 1999, but will be resurrected.]


The Church Is Like A Dungeon


5th September 2001. H. Dungeon visit.

I was visiting a dungeon. There was a pit with water in it. I had to be careful not to fall into it. There were plants and a grassy area, but it was very dry and it needed fresh water to make things grow. The place was not habitable.


Meaning: An allegory of the state of the Church. It has become a prison rather than a dwelling place for God's people.


The Antiquated WCG


14th Jan 2002. M. The old house of the WCG.

We were visiting an old house to have a look around it. We went inside. The ceilings were so antiquated and high – about 15 feet high! I noticed a water pipe below the ceiling, which would usually be above the ceiling. Someone had tried to disguise it by covering it with plaster like the ceiling itself.


This room also had old fashioned 'chunky' mouldings and cornices. In the hallway, there were some equally old paintings like old masters. One was of a ship – a galleon – at sea.


The whole place was so much behind the times. I asked, in a very soft voice (not wanting to disturb anyone), to the man who had let us in, if we could see the rest of the house and whether the woman, whom we presumed lived there, would let us in. We waited for him to come back to us, but he didn't. We were just kept waiting. She didn't appear, nor did he.

Meaning: This dream depicts the WCG. We know this because it was given when we had contact by correspondence with one of its church leaders. The church is antiquated, but they have tried to 'modernise' it, without much success. It's a bodged job. Like the painting in the dream, the church is 'all at sea'. [CoGs have the same mindset with different doctrines.]


We had just written to the man in the dream. God warns us through the dream that he will fail to be truly open and will not respond, despite the polite and endearing tone in my letters. That occurred precisely as God predicted! [Always does!!]


Get A Move On! There's Little Time!


19th Jan 2002. M. 3 Dreams.

1) Going to the Train Station.

People were walking along slowly down a railway track. I came up from behind and passed them, moving briskly. I nimbly skipped from sleepers to the rails, and off the track, down a slope into a train station. The people I had passed seemed a bit surprised at the speed with which I was walking.


Meaning: We have a sense of urgency to move ahead. It's necessary. There is so little time to get things done. But most Christians are just ambling along, not realising the urgency of the times. There is much to be done in a very short space of time! So, everyone needs to really move!


WCG Minister Hides The Truth


5th January 2002. H. 2 dreams.

1. Dream of WCG minister.

He looked much older (signifying spiritual tiredness). He was interested in seeing some of our cushions, which were designed in different shapes, in light blue colour. I left him to have a good look, but when I came back the cushions had been hidden under an armchair cushion.


Meaning: These cushions pictured are MM publications inspired by God (blue, which is a heavenly colour). A few weeks ago we sent a certain WCG church leader some of our literature which he would find interesting and challenging. However, because of pride and fear he did nothing about the new truths. He hid them away.


Hard Church Leadership

(False Ministers)


2. Evil church leadership.

I was shown men who were used by the devil. They were part of the church leadership structure. Their faces looked rigid, mechanical and hard.


Meaning: These men are false ministers controlling the Church through their leadership, keeping God's people in bondage and blocking the flow of the Holy Spirit, causing the Church to fall asleep and die spiritually. The Church needs to be released from the grip of the synagogue of Satan (Rev 3:9).


CoGs Are Perverse!


17th March 2002. M.

The perverse pride of the Churches of God.

I saw a woman. This woman unzipped her trousers and exposed herself. But she was a man! She was proud to let her male member hang out, and did this on more than one occasion. It was uncircumcised.


Lest you get the wrong impression, this dream's perverse sexuality was not erotic. God is using the imagery to convey something in the spiritual, if you have the eyes to perceive it. In the Bible (mostly in Revelation), God uses sexual imagery or likenesses to portray spiritual qualities or characteristics.


The dream was given after an ex-WCG man had called me on the phone mentioning what they had covered in their Sabbath meeting. He had invited a Church of God preacher to come and preach a sermon to his group. God wants to convey something to help him in his spiritual journey towards the Kingdom of God. [But he won't receive it.]


A woman being a man sounds ridiculous, but it conveys the fact that the subject(s) of the dream should be part of the Bride of Christ, although he (or they) is a man. While one person was depicted, it can include others who are of the same mind. It depicts those with a Church of God mindset.


They have a perverse pride in what they possess, or think they possess. This pride runs throughout the Churches of God which are spin-offs of the WCG system. They are proud of their heritage, of the 'biblical knowledge' which they possess.

But, God portrayed this person as uncircumcised, meaning unconverted. They have not yet allowed the Spirit of God to change them within, but still have a hard heart that is resistant to the cleansing of the Holy Spirit.


To be blunt, they operate 'in the flesh' and don't accept the Holy Spirit, so they reject spiritual gifts, the value of revelation from God through prophets, and the everyday guidance of the Holy Spirit which they could have (when needed) like the prophet receives in dreams, visions, prophetic words and with signs and wonders as God provides to fulfil His plan.


All in all, they simply carry on in spiritual perversity because they are proud and self-satisfied with their present state and don't want more of God. In this state, the words of God through His prophets sound strange and they can't understand. Jesus called such ritualists blind.


The Churches Of God

Steal What Is Ours


On 3rd May 2002 God gave me (M) 2 dreams.

In the first one, a former friend (I will call him Peter – not his real name) who is now a minister in a 'Church of God' group bought a caravan worth between £1,000 and £2,000 which should have been ours. The owner was offering it for sale for only £300. Peter had the cheek to offer him £250 for it (which illustrates his personal stinginess). He bought it for that, but I knew that it should really have come to us.


Meaning: The caravan, worth a lot to us, represents the financial support we should have had from various people who have joined the offshoot CoG church to which Peter has given his loyalties. During the nineties, we paid out a lot of money and effort to try to deliver those people from the WCG and its dominating, restrictive mentality, but they have been 'stolen' from supporting us by the selfishness and cunning of others.


Peter knew us well. He knew we were faithful to God and His truth but he ignored us. He never contacted us, despite my attempts in the early nineties to reach him with further truth from God. We sent wave after wave of publications, tapes and videos to show what was wrong with the WCG and its theology. It cost us thousands! For all our sacrifice, we never had a proper word of thanks or financial remuneration from anyone bred by the ungrateful selfish WCG system.


During those years that we tried to alert WCG members to the spiritual dangers they faced, Peter stayed in the WCG, only leaving them some years later. Now 'his' church leadership financially benefits from those who left WCG at that same time to follow 'his' group.


God is saying that their tithes rightfully belong to us.


The Exhibition And Outpouring


2) We had a big top, a circus tent.

It was huge. Inside this marquee were many exhibits. Much was being offered, and a great deal had been assembled for people to enjoy and gain from. God portrayed it in a very positive light.


Then there was a massive downpour. Some rain came through the roof and, although I could not see what damage it had caused, I knew that it must have caused problems.


Meaning: The dream portrays in symbol, this ministry in the near future, after expansion. What is on offer under this canopy are many publications that have been assembled over the years since 1991. Their positive impact and appeal was also indicated in the dream. But Satan is out to destroy the value of God's liberating truth. In symbol, the devil tries to harness the heavy rain as a destructive force.


Most People Are Not Prepared To Pay


7th May 2002. M. People's Reluctance to Contribute.

I was sitting in the middle of an audience of people. A man came up to me holding a copy of Volume 1 of Articles of Faith. He had obviously benefited from reading it and asked me if the next volume was available. I said regrettably that it wasn't, because of lack of funds to print. "It is written, but we need about £10,000." At that, he was visibly shocked.


Meaning: People don't realise what it takes to do this work. They have no concept of the massive costs involved, which are totally out of reach of individuals like us who have so little support that the word is a joke. His body reaction and language showed that he wasn't prepared to pay the high price towards producing these publications, despite the fact that he found them very helpful. The dream highlights the lack of commitment in people.


Read about the commitment in the fledgling Church. It was totally different. It was total: All the believers were one in heart and mind. No-one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had (Acts 4:32, NIV).


If there were the same commitment today to doing God's Work, we would not be short of funds to do the job. But "everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ" (Phil 2:21, NIV).


Jesus has raised up an Elijah-like work, to bring down the strongholds of Satan that bind people in pagan syncretism and a compromised faith, and "they paid no attention and went off – one to his field, another to his business" (Matt 22:5, NIV). (See also the leaflet God's Work Cancelled For Lack of Interest! and under Firstfruits in the box below.)


Hungry For The Meat We Offer


27th July 2002. M. The spiritual food is really good here!

I saw beefburgers on brown bread or toast, being served. People were coming from far and wide to collect them. Some drove all the way from Scotland to get them! I thought they were crazy! In the physical it made no sense to come and collect a burger, but these represented the meat of the Word of God which we were offering, and these people were that hungry for God's truths!


Helena had a dream also, which showed that former WCG friends, who are now in CoGs, will thank us and be grateful for the deliverance they will receive beginning with the Mind of God series of booklets. (The dream was given during the week these were being revised and prepared for reprinting.)


What CoG Ministers Need To Read


21st August 2002. M.

A CoG minister who drastically needs to revise his teaching.

Fxxxx Nxxxx. This person's approach and teaching is 'primitive', God says. It needs modifying and updating.


He needs 14 publications to redress the lacks in his teaching: LAD, Lis, ISG, AA7-3, 3-7, 8-2, NDE, 10V, MG4, GC, MG1, MG2, DV, PP; but he doesn't care to learn and know!


Some In CoGs Will Be Supportive


25th July 2002. H. CoG showing us affection.

A lady whom I knew from the WCG was keen to show me affection and love. I was glad to respond likewise.


Meaning: The lady represents some in the Church of God groups who will give us support once their eyes are opened. We have literature to help them spiritually. Although they have opposed us up until now, they will change and help us to give the witness. (Dream given at the time when the Understanding The Mind of God series of booklets were going to print.)


Jesus Is So Wonderful!


27th July 2002. H. Sweet Jesus and His bride.

I had a dream of a young man of Middle East origin. I was telling him, "You are so sweet! Did anyone tell you how sweet you are?"


Meaning: The Man is Jesus. The Church should be learning to show Jesus affection and to make herself ready to be His bride. Jesus is waiting for her!


Iraq War Confirmed Beforehand


28th July 2002. M.

Iraq and the 'alliance' between America and Britain.

In this dream, four men were in a car. It must have been in America; the car was left hand drive. Tony Blair was on the left in the back seat; someone was to his right, but I didn't know who that was. George Bush was in the front right hand seat (passenger seat), and the driver was a US air force pilot who had just successfully completed an important mission. George Bush was elated and was congratulating the pilot on his mission accomplished. I was not shown where this mission was, but it might represent the first assault on Iraq, which may be in the planning stages at the moment. [God tells us various things in dreams about world events, before they occur.]


Our Task Similar To Deborah's


29th July 2002. H. In a big house.

We were in a big house where there was a peacock inside. A film about Deborah was available to see and I was keen to watch it.


Meaning: The peacock represents blessing from God. (What God gives is so beautiful.) Deborah was a prophetess and a judge to Israel. God used her and Barak to deliver Israel from their enemies. God has given us a job to do, to deliver people from their spiritual enemy. This is a complex job and only God can help us to accomplish it. This story of deliverance at this end time would make an interesting film.


Apostate Christians


9th August 2002. H. Blind and unwell Christians.

Mr and Mrs Sxxxxx came through the front door. Mr. Sxxxxx was unwell, blind, and a shadow of his former self.


Meaning: Their loyalty to their apostate church has nearly killed them spiritually. [Note: 2005. He is now blind, 3 years later.] They gave their loyalties to their church instead of to God. If they were to change their focus and direction of adoration, he could be healed of his blindness.


Note: To give your loyalty to anything or anyone other than to Jesus, is to accept the Mark of the Beast, which is a symbol of homage to man instead of to God.


This is explained in the book, Understanding The Book of Revelation (Rev) from Midnight Ministries


The Allegory of The Firstfruits


Our work for God will not fail, (because it is ordained by Him), but it may falter. God allows that for various reasons.

One reason is to show those who have let us down how their failure has hurt and hindered us. It is meant to bring them to repentance, so that they turn over a new leaf and do what God expects of them first, before they do what they want for themselves.

That was the spiritual lesson to be learned from the allegory of the firstfruits (Prov 3:9) and the giving of the firstborn under the old covenant (Ex 13:12).

The extension of it in the new covenant is epitomised by Christ, who went before us, showing us the sacrificial example to emulate.




WCG Minister & His Drab Doctrines


14th September 2002. H. Old drab clothes.

I met up with D Silcox and his first wife. They were not together but were present at a market place. They were selling old fashioned clothes, dark and drab looking and not very appealing to the eye.


Meaning: The man's first wife stands for the old church with its ritualistic emphasis, and the clothes represent their church doctrines which are old-fashioned and lack vitality. Not only are they old-fashioned, they are mixed with error! The WCG has apostatised and taken on board orthodox opinions.


The Evil WCG


30th September 2002. H.

A black man secretly moved in.


A black man from Pasadena moved into one of our bedrooms with his three children. He did this secretly without wanting us to see that he was there. I peeped into the room and saw the man lying on the bed completely naked. He was apparently separated from his wife. Suddenly he disappeared.


I enquired at the local GP waiting room to see if anyone had seen them and someone told me that they left a message saying they wanted an anointing from us.


Meaning: The man represents the WCG and the three children are offshoot churches. Being black is a comparison with being a Gentile. It illustrates being unconverted and evil.


The sudden disappearance refers to the WCG's downfall through apostasy, members leaving, and its failure to continue as an instrument in God's hands.


Enquiring at the GP's (doctor's) is an allusion to the WCG's spiritual sickness. But they want the power that God is giving us, hence they asked for anointing, but don't want to pay the price necessary to receive it. They don't want to hang around us because they are of a different spirit.


13th November 2002. H. Tart on stage.

I was mixing with many people. I noticed one young woman who behaved like a tart. Some people got lifted up on a platform above the other people, and the tart was there behaving lewdly and exposing her bottom to others. I was furious and when she came down I gave her a verbal lashing for behaving lewdly.


She was shaken by this and ran off. I said to the group of people, "If you are meant to go for somebody, then do it." [Because people don't understand confrontation and they shy away from it.] I felt that President Bush was there. He had to deal with unfinished business! [Become truly converted.]


Meaning: Lately we have had dealings with someone from WCG who has thrown away their spiritual garments – the truth. They elevate themselves, along with others, and our job is to expose their nakedness. Other churches (especially CoGs) are equally guilty of pride and arrogance, and false teaching.


A Friend Asks For Help


8th Nov 2002. M. 2 dreams. 1) Cxxxxn.

It seemed that the IR was giving him some stick, and wanting more tax out of him.


Meaning: It may have a literal fulfilment, but also it may depict the fact that God requires more from such CoG people.


2) In the second dream, Someone was wanting me to assist him in his work. He was doing some fiddly work, trying to cut a slender drill bit which was only about ½ inch long. He asked me to pass him the pliers. I looked around but couldn't see them at first. I felt a bit incompetent and lacking confidence in such an area [this ministry work to which I am called is not something which I personally want; humanly I feel inadequate]. Then I saw the pliers and passed them to him. He wanted me to do something else to assist him, too, but I didn't see what it was.

Meaning: God is saying these CoG people need our help.


Two New Suits


30th Nov 2002. M. New suits.

Helena had obtained two new suits for me in the sales (not real, this is symbolic). They were dark charcoal with a delicate, thin red check pattern; very smart. They were reduced to £150.


In the next scene I saw someone else wearing one of my suits. He was standing in a long queue of people, waiting in the shop. But he was not facing the counter, the direction others were looking, he was facing the other way, towards us. He was a stocky, well-built fellow. (I wonder if this is Michael Howard?)


In the next scene, I was doing something else with a vehicle, and had a small pool of petrol on top of the load. Exx was there with a new suit on, which had also been reduced in the sales from £170 to £140. It was green and looked very smart. But he was waving a lighted paper around. It was so dangerous with the petrol nearby. I shouted at him to stop being so stupid.


Then there were other scenes of things to be done, grass to be mowed in a churchyard next to someone else's property, etc.


Meaning: Suits represent something which God has given; something spiritual; an anointing or covering for His purposes.

While the suits clothe us with God's power and abilities for the sake of reaching others with His message, they do bring the wearer some honour, and identify him to others. (You will know a prophet by his fruits. In Matthew 7:15-20, Jesus tells how to identify false prophets. True prophets, conversely, are recognised by their good fruits and by what God does with them or says about them to others who are receptive to His Spirit.)


Two leaflets (amongst other publications) contain input from God, showing that I do not come to promote myself, but that I speak for God especially in MM publications: Revelations From God About MM; and What God Said About MM.


What Makes Prayer Succeed


5) A man came up to me and asked me to pray for a friend of his who was very sick. I looked over my shoulder to see the infirm young man. He was standing facing another man, which represents the ministry to which he looks and is loyal. He didn't come to me like his friend did, asking for help. I refused to pray for him. I told the inquirer that prayer is not a formula or magic ritual for releasing people from sickness. People can be healed as they surrender their lives to God. That yielding to God in the spirit is the basis of proper prayer, so miracles and healings take place as people sort their lives out before God.


Presumably the man had come to ask me because he had seen so many others healed in our ministry. But I told him that Jesus only spent a few percent of His time attending to the sick, praying for them or healing them. He spent something like 90% of His ministry time teaching them. I told the man to tell his friend to get his mind transformed by the teachings we publish. Then he could expect healing.


The dream illustrates how people tend to look to the minister whom they see performing miracles or delivering people from demons and sicknesses, instead of to God who is the One behind such feats.


For people to really come into the presence of God and know His love, they have to accept the full teaching of the gospel God makes available. They must not be loyal to their church, or their ministry, or their minister. They must accept the whole counsel of God – all available truth from God.


Fired Up Against Jim Rector!


5th Dec 2002. M. The Fire.

I was in a pleasant open space like a village green. Our car [symbolises our ministry] was there and I was copying some tapes in the car. Suddenly a conflagration erupted in the car and we rushed to grab hold of a hose to put the fire out. It was quite a large fire!


Meaning: This dream was fulfilled in a verbal conflagration that ignited between me and Jim Rector in the USA. Jim R had plagiarised my book God's Church – Whose Authority? He read whole sections of it on a tape he made in 1996 entitled Who Is The Greatest? but he gave no credit to me whatsoever. He didn't even mention to his audience where any of his material came from, or where they could obtain a copy of my book. He was using my material and taking all the credit for himself. [The WCG has done similarly with material from MM publications.]


I wrote to him about this and encouraged him to make the appropriate restitution of the wrong. I asked him to either send me his mailing list so that we could send them each a copy of that book (I didn't ask him to bear any costs), or to offer it to them on one of his regular tapes. But he refused. He shut the door on them, so he maintained full control over them (an indicator of someone who is motivated by an evil spirit).


Instead of rectifying his misdemeanour against me (and against his mailing list) he then ruthlessly attacked me on a tape he made on 22nd February 1997. I subsequently made a series of three audio tapes as a rebuttal of his false claims (The Truth About Jim Rector). But those went to so few on his mailing list – because we obviously had no way of reaching most of those people – that they still remain to be released and to know the full truth that has been denied them.


The more recent dream summarises what happened, but would also seem to indicate that this conflagration is far from over! Churches of God, who broke away from the WCG after the mid-nineties Great Apostasy which Tkach fuelled, are still hampered by a near total lack of appreciation of spiritual gifts and things supernatural. These tapes prepare the ground for an acceptance of the gifts of God's Spirit, besides exposing what is wrong with most CoG ministers whose approach mimics that of Jim Rector. False ministers display telltale traits, chief among which is wanting pre-eminence or control.


God Depicts Our Contact With

One Of The WCG / CoG Offshoots


16th Dec 2002. M. I went in my van to buy some cement at the builders' merchants. I enquired about the price; I was very careful with our money. It had to go a long way. They couldn't supply me with the five bags I wanted; so I had to settle for two. [In this job of building up the House of God, we are short of what we need, physically, to do the task as well as we would like.]


As I went on my way, somehow I had a cup of grain (wheat seeds) in my hand. [These depict the Word of God which we carry in our publications, to be planted in others' lives.]


I went into a housing estate. [The Churches of God.] Everything seemed to be very neat and orderly. It was a quiet and respectable neighbourhood [there are many demons of respectability, by the way].


The houses were built in the mid-20th century, rather old- fashioned now, but one of them had some bizarre alterations done to the roof. They had altered the roof to open it up in an outlandish modern style, with big wooden beams projecting at ostentatious oblique angles and glass in between. [One of the off-shoot organizations which has tried to be more open and modern than most in the CoG movement. But God is not impressed with it.] It was designed to let more light in.


I entered this house from above, on the upstairs floor, and called out "Hello, is anybody there?" A lady appeared, really disturbed that I was inside. She was really agitated and worried. But I wasn't there to do her any harm, although it was clear she feared I was. [People are suspicious of, and reject, prophets.]  She would have wondered how I got in and why. I merely said something about the grain in the cup in my hand.

I went downstairs to leave and on the way out saw two other workmen who were not doing much, but were there in her house.


Meaning: The dream was about our contact with Norman Edwards' organisation which published a paper called Servant's News. He rejected our input, so I left as the dream portrayed. The next dream also portrayed him.


More About Norman Edwards


18th Dec 2002. M. I saw a young girl, aged about 7 or 8. Her left leg was half the thickness of a normal leg. It was like a stick in comparison to her other leg. How it had got like this astonished me. I was shown that it was due to another person's self-will. This other person was in a position of power or control. He was in ministry. [The effect of CoG 'ministry'.]


There had been a situation where this girl was so close to what he was doing, that she was entwined with his project.


I was not shown what his project was except that it was represented by some timbers in what appeared to be mud and water. But, rather than cut the timbers of his project back, he cut her leg down the middle from top to toe, so it was now half its normal width. (I didn't see any blood or bone; it was just like a normal leg except for its thinness.) He had done this to salvage his project. That was more important to him than her or her leg.


Naturally, she was sad about the condition of her leg and had to live with this deformity for the rest of her life.


Meaning: About Norman Edwards who compiled a journal called Servant's News. I wrote to him the day before the dream.

In the next part of this dream, three young women were in touch with me and wanted to help me in my work. They were on the look-out for information that they thought I would need to know about. They came to me with a paper in which they had found something significant and showed this to me. As it happened, I had seen this news the day before and told them. But I thanked them for their help and told them to keep me informed of anything else that they might come across that they thought might be useful to me.


[Meaning: It shows that others think they can inform us, or have something to teach us, but really God gives us what we need to know to do the job.]


In the third part, I had just finished mowing the lawn. It looked very nice. Then I realised that it was December. It was most unusual to be doing such a thing in that month!


Meaning: Probably means some amazing and unexpected things are ahead. But God is a God of miracles and He is behind us, so we can expect the unexpected!


Raising The Dead


14th Dec 2002. M. 2 dreams. 2) Raising the dead.

In this dream I was being most emphatic to various people about raising the dead. I boldly challenged them, and moved into position to be the agent for God to restore life to a dead person. The person came back to life.


Then, a short while later, I had another assignment to raise someone from the dead. It was as if it was only the next day or next week. Before it could happen, though, I had to really confront these people with their spiritual obduracy, unwilling- ness to accept new truth, and their unbelief.


Meaning: God raises the dead for important spiritual reasons, not for fun! He uses His power to draw people's attention to Him, to the truth He wants them to believe. But that inevitably is confrontational, because people don't naturally want the truth.


How You Use Money Indicates

Where Your Heart Is


19th Dec 2002. M. Several dreams.

1) I dreamed that I met up with John Ferrier, a New Zealander I knew in College over 30 years ago. It was at what seemed to be some sort of function like a Feast gathering.


I also met another man whom I knew from the past. He was working in a Far Eastern country in the financial markets, selling bonds. I thought to myself, "Oh, goodie. We could do with some money!" I hoped that he would realise our desperate plight for funds to do this work, and give us a donation, but there was no indication in the dream that he did.


Meaning: Most people are insensitive to our needs in operating this ministry. When we are 'famous', they may seek contact with us and be glad to renew friendship again, but when it comes to practical usefulness and thoughtful generosity there is precious little of that!


Money is a great indicator of where your heart is, and your state of spiritual awareness.


I Am Falsely Accused Of Arrogance


11th Jan 2003. M. A person came against me with a very hurtful false accusation. They accused me of the height of arrogance for writing what I have done. But I have written under the anointing of God. They accuse me of arrogance because they are jealous and resent what I have written. They want to bring me and 'my' writings into disrepute.


Jim Rector's Broken Window


15th Jan 2003. M. Several dreams. One was of a Velux window that needed mending. A Velux window is a window in a roof that lets light in. It has specially designed hinges so that it can be opened and closed, but this one was broken so that it could not be closed. I went about to fix it.


Meaning: This became clear a day later when I had to write a stiff letter to a minister (JR) who was not accepting the gifts of the Spirit and who will not accept our prophetic status. He holds his hearers in captivity, causing them to bow down to him instead of to Jesus, and keeps them in spiritual poverty.


On 16th Jan, Helena also had a dream about JR, which explained more about his prideful resistance to the Spirit. [God reveals the hearts, or motives, of people to His prophets.]


Antiquated CoG Stuff Must Go


21st January 2003. H. Useless equipment from AC.

I was doing some cleaning. I reached under an armchair and found a piece of equipment which was old and useless. I felt it was used at Ambassador College probably 30-40 years ago. The only value this piece had was a scrap value, and the plastic on it could be recycled.


Meaning: God is showing that some church practices should be scrapped like a piece of rubbish. But people tend to hold onto these old teachings and old ways. God is doing a new thing and we have to use the new methods to do what God wants to be done to prepare the Bride for Jesus' return.


The antiquated ways of thinking particularly apply to CoGs.


WCG and CoG Unbelief Is Huge!


10th Jan 2003. M. I was talking to a minister from a WCG background. I was trying to convince him about the reality and closeness of the power of God. I told him about what Pentecostals have experienced for a long time – the manifest presence of God in meetings. But he didn't want to be convinced. I tried to explain to him that when people meet together, anticipating the moving of God to produce the miraculous, the presence of the Spirit of God can be almost tangible. Sometimes it IS even tangible! Either way, you can sense the presence of God, often within. However, this man just didn't seem to want to believe it.


Then I saw Dxxxx Sxxxx coming towards me. I was glad to see him. My hand was dirty from working with guttering. I had some sticky mastic on it. Mischievously, I thought I would play a prank on D, so I held out my hand, encouraging him to come closer and shake my hand. But, he was suspicious about what I was up to, and declined. He wasn't in a mood for jokes or didn't trust me. His caution made him hold back.


Meaning: This is an allegory of the approach of WCG and CoG ministers who have known us in the past. They don't trust us.


I mean them no ill-will, but they can't accept that. I would like to banter with them in a lighthearted fashion, continuing the friendship of the past, but they're not interested in responding in like manner. They have a mixture of suspicion, distrust and even some resentment against me, because they know I have said and written much against the WCG. What they have yet to see is that it was not just me doing that. I was used by God.


The conversation about the power of God which manifests in meetings reveals how the WCG (and CoG offshoots) have not changed their former bias against 'Pentecostalism'.


When we exited the WCG many moons ago, God led us into the company of Pentecostals. We learned about the moving of the power of God in meetings. We experienced it, and continue to do so every week. We accepted the gifts of the Spirit.


The CoGs and WCG have yet to do that, despite any 'noises' they make to the contrary. Their unbelief is huge!


Unbelief is one of the worst sins. It denies God at His very core. It denies His love, His ability, and rebels against trusting Him. The unbelieving will be excluded from a reward (Rev 21:8).


The Bride's Dress Is All Creased!


18th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams

1) Superficial socialising.

I saw people mingling together. Two people were speaking Polish. I recognised the language. There was a casual, superficial atmosphere and everyone was doing their own thing. [Depicts the superficial fellowship in churches.]


I saw a tall lady with a cream coloured garment, it looked like a bridal gown with a long train. The design of it was quite ordinary, but the dress was untidy and creased. I got hold of the end of the train and the creases began to unravel. The dress got straightened out. (Dream account truncated.)


Church Needs Purified Teachings


2) Woman purifying herself.

I saw a woman going to the toilet. She was also examining her garments and was keen to have them washed.


Meaning: This is symbolic of the Church which needs to be cleaned up and purified. The Church needs to examine her teachings and beliefs to get in line with the pure Word of God.


Pride, Self-Will, & Stubbornness


19th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams

1) Plants being rooted.

I saw some plants getting rooted beside the flowing river.


Meaning: When you decide to do things God's way, submitting to God totally and dying to self, then you can be properly fed through the Holy Spirit.


Stubbornness blocks what God wants to do with us. Self-will and stubbornness allows the devil into our lives and God is pushed away. Pride and stubbornness go together.


Consume MM Steaks Quickly!


2) Steak meat.

I was given a trolley full of thinly sliced steaks of meat. They needed to be used up quickly before they got spoilt.


Meaning: This represents MM literature being prepared. It must go out quickly, as time is short. The job is urgent and the Church needs revival and feeding. The tribulation is near. Jesus said to Peter urgently, "Feed My sheep."


Church Of God 7th Day, Restrictive


10th Feb 2003. M. CoG7.

I was going with a man (I will call him Paul) to a prestigious block of flats in London. These flats looked very nice from the outside. The building was a modern high-rise, fronted with glass and classy looking grey panels below the glass. I felt it was really something special, as if it were in Mayfair, the most sought-after location in London. [A member's opinion of his church. He thinks highly of it!] I was going with Paul to his flat, and I felt a bond between us.


When I went into his flat I was surprised to find it very poky [spiritually restrictive]. There were only two rooms, both used as bedrooms, and they were quite small. One single bed took up about a third of the room. There was one bed in each room and the beds were unmade after being slept in [neglect]. There was so little space that the bed was nearly tight up against the door, so it was very difficult to get in or out [no freedom or scope for you to move in the Spirit].


I went over to the window and pulled back the curtain, wondering what the view would be like. I was astonished. There was no outlook to the outside world. Instead, it overlooked someone else's bedroom [their heritage from their SDA and CoG7 past], which was on a bit of a lower level [they have only moved up a bit, spiritually]. A couple were asleep in their double bed [sleep depicts deception, spiritual unawareness]. I looked at Paul, amazed, and quickly shut the curtains. I commented something about how terrible it was, that you might look out into their room and see someone totally naked. [Nakedness depicts spiritual lacks.] It was far from ideal!


Then Paul asked me if I had seen his cat. I was just about to say 'No', when I saw the cat come out from a corner. He saw me and came over to greet me. He was very friendly and was like a large black and white cat we once had called George. He was very affectionate, and I responded by putting both hands to his head and affectionately stroking him, saying "Hello, you know me, don't you?" like old friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time. [I love these people, but they don't respond. Cats are self-willed, so are these people.]


The flat was a far from ideal place for the cat to live. It had no real freedom and was very shut in in such an environment. Wherever Paul went he took the cat on a lead.


Meaning: I didn't know what the dream portrayed until later the same day, when I heard from a lady in London, who told me about her recent visit to a congregation of the Church of God 7th Day in London.


The imagery is depictive of their spiritual situation and the specific circumstances surrounding her contact with them.


God wants to help them move on in the Spirit. They may say they accept tongues and other gifts of the Spirit, but they would because it's in the Bible. But it's not part of their experience. They need to read the following:

Raised From The Dead At Midnight

The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints

An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts

Prophets and Prophesying

Who Is The End-Time Elijah?

Dreams and Visions From God

Listening To God

God's Church – Whose Authority?

Apostasy in God's Church!

Meetings With Jesus.

These would open up and broaden their spiritual horizons. They need to move on into an experience of the power of God, an acceptance of spiritual gifts so that they can give the Spirit free rein in meetings, and correct the errors in their calendar.


Most of the CoG7 doesn't keep the holy days, so if they keep Passover, that may be all that they observe. They need God's Calendar Revealed To Man and The Festivals of God.


Psalm 107:5 has some symbolic significance in this context for these people, and the rest of the Psalm.


Despite writing to these people there was no response! Dead churches don't respond. They won't further truth. God judges them as Jesus says in Revelation 2 and 3.


Your Good Works Follow You


16th Feb 2003. M. 2 dreams. 1) The attachments.

People were attaching something to themselves, as a result of what this ministry provides. They went with these 'attachments' following on behind them wherever they went.


Meaning: Their good deeds which follow after them. See Rev 14:13. The result of how their lives have changed as a result of 'our' teachings. God rewards you for everything you do and that will be with you for eternity!


Predicting Death Of Church Leaders


18th Feb 2003. M.

Predicting the death of church leadership.

We were preparing for a man's funeral. We had dug the grave and the coffin was ready. The lid was open. But the man was not dead yet. How was the funeral going to go ahead without the corpse? Then someone (the dream didn't show who, but seemed to infer that it was either me or Helena) determined that they would kill the man. I wondered how we could do that without being found guilty. It was a totally unrealistic proposition.


Meaning: This dream was given in the wake of Newsletter 20 which outlined the necessity for home fellowships to take over from organised churches where there is dominant male leadership, often autocratic and inflexible to the new demands of the Spirit. It is an allegory of the need for church leadership to 'die'. But 'he' is not dead yet. So, those who see what is wrong with church leadership must speak out against it and put to death whatever is against the wishes of the Spirit.


Antiquated Churches Of God


2) The Antiquated Church of God mentality.

I heard a car pull up outside. I peeped out of the window to see who it might be and I saw an old Morris Minor estate (about 30 years old) had pulled up on the main road. It was JB. (A CoG minister.)


Because I wasn't dressed (it was early morning), I didn't go out to meet him, but Helena did. I went in the bathroom to get ready. Later, I saw him bringing some farm equipment onto our property. It was also the Sabbath when he was doing this. I was unable to stop him.


Meaning: The car represents the CoGs with their antiquated theology and practice.


JB coming here with his farm equipment symbolises how such people will want to bring along their old ways of doing things, particularly in worship meetings on the Sabbath.


And the fact that he was bringing this stuff in on the Sabbath is an indicator that they do not keep the Sabbath properly in the Spirit; their obedience is merely in the flesh. They need the moving of the Spirit!


They need to welcome the Spirit and move in spiritual gifts instead of traditional Spirit-dead (human) ways.


Combining this with other dreams, it predicts that when such people make contact with us they will want to continue down their traditional route, rather than learn from us about being Spirit-led. [This has now occurred, in 2005.]


Prejudices, dogmas and selfishness keep them attached to the old junk in their spiritual lives.


WCG Man Commits Adultery


22nd February 2003. H. Fornication.

Dream of activities, sorting things out. A man [symbol of someone unconverted, who will not submit to God] in the background wanted to sleep with another woman and went out of sight to do what he wanted – he committed fornication.


Meaning: This dream was about someone who has had MM literature from us but is too proud to accept the full measure of the truth. He refused to make changes to his life. He would rather go to his regular church (represented by the woman) which was the WCG, and carry on with old traditions.


This man committed spiritual fornication, refused to change and humble himself to accept God's pure truth and His ways.


Fear Holds Many People Back


2nd March 2003. H. 2) Baby fell in puddle.

I was taking care of a baby and making it comfortable. I had to go somewhere for a while and when I came back the baby in the basket had fallen into a small puddle of water.


I was concerned about the baby which looked very poorly. I thought it had died. I tried to revive it and the baby came back to life.


Meaning: This portrays a person who was given a challenge to give a witness to his family who are not believers, but the whole situation was too much for him. He couldn't do it because of fear.


Fear is a powerful emotion, and if we give in to it, it can paralyse us and make us ineffective. Doing the will of God is not easy, and the devil is always ready to steal away what is good. But you can overcome with commitment and humility.


Comment: Overcoming fear: From experience I have found that the way to overcome fear is to determine to do the very thing you fear to do. When you set your will to do it, no matter what the personal cost to yourself – regardless of being rejected, hated, ridiculed, or persecuted – then God helps you through it. The basis of much fear of others is self. We want people to like us, accept us, and treat us well. But when we are willing to give up what we want for ourselves, fear is conquered.


That is the 'secret' to overcoming anything – being willing to die to self. That's when God steps in and gives you assistance if you don't quite have whatever you need to do what you should.


The old saying, "God helps those who help themselves" is so true, when you understand its reason. It's not self-motivation – doing something for yourself – but Godly motivation – doing it for God.


God Says To You: "WAKE UP!"


14th March 2003. H. "Wake up!"

The front door bell rang. A voice said, "Wake up!"


Meaning: An angel was used to give us a wake up call to prepare for the future. Things can happen very quickly and we need to be spiritually ready.


It is also a call to YOU to awake and be ready!


God Sends A Financial Deliverer


20th March 2003. H. 2 Dreams.

1) Support for the work. There was a small group of people and Richard was there waiting with them. We brought some logs for someone. A lady offered to invest in the ministry and I gave her our details and told her of our great need, and that she would be blessed for helping us.


Meaning: The logs represent the MM literature which we produce. God will use someone to help us to get the job done. God will provide financially in a miraculous way.


This is what He did some time after the dream. God moved someone to help pay off our debts.


Taking The Church Back To Its Roots


2) Carrying a child to its motherland.

I was carrying a child in my arms and walked into a beautiful mountainous area. The beauty was breathtaking.


I said to the child, "We are going into the area where your grandmother was born."


Meaning: The child is the Church, God is carrying the Church back to its roots, the faith which was once delivered to the saints, where there was purity and truth, beauty and holiness. That is the whole purpose of the journey: to prepare the Church for Jesus' return and for the Kingdom of God.


In The Company Of Famous People


2nd April 2003. H. Famous people.

I was in the company of famous people. Two of them were Richard and Judy (Channel 4 TV presenters). Judy told me of some health problems. I was in their home and God showed me that He has no respect for their lifestyle, which is worldly and selfish. I was in one big room with a big window. I saw many famous people carrying on with their lives. They do not care for the work of God. At the top of our room there was a big hole through to the room with famous people.


Meaning: God will give us a breakthrough with publicity, attracted by miracles, which will witness to celebrities.


New Phase And Literature Going Out


3rd April 2003. H. 2) New developments. I was moving into another situation, taking some items into a new place.


Meaning: New developments are coming. God will provide us with new ministry premises.


9th April 2003. H. Plates of food.

I was aware of my area of responsibility. I was gathering a meal together, a plate of food. Others who were in the house had the same responsibility.


Meaning: This shows the importance and responsibility we have of sending MM literature (represented by the food) to others. MM literature contains spiritual food to feed people.


Other Ministries Reject MM


10th April 2003. H. Unhelpful contacts.

I was having contact with a man who had a ministry. I was hoping he would show interest in MM literature, but he wasn't at all helpful. I had contact with a secretary who was supposed to help us, but she didn't get very far either.


Meaning: God is showing that the Church is not ready for what we have to offer. Most ministers are spiritually asleep! (But the raising of the dead will wake up the Church!)


Money Supply Stolen!


23rd August 2003. M. 1) Supply cable stolen!

I was about to move in to our new ministry premises, but the previous owner had nicked the overhead power supply cable. It was lead (the heavy metal, lead) and was an inch or more in diameter. (It must have been worth quite a bit of money!)


Since it was not legally considered part of the property, the owner felt justified in taking it, although it was totally against the spirit of the transaction. It was a nasty act of selfishness. It would cost me some £50,000 to replace what had been taken!


Meaning: Dual meaning. We will have to spend an additional 50K on replacing things the present owners will remove.


Also symbolises how those who should have been providing our finance (primarily the Churches of God) have selfishly cut us off and, through their controlling rhetoric, have stolen away the supply of money that we are entitled to for God's Work.


Getting Ready With My White Van


2) I was using my white van, getting things ready so we could move ahead. Behind me was a garage at another property. There were pieces of overhead canopy or some other bits and pieces of building materials left over. We were looking to see what we could use to replace the missing 50k's worth of overhead supply cable. I noticed these sections of prefabricated canopy and considered how we could use them.


Meaning: We have to make use of 'bits and pieces' that come our way, and incorporate them in what God is having us do in His name.


I had stopped my van and parked it outside the garage, thinking that I shouldn't really be parking in someone else's property. But then I realised that it was ours now and I could park there. In fact, it would be a better idea to park inside than outside because the vehicle would have some cover and protection.


Meaning: Future situation, and the new HQ place.


Also, persecution is coming, and God will provide a means of protection and cover for us.


Churches Of God Will Be Ruined


3) Judgement coming against the WCG & Churches of God. Jxxx Dxxx, a former WCG member, was living in a tiny little town house in the middle of a row of terraced houses. He was about to move house. But driving back in his car one day, something went seriously wrong and he crashed into his house, seriously damaging it, even ruining it.


Meaning: The Church of God to which JD belongs is spiritually shut in, with little scope and of low spiritual quality. It is spiritually poor. [He rejected us years ago, and dismissed our materials as of little worth. By so doing, he chose to 'live' in his present spiritual house.]


His car crashing into the house symbolises how their church will be damaged by the publicity coming up in which we will be thrust centre-stage, and is a judgement from God against them.


People Tied Up In Wire Cages


18th August 2003. H. Dream of several wire cages.

I was aware that there were people tied up in these cages. I went to one of them and released the people from inside. They were glad to come out and taste new freedom.


Meaning: Represents the spiritual bondage people are held in through churches, especially CoGs. They need to be set free to follow Christ as His children.


This Ministry: Held Back!


29th August 2003. M. 1) Dream of our van at a T-junction, waiting to turn right onto the main road, etc.


Meaning: This allegorically depicts how we have been held back, as we approach coming publicity and expansion.


Hindered By Malice Of Others


2) My bicycle and malicious people.

In this dream, I went into a shop to buy a newspaper. I put my bicycle against the wall outside, realising that it was vulnerable to attack from malicious kids. There were some coming along the path to the left, but I thought I could carry on with what I was doing and keep an eye on my bike from inside the shop.


I had just put my hand into my pocket to get some change for the newspaper when I heard a loud hiss. I realised that some imp of a kid must have let a tyre down. I shouted, "Oy!" and ran outside to confront the culprit. The dream ended.

Meaning: The bicycle (instead of a car) depicts our means of 'going' in this ministry. It symbolises our lack of assets to get the job done. We manage on very little compared with other ministries.


The malicious young people represent others who want to harm us and who will interfere with our means of accomplishing the task so that we are seriously hindered.


We Sure Could Do With Money!


11th Aug 2003. M. In this dream I had taken part in a Prize Draw. There were only about five taking part, so I had a really good chance of winning the jackpot which was £5m. When the time for the draw came at the end of the day I was really eager to see what I had won – desperately so! Everyone got a prize. The other prizes were much lesser – things of practical value. I think there was even a small JCB digger.


Anyway, I was so eager to find out whether I had got the £5m because of all that we could do with it! There is so much demand for literature about God's truths that it would be fantastic to be able to supply it all, and that money would make it possible. (In Africa we have a massive open door. With that amount of money, we could flood huge areas with God's truths!) Boy, was I anxious and eager! But the dream ended without me knowing the outcome.


(It is up to others whether we get the money needed to do the job, and God likened that to a lottery because people can be that fickle in their approach to giving to God's Work!)


Symbolism of 5 and 3, etc (from earlier dreams):


The number 5 depicts at least two things:


1) God's preparation, and


2) His grace.


We could or would have nothing if it were not for His grace. All we own and all our opportunities in life come from Him. He holds the destiny and life of every person in His hands.


Some will use for good what He allows them to have in this life. They will receive eternal life.


Some will not use for good what they have access to, but will squander it selfishly.


So, God's grace and His preparation are seen (but only to the spiritually perceptive) in all that takes place.


3 depicts finality.


We are now in the final stages of this age before Jesus' return in a mere handful of years.


We are also a very short while away from the final outpouring of His Spirit that will come to bring mass publicity to the gospel – triggered by the raising of the dead.


We know from the many dreams which God has given to us that He will do some remarkable things in order to jettison 'our' work for Him into prominence.


One purpose of a prophetic witness is that it forewarns of God's judgement. 3 is also a factor in the numeric symbol of judgement (9) in the Bible (3 x 3 = 9).


Churches of God Very Unhelpful!


6th Sept 2003. M. 2) Jxxx Bxxxxx. [A CoG person.]

We were laying some carpet. It was a rather tricky situation, where the carpet had to cover two areas joined together across a doorway [MM meeting up with CoGs].


The two areas were at an unusual angle to each other, like 45 degrees, so we had to lay the carpet at the doorway first, and in line with the unusual angle, not in line with the walls of the buildings.


I had to do this. It took quite a bit of working out! But, I finally realised how to accomplish it and we got on with the job.

But Jxxx turned up with her family and seemed to want to be in the centre of things. She was argumentative and awkward and was making herself a nuisance. Her husband just stood there and did nothing about this. (I don't suppose there was much he could do.)


Since she was holding us up and just being an opposing force, I insulted her by telling her to go home and take all her family with her.


Meaning: Whilst depicting spiritual limitations of our former friends, it also represents most people in the CoG's. They have no real depth of spirituality, and so they are a hindrance to spiritual progress and to our work for God.


Two can only walk together if they are agreed, but the CoG folks generally are set in their ways. Their minds are made up, and there's not much we can do with them except leave them to 'go back home'. They won't move forward spiritually.

There is stubbornness there, with arrogance and self-will. God has to leave them in that state until they acknowledge their sin and their need for more of His Spirit.


They need the baptism in the Spirit to receive spiritual gifts.


Preparing Food For The

Church of God 'Children'


25th August 2003. H. Church of God.

A lady was expecting a child. We were getting ready the food for the children.


Meaning: The church is giving birth to a new thing. God confirms in this dream that we have the spiritual food to feed the children of God to help them to become the Bride of Christ.


The Power of God


6th Sept 2003. M. 3) The supernatural means.

In this dream we were trying to get on with our task. But someone built something like a wall or similar obstacle in our path which was impossible to bridge humanly. So, I declared, according to the authority of the Spirit which God has given me, that we would dematerialise one side of the obstacle and rematerialise on the other side of it so that we could continue and not be prevented.


Meaning: The wall could well depict some injunction or other 'legal' obstacle which the police may use to try to stop me operating. But, God says that no weapon formed against us will prevail (Is 54:17).


What is impossible with men is possible with God (Mark 10:27). Have faith in God (Mark 11:22). Whatever you ask from God, believe that you receive it and it will be yours (Mark 11:24). Everything is possible for him who believes (Mark 9:23). Because Jesus promised us: "I will do whatever you ask in My name... You may ask Me for anything in My name and I will do it." (John 14:13.) We have LIVED by this faith! It works!


Nuclear Bomb


7th September 2003. M. Atomic bomb.

This was the briefest of dreams, but I saw a man showing others how easy it is to prime and prepare to detonate an atom bomb. He was an amateur!


Meaning: A threat to Western society from terrorists. It is part of the judgement of God upon this country's decadent and depraved unspiritual way of life.


[Other dreams about what God will permit to happen to Britain as part of its judgement are in Dreams From God About The Judgement Of Britain.)


God Will Humble All


10th Sept 2003. M. Everything that is lifted up, will be brought down. The brevity of this dream was striking. It is the over-riding message of all the prophets in the OT.


It's no different today. God's prophets declare that everything that is proud or lifted up will be brought down.


Complacency of CoG and WCG Folks


9th Feb 2004. M.

2) We suffer for people's complacency and arrogance.

I was going down a corridor where there were a lot of people milling about. I passed a woman to whom I had given some literature. Her response was complacent and blind. She made a comment that indicated she hadn't got a clue about our situation. It was something to the effect that she assumed we had no need of funds, that we were OK on that front.


I turned around and said to her slowly and emphatically, something like: "Madam, you have no idea how much we have sacrificed to do this! We have had to go deeply into debt, to the tune of more than £70,000...!" I said more, too. This woman was spiritually dull and uncaring. It hurt! Because we have suffered for the negligence of people like her.


Meaning: This is an allegory of the approach of members of our former church, and WCG people, and CoG people. Their current complacency is an affront, not only to us, but to God also!


Would You Have The Temerity To

Try To Teach The Prophet Elijah?


18th January 2004. M.

A dream for those who take exception to what we teach and who think they have a right to teach us.

There were some boxes on a counter. (We send a lot of our literature out, in bulk, in boxes.) Someone pushed an equally big white box towards me and expected me to receive it when I had enough of my own to give and was fully engaged in giving them to others. I got annoyed, because this man's actions revealed his ignorance about me and my Commission from God. I knew that the box contained videos, tapes and books which he hoped would re-educate me.


I argued with him. I told him that "I have listened to hundreds of hours of Bible teaching and exposition on audio tape and video footage and don't need any more. God has given me what is needed." His approach was arrogant and insulting. It was really annoying! He didn't want a box from us.


Then in the Spirit I was given this to say to anyone like that man, who thinks that I am lacking something vital which they need to teach me:


"Elijah and John the Baptist had a divine Commission. They didn't know everything there was to be known [and nor do I], but what God gave them was a complete package of basic truth to deliver to the people, so they could be prepared for what was to come. Elijah and John the Baptist didn't need to listen and learn from others. It was the duty of others to listen to and learn from them! Those who arrogantly thought they had 'one up' on these prophets of God had not learned the most basic of basic lessons in life! Likewise it is today that those who come against us with criticism, thinking that we have a thing or two wrong in our basic teachings, are the ones who are deceived. I am a prophet ordained by God to promote the end-time message to the Church. My Commission is world-wide, not merely localised. And God has given us a complete package in basic Bible exposition, covering all the major necessary doctrines from His Word, with no need to add thereto. I am not saying that I know everything. I don't. Nor am I perfected yet. I'm not. But their duty is to learn from us, not for them to arrogantly think we should be learning from them."


The man whom the dream principally refers to, is arrogant and unteachable. [See pp 3-7 of N26.] Hence God's response and what He gave me by the Spirit after the dream.


[By the way, I don't claim to be Elijah. It's a comparison.]


Beware Of Occult Predictions!


25th Jan 2004. M. End of the world within 7 years.

A person was capable of giving a prediction at any time. He (or she – that was not made clear in the dream) could receive predictive information whenever he wanted, almost like turning on the tap. I knew that this type of prophetic proclivity was occult. He (or she) had 'a familiar spirit' with him, giving him the information he sought whenever he sought it. (There's a similar account of this in Acts 16:16-17 to do with the girl who had this ability.) He said that the world as we know it would end in less than 7 years.


Meaning: Demons know how short the time is that they have left before they are restrained in the Millennium when Jesus rules, so their determination to provoke evil at this time is more intense than ever.


The illustration is also quite a contrast with the true gift of prophecy. When God gives prophetic statements (see 1 Cor 14:24, 25) they are for specific purposes, with the ultimate aim of turning people back to God and promoting righteousness. While occult soothsaying seems impressive to the ill-informed, such a constant stream of information has no value in turning people to God. It is merely an exercise that impresses others, intrigues, generates curiosity, or elevates the one so 'gifted' with psychic abilities. Steer clear of it – it's demonic, despite the elements of truth that it may convey.


The day after this dream was given, on 26th Jan, a Russian girl with remarkable psychic abilities was interviewed on This Morning programme on ITV. The presenters were very impressed with her 'gift'. From the age of 8 she could diagnose the physiological and anatomical problems or ailments of hospital patients. She is given the information about what is wrong with them, and is very knowledgeable about medical matters. The information, however, comes from demons. But none of the TV presenters realised this. They thought it was wonderful.


Apart from leading people away from God, another purpose of demonic revelation of this sort is to cause pride in the recipient which can ruin their life. (1 Cor 8:1.) Evil spirits involved receive adulation and worship through what they do.


CoG Cheek!


2) "2 tons of 'silver', please."

Cxxxxx wanted to come and collect building stone from me. He called it 'silver'. He asked for two tons of 'silver'. This individual is a CoG member, and holds a ministerial office in their church.


Meaning: His coming to collect building stone from me shows that he will recognise that there is value in our written materials – at long last! That is after a delay of more than a decade! Silver is not the most precious metal. For a long time gold has had that accolade. Calling it silver represents how he won't place the truth which we promote on the highest level which he should.


Church of God Spiritually Dead


29th July 2004. M. 1) John M visits us.

We were beginning our fellowship meeting (although the venue was not our home, but an old place somewhere) when a former friend pulled up in his car with John M. After they came in, I wanted to get on with the spiritual stuff in the meeting by getting into reading the Word and then communing with God afterwards, as we normally do. But that was not possible with him present. He didn't say anything, but his presence just made that impossible. (This man's manner and approach is alien to true worship, as is that of ALL CoG pastors!)


I went upstairs in this old house to try and find a praise music CD that we could play. I wanted something really anointed like we have in our worship meetings. It was a lot of effort for me to walk up these 2 or 3 flights of stairs to get to where the praise music was. But there was nothing there that was any good. I came back down exhausted and disappointed.


Meaning: John M is a minister from the WCG, who left when they apostatised doctrinally. Now a minister in one of the CoG groups, he still has the same arrogant dominating approach. This lack of humility prevents him participating in true worship, and prevents true spiritual fellowship taking place in the CoG of which he is a part.


This is a widespread problem in the Churches of God, where ministers are overlords not overseers. They rule and dominate instead of love, and spiritually serve.


I wrote to this man a few weeks ago, sending him some items of our literature, but he didn't reply.


[God gave another remarkable dream, in some detail, about this same problem to a Nigerian pastor. It is recounted in the leaflet The Deadness of the Churches of God.]


UCG – Wasting God's Time, & Ours


3rd March 2005. M.

2) The long letter.

Someone with the name G Bailey [depictive – not literally a person with that name] had written me a really long letter. It was about 20 pages long and full of waffle. It was essentially a time-waster.


Then they sent me a white knobbly rock in the post. It was like a big lump of quartzite. I thought, "How foolish!" It would have cost a lot to send it, but was a complete waste of time and money. [Depicts UCG literature.]


Meaning: The last words depict what the dream means – that many people can waste time and money simply because they don't truly respond to God by humbling themselves.


As I awoke, God urged me to write a letter to UCG, asking them for a response to a previous letter in which I challenged them on their incorrect teaching on life after death. They could not accept the testimony about someone raised from the dead because (they said) it didn't fit with biblical doctrine (THEIR appraisal of biblical doctrine, which is very shallow and incomplete).


I wrote the letter to them; the dream predicted their response to it. [The account of what occurred is in pp 10-12 of MM's article United 'Church of God' – Good News or Bad?]


CoG – 37 Years Stuck In The Toilet!


2nd April 2005. M. 37 years in the toilet!


A woman had been stuck in the toilet for 37 years and was now being let out! I was astonished that she had survived for that long without adequate food. Another scene then portrayed her experiencing something ecstatic through the new situation.


Meaning: This dream was given at the time when I sent MM's written materials to some people in UCG, one of the 'dead' Churches of God. It is they who have been stuck in the toilet, spiritually speaking, for all this time. And now, with the spiritually enriching new information they are receiving, they can be let out of that restrictive closet they have been in.


Killing The UCG Cat


11th April 2005. M.  2) Killing the cat.

Helena and I were sitting in a garden somewhere (not our place, but somewhere else) when I saw a rabbit going up into a tree next door to my right. Then I saw another one to my left, also climbing a tree. I said to Helena, "Come on, let's go and get them." [We have rabbits break into our garden from time to time, and we have to constantly scare them away. They can do a lot of damage to young plants.]


We stealthily crept round next door [how we have come to them]. There were dry leaves on the ground and I trod on some, and so did Helena. They made quite a bit of noise under her feet, but we continued anyway. [Depicts the prophetic input God has given us on UCG.]


I didn't see what happened to the rabbits or what we did to them. [These symbolise two ministers in UCG whom I have contacted, and to whom I have sent a substantial number of MM publications. The symbols of right and left depict their differing spiritual make-up and responses. High up in a tree portrays their elevated position in UCG.]


While I was there, I found a big cat, and I grabbed it. It wasn't going to run away. It was very lethargic, but it was big, solid (not soft like many domestic cats), hard, rigid and not malleable. I laid its head on the chopping block and cut it off.

Meaning: A letter came in the post today from Peter Hawkins, at UCG in Watford, after the dream was given. The last part refers to what I then wrote to Peter Hawkins. God exacts judgement when people reject His words, after two warnings. [More is explained in the exposé United 'Church of God' – Good News Or Bad?]


The Arrogance of Churches of God


13th April 2005. M. 1) CoG arrogance!

I was in a large galleried entrance hall and stairwell, except that there were no stairs. The building was like a stately mansion [figurative of the Church of Jesus], but there was an emptiness or vacancy to it. In place of the stairs, there was a ladder and we wanted to go upstairs. Cxxxxn was there and he got on the ladder in front of me [C is a CoG minister; it shows how these people don't defer to us; they are arrogant and think they are superior].


I was about to go right behind him, but the ladder was wobbly, so I waited until he had gone up before I went further [how we actually defer to them for the sake of peace and practicality; we are more intent on getting the truth out than seeking recognition or honour for ourselves].


When I got to the top of the ladder, I was conscious of the fact that the lights could go out at any moment. [Symbol of the Tribulation.] I felt an urgent need to get two torches, one for me and one for him. [Torches represent God's prophetic revelation, shining light in the darkness.] &  Malcolm B Heap, Aug 2005



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