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24 Mullahs


Visions of Jesus

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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A few years ago in Bulgaria, in the Balkans in south-eastern Europe, God did something most unusual! Islamic mullahs began to receive dreams and visions of Jesus.

In November and December of 1991, God spoke in visions and dreams to 24 mullahs scattered along the Turkish border in southern Bulgaria.

A mullah in Islam is similar to the pastor of a Christian church; he is the teacher or interpreter of the religious law within a Moslem mosque and the leader of the congregation.

Let me state this again, in case you did not believe your own eyes: The Lord Jesus Christ began to speak to 24 separate Moslem mullahs in visions and dreams!

What did these mullahs see and hear?

Jesus Christ Himself appeared to individual leaders of 24 different mosques, saying, "I am Jesus Christ the Messiah. You must repent of your sins and put your faith in Me to be forgiven. Allah sent Me to turn you from error to truth. You must go to the mosque and proclaim this to the people."

"God" in our language is a generic term which can stand for any 'god' or THE TRUE GOD. Jesus was not saying that Allah is the correct term, but He used it in order to reach the Muslims in a way they would understand.

None of these mullahs knew yet about the other mullahs who were receiving the same vision. But each of them obeyed what Jesus said and went the next worship day to their particular mosques and proclaimed to their entire congregations what they had seen and heard. Without hesitation, their congregations began to seek the True God through His Son, Jesus, repenting of their sins. Immediately they were filled with the Holy Spirit as in Acts 2 and men began to speak in tongues and others interpreted, and more men spoke out in prophecies and the sick began to be healed.

This was incredible! It was all happening without the benefit of Christian missionaries, or Christian pastors, or human witnesses of any kind! Jesus sovereignly reached the mullahs, and as they spoke to their congregations, many people received Jesus too.

In each of these Moslem congregations – now no longer Moslem, the majority of the men voted to follow Jesus. Only a few left the mosque in order to remain Moslem. (Only men can go to the mosque, ladies are told how to believe by their husbands.)

As these 24 mullahs learned of each other, they realised that all they knew was what they had been told in these visions and dreams. So in February 1992, they sent two mullahs to Sofia, Bulgaria's capital and largest city, to look for help. On the streets, these two mullahs began to ask people "what kind of people worship Jesus the Messiah, and speak in unknown languages with interpretations, and have people healed of various diseases and infirmities in their services?" Nearly everyone suggested they go to the Bulgarian Pentecostal Church, which they did. In their headquarters, these mullahs related what you have just read, and then said, "We have no teachers to teach us more about Jesus the Messiah. Can you provide us Bibles and teachers?"

While these two mullahs were there in Sofia in February 1992, one of the Bulgarian Pentecostal leaders introduced them to Dr Ian Hall, a missionary evangelist to the Balkan States from the American Assemblies of God and asked them to repeat this incredible event. Dr Hall then related the story in the States. After receiving Bibles and teachers, these two mullahs took them back to the 24 mosques, and each of the 24 put crosses on their minarets. A minaret is a high slender tower attached to a mosque from which a muezzin or crier calls the people to prayer.

The remarkable event is a fulfilment of Joel’s prophecy repeated in Acts:

And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams... (Acts 2:17).

It is a sign of the last days, and of the closeness of the end of this age.


Confirmed from various sources. This information was first published by Prayer For Israel Sept/Oct 1993, UK.


Testimony 1


“I was born into a Brahmin family. I was at university when I went to a [Christian] meeting like this, and in humility I had no knowledge of the Bible when I bowed down and prayed. That night, in a dream, the Lord Jesus came into my life. It wasn't Krishna... or Vishnu or any of these gods that I had to chant to... but it was the Lord Jesus... If you truly believe in your heart, the Lord Jesus will come.

“The problem with many of these people that won't hear is that they have hard hearts. They don't realize how much the Lord Jesus comes. The reason that Ian is here tonight is that God is speaking to you because he does not want you to perish. We sit here, we listen and we argue, and we hide behind our own arguments and questions. We're not willing to respond to Him publicly...

“I am breaking here, knowing where I was going to end. Is your soul not worth it? Are you not willing to go to God, or do you have pride, or are you afraid of other people? I encourage you, as a Christian, who is saved, snatched for God: Repent today, give your life to Christ. You will be transformed."

Name not known.


Testimony 2


“I came from a Hindu family. I was born in a Brahmin family, which people know is the top of the caste system. So I was born in a priestly family.

“I had actually no desire to become a Christian. I was living with a girl who was a Christian, she asked me to convert and I would not convert. My heart was completely hard. There were people around whom I had heard talk about Jesus, but still I had no desire.

“But one night, at 2 o'clock in the morning, the Lord appeared to me in my bedroom and my heart was completely changed. And the next morning I started to praise Jesus.



“I would just say to these people, at the time there was just no desire [to become a Christian]. My volition was NOT to become a Christian. I was brought up in a religion which asked me never to convert, because there were consequences on family. But Jesus came and changed my heart, and I said: 'Lord, you've got to take care of my family.' And my family just readily accepted the change. So I stand here and testify to that fact. This was against all the odds, without any desire, and I have been a Christian now for 11 years. My life has been completely transformed.”    



About Ian McCormack


Ian McCormack is a New Zealander who was stung by killer jellyfish in the Pacific Ocean more than 14 years ago. He died and his spirit left his body. He went to heaven in spirit and had an encounter with Christ. It was an eye-opening experience, like that of the apostle Paul.

Ian was not a Christian at the time, but the experience brought him to conversion. He received Christ into his life, repented of his sins, and was baptized.

The experience was so dramatic it transformed his life. Jesus told him to tell others about what he had been through, which he has done for over 14 years since that event. Through Ian's witness, many people have come to know that Jesus is alive. They have been brought to repentance, accepted Jesus into their lives and become Christians.


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