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Testimony About

Angels In


Peter Tasinge's testimony of a meeting with

angels; as told to Lukas Ogada and translated

into English by Lukas in early 2003


Lukas first says: A teacher who came to me 10 months back gave the gathering a strange testimony which some at first hardly believed. But his wife and brother supported it to be true! He said he and his brother have seen and eaten in "an angel's home". Speaking emphatically, he said: "the manifestation of angels is quite real and widespread. People have told me they have met them!"

He began: "When we went to Ndhiwa in 2002 to visit Lukas, it was to convince him to be back with us in the Worldwide Church of God. He gave me these books: Understanding The Mind of God: A Message To Worldwiders, The Missing Dimension in Christian Living, Prophets and Prophesying, and an Awake! Awake! containing an article about how angels rescued the British army from the Germans in the First World War... I didn't want it because couldn't believe such myths, but Lukas said, 'You can leave the others, but only go with this.' I couldn't leave the others, which I had read and been touched by their messages during the two days we had spent there.


"On the way back our motorbike broke down. We needed a spare part for the engine. As you all know, there is nowhere for repairs and no shop to buy such an item along our route. It passes through forests and by scattered homes. We came to a home where we found two young boys very busy doing some work at the corner inside the house. One of them said to us, 'Hope you are hungry. Eat.'  Wow! With not a word of welcome!


"Before we talked they brought us 5 big pancakes with a drink so sweet we could not tell whether it was milk or honey, though it was whitish. In telling them about our problem and wandering for miles, they didn't allow us to finish explaining what happened. One said, 'Leave the bike where it is under the tree. Come with us to fetch a mechanic.'


 "We set off, but we didn't reach anywhere. When we had gone about 50 or 60 metres, one [of the boys] said, 'Don't worry, the motorbike is OK now. Let's go back.' And suddenly both of them disappeared! They completely vanished!


"We were bewildered, and stared at each other. We were also afraid! Back at our motorbike, there were no houses there, only the bike under the tree. We were so afraid and went to a nearby home we saw, which was large and with many other houses. A man saw us coming and approached to welcome us. In his nice speech we gathered strength and courage and told him what had occurred. He replied slowly, 'No. No. No! You did not see a home there. Ours is the only home here, and the ones you can see on the other side of the river.' He could see our motorbike under the tree. Then he said, 'Those were your dear friends. They love you. Go and test your bike. It is OK as they told you.'


"Testing it, the machine roared into life as if it had just come back from the repair shop. It was repaired by friendly angels, I believe. I have not repaired that engine since, except some other parts of the bike.


"Who were these boys, if not angels?"


Lukas adds: "I plainly told them that God's angels are out ministering to God's people as well as sceptics and doubters so they will have no excuse for their prejudice. The whole village accepted the truth and they are now waiting for a teacher."


God has now sent you the teacher, but will you recognise him?



After typing up this story onto computer, we noticed that the number of words it contained were 637. I didn't think that was anything special until I realised that it was divisible by 7. And guess what the other number was? Answer: 91. [91 x 7 = 637.]


You will notice in Psalm 91 how God helps those who put their complete trust in Him.


For He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways (Ps 91:11).


And in Psalm 7:1 it says:


O Lord my God, in You I put my trust.


Isn't God incredible how He guides us?

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