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The Imminent Fall of America

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Visions of The Invasion From The North

The astounding visions given to Robert G Millar, in his own words.


In 1947 I returned from an 8,000 mile speaking trip, sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee (a co-ordinating committee for the many Mennonite and Quaker denominations), and wound it up by speaking to a group of Mennonites and Presbyterians in Ontario (my home province) in a United Church of Canada church building. There all my self assurance and conceit proved insufficient and, as a great sense of my spiritual need overwhelmed me, the unknowable happened – a great power of the Holy Spirit surged through me and there before the altar, as I was preparing for the evening service, I spoke in classic Arabic. I had no intention of requiting in such an unorthodox and undignified manner the honours that the Mennonite people had bestowed upon me.

A few days later, prostrate on my back at home, completely ignorant of 'charismatics'. I prophesied for 2½ hours as visions of the planet earth and things to come were unfurled before me.


I saw the African continent; a black ominous cloud hovered over it, I felt the coming pain and agony and chaos but knew it was not a prayer burden but an irrevocable appointment established in the heavens. The reader will be reminded that all this was in the late forties, before the colonial powers left Africa and the bloodshed and anarchy that followed had begun.


India was shown similarly and with great clarity, and also trouble in southern South America, Argentina, Europe, and in subsequent visitations our own beloved continent.


I saw bombs falling on Cape Canaveral, Florida and wondered why an enemy would choose to bomb what was then a sandy beach. I saw things that looked like bombs rising up out of the water in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico (this before Polaris submarines were thought of) and landing in the Houston area and wondered who would want to bomb a little cow town, for there was no petrochemical complex of NASA headquarters there at the time. I saw the trouble in Detroit, Buffalo, the West Coast, the east side of Toronto in flames and many details and places.


About this time I was invited to pray for a 17 year old girl in a place called Beeton, north of Toronto, Canada. I placed my hands on her head and was so startled by what I saw that I would not let myself prophesy but simply prayed a blessing and tried to move into different things. However, her parents were spiritual people and having sensed something, cornered me and asked me what I had seen.


"Well," I said cautiously, "your daughter will minister to the Chinese." They answered that they already knew that and had known it for six years. Then I told them that she was not to prepare to go to China. They answered yes, she had finished high school but the Holy Spirit had checked them from preparing her for Chinese foreign missions.


With that I could do nothing but show them the vision. I had seen hordes of soldiers in uniform pouring in from the north of Canada down a corridor west of Lake of the Woods, Manitoba, towards the US border. This girl was ministering peace to one of them; he had on a wide black belt about 2 inches wide with a narrower one over his shoulder. He was Chinese.


Since that time I have always felt that China would do the marching and Russia would begin by supplying the equipment. The reports in your paper of a military corridor in that area are the fist confirmation of that part of the vision in 30 years.


These visions ceased by 1951 although they remain bright and clear in my memory. I have seen world events confirm most of the visions since that time and expect the rest to quickly follow. The Holy Spirit occupied me with other subjects then, including Israel Identification* for about 15 years and then began to speak and reveal the things that will follow the invasion (which is to shortly come to pass) but that is another subject.


Pastor Robert G. Millar, 6th December 1979. Letter first published in New Beginnings, Jan 1980, PO Box 228, Waynesville, NC 28786, USA.

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