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The Imminent Fall of America

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2 Years to the Chinese Invasion


In 1998, I saw a news item on Sky News about China making military preparations in the north east of their country. The Chinese had their sights on invading North America. I could hardly believe what I was seeing reported!

Several months elapsed, and I heard nothing more on the news. I even forgot about this news flash.


Then, on the night of 25th March 1999, my wife Helena had a dream from God. It was quite simple. We keep a diary of the dreams God gives us, because they come frequently.[21]


Here is that entry from our dream diary:

25th March. Helena. Dream of Chinese Attack. In two years’ time the attack will start. It is a definite plan, like a machine, it is programmed. There is no turning it back because America will not turn to God.


At first, we thought God meant that the invasion of America would begin two years from the time the dream was given. But God has indicated more recently that that was not what He meant.

One day as I was writing about this, He spoke into my spirit and added that the two years are to be reckoned from a presently undisclosed event. That event could be the inauguration of President Bush, although God has not said definitely.


Whatever, time is very short for America. It faces ruin and foreign enslavement because of its unrestrained moral decadence. e



21.   Recounted in Dreams and Visions From God (DV) from Midnight Ministries.


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