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Dreams From God


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Dreams Given To Others

The following are dreams sent to us by others who have received dreams from God.


Terrorist Strike Against America!

July 23, 2007  Jim Bartholomew

I dreamed I was watching a video monitor. It was connected to a camera that was watching the U.S.-Mexico border. Suddenly a woman, who appeared to be a Mexican peasant, appeared on the screen riding a bicycle and carrying a package. There was another person behind her with a package. When I saw the woman I tried to tell everyone in earshot, "She's the one!", but I was paralyzed and no words would come out of my mouth. Somehow I knew they were smuggling terrorist materials across the border.

The terrorist materials were covered by a white cloth.  Through the cloth, on one side, could be seen the outline of what looked like some tubes about 6 inches in diameter and 6 feet long.  Each terrorist material shipment seemed to be 3 or 4 feet in diameter.

I woke up in a state of panic still trying to speak. I can't definitely remember but I think the reason I was so panicked in my dream was that I knew the terrorist materials were nuclear.  All of this fits with a prophetic occurrence I had earlier this year that something from the east (Middle East) would badly damage the U.S. economy.

Meaning (Input from Malcolm Heap):

God is speaking to Jim in the dream, and is raising his level of faith in Him.  One doesn't dream up imagery like watching a video monitor by oneself.


The imagery is depictive, and it's pretty obvious what God is warning.

But being paralyzed and not being able to tell anyone, perhaps that is because of Jim's situation.  Whom can you tell who would listen?  Who would heed? (Only rhetorical questions.)  It may also mean that the attack will come without warning.

It is a warning to the nation that terrorists WILL strike America, and succeed in their evil schemes. There is little America can do to prevent the horrors of such attacks, because America's only hope is in God, but she doesn't trust in Him. She trusts in her own strength, abilities, military and financial powers. All those will finally fail, as prophesied in The Imminent Fall Of America.

Restless Night

July 1, 2006  Laura Wyles

I had a dream about Malcolm and Helena that lasted from about 1:00 AM until 9:30 AM (about 8 hours).  I was not asleep the whole time because I kept waking up either because I was in some kind of turmoil or because I'd sense a word and wake up because I needed to remember the word, message, or feeling.  It's as if God would jolt me out of my dream for a few seconds and then let me go back to sleep to continue it.


I cannot remember the dream.  I just remember seeing Malcolm and Helena, and knowing that it was about them.


I remember the Spirit saying to me, 'You cannot see until your eyes are closed'.  In my sleep I thought that this meant that I wouldn't be able to see until I go to sleep.  But when I woke up I wondered if it meant that I wouldn't be able to see until I closed my eyes to pray.


Then as I was asleep I heard something like 'they are babies', or 'in this area they are babies'.  This statement made me angry because I thought that someone was saying that Malcolm and Helena were babies.  I woke up right then and I was saying out loud 'No they're not!!  I am!!'.  All I know is that I was arguing (rebuking?) whoever made that statement.  Then I went back to sleep.  Later I kept hearing or sensing the word 'help' and got the feeling and message that Malcolm and Helena needed help and that someone was trying to tell me that - as if I needed to know or could help in some way.


Later on that day (after I was awake) it seemed to me as if maybe Malcolm and Helena maybe had been praying for help, crying out to God, or fighting some kind of battle that was new to them, or different, or stronger, and they needed intercession from others to help them fight.

Meaning (provided by Mila Thompson and Malcolm Heap):

I think the phrase "You cannot see until you close your eyes" is meant to show that Laura should not try to see physically, but to harness the Spirit for understanding. Of course it maybe done through prayer, or prayer in the Spirit, or prayer in tongues, which she is given... It is just an encouragement to trust the Spirit lead more and the physical senses less.


This is a call to intercession, to help her be aware of the seriousness of the attack/opposition against the truths we promote. Remember what the devil did in Rev 12, to try and extinguish the truth of the woman? These are the days of Elijah, and they wanted Elijah's blood! That's why God calls His people to prayer, to intercede. Of course it's not just for me and Helena. We are only two. There are others. We don't know who they all are. We don't need to know now. So the Spirit leads in intercession, to cause you to pray for others -- in tongues, or by the Spirit without tongues. Some will be against demons to protect us. Some will be prayer for others.  The accusation that we are babies is a demonic accusation. Laura's words in the reply confirm the veracity of what God is conveying there. "You cannot see until your eyes are closed" = what is going on in the spirit realm is unseen to us, until we close our eyes and begin to see with the eyes of the Spirit of God, hence the need for more prayer/intercession so that the forces of evil can be countered.  The length of the dream was to enforce the massive size of the battle ahead.  55 million will be brought into the Kingdom through 'our' outreach in raising the dead. Many more will hear it. This is global! It's the end time. We have a very short time now before the Tribulation engulfs America, perhaps little more than 2 years. May we all wake up and get in gear, doing out little bit individually for the King of kings. He will take that little bit and  multiply it. He has shown Laura the place to start in these two dreams.

Dream of Being in London

June 29, 2006  Laura Wyles

I am in England for a day or two with a group of people (about 10).  I think that these people are associated with Midnight Ministries.  We are staying in a church or cathedral that has dorm rooms and a library.  I do not know what town we are in (though it may be a place called Surrey?).  The whole day is going by and no one has called Malcolm to arrange to meet him.  Everyone is unconcerned about it.  I cannot understand why no one has called Malcolm yet because time is slipping by.  The people in our group are taking naps!  We are sitting at a long table in the library(about 5 of us) and the rest are sitting in their chairs sleeping  or are just unconcerned.  They are wasting time.  So, I ask the lady who runs the place how much it would cost to phone Malcolm from where we are.  I tell her that he lives in Aylesbury, and I am hoping that I have enough money on me to make the call.    The lady replies to me that I do not have enough time for that [time to make the call].  I then ask her how far it is to Aylesbury.  She says that it is a good distance away.  I realize that time is slipping by, and there is not much time left.  I am thinking that Malcolm can come to us, but the lady is suggesting that He lives too far from where we are.


The next thing that happens is that I am in the library on the phone with Steve.  Steve says, 'Where are you at?'  I reply that I am in a library.  I then think about my love of books and pull one off the shelf.  It is a 'Harry Potte' book, so I put it back on the shelf.


Now I am walking out of the building and I pass the other 5 people in our group and they are napping.  They are sitting at a table with their heads down on the table sleeping.  As I walk on I realize that there are a lot of people in this place walking around and talking.  I walk outside and there are lots of people and cars going to and fro everywhere.  I walk across the yard and then cross a street.  I walk across some grass and get into a white car with 2 young women (late teens or early 20's).  I am sitting in the back and they are in the front.  They are energetic and talkative, and seem like nice young women.  I notice that the steering wheel of the car is on the right hand side (unlike ours) and that the girl is a good driver.  The girls drives us back to the same place that I came from (the church or cathedral) and we all 3 go inside.  I realize that everyone in my group is getting ready to leave and I am told to hurry up because we are about to leave.

Meaning (provided by Mila Thompson and Malcolm Heap):

This depicts the "10 virgins" - i.e. the Church. Half of them are still dormant, the other half are not doing what they are supposed to do. It is a sad picture, but Laura was shown that even the ones who are not asleep do not realize the urgent need of 'contacting and receiving the truth', as well as to help spreading it in the Church. This is the meaning of trying to contact or visit Malcolm. Some think it is too far (lazy and complacent), some - it is too expensive (greed).


Laura was shown as the only one who really wanted to do something, despite her actual material poverty. It does not mean she is literally the only one, but it does show that such are few.


Trying to look for other 'spirit-led' ministries in connection with her desire to serve the Lord and get the truths to others (the 2 women in a white car) will be the waste of time.  They will take her right back to where she has come from (that is back, not forward), and she will not be serving the Lord by it. The library portrays human trust in intellectual knowledge in the Church. However, the dream shows that it is worthless and fleshly - even evil (a Harry Potter book in a church library...) This also shows the blindness of the established churches about the evil nature of some teachings they accept and promote, considering them innocent. The comparison is obvious.


"Time is slipping by" = the revival has started, so 'the two years' which God designated to us (Midnight Ministries) has begun. "The whole day is going by" = we have got the impression from other dreams that the first year or so of the two year revival (which has now begun) will be incognito; the second year of it will be very high profile because of the dead coming back to witness. The dream's thrust are in the last words: "Hurry up!" Whatever God has asked Laura to do, she needs to do it without prevaricating.



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