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A Stupid Prayer: "God Let Me See Your Face"

An experience of meeting God given to Larry Randolph 1997

Transcribed from a taped message given on Jan 23, 1997

Also available on the web at: http://www.etpv.org/1996-97/randolph.html


....I'm talking about something that goes way beyond that. I'm talking about a full blown, face to face encounter with Yahweh, the Living God. Listen there's some fear involved, Church. And get ready, the fear of the Lord is going to impact the Church like you've never known before. You've said, God send your face, God send your presence! And when he sends it, we’re going to croak on it! (pause) Stupid, Stupid!

(Laughter) One time in my life, have I encountered God in this fashion. Now you're gonna get in an argument with me, theologically here, but I had a visitation one night that I can hardly put to words, that was two separate entities, the Son and the Father. Now maybe you're 'oneness'. That's alright, you can continue to be if you want.

I just had this visitation. And I saw two separate Gods, two separate entities, the Father and the Son. And listen they were drastically different in the way they presented themselves to me. Let me tell you what happened to me. I was right in the middle of the charismatic hoopla, I mean man we were going. Services to 3 in the night, anointing running out our shoes, laying on the floor doing carpet time for four hours at a time, uh, uh, you know, angels singing, gold dust flying, healings happening. I mean it was just phenomena, phenomena, phenomena. I left that Church that night and went behind the Church and found this big oak tree. And for whatever reason, I assume maybe the same thing that motivated Moses, I began to cry "God I want to see you, I want to know you! It's not just enough to experience the things of the Lord, I want to know you! And I'm thinking the Lord's gonna come down, you know, and say 'Hey, how are you doing?" "Fine, How are you doing" and we'd have this little conversation.

I didn't know what I was asking. I drive home all the way, I have 12 miles to drive home, I put my hand on the handle of the door of the car to get out. And immediately, at the snap of a finger, I'm in another world. Boom! I knew I was in trouble when I felt that feeling. Like boosh! I go MY! ‘Cause all of a sudden my eyes were open to the universe; to everything. I could see the molecules in the...

...I mean I don't know how to explain this, I could see, I mean it was like I had x-ray vision. I was immediately in the spirit realm. I could see everything, I was aware of an entity, of a God, that I didn't quite know. I was afraid to look up. And when I did, I don't know how to explain it to you, but what I saw was God on His throne.

Now everything around me was blue. Now I know for that vision, God's color was blue. Everything was blue. Blue. It was the most living blue I'd ever experienced. It was like the frost in the winter morning. Like when you breathe and the blue smoke comes out. Like the blue sky on a crisp day. It was so clean, crisp, and cutting blue. It was so blue and so crisp and so cutting that when I breathed in, I felt like I was drowning. Because I was breathing in liquid.

My head wouldn't work right because I was drunk, My head wouldn't stand up, my arms,,, I couldn't reach the door. I was all disoriented under this cloud of blue. And I believe to this day it was the shekinah glory of God. As I looked up into this blue. Now I didn't see God as you say, as a figure. What it was - the Lord gave me one look. Just one look. It's lasted a lifetime. (singing) Just one look, that's all it took. Just one look. One look. And what I saw was God sitting on his throne. And when he... You talk about a big throne! I mean it was bigger... I thought our universe was big, but it's bigger than a universe of universes that you could ever comprehend. I mean it was way beyond a trillion universes that we live in.

I saw this God sitting there. And what He did. This is what God did. And this is not a vision, just a vision, this is an actual experience. For that moment in time, God left every thought He had, every vision He had, everything He had, to look at me for just one second. Concentrate everything in His heart upon me for just one second. And when He did, and when His head turned, the whole universe turned with Him. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I mean I was just.....

I was out of breath, like Whoa! Because when He turned – like the universe, it just went just like a giant.... just like a giant scroll. And the stars fled from His face. Then I remembered the scripture in revelation "For the Heavens and Earth flee from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne. And they cried for the rocks and the mountains to fall upon them because they couldn't handle the gaze of Him that sitteth upon the throne." And as I remembered that scripture, as He turned, He looked at me. One look, that's all it was, one look, nearly killed me. Just one look.

And when He saw me, when He looked at me, He didn't just see me, He cut through every atom. I had atoms sliced. I mean to the joints and the marrow of the bone. I mean my cells, I could hear my marrow in my bones and my cells screaming for somewhere to hide from the gaze of He that sitteth on the throne. I mean you talk about an Awesome Holy God! I mean, uh I couldn't comprehend it! And out of my desperation and dying, I thought I was gonna die. And I probably would have died! I said JESUS! Cause I knew it was Holy, it was my Father, but it was an awesome God!

Remember the song "My God is an Awesome God. He Reigns..." It hadn't been written yet but I should have written that song. I would have sung that song if it had been written. But it was awesome! It was awesome!! I remember thinking 'I can't stand this for one second longer!' I can't stand for God to even look at me. And here I'd been asking for a relationship, Yes, He walks with me, and He talks. Give me a break! You can't even stand a look. God goes Boo! And it's like HO my body falls apart! My cells are running to hide. My blood just stops in my veins. My heart skips a beat.

....I'm serious. I'm drunk! Not drunk in the sense that I'm having a good time. Drunk in the sense that I'm saying I'm dying! I thought I was dying! I remembered the scripture that you can't look upon God and live. And I said, Oh, hoho, Man I'm dead! And I thought that. Man I am dead! I thought Man, stupid - stupid! I shouldn't have prayed that prayer! That's a stupid prayer to pray for a human. ‘God, let me see the face of God!’ How many gonna pray ‘OH Let me see the Face of God!?’

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! If you want to die, that's fine! And I said I couldn't speak, but, but, in my spirit I said JESUS! As loud as I could say it. Cause I was wanting some reinforcements. I said JESUS! And immediately. The vision didn't go away, but between me and the vision came the most warm wonderful RED I had ever experienced in my life. It was a moving, living, breathing, red. It was so brilliant and so warm, that it [was] like oil it went on my head to my feet. And this red stood between me and this awesome Father! And He said, "I forever live to make intercession for the saints of God."

It was Jesus of Nazareth. And I knew from that minute on: He IS the go-between. There is one man between God and man and that is the man Jesus Christ. And I understood at that moment His redemptive work. Had it not been for Jesus, you and I would be devastated like some little smithereen cinder in the earth by just the breath of the Living God.

Church, this is what we are coming to. We're coming to the Father! The AWE of God! The presence of Yahweh in our Church, and [when] we do. My Goodness! This is some good stuff. I mean I guarantee you there won't be a lot of talking going on. I guarantee you. And I'm beginning to see that. Here and there, places that I go to, the presence of God, in a small way, is beginning to come into the Church.

And phenomena take a back seat. Believe me the only phenomena you have is trying to, you know, find out which chair to get under. It's like there's an awe of God! God is coming to the Church. But it's gonna be the awe of God and it’s gonna be the awesome Fear of the Lord. Read in the book of Acts. The fear of the Lord fell on the whole city because of the things God did in the Church. There is a dynamic of the fear of God that the Church has never experienced in this century. We are going to experience it. The awe and the fear of our Father. And it's not going to be daddy, it's going to be YES SIR! NO SIR! OH MY GOD!


Some people dismiss spiritual experiences like this as bogus, claiming that scripture says no one has ever seen the Father (Jn 6:46). However, Jesus meant in context that no one has comprehended the Father, for He said in John 14:9 that he who has seen Jesus has seen the Father also.

God dwells in unapproachable light (1 Tim 6:16), as the above experience confirms. Paul’s words to Timothy that "no man has seen or can see [God]" are meant to convey the ineffability of this divine Being to us as humans, not to question the authenticity of such experiences.


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