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Why? Series of Booklets (A6)

For the following booklets, please send a donation of $1.25 for each,

or $5.25 for 5, or $18.00 for the complete set of 22 Why? Booklets.  Thank you.


Why Believe in God? (WBG)   The power of God is released when you truly believe in Him.

Why Human Life? (WHL)   You are made to take on the spiritual image of God.

Why Suffering? (WS)   Go back to the beginning. Suffering's chief cause was sin.

Why Jesus? (WJ)   Jesus' life was unique because He was the 'Lamb' of God.

Why Did Jesus Die? (WJD)   He died to pay for your sins & mine. Realize the huge price!

Why Pray? (WP)   Prayer is the gateway to heaven. Keys to successful prayer.

Why is Jesus Lord? (WJL)   Because no-one else, only Jesus, qualified to rule the world.

Why Repent? (WR)   You will never know God until you repent of wrong ways.

Why Be Baptised? (WBB)   Baptism is a physical ritual depicting your spiritual rebirth.

Why Marriage? (WMa)   It is sacrosanct. Divorce, adultery, and fornication are not.

Why Forgive? (WF)   Forgiveness releases you from Satan's cruel grip.

Why Love? (WL)   Love is God's nature and the path to joyful living.

Why Miracles? (WMi)   Miracles witness for God, and bring Him to the hurting.

Why Have Faith? (WHF)   Because faith is the only avenue of receipt from God.

Why Trials? (WT)   There are several purposes of trials; ultimately for good.

Why do Christians Suffer? (WCS)   Sin is a direct or indirect root, but God has His purposes.

Why the Judgement? (WTJ)   The day comes when everyone will be judged.

Why the Resurrection? (WTR)   The righteous will be made immortal and given a spirit body.

Why the Holy Spirit? (WHS)   The Spirit is God's supernatural agency to work in people.

Why Hell? (WH)   Hell does not burn forever, but it is a fearful end!

Why the Devil & Demons? (WDD)   You need to know about the devil and demons!

Why Church Divisions? (WCD)   The devil causes division in the Church, but few consider it.


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