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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 5

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The DNA Contention


Pronounce them guilty, O God! Let them fall by their own counsels.

Cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions, for they have rebelled against You. (Psalm 5:10)

On 17th December 2014, God raised Emily from the grave after she had been dead and buried for 22 months. (We have related this miracle in MMG2 p 80 and MMG3 pp 5-8.) You can imagine how earthshaking this happening was for many locals! Many just didn’t want to believe it occurred despite all the evidence. And like it was in Jesus’ time after He resurrected, wicked hearts tried to erase its memory to prevent other people believing.

The following e-mails piece together the story about how MM folks were attacked and victimised for this miracle.

Contention Over Emily’s Resurrection

17th March 2015. From Benjamin: ... Some SDA pastors got hold of some MM publication and the information over Emily coming back to life through MM and they have opposed the truth and have gone ahead to file a court case against us.

We have just left Oyugis Central Police station after being questioned about Emily coming back to life. They claim that we met a girl who resembled Emily and paid her to change her name and offered her more money to keep it a secret and continue being paid.

We have now been ordered that Emily and Ann should be taken for a DNA test to prove that it is Emily who is raised and is related through blood to Ann. It has been also commanded that if this is not done, we will end in jail and MM will be stopped in this region. [I don’t see how they can stop us! This is God’s Work!]

But we have been assured protection from opposition and plans to destroy the Work of God if the test will prove those SDA pastors wrong. We should be going for the test booking, testing and results before Monday. All the results must be forwarded to the OCS or base commander at Oyugis police station.

19th March 2015. 18:56. From Emily.

I am tired of being in and out of police for questioning over me being Ann’s and Antony’s sister and of my resurrection. Nobody is ready to believe me. If God has chosen this way to be followed let’s then go ahead [with the DNA test] and I pray that God is going to provide for me and my sister Ann so that we manage to secure this DNA sum before Monday so that this report can be submitted so I can be free. I am being discriminated [victimised]. People now fear me. 

Comment: The problem is we simply don’t have the funds to meet their demands. It all costs thousands of pounds!

Thursday 19th March 2015. 19:01. From Benjamin: The SDAs have Raised From The Dead At Midnight containing David Isaac Ohuoba’s testimony. They claim all those are lies, even the testimony from Emily.

We are in very high pressure as they have taken our fingerprints at the police station. The CID department has given us till Tuesday to submit the test report from Ann and Emily and we have no preparation on how to move to Nairobi Kenyatta National Hospital to obtain this test.


7 Angels Reveal Lukas’s Financiers

22nd March 2015. We know you have been thinking of us and our outreach since you bought us the new boat... [The money for that was borrowed from a supporter.]

The angels of God appeared to us at last and gave us these contacts of the people who are funding Lukas Ogada:

1. Tim Waddle

Email tim.waddle@cogwa.org

2. Richard Traver

Email golden.sheaves@hotmail.com

3. Carl Johnson

Email bti_djohnson@embargmail.com

4. Warren Zehrung

Email warrenzehrung@gmail.com

5. James Bartholomew


6. Goff:  Email Goffb50@aol.com

7. Some without email like his brother in Japan.

8. Some from Qatar.

9. Some from Egypt too.

We were told that Lukas has since planted someone in Accra Ghana called Benard Ernest Obbin, phone +233546268338, email benardobbin@gmail.com.

We also received the message that Emily, Ann, Fatmah and Benjamin will be locked in police custody if the DNA test is not done by Tuesday to prove Ann and Emily are related by blood. Nyasirwa

Comment: The angels wrote those details on a wall and Nyasirwa copied them down. They were emphasising the urgency of the situation, and how dire it was, perhaps to urge those who could help with funds to do so quickly, because Helena and I had nothing.

I e-mailed those individuals whom the angels revealed were funding Lukas, but only two replied, and they denied they were funding him. The others simply ignored my warning missive. They probably didn’t care that Lukas was using funds meant for Christian work to oppose and harm us!

More of What The Angels Said

27th March 2015. 12:19. From Nyasirwa in Uganda:

The people / owners of these contacts I forwarded to you [the e-mail addresses he provided from the angels] have not believed what the angels said. They value planting their churches but not to get and to use the truth.

The angels have said that some of them are just going to continue funding Lukas more as they have known that God’s work is already being felt in Africa as a whole through the founded truth within MM. [That implies that they are all wicked people and will be brought under God’s judgement for opposing MM, even though warned about it.]

God has hardened the hearts of those police so as to insist on the DNA. This is the truth that is going to put shame on them when it comes true that Emily is a biological sister to Ann and Antony.

The angels did forward the case so that E, B and A cannot be arrested till this proof is done but as they said it should be done on Tuesday next week. Ann, Emily, and Benjamin are therefore advised to travel to Nairobi on Sunday, get test booking on Monday as it’s to be done on Tuesday. They should then travel back on Wednesday night and reach on Thursday with the results as it has been said.

Friday 27th March 2015. 12:52. The angels visited me last night and informed me that we should be traveling to Nairobi on Sunday, a day after tomorrow Sabbath. The police have insisted that I and Ann must undergo the test and bring them the results before next week on Friday. Emily

Reply: I hope you are OK for money for all that. It's not right that we should be made to foot the bill for what THEY [the police] demand. They should pay, but of course, things never happen the right way round in Kenya, do they?

To Benjamin and Emily: The angels have told Nyasirwa what you need to do about this situation. God is going to be victorious, and you will be exonerated. That’s what it seems they are intimating...

Monday 30th March 2015. 12:20. The DNA issue is still being pressurized here by Lukas and other church leaders here and has involved the police too. If we go to Nairobi we have to get a government doctor, another private doctor too who is going to see that there is no tampering with the results.

We already have a doctor from Kisumu Aga Khan who is going to accompany us to Nairobi. We went to the police station requesting to be given a little more time to search for the money to travel to Nairobi but they refused and said that they won't give us more time after Friday. Benjamin

We Can’t Afford It!

Thursday 2nd April 2015. 10:35.

We reached Nairobi this morning after receiving the money J sent to us. We have just found that it’s too expensive to do the DNA. We used the money as follows:

40,000/= for transport and accommodation. 40,000 for transport and accommodation for our private doctor and the hired lawyer who are to oversee the test and be witnesses at court. 20,000 for our food. We remain with 30,000 now.

They need 245,000 for the test booking and to pay the government doctor. Our private doctor needs 70,000/= after we bargained with him, and the lawyer we agreed for 85,000/=. The total sum required is 400,000/= excluding transport back to Oyugis for us, the lawyer and transport back to Kisumu for the doctor. Benjamin

Comment: We were only able to send him £1,000, not the £4,000 that was required. We had no more money!

Reply. 13:05. ...The test fee is far too expensive, so just go back home. I don’t have money for this, nor does John. He needs the money he has to get back from Israel and he may not have enough for that. We have no other source of funds, so that’s it. We don’t have any more, nor does anyone else here. WE ARE EMPTY.


I suggest you tell the doc and the lawyer that we did not want their services and they should go back home. You can’t pay them and nor can we.

I suggest you tell the police that if they want a DNA test done, THEY will have to fund it, because we can’t afford it. Lukas has plenty of money. He is the one who has instigated all this farce, so tell the police to get him to pay for it because HE has instigated the legal case against you, along with all the SDA and other evil church pastors.

Don’t worry about the silly legal ramifications and requirements. Those are of men – corrupt and evil men.

WE ARE GOING TO TAKE THEM ALL ON BY THE POWER OF GOD, NOT BY HUMAN STRENGTH AND FINANCE, which we don’t have. We are going to ask God to deal with them and rescue you.

I hope the money you have is enough to see you home. Get going immediately, is what I suggest. Forget the DNA test. It’s too expensive. We don’t have the money for that.

The Angels Then Said

2nd April 2015. 11:16. The DNA is so costly, the angels said to me tonight. They informed me that Emily and the others have travelled to Kenyatta National Hospital for it (DNA) in Nairobi.

The 7 angels also gave me the email addresses of those supporting Lukas from Qatar and Japan. Here are those 6 names with their email addresses.

From Qatar:

Hadija Ali              (hadija.ali20@gmail.com)

Mohammed Sali   (salimohammed34@yahoo.com)

Yusufu Karim       (yusufu_karim@yahoo.com)

Salim Haji            (salimhaji708@yahoo.com)

From Japan:

Benson Ogada    (bensonogada@yahoo.com)

Nixon Benard      (benardnixon@yahoo.com)

Mark Brown         (markbrown685@yahoo.com)

They said there are other people to be exposed soon.


14:25. Sent to all 7 above e-mail addresses:

A man in Africa was visited yesterday by 7 angels who gave him several e-mail addresses of people who are supplying funds to Lukas Atoka Ogada in Ndhiwa, Kenya.

Some of these funds may be coming to him through surrogates, through cronies who work for him and who also solicit for funds under false pretences. He claims he is using the money for humanitarian work, to help various people, etc. However, none of the money is being used for a good cause. ALL of it is being used for evil purposes. Much is being used to pay gunmen and hit men to attack workers of Midnight Ministries in Africa. We have sustained great loss because of these attacks.

God Almighty is now stepping in to stem this evil tide in which you are involved, whether you know it or not.

He is asking you now to CEASE sending any funds whatsoever to Africa, because it is ending up in the hands of the tyrant Lukas Ogada.

If you disobey this injunction, you will be held accountable for attacking God, because His Work in Africa is being attacked with your help. And God punishes such evildoings. So, if you disobey this request to stop sending him money (or other people who are his go-betweens), you will be struck by God in some way as judgement for your disobedience.

I am a prophet of the Almighty. I am speaking on behalf of the Heavenly King.   Sincerely, Malcolm B Heap

Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17, UK.

15:07. Sent to last 3 above e-mail addresses:

If you need further substantiation of my assertion that Lukas Ogada is involved in evil activities and attacking MM in Africa, let me know, and I will forward you some evidence. Thanks. Malcolm

Comment: NO ONE REPLIED! Not one word!

God’s Angels Rescued The Situation

Sunday 5th April 2015. 12:26. From Benjamin:

God is kind to have taken care of us here in Nairobi since we came here for the DNA test as required by the govt.

We kept the Passover and the Sabbath, too, here together in the hotel where we have been lodging. Tomorrow too is a rest day for the doctor who was to perform the DNA and Monday is a holiday so the DNA test can only be performed on Tuesday.

We have run out of money and we can find ourselves locked out of this room from tomorrow. The cash needed for the DNA test we can’t raise, and going back to Oyugis without these results can put us into another mess with the government / police.

We know God is watching over all which is to happen and our duty is just to pray as we leave it for Him to deal with.

Comment: Because this situation was so desperate, and the requirements so unfair and unreasonable, I asked God to strike dead all the troublemakers who instigated this attack or who conspired in it. I also asked God to get the angels to transport Benjamin and Ann and Emily back to Oyugis, to face the oppressors, and see God’s deliverance.

But God doesn’t usually do things the way we ask. He has His own solutions, known only to Him. He had another course of action, one that was MORE MIRACULOUS AND WONDERFUL.

The Angels Warn About A Trap

Monday 6th April 2015. First and foremost we thank you for the messages we received. We left Oyugis to come to Nairobi as had been directed to Emily by the angels, when we received the sum from J. We had not planned to travel late as we looked on to [were anticipating] the Lord’s feasts that were ahead of us.

The night before we travelled, the angels appeared to Emily telling her that we should leave the following morning to Nairobi to avoid Lukas’s trap. He wanted to delay us so that we would be locked up in a police cell during the Passover, Sabbath and the First Day of Unleavened Bread. The angels directed us to leave and she was informed that we had to get a hotel room when we reached Nairobi and gather in it to observe the three feasts as we did.

It was also not our own thought to get a private doctor but this was a demand from the angels as they had given this direction through Nyasirwa from Uganda who informed us...

The DNA test should be done tomorrow and if we manage it, we shall travel back in the evening and reach Oyugis on Wednesday morning, then submit the results at the police station, then proceed to court on Thursday. God bless. Ann

The Angels Emphasise That Emily Was Raised

Through The Faith Held In MM

And Warn Of A Plot To Falsify The Results

Tuesday 7th April 2015. 21:50. Nyasirwa in Uganda wrote: The angels informed me over the DNA issue in Kenya and again stated clearly that this DNA test must be done to prove once and for all that Emily was raised from the dead through faith held in MM. They emphasised that: through Faith held in MM.

They said about a plot to buy [bribe] the doctors in Kenyatta National Hospital to give a fake result so that all in Kenya who believe what MM teaches would be locked in prison. It was the angels who spoke from the Lord, saying that another neutral doctor should witness the performance of this process.

They also said that this should be done tomorrow and the result is to be given to the lawyer who is to take it to the police station. ... it is going to be as the angels informed us...

7th April 2015. 21:38. To Benjamin:

How did you get on today (Tuesday)? Did the angels pay the fee for the DNA test, or how did God work it out? Or hasn’t He worked it out yet?

The Angels Paid The Bills, Supernaturally!

10th April 2015. 14:32. We are so glad to inform you that we managed the DNA test in such a mysterious way. The test proved positive that Ann and Emily are biologically related. We were waiting for funds [there weren’t any funds!] then we didn’t know how it came to happen, we found that Emily’s name was being called out in the test room. Her money had been paid. We never paid even a single cent...

The money we had paid at the hotel was less [than what was owed] but when our stay was over they never asked for the balance; this was another miracle. We travelled safely and when we reached Oyugis, Lukas had received the news and he disappeared without attending the court.

God fought for us. We are now free from this DNA issue. Benjamin


...As you know, we had no money at all to send you, that's why I said go back home and we will rely upon the POWER of God to fight this battle. We had no money to be able to pay that huge sum they wanted, nor to pay any more of your accommodation expenses, or food, or travel. We were just EMPTY!

After I had written and told you to go home, the seven angels visited Emily and told her that you should continue with the DNA test after all. So I concluded that, since the angels were telling you to get the test done, then God was going to work a wonder and pay for it in some way, or work it out in some other way so that you wouldn't have to pay. And, if anyone stood in God's way, blocking His plan, I expected people to be struck dead.

Of course, I didn't know precisely how God would fix it, but I felt sure that He was going to do something very special, because of what the angels said after what I had told you. That's really wonderful!...

What this DNA test, etc. all being paid for by God should teach people is that no matter how bad the situation is, if we continue to put trust in God to work things out, He will work things out as long as we stay faithful to Him, doing His will.

Footnote: Benjamin obtained a DNA test certificate and put it in the post. It never reached me! We think Lukas intercepted communications and bribed postal workers so it got stolen and destroyed. However, I was sent a scanned photo of it by e-mail attachment, although it is a bit blurred.



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