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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 18

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FoT In Somalia




On the Last Day, that Great Day of the Feast, Jesus stood and cried out saying,

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink...” (John 7:37).


 The day being referred to above is the Last Great Day, the day following the seven days of the Feast of Tabernacles (FoT). It is a ‘high day’, a holy day, a commanded holy convocation (Lev 23:36). “These are the feasts of the Lord” (Lev 23:37). They are not Jewish feasts; they are God’s festivals, given to mankind to observe and benefit from. And the ones who attended the festival in Kismayo, Somalia, certainly benefited!

25th September 2019. 19:23. From Rhoda: SOMALIA FoT.

Thanks to God we managed to observe FOT without any much problem. The total number of people who attended were 86. Each one of them received copies of MM lits. 5 people who were terribly sick got healed in Kismayo.

Fatima was suffering from strong headache that she couldn't settle. She was talking with spirits of dead relatives [demons]. God healed her when I touched her with God's MM Faith lit.

Juma was a total drug addict. I asked him to bring all his drugs, he brought bhang. We prayed, touched his body with God's MM Faith lit and when he tried to have a puff he vomited for seven hours and that's how he got delivered.

Abdi had lived away from his family for twenty years only living on the street. I pointed at him with opened MM Faith lit, and three black shadows left him and ran into the vast ocean waters. That's how he got relieved.

Susie had been in the prostitution business for 17 years, spoiling young men and women. She vomited for a good three hours when I touched her with opened MM Faith lit. When the vomiting stopped she became well.

Daudi, a robber, came to the FoT ground armed with a pistol, intending to rob people. On stepping in the ground God's angels captured him and he came forward holding the gun and crying aloud for God to save his life. I touched him with opened MM Faith lit, then prayed for him. The gun was then handed over to the police.

All five were baptised on Saturday when a total of 55 people got baptised.

Need: A meeting hall and MM library should be constructed in Kismayo city. Thanks to God.



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