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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 17

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Light In Tunisia


I am the Light of the world (John 8:12).

The angels mentioned that for Khamira in Tunisia to be released from his captors, we would need to find £500, though we didn’t have it. God made it possible through sacrifice. Vivian and Joy were somehow able to make that commitment, and Khamira was finally released. He had been held for many days and beaten remorselessly in that hell hole. Khalifa had lent him his phone while imprisoned so he could make contact but the captors burnt it. God then took vengeance on the captors. Khamira explained how God killed all the Muslims who imprisoned him:

7th June 2019. From Khamira: God killed the 3 captors: ...many people came yesterday and today to see me. I am so grateful for our brethren who are so strong in this work. I really appreciate their encouragements. I know that God is in control of everything. I saw how God killed those evil men.

The first person was called Bhufakha, the second one was Fhadhili, the third one was called Bhakari. God killed Bhufakha first because he was the one who fought me [beat him] and closed my eyes and my mouth [blindfolded and gagged him]. I saw a bright light when Haroon was paying the funds. When they started counting the funds, God opened my eyes [enabled him to see; the blindfold fell off] and I started to call on the name of our Almighty. When I called on the name of our Lord louder, I saw Fhadhili and Bhakari fall dead on the spot.

I and Haroon left the room. We started to sing and praise the name of our Lord for the great thing He did for us. I saw wonderful things and I saw that God is so powerful and He is faithful to us. May we go on to trust our Lord all the time. We are very sorry for the loss of Khalifa's phone. May God provide another...

Haroon explained what led to this persecution:

Saturday 1st June 2019. 10:13. On Monday [27th May] Khamira went to preach the gospel to Islamic but the Islamic arrested him. They say that there is no way that Khamira can distribute MM books in the fast of Ramadhan... So they arrested him. They said they will also arrest Khamira’s whole family. Khamira has been in hot soup since Monday... for them to release Khamira they say we must pay £50,000... or they kill him... We have left it to God on how He can help us. ...by now he can't even eat... we are facing many problems in the work of our Lord... but we must be strong all the time. May God hear our crying...  Haroon 


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