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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 5

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The 7 Angels Warm Ogada



You are of your father the devil... (Jn 8:44).

16th April 2015. 10:46. From madman Ogada:

I have now accepted your defeat over the DNA, the court never ruled fairly and only protected your people and the hospital too gave a cooked result to protect them, we know its not true that Emily is Antony and Ann sister.

You bribed everyone to let your people go through but I tell you Malcolm that this war is not over. Your 7 demons confronted my family this night and threatened everybody in my home at night with sharp swords, telling us to repent and follow your teaching as if what you teach is Godly.

We wont follow it and anyone from my home who will feel threatened and accept to follow you I will x-communicate from my family. this war is not yet over. you have sunken all my boats I did buy very expensively to do God's work and I will pay back for this too. I know your people have moved to L. Albert to continue sending false news all over Uganda they believe that they have conquered all Islands in L. Victoria and L. Tanganyika and plan to reach all over Uganda.

We still have alternatives, your people can never defeat us whatsoever, I paid cash bail at court  alot of money for loosing this case and I'll do something that will make your people lose money too. I have good news too that will help me fade your influence in Ndhiwa now, I am now going to use this opportunity as it is about to happen. I am going to buy the land just next to where your so called prophet lives and I'll have the opportunity to change boundaries of the land and even to claim part of the land that he lives in. You succeeded in getting the land from me when I wanted to buy it. this time I'll be faster never to allow you get it.

16th April 2015. From Nyasirwa: ...Musama has moved to Lake Albert yesterday with some more publications to move on out with the truth.

The angels visited me last night with a news about Lukas’s plans to buy the land adjacent to where prophet Mark lives so that he can support some Muslims build a mosque to fight Mark and destroy their property at Ndhiwa. The land belongs to a widow called Agnes [Agnes Vera], and Mark should search for her to prevent Lukas living there and prevent the construction of that Mosque over there...



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