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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 25



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Angels Foretell Miracles At FoT



[God pronounced punishment on] all the nations that do not... keep the Feast of Tabernacles  (Zechariah 14:19).


The seven angels who oversee the outreach in Africa and Middle East proclaimed on 4th September that £4,500 would be needed to provide £300 to each site in the 15 countries where the Feast of Tabernacles would be observed. This would not provide food, merely milk and water for the attendees, and God would sustain them on liquids, just as He has done for John and Vuga in the van. From Tanzania, John travelled as funds permitted, first to Burundi, next Rwanda to deliver their £300, and then on to Uganda. In Burundi he was viciously attacked:

5th September 2022. 17:38. From John: I am inside Burundi. I bought fuel with the £40 that Rolf sent me. I am stuck on the way with no fuel to move on. In a dream last night I saw several white birds flying over all the MM meeting sites. The birds suddenly changed into thick white clouds that covered the MM sites as a blanket and a sound was heard from the clouds saying, "IAM WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU THOUGH THE ENEMIES ARE FIGHTING FOR FOT MEETINGS NOT TO OCCUR BECAUSE IAM WILL DO MIGHTY MIRACLES." When I gained consciousness I found five armed men standing next to the van and saying something like 'this is the Malcolm who has really disturbed our peace; he must die before FoT meeting.' At that point I just drew out and opened an MM Faith lit and called out the name of Jesus as I faced them. They disappeared into the bush. This evening again five people are here. They started by throwing stones at the van but thank God I came out and faced them with opened MM Faith lit before they could hit the windows. Will, the megachurches and witchdoctors are against the FoT meetings and they want to kill Malcolm but our God is mightier. ...Right now only the lack of £100 is making me stay in the wilderness instead of reaching the meeting site. It is sad and I understand the sacrifice you and all the anointed regular MM supporters have taken to keep God's work moving on. At times I ask God why allow us to [be so restricted]...

Comment: The reason is the selfishness and wrong priorities of some. Churches won’t support us. Many are hostile to us.   Safina in Somalia, Felix in S Sudan, and Vuga in Kenya all had a dream that night. They saw white mists [those are the invisible angels] covering all the MM FoT sites. When they woke up, they found five gunmen standing outside the gate [unable to get in because of 7 Faith booklets set there, which prevent entry by opponents] abusing Malcolm. When those gunmen were confronted by opened MM Faith booklets, they ran away crying for forgiveness. God killed them! These were teams of Muslim jihadis sent to kill Malcolm. Islam has been shaken! They are troubled by MM.

Next day John reached the Rwanda FoT site.

Viciously Beaten Up Again By Muslim Jihadis

It took a further three days for John to reach the Uganda site because of insufficient funds. Then, when we managed to borrow £300, it was stuck in the system, leaving John in jeopardy, unable to move away from another gang of Muslims who were out to shoot him dead. The money was deliberately blocked.

Because of this problem, John was static and attacked by gunmen. He held a booklet up against them, which jammed their guns, but they smashed all the windows on the left side of the van and viciously beat him up. He wrote early on 11th September to report that he was “in massive pain.” And the believers with Felix in South Sudan, Safina in Somalia, and Vuga in Ndhiwa, Kenya, were suffering acute hunger for days! There was a lot of intercession over here! Sadly, Felix reported three children and one mother died of hunger in S Sudan.

Helena inquired of God how many attackers had attacked John. The answer was six, so I asked John:

11th September 2022. 12:55. To John: We believe there were 6 people who attacked and injured you last night. Is that right? We believe God has killed them. And there are four culprits who are responsible for blocking the money... [whom God will also deal with in due course.]

14:49. From John: Correct. The attackers were six. Will, am very weak, hungry and thirsty. God bless.

Comment: Next day, another 5 jihadis came against John:

12th Sept 2022. 12:19. From John: I chased away 5 armed attackers last night with opened MM Faith lit. Am in big pain. May God's will come to pass... What reason are they [money transfer system] giving [for blocking the money]?...

13:15. To John, cc Rhoda: They don’t give any reason, but it would be that they consider all these transfers to be money laundering or fraud of some sort, and if we give any explanation, they are not interested and don’t care. So they leave the block in place, but I think I know who is behind it. It’s most probably Scotland Yard, a corrupt cop there who wants to finish off MM. God told me about it in a dream over 20 years ago. Since God has warned us, God will rescue us. That’s what I believe. You did well last night. God will always back you up as you use your spiritual weapons against them. It’s up to God to heal you and remove your pain, and He will, but He doesn’t always do it right away as you know, for reasons He knows but we often don’t.

Comment: Next day John managed to reach Uganda and his pains subsided. But there was more trouble ahead: evil police in Uganda who wanted our blood! And the broken windows in the van became a major problem for us.



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